September 26, 2018

From reader Karen L. DeSantis:

“Doesn't the Congressional record show that in 1964 the vast majority of congressional Democrats voted AGAINST the Civil Rights Act?  And congressional Republicans voted unanimously FOR the Civil Rights Act?  Sure - once it was made law, the Left seized the moral high ground, took all the credit, and promptly started their finger-pointing campaign to assign bigotry to conservatives. I'm mystified as to why you gave them all the credit in your piece today.”


Thanks for your comment, Karen.  You make a great point about the vote on the Civil Rights Act.  The irony here is thick.  Indeed, it was Republicans who passed the Civil Rights Act.  In the South, which was overwhelmingly Democrat in those days, white Democrats fought to prevent this legislation.   Back then, Southern Republicans would meet semi-annually in a phone booth in Chattanooga.

But I do think there were some on the left who deserve credit for the push for civil rights.  Keep in mind that most on the left in those days were not nearly as far-left as the Democratic Party became; someone with the views of John F. Kennedy would never be nominated by the Democrats today and would be be slammed as a moderate, pro-business, center-right candidate.  On the other hand, I certainly would never give “all the credit” for fighting racism to the left, even the left of 1964, and didn’t say that.

Link to story is here:

You are absolutely right that over the years the left has managed to rewrite history (as in “1984”) to take full credit for civil rights reform and smear the right as racist.  Shelby Steele’s article was an attempt to explain why they did that, and why they have to keep that narrative in place, regardless of the reality.



Need one more reason to see the new movie, “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Worst Serial Killer”?  Try this: Planned Parenthood desperately wants to prevent you from seeing it.

President Trump's UN speech

If you didn’t see President Trump’s address to the UN Tuesday, then I urge you to go to this link and watch it.  
It will remind you why you voted for him and what “Make America Great Again” really means, not the twisted definitions that his detractors have tried to imply over the past two years.  It was the kind of stirring, unapologetic defense of America and its values and principles, and rejection of globalism in favor of “patriotism, prosperity and pride,” that many of us despaired of ever hearing again during the Obama years.  Here are just a few brief quotes to whet your appetite: 
“America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control, and domination… America will never apologize for protecting its citizens…Sovereign and independent nations are the only vehicle where freedom has ever survived, democracy has ever endured, or peace has ever prospered. And so we must protect our sovereignty and our cherished independence above all.”
This was such a welcome 180-degree turn from the past eight years of bowing to dictators and “leading from behind” and “apologizing for America” tours that the news media apparently didn’t even know how to process it mentally.  So they reverted to the only crayon in their box: covering the ridicule from Trump critics.  Headlines about the speech ignored the vastly important substance of Trump’s comments and instead focused on the UN Peanut Gallery laughing when Trump declared that “in less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”  But as the old saying goes, it ain’t bragging if you can do it.  
For instance, some liberal economists (you know, those geniuses who predicted a worldwide depression when Trump was elected?) are claiming there’s nothing special about the US economic boom.  We’re just part of a general global boom and Trump is taking bows for something his policies had nothing to do with.  Well, guess again.  
As Investors Business Daily reports, CNBC’s latest quarterly survey of Chief Financial Officers of the world's top 113 companies found that the US is the only economy that’s currently improving. All the others were rated as either “stable” or “declining” while ours is accelerating.  As recently as 2016, our economy was plagued with slow growth, and the experts expressed worried that the US had “entered a prolonged period where any expansion will be weaker than it has been in the past."  Gee, I wonder what could have happened between 2016 and now that changed that? 
On the other hand, when it comes to America’s economy, who are you going to believe: liberal reporters and politicians or your lyin’ eyes?  Jack Hellner at American Thinker points out that the Washington Post recently ran an article headlined, “Is Trompnomics Working?  Not Really.”  
Yes, really. Hellner lists some of the irrefutable facts, including: quarterly GDP growth up to 4.2%l; consumer and business owner confidence at near record highs; unemployment among all demographics at or near record lows; jobless claims at their lowest in half a century; wages and bonuses up due to the tax cut; oil production at record highs, making the US the world’s leading energy producer; imports, exports, and business and retail sales all up; stock prices hitting record highs over 100 times; median family income rising at the fastest rate in a decade; and more.  
So with all that evidence staring them in the face like a “Jurassic Park” velociraptor, how can WaPo claim that “Trumponomics” isn’t working? Because his hardball policy of threatening tariffs to force trading partners to sign better deals might spark a worldwide trade war that will lead to a recession.  Sure, so far, it’s been very successful at forcing other nations to sign better deals with us without harming the economy, but why wait until something actually goes wrong to criticize Trump?  
As Hellner points out, this November, Americans will have a clearcut choice: stick with the Trumponomic policies of low taxes, less government regulation and putting American workers and producers first, or return to the “Obamanomics” policies of the left that gave us the slowest economic recovery in 70 years. 
Personally, I’d say the only thing good about “Obamanomics” is that it’s a fun word to try to say eight times fast. 

Today's Must-Read

Here's today’s must-read in preparation for the Ford-Kavanaugh hearing scheduled for Thursday that may or may not happen, depending on the accuser’s ever-changing demands. An attorney specializing in labor and employment law offers 10 red flags that an accusation of sexual assault might be false. They might give you a feeling of déjà vu because reading them is like looking back over the headlines of the Kavanaugh accusation story from the past week.  

NSA contractor sentenced

Former National Security Agency software developer Nghia Hoang Pho has been sentenced to five years in prison plus three years of supervised release after pleading guilty to one count of willful retention of national defense information.  That means he took classified NSA documents from work and stored them in his home, where they were not secure.  Five years in prison for one count is actually fairly lenient, considering he could have gotten 10 years under federal law. 
The big question is: Where did they find an unreasonable federal prosecutor to make the case against him?  I ask because according to the former FBI Director, “no reasonable prosecutor” would ever press charges against a federal employee for storing classified information in an unsecure place. 


Note to all the people who are full-throatedly backing the Democrats’ campaign of vague, unprovable allegations against Judge Kavanaugh: You are being played.  And here’s the game plan, if you’re interested. 

Changing the facts

Once again, the New York Times’ plea with readers to help them identify sources of false and misleading news stories designed to influence elections has resulted in readers suggesting that the Times editors look in the nearest mirror. 


Political debates often turn on spin, shading and putting the best possible nuance on your point of view to sway voters.  But when you once caused a DUI traffic accident while staggering drunk and left the scene, then claim at the debate that you didn’t leave the scene, even if you’re a liberal media darling, the Washington Post still calls that a 4-Pinocchio whopper.
One interesting side note, if you read between the lines of WaPo’s fact check: “Perhaps in his memory, O’Rourke believes he did not try to leave. But, given his blood alcohol content at the time of the crash, O’Rourke’s memory 20 years after the fact is not nearly as credible as the police reports written just hours after the crash.”  So the Washington Post is suggesting that memories recalled from decades before, at a time when you were drunk, are not reliable as evidence?  You’d never know that from their coverage of the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. 

ISIS update

Alex Jones?  Banned from Twitter!  James Woods?  Locked out of his Twitter account.  ISIS?  Tweet away!  

About that "Murphy Brown" reboot

Considering it’s not even in syndicated reruns because its constant topical references have aged so badly, I don’t know why anyone thinks that bringing back the ‘90s sitcom “Murphy Brown” is a good idea.  I assume that most of its previous liberal audience is now old enough that they’ve gotten wiser and turned into conservatives. And we’re hardly so lacking for TV shows that condescendingly mock President Trump and Republicans that we need to dig this one up out of the TV graveyard.  In fact, the reboot’s liberal smugness is so insufferable that it even annoyed Rolling Stone's critic, which is sort of like being called a sore loser by Hillary Clinton.  
Normally, I wouldn’t even bother to write about this, but it was pointed out to me that in the review, the critic notes that the upcoming second episode has the character of liberal news anchor Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) “lecturing Sarah Huckabee Sanders about the fundamental dishonesty of her press briefings.”  Okay, now you’ve poked the bear. 
First of all, my daughter is one of the strongest, bravest and most honest people in DC, and I’m proud to say she was raised that way.  She has to walk out every day and face some of the most hypocritical, dishonest and biased propagandists masquerading as journalists that the world has seen since the old days of “yellow journalism.”  They brand as “lies” anything that doesn’t fit their preconceived agenda, then rush to print stories that nobody bothered to source.  Then after they’re exposed as “fake news,” they attack President Trump for assaulting the sacred cow of journalism by branding them as purveyors of fake news.  Which they plainly are. 
But let’s put that aside and focus on the staggering amount of gall that it takes for the creators of “Murphy Brown” to lecture anyone about dishonesty in communicating information to the public.  You see, some of us who were around during the first incarnation of this overpraised show recall that its most celebrated episode was, in fact, a shining example of looking viewers straight in the eye and lying to their faces.  It was the show that responded to then-Vice President Dan Quayle. 
Some background, since it’s likely you haven’t seen this show since Bill dumped Monica:  Quayle criticized its creators for having Murphy decide to have a baby without a father around because it was an unrealistic depiction of single motherhood that misled young female fans.  The character was rich and famous, and her baby was like a lifestyle accessory that could simply be written out that week if it wasn’t convenient to the story.  That’s not what life is like for the vast majority of real single mothers, as study after study has shown.  One famous Brookings Institution study found that among people who finish high school, get a full time job and wait until age 21 to get married and then have children, only 2% are in poverty and 75% join the middle class.  Quayle was discussing the hardships faced by teenage single moms when he said it didn’t help when TV shows like “Murphy Brown” depict single motherhood as just another lifestyle choice.  
The show’s creators, however, took that clip out of context to imply that Quayle was attacking real single moms by attacking Murphy Brown (note to creators: despite those “dumb Dan Quayle” jokes that have aged so badly, he wasn’t the one who didn't know that Murphy Brown wasn’t real.)  They brought real single moms on, and self-righteously tried to shame Quayle for attacking these poor, brave women.  It was smug, smarmy, utterly shameless and totally disingenuous; a dishonest and deliberate distortion of what Quayle actually said…and of course, liberal Hollywood hailed it as moving and brilliant. In callous defiance of Quayle’s genuine concern for the damage they were doing to impressionable young women, they misrepresented his criticism of their misrepresenting the problems faced by single mothers.  
I’ve already gone on long enough about this largely forgotten sitcom whose reboot will also probably be forgotten before long. I just wanted them to know that when it comes to lecturing other people about dishonesty, they are standing in a pit of quicksand.  

Excellent editorial cartoon: 



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  • McRae F Williams

    09/28/2018 11:20 AM

    What is a story or thought process that is recurring, but, does not have a beginning or an end to the story ?? …………………. A DREAM !!!!! When thoughts arch between channels in your brain because of a condition or trauma , It can cause the combining of memory and thought with dreams, day dreams , movies , television and stories that you have read, with your reality …… NO ONE can convince you otherwise ,especially if you hold a PHD IN CLINICAL psychology to expertly explain inconsistences . None the less , Dr. Ford is one of those people. Her story is compelling , sympathetic, expertly communicated , but it lacks collaboration and a beginning of her story and an end . Dr Ford believes herself wholeheartedly and is convincing . Yes , she has had a trauma of some kind …...but, not involving Judge Kavanaugh . Because of her trauma ,and her zeal for Women's causes, she has centered on THE conservative in the news, Judge Kavanaugh . He is falsely made the villain of her misinterpreted trauma.


    09/27/2018 06:33 PM


  • Gladys J Edakattil

    09/27/2018 11:43 AM

    When we analyze the 10 points of the 10 Red flags that would help to access the credibility of the accuser and the accused - I found that all 10 flags went up to discredit the authenticity of all the accusers and the Democrats in the Case of Kavanaugh Vs Democrats, Ford, Ramirez and all others who came up and all others that would come up! The Lord God is the Judge. He is going to show that He is on the Throne! \o/! PTL!

  • Gladys J Edakattil

    09/27/2018 09:20 AM

    When we analyze the 10 points of the 10 Red flags that would help to access the credibility of the accuser and the accused - I found that all 10 flags went up to discredit the authenticity of all the accusers and the Democrats in the Case of Kavanaugh Vs Democrats, Ford, Ramirez and all others who came up and all others that would come up! The Lord God is the Judge. He is going to show that He is on the Throne! \o/! PTL!

  • Nancy North-Gates

    09/26/2018 11:50 PM

    I remember that Murphy Brown episode and I saw the damage it was creating. There was also a famous star - the first ever to come out about being a single mom. The studios used to cover those things up. All this new honesty was hailed as a breath of fresh air. In the last 25 years I have seen the disaster up close and personal because many of my children's classmates have become either single or unmarried parents. One such couple told me that they weren't sure they could commit to lifetime relationship. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. What relationship is more lifelong than being a parent. BTW I love your daughter.

  • Matt Hunyadi

    09/26/2018 11:46 PM

    No Gov. The best thing about "Obamanomics" is that it's OVER!

  • Glendon Martin

    09/26/2018 11:29 PM

    Time for GOP to stand and no backing down. Enough woosin down. Stand for men and women and you’ll do fine.

  • Ray Dillon

    09/26/2018 10:40 PM


    Most conservatives recognize that the 2016 election was a critical inflection point in American history. The conservative base, long quiet in many areas in the United States, rose up in defiance of the assumed coronation of Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States. While there are many reasons advanced to explain Donald Trump’s startling victory, I contend that there is one basic reason. After eight years of the country sliding ever more in the direction of leftist and globalist ideologies, the heart of this country was fed up. You can name any number of contributing factors from Bengasi to Obamacare, but in the end, we were just flat fed up. The moral core of the United States was being sold out globally in lopsided trade agreements, idiotic treaties that would never be able to be verified and billions of dollars squandered in countries and places where the regimes hated us and actively opposed us at any and every turn. Had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election we would have continued down the road toward globalism and socialism. Now, two years later, we face perhaps even more important decisions.

    Of critical import is the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh which is being weighed seriously by Republicans and assailed by Democrats. Piling on with the Democrats are the rabid pro-abortionist and leftist sycophants. Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing started not with introductions and commentary from the various principals and the Judge, but with coordinated, sophomoric attempts by various Democrats to obstruct, delay, and derail the hearing. Interspersed with this were a variety of interruptions by “protestors” who cat-called and otherwise attempted to disturb the proceeding. Finally, after the seeming interminable delays and various Democratic pontifications, we were subjected to more political grandstanding by the Democrats as they took their turns to make opening remarks – often repeating themselves and their vacuous protestations over and over and over. When questions were finally actually directed to the nominee, he’d had to sit there for hours mostly silent. It was a disgusting and embarrassing display by the Democrats and served only to confirm what they had already said was true. It was not going to matter one whit what Judge Kavanaugh said, they were not going to support him much less vote him to the Supreme Court. So fast forward through the days of hearing that pretty much mirrored each other, and we get to the end of the week and planned vote for the following Monday. Suddenly, out of the mists of thirty-six years ago (plus or minus), comes (surprise, surprise) accusations of sexual misconduct by the nominee. Regardless of whether the accuser is telling the truth or not, the glaring absence of details and the denial by the accuser’s own witnesses that anything like the described party and associated events ever happened makes the accusations at least suspect. Judge Kavanaugh vehemently, categorically denies the accusers accusations and has emphatically denied he conducted himself in such a manner, ever. Despite all this, by the next week the Democrats announced they believed the accuser and she must have a hearing and yet another FBI investigation launched. Still other Democrats announce they believe that it is up to Judge Kavanaugh to prove he DIDN’T do what was alleged. And there is the rub.

    Most of us, at least the conservatives among us, believe that our Constitution guarantees us ALL the right of a presumption of innocence unless and until PROVEN guilty. Sadder and perhaps more dangerous is the fact that sitting US Senators and Congress people are essentially saying that, because the accuser is a woman, she must be believed over the lack of evidence, corroborating information or witnesses. These are the people that make our laws! Plus some, regardless of the truth, insist that Brett Kavanaugh remove himself as a candidate. In effect, almost admitting guilt. So besides not achieving the highest court in the land he could lose his job on the district court. After all, if you believe he’s guilty of sexual assault how can he be allowed to remain a judge in ANY court? And never mind that his name is besmirched FOREVER and his wife and young daughters subjected to ridicule and embarrassment for years. Again, the issue is NOT which person is telling the truth. The issue is an otherwise exemplary person is being destroyed without a shred of proof or corroborating witnesses. Nor can the truth be arbitrated by a court. Why? There is insufficient evidence and zero corroboration from anyone. A prosecutor would have nowhere to go and, by law, the accused is entitled to the presumption of innocence. The result would be no charges filled and no trial. But what about the FBI? What about them? They are not going to announce that one or the other of the two is lying or make any other conclusion. They are going to interview the same people the accused identified as well as probably a few dozen more of Judge Kavanaugh’s classmates and friends, many of whom are women that remain friends with him to this day. But, the FBI wouldn’t do an investigation, it is not their jurisdiction. Period. Where do we go? What is the “truth?” The left would have us turn back to the rules of the Salem witch trials or the Inquisition. Dunk, flail or flog the accused until they confess or die. That’s what the presumption of guilt buys for you. Or ask the millions of dead Russians how Stalin’s purges worked out for them. No folks. Not only do we need to support, protect and defend our rights under the Constitution, we must appoint Justices who will do so as well.

    A few weeks following the Kavanaugh vote come the “mid-term” elections. I submit to you that if you love your freedom, independence and the rule of law you MUST vote Republican this fall. Equally important are the major successes President Trump has secured in his first two years in office. Democrats make no secret of their loathing for Donald Trump and their plans to attempt to impeach him, should they win control of Congress. I believe them. Plus, the Democrats overtly claim they will dismantle the tax cuts, regulatory reforms and trade efforts that Trump has been able to effect thus far. Simply put, they will obstruct, delay and destroy as much of the obvious progress made in the past two years as they can and continue as long as Trump is in office. Sadly, the odds are with the Democrats. It’s a mystifying irony that, following the election of a president, if his party has a majority in Congress they will likely be voted out of the majority in the subsequent mid-term elections. Net affect being that the president’s agenda, if at all successful, may be stymied and any progress for the following two years practically impossible. Simple fact is we NEED a Republican majority if Donald Trump’s successes and future efforts are to continue or be realized. In the past bi-partisanship was a relatively common thing. To make progress and keep our country running the Republican and Democratic parties would negotiate and haggle their way to compromises that would hopefully be in the best interest of the greatest number of citizens. One only had to witness Trump’s first State of the Union Address to understand that things are different this time. The enmity and vitriol have reached unprecedented levels and, if they had the votes, the Democrats would attempt to impeach Donald Trump TODAY. It’s bad enough that they already attempt to delay, obstruct and obfuscate any efforts by the President and Republicans – even on issues and matters that normally crossed the isles in decades past. Image if they had control of one or, God forbid, both houses of Congress! Good by tax cuts and business incentives, so long negotiation for better, more favorable trade agreements. Good by United States sovereignty. Good by strong and vital military. Good by economic growth and expansion, lower unemployment and expanding manufacturing base. We have seen what the slide toward socialism does for us. A stagnated economy and multiplying federal debt on top of expanding “free” social programs. Rather than have growth and prosperity build our economy to support ourselves, government would return to the job and economy strangling policies of “tax and spend” that chill entrepreneurship, innovation and encourage government dependence. We can do better, but not if we allow the Democrats to wrest control of Congress from the Republican party. Vote this November. Vote Republican.

  • Gaye Harris

    09/26/2018 10:20 PM

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR DAILY NEWSLETTER! I do not have TV and I SO appreciate when I get on your 'Evening Edition' where I can watch any or all the important events of the day. Tonight I was so thrilled to be able to watch Pres Trump's whole UN speech!! HALLELUJAH!! He knocked it out of the park! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your EXCELLENT recap and comments on EVERYTHING. I think I must appreciate you more than anybody! And I KNOW I appreciate and enjoy your humor more than anybody! Press on and may the Lord richly bless you.

  • Shay Lee

    09/26/2018 10:14 PM

    I am so proud of your daughter , you did a great job teaching her values. I am older and have never seen a more point on with the press and done with so much grace. She is amazing. always in control. I pray for her to keep on with the Grace of God.

  • Philip Sotelo

    09/26/2018 10:13 PM

    Roseanne, The FBi, Hawaii 5-0, and now Murphy Brown. The fact that Hollywood no longer has any talent left is more obviously proven in the reality that all they hash out now are reboots. They are so wrapped up in their political elitism that they don't have any talent anymore.
    Even Gene Roddenberry was smart enough to realize that rebooting prior episodes was a mistake and his reward was that he created the largest science fiction franchise in history.
    Hollywood better take a dose of his medicine or else they are going to fall by the wayside (boohoo). I no longer watch television because there is absolutely no reason to However, I still watch the news, but that is only for comic relief.
    God Bless You, Governor

  • Judi Fey

    09/26/2018 10:08 PM

    We watched Candice Bergen and her side kick on the "news" this morning. Just another show to brainwash people in the guide of legitimacy. It's a no-way-will-we-watch for us.

  • Dusty Hickey

    09/26/2018 09:44 PM

    I never watched Murphy Brown, and Candace is just part of the old liberal group left in Hollyweird. So I will not watch. Roseanne without Roseanne is no longer a show. So I am left to HGTV and the GPB now and then for a show I can watch. Your daughter is super in her job and she is doing her job reporting what the President wants to say not what policy she has decided on. Gov on all of these attacks in restaurants I would call over the police go out and then when they arrive go back in and see what these people would do with police there? A restaurant is a public place not a private club you join. I know Police are more then willing to help Republicans who honestly stand up for them all the time.
    Gov. I tell Hannity, Glenn Beck to see The View daily on how they daily attack Pres Trump Today Whoopi was calling that scum lawyer Avenatti Honey on his trying to push on this new attacker who is being taken down by old boyfriend and others who say what parties like she says? Has even sued on one of her jobs and guess on the attorney why not have used this one again? Gov this is becoming so very scary in our Govt and that how the Democrats now push this and I as an older woman in no way believe these stories. Using this in many ways for politics they did this to Judge Moore in Ala. I know Ala. and the people I lived in the Panhandle for over 20 years and my grandson in law grew up there. State that everyone knows everyone and what goes on and no one knew of any attacks of Judge Moore on anyone. I ask look at bank accounts . One of the women lived in LA and was so Botoxed, who made comments on Judge Moore. Women have to come forward when these supposed events occur not 30 years later when no one can hardly defend themselves. Sorry I had a husband 40 years now gone, I have 2 sons and other men in my life and none are part of this type thing. Sen Hirono stands there saying to men to Shut UP who is she. Now I see on Hannity Joe Degenova telling Sen Hirono to shut up . I had just written to you about her when heard Joe say this. Ha! What many of the Republicans stop this stand up and say enough this has to end this whole scam they have concocted? More to hide all of the garbage on Russia and what they have tried to not let out. The FBI the Dossier all of this is concocted by those who wanted their own power. See now old Feinstein and her lies and Schumer and how he can sit there and try to act like he is so concerned that this actually happened. So even if I was at a party and their were private parts I am then implicated if maybe I did not do as this one woman now says and does say she was too drunk. What? I say as a woman I never encountered any of these situations and I have went to parties. I am an RN and not heard of any of this type situations. I hear the Cosby and some of the women went back to him after they claimed he drugged them. Gov. from what I recall even back then when he supposedly did most of this that drug was used by many to enhance not to drug and rape. Not to defend he probably was a sex maniac but why did none go to police to hospital.? I tell all women now go now go tell if you believe you were sexually attacked in any way. I have not known of any women I now know who had this happen. I have a couple attacked per their own fathers and family friends I know of? I have seen date rape patient in the hospital and this is why you go right away? To now say this man 35 years ago did such and such is so horrendous and I do not think that those who are so for their political beliefs care. Just why Sarah and Sen Cruz and others are attacked in places to have a quiet dinner this people are disgusting and this is who we want running our country? How do you get the blacks to know that most of their cities were run by Democrats go and see who ran them to the dirt? Atlanta the city is not the same anymore per those who now have taken over and the crime is horrible. Heard on the news last night they cannot get enough police in those areas not even raises. No, most are not crazy to get shot. Like one here recently white police shot by blacks who had been a Marine and has two kids. So far he is holding on. Use to be my favorite city years ago 40 and so nice and go downtown and be safe not today. Tell you this quick story my son who moved away from Atlanta 2 yr ago came to visit went to his Catholic church near downtown then went to dinner downtown with friends . He had a truck he rented . Comes out the windows busted took his work brief case and a computer. Lived here over 30 years comes to visit and has this happened. Welcome to downtown Atlanta . We need our police , we need now Judge Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court soon. No more made up stories enough already. Look back on the Anita Hill and I felt so terrible for Justice Thomas I could tell as a woman and I was much younger she was making this up for some reason either she was rejected by him and or so much a real liberal and had to try to stop him. I hear she is a professor but not married . Has she ever had a man in her life I cannot answer this. I just wonder why she wanted to do this to him. Now I hear Levin on Hann ity and he is going after the jugular tearing down all 3 of the women and their stories and the holes in all of them. Gov. burned your ears but I pray for this country. Keep up what you send out to us. I send on some of your news. God Bless.

  • Philip Dixon

    09/26/2018 08:50 PM

    I guess my military background is showing but I always thought when the phrase "Leading from behind" was used it was just a tactful way of saying that the person was following. Leading has always meant getting out in front physically or figuratively or maybe even both and President Trump has definitely demonstrated that he is a true leader. Having read The Art of the Deal his actions make perfect sense.

  • Richard Hueth

    09/26/2018 08:35 PM

    I believe a serious help to our country is embedding the American Spirit. I have a draft of it if it is of interest and would be commented on.

  • Joyce weigel

    09/26/2018 08:21 PM

    Wasn't planning on watching that Murphy Brown program about to be brought back,
    even without your comments regarding it.

  • Henry Sherwood

    09/26/2018 07:56 PM


    Lord Bless and keep you both !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Tabor

    09/26/2018 07:54 PM

    Please don't ever change your honesty in reporting what is happening. Thank you so very much.

  • Gary Stilwell

    09/26/2018 07:44 PM

    Second comment---
    I would normally approve of an FBI investigation into these allegations of Judge Kav.---The fact is the FBI/DOJ has already been implicated in screwing anyone assoc with the Republicans. These agencies WILL NOT return any credible evidence in the defense of judge Kav.--of course the Dems will want this---who the heck do you think is funding this ??

  • Bill D. Gates

    09/26/2018 07:21 PM

    With regard to the laughter of a few of the delegates when President Trump spoke of his accomplishments, I am reminded of the old western TV show, "The Guns Of Will Sonnett." Walter Brennan's character would say: "It's no brag, just fact." However, these globalists have little interest in facts.

  • Tom Newhouse

    09/26/2018 07:11 PM

    Judge Kavanaugh and family will be in my prayers tonight and tomorrow for the terrible experience they and the country are now facing.
    President Trump gave an excellent press conference tonight and he has been an excellent president and I am so happy that I voted for him.

  • Antonio Fernandez

    09/26/2018 07:06 PM

    A few minutes ago I finished watching President Trump news conference, as far as I am concerned he was magnificent in handling the leftist media, I would advise him to do more conferences and less twitting. What do you think?

  • Gary Sttilwell

    09/26/2018 07:00 PM

    The very first question that should be asked in the upcoming Senate hearing of Ms Ford(and the subsequent accusers) is:
    Could you please provide your past bank account statements to us since 2010? Included in this would be all deposits and who they were from.
    This info could be provided in a very few hours, probably less time than the hearing would take. I believe this info would provide the American public with a definitive position of this person, regardless of what she(or they) make there mouth say---Perhaps you could pass this along to others, as I am unable to actually obtain their email(which, by the way is totally unacceptable)

  • Walt m

    09/26/2018 06:48 PM

    Everyone needs to get real on these crazy stories the press feeds to the voting public, in today's toilet bowl they have an accuser who knew that girls were being drugged and raped at parties so...she kept attending them and eventually was a victim herself. I question the color of the sky on the planet theses people come from.

  • Gladys Hizer

    09/26/2018 06:13 PM

    I did read the 10 Red Flags in your Must Read article. Very interesting and enlightening and thank you for the work you go through to bring the truth to your readers and viewers. You make politics and other news fun to read and I am happy that I can learn about a multitude of things at my convenience sitting at my desk top computer which sits in my office (former bedroom). This senior citizen great-grandmother is a life long learner having worked for the schools and now a full time caregiver for my ailing spouse. It is great to 'talk' to like-minded friends outside my narrow world. Keep up the good work and prayers to your gifted family.