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January 21, 2021

In a parting statement as Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo issued an usually frank assessment of China’s communist government, calling it a “Marxist-Leninist regime that exerts power over the long-suffering Chinese people through brainwashing and brute force.” He also listed its serial human rights abuses, including “genocide and crimes against humanity,” particularly against religious minorities.

Pompeo went into some detail in describing the on-going atrocities, persecution and genocides being conducted by China. Some analysts wondered why he would do this on the day before Biden took office, but as the article points out, that was probably why: to serve as a stark reminder to Biden, who called the Chinese leaders good people and whose son enriched himself from Chinese deals, that the nation that gave the world COVID-19 (as long as we’re speaking unspeakable truths) is not to be trusted. Also that, as President, he will be in charge of enforcing the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020, an anti-Chinese genocide bill signed by Trump that passed unanimously in the Senate and with overwhelming support in the House.

So Biden and his China-mollifying staffers will either have to deal forcefully with China’s outrageous human rights abuses or explain to the American people why they’re not.


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