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May 7, 2021

Fox News took a look at the upcoming proposed federal budget and found that, to paraphrase Austin Powers, “Earmarks are BACK, baby!”

With the US National Debt Clock now topping $28 trillion and its wheels spinning faster than a lawn mower blade, lawmakers are once again larding up the budget with vast amounts of borrowed/printed money lavished on pet projects. These include:

$742,000 for a New York program that would feature "conversations around difficult issues such as racism, gender discrimination and cultural bias"…$1,750,000 to spruce up the Japanese Garden in Portland...$436,100 for a "meditation and restorative yoga" program in New Jersey…$250,000 to expand the Michelle Obama Library…$166,000 to develop an equity program at Lincoln University…and $2 million for a Pickleball and Fitness Circuit in Orange, California.

Remember on “Friends,” when Joey got his first credit card and maxed it to the limit by filling his apartment with overpriced junk, like a big plastic dog? Well, he’s apparently in charge of the national budget now.

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