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October 17, 2023

There were several elections around the world over the weekend, and I hope they are an indicator that sanity is about to make a long-overdue comeback.

Closest to home, there was a shock result in Saturday’s jungle primary vote for Governor in Louisiana. The top two candidates were to face off in a runoff in November, and it was expected that they would be Democrat Shawn Wilson and Trump-backed Republican Jeff Landry. Instead, Landry won a landslide of nearly 52% with Wilson a distant second at 26%. Having won over 50%, Landry will become the Governor with no run-off.

That means the GOP flipped the Governor’s office away from Democrat John Bel Edwards. Let’s hope this is a good omen for another Southern race, where Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is hoping to unseat incumbent Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear.

In other races across Louisiana, not only did Republicans win, but conservative Republicans trounced moderate Republicans. Also noteworthy: in heavily Democratic, largely black districts like Orleans Parish, voters barely bothered to show up, even though Wilson is a black Democrat. Turnout was only 27%. That’s not just an “enthusiasm gap,” it’s a canyon.

Elsewhere in today’s newsletter, you’ll find news about Australian voters rejecting a virtue-signaling scheme to turn most of their land back to “indigenous peoples” which would actually put it under the control of leftist globalists. Australian voters rightly smelled a rat and applied rat poison at the polls.

In nearby New Zealand, voters signaled their disgust with the freedom-crushing leftist Labor Party of former Prime Minister Jacinda Adern, who locked down the nation over COVID, giving a decisive victory to the center-right National Party. They will form a coalition government with the libertarian Act Party, leading to what the New York Times wailed will be “the country’s most right-wing government in a generation.”

But don’t worry about Adern: she’s got a new gig as the international face of censorship, having recently lectured at the UN about how free speech is a “weapon of war” and we must criminalize non-government-approved speech to protect society. I’ve heard that New Zealand has a lot of sheep; I assume that’s who voted for her.

Finally, in Ecuador, where a conservative presidential candidate was recently assassinated, another conservative, Daniel Noboa, stepped up to run. On Sunday, he was elected by nearly a five-point margin. Man, leftists have stunk up the place so much, nobody wants them anywhere anymore!

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