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January 11, 2023

Just two days after posing for a photo op at a wall at the border in El Paso, President Biden met with the leaders of Canada and Mexico. Mexico’s President praised him for being the first US President in a long time who hasn’t built “even one meter of wall” on the border. How telling is that?

There’s a lot more about this summit at the link if you’re interested, but here’s the problem in a nutshell: Biden dismantled our border security and has allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter the US, many bringing with them crime, human trafficking, disease and deadly drugs such as fentanyl. (NOTE: Of course, they’re not ALL criminals, other than breaking our immigration laws. It’s ridiculous even to have to say that, but you know that will be the left’s response, since it’s the only one they have.) Rather than do his constitutional duty to enforce our immigration laws, Biden is blaming the problem on Republicans for not agreeing to “comprehensive immigration reform,” which means solving out-of-control illegal immigration by making all illegal immigrants legal. It’s the same tactic the left has used to claim crime is down in blue cities: you just stop arresting criminals, and voila! Police crime reports plummet!  

If anyone would like to dispute that, feel free. But first, you have to explain why the President of Mexico is openly praising Biden for being the first US President to do nothing at all about keeping illegal immigrants out of America.

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Comments 1-10 of 23

  • Bobbi Foster

    01/17/2023 02:37 PM

    I guess the way I see it is that if these illegals are let into the US, they won't stay in Mexico and cause problems for them.

  • George Embley

    01/16/2023 04:13 PM

    You do realize that the Democrat's open border policy is a backdoor way of "stuffing the ballot box". Allow millions of illegals into the country, reward their crime by granting them citizenship, and voila millions of new Democrat voters. I believe that is the primary reason behind their open borders and "path to citizenship" policies.

  • Donna Crofoot

    01/16/2023 09:39 AM

    With the cartels and people supporting the illegals entering this country, has it ever occurred to anyone that this may be another Biden Dynasty money making operation. Biden and company are being bought out by the Cartels to just let them do their thing? He does have a history of kick backs!! Also, how much of the money going to Ukraine has gone back to the Biden Family coffers?There is some history there as well!!

  • Mary Cornelius

    01/16/2023 08:41 AM

    We need to get control of the immigration problem by whatever means necessary. Impeach those leaders who have failed to uphold their constitutional duties, and implement Fair Tax and eliminate the IRS so that we can better afford to do the job of protecting our borders

  • Evelyn Clark

    01/16/2023 04:54 AM

    Went to Walmart.
    The woman greeter welcomed us to Walmart. The elderly gentleman that I had driven to Walmart ask for the location of the department he was looking for. The lady who welcomed us to Walmart did not speak any other words in English. She did not have a clue as to what he wanted.
    I know a little Spanish, so I ask her what country she was from. She answered back Venezuela. I told her I had lived in Venezuela at one time many years ago. This suddenly made me her best friend.
    She even went to get someone to help us. He could speak English but seemed apprehensive. He pointed in the general direction.

    Later I went to the lady's department to look for something. There a lady tried to help me. Did not know what I was asking for. She did not speak much English. I ask her where she was from. She said the Philippines.
    The next day I went into a vitamin store. The man in there had trouble understanding me. I ask him where he was from. He said Afghanistan. That one kind of threw me. Never expected that.
    Went to Taco Bell. The man there was definitely Latino. I ask him where he was from. He said Puerto Rico. From my knowledge people from Puerto Rico can come and go as that Island is a territory.
    All of the fast-food places are full of people from Honduras, Chilie and other Latin American countries.
    In 2021 eleven million people moved to Texas from other states. Still coming. Have seen more Florida tags then other state tags.
    Apartment buildings have gone up everywhere.

    I am a seventh generation Texan. Am wondering where have all of the Texas people gone to?

  • Dan Klaffke

    01/15/2023 10:45 PM

    In general I am opposed to de-funding the police...
    I NOW SAY WE MUST DE-FUND THE POLICE -- the one that goes by the letters FBI...
    It is a totally corrupt organization!!!! It needs to be dismantled and shut down forever...

  • Shauna dickerson

    01/15/2023 06:17 PM

    Forget the wall, at this point I'd thank Biden if he'd just quit doing anything at all.

  • Thomas Sanders

    01/15/2023 05:31 PM

    Your spot on again. And whether your Trump fan or not truth is they crucified Trump over documents at his house as President locked up in a safe with cameras alarms and secret service yet Biden for at 6 or more years has documents in his house and garage with no Secret Service and no real security. It is a pure joke how gas food was cheaper employment for even minorities was way up. The border security was getting better and we were becoming energy independent. The left suddenly in the past 10 years has become strong and brainwashing the young adults and kids. It's PAST time for honest God fearing conservative people to put our foot down, or up their butts! Crooked IRS, crooked FBI, crooked Washington. Not only do we need to drain the swamp, the swamp monster must be destroyed.. It is killing to many people.
    Biden, and Presidents in Canada and Mexico should be called the Moosekateers....all three are ugly and stupid. Biden the senile old coot is the worse one of all. He isn't even certain that he's not the president of one of the other two countries instead of the US.

  • Sandra Rossi

    01/15/2023 05:29 PM

    You are correct In everything you say about him! I can barely stomach looking at his lying face!
    You are doing a fantastic job!!

  • Joe Healy

    01/15/2023 05:21 PM

    Dear Gov. Mike:
    Yesterday I heard a disgusting report about the drug smuggling at the border: It told of the cartels stuffing the bodies of dead babies with drugs and then pushing them across the border in strollers! Biden's and his puppet masters can own that too!
    How much further can things sink?!