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January 17, 2024

I wrote about this last week, but it’s an urgent enough threat and hasn’t gotten enough attention that I’ll link to this article about it as well.

It’s about the new Labor Department rule set to take effect in March that will obliterate contract and gig workers, likely costing millions of people their jobs. It’s based on California’s horrible AB5 law that has decimated gig workers in that state. No surprise: the architect of AB5, Julie Su, was put into the DOL as acting Labor Secretary by Biden to do just this, in yet another example of Democrats never being held accountable and always failing upward.

Su claims it will protect contract and gig workers (“I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you!”), but it will actually destroy their jobs, especially harming small businesses, entrepreneurs and people who need flexible hours, including single moms, younger workers and the disabled. Who will it help? The labor unions who own the Democratic Party, who will get more members when some workers are forced to become employees, and the many more who are left unemployed will be eliminated as competition.

The article is a must-read not only for what it tells you about this looming new threat, but how to take action to stop it. You’ll also be interested to learn that for all the propaganda about how its opponents are greedy rightwingers who hate the workers, there are a number of quotes from leftwing sources, including Andrew Cuomo, the Daily Kos, Willie Brown and the California NAACP, all denouncing the original AB5 law as terrible, asinine, shameful, a disaster and a catastrophe. So of course, Joe Biden wants to take it nationwide.

Related: Here’s more on how the Democrats’ alleged attempts to “help” the workers, like the AB5 law and steep increases in the minimum wage, are hastening the move toward automation and robotics replacing human workers. “Congratulations, you got a raise! The bad news: you’re fired. No need to thank us!”

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