October 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s defenders distort the accusations about Bill Clinton’s sexual dalliances in much the same way Bill’s defenders did during his Presidency. It feels like the 1990s all over again!

Because of this, young people may not understand that the argument was never really about his personal life or marriage. It was about other things: abusing women, creating a hostile work environment at the White House --- just as illegal in the Oval Office as anywhere else in America --- and lying under oath. He wasn’t impeached over infidelity. He was impeached and lost his law license for failing to tell the truth in a sworn deposition. When the President does that after raising his hand and swearing to uphold the law, it’s a big deal, or should be.

Now that Hillary Clinton is running for the same office, her campaign tries to say it’s wrong to bring up anything having to do with Bill’s infidelity or even his alleged sexual abuse and rape. It’s true that she’s not responsible for his behavior, but they conveniently “forget” that the issue encompasses far more than that. The stories of Hillary leading the vicious attack on “bimbo eruptions” are by now legendary, and, in 2016, they’re the big take-away from the whole sordid mess.

Her ability to lie and keep secrets is by now also legendary, so her methods for discrediting her husband’s accusers should come as no surprise.

Kathleen Willey, in a new interview with the Washington Examiner, reminds us of what’s important about that scandal right now --- Hillary’s role in silencing the women, and the incredible hypocrisy behind her claims of supporting women who have been abused. Click here for more.

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