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January 23, 2020 |

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After watching Day 1 of the Senate trial and as much of Day 2 as they could stomach, my loyal staffers, who diligently research and report on virtually everything of interest that’s going on in the world, have had enough of all this Schiff.

"There are only so many demonstrable lies a person can hear in any given 12-hour period,” they lamented. “It’s just bizarre and monotonous.” Ainsworth was praying for the sweet release of death. Finally, out of desperation, they took Wednesday evening off and went to see a big-screen theater release of AN AMERICAN IN PARIS.

There’s just no other way to say it, they told me: Schiff and Nadler are flat-out repulsive.

Besides, why bother listening to a consistent liar who falsifies evidence? (The story in POLITICO says the evidence in question was “mischaracterized” due to “an error,” but read the story and tell me if you don’t think it was falsified.) In a letter sent last week to Nadler summarizing a “trove of evidence” from Lev Parnas, Schiff claimed he had a text showing Parnas tried to set up a meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky. The text is sent to Rudy Giuliani and says, “trying to get us Mr. Z.” The full exchange is attached to Schiff’s letter.

Trouble is, Parnas wasn’t talking about President Zelensky. “Mr. Z” is a reference to Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma. Ah, that’s very different! But there’s no way to tell, as the version attached to Schiff’s letter has been redacted to remove any clue, including notes from a subsequent interview with...Zlochevsky.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee


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The March for Life

By Mike Huckabee

Wednesday, the early events for the 47th annual March For Life began in Washington, DC. It all leads up to Friday’s March. Unlike last weekend’s pathetic numbers for the “Women’s March,” at least 100,000 participants are expected in DC alone (but I predict it won’t get a tiny fraction of the media coverage last week’s march got.) The March For Life will commemorate 47 years, and nearly 62 million lost lives since the Supreme Court pulled a right to abortion out of thin air with the Roe v. Wade decision.

It is not too late for you to join in. The big march is tomorrow. To learn more and see how you can participate, visit where you can also search hundreds of local events to find one near you.

With the election approaching, Democratic candidates and lobby groups, including Planned Parenthood, are gearing up to spend tens of millions of dollars on ads that will both promote and obscure abortion. Mike Bloomberg’s current ads are typical, positioning him as a champion of “women’s reproductive health care,” an eight-syllable fuzzy euphemism for “abortion.” How sick do you have to be to describe killing a baby in the womb as “reproductive health care”? Who is that healthy for? Not the baby nor the mother.

For all the hot air from the left about them being “on the right side of history,” abortion is one of many issues on which they are obviously on the wrong side of history. The number of abortions in the US has been falling for years (although it is still far too high) as advances in science have shown young women what’s actually happening during pregnancy, and that a baby in the womb is unquestionably a living, human baby, not a clump of inert cells. The exposure of their blatant science denial has led some radical abortion defenders to push back so irrationally that they’ve entered the realm of madness. And all the Democratic politicians who think they have to be radically pro-abortion aren’t on the winning side of history, either.

As Dr. Alveda King said on last weekend’s “Huckabee” on TBN (, many Americans had the truth of what the pro-abortion lobby is pushing shocked into them this past year when two Governors dropped the mask and openly promoted the idea that a baby born during a “botched abortion” (the only surgery that’s considered a failure if the patient lives) should be “kept comfortable” while the doctors and mother have a discussion about whether or not to murder it.

At that point, the baby is obviously a separate, living human being with civil rights, like the right to emergency medical care. But as Dr. King pointed out, if it’s a baby now, then it was also a baby 15 minutes ago when it was inside its mother’s womb.

By the way, for those who keep wondering why Evangelicals back Trump, note that Trump declared January 22nd, the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, as “National Sanctity of Human Life Day” and announced that he will be the first President to attend the March For Life in person.


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

Last night in downtown Seattle, two men reportedly got into a shooting battle that left one woman dead and injured seven other people, including a 9-year-old boy, before both shooters fled. At this writing, police are still looking for both men. This is a breaking story. Keep an eye on the news for developments, and please say a prayer for the victims and their families.


Imagine that a bad stand-up comedian somehow bilked Netflix into giving him a contract for a three-hour comedy special. He rents the most prestigious venue in the world, Carnegie Hall, and tricks an audience of VIPs into coming to see him. He then walks out and for the next three hours, repeats the same joke – a very bad Donald Trump joke he stole from Stephen Colbert. Occasionally, he tries to stretch his thin material by tossing in a few of what he thinks of as his greatest hits, but which everyone else recognizes as outdated “Russian collusion” jokes that weren’t funny the first 20,000 times they heard them. (To quote Steve Martin, by this point, “it’s like doing ‘Ike’ jokes.”) To their horror, the audience realizes the comic has locked the doors and they’re not allowed to leave until he finally, at long, long last, stops talking.

Okay, that’s about the best analogy I can think of to describe Adam Schiff’s appearance in front of the Senate Wednesday to make his argument for impeaching President Trump. The Senators couldn’t leave, but there were visible signs of their distress, like covering their eyes with their hands and getting up to go lean against the back wall (one said that their chairs are not built for comfort, but I can’t imagine they were a worse pain in the rear end than the guy speaking.) One could make the case that of the many lies he told, the cruelest were when he said he’d only talk for 10 minutes, then much later, said it would be just 15 minutes more.

(For those who enjoy lists, here are the top 7 Adam Schiff lies, but North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said he counted 12 during the Senate speech alone before he got tired and stopped keeping track):

You can tell how badly this is going over from the fact that on day one, CBS (which must have been hoping and praying for some anti-Trump red meat to air) cut away after three hours to go back to showing soap operas. At least the regular soap operas weren’t boring like the one in the Senate, where the Democrats are returning to the old days of soaps, when people talked and talked for days just to get across one plot point.

On and on Schiff droned, endlessly repeating the same unsupported partisan allegations against Trump while occasionally trying to bolster them by “reminding” Senators of how Trump colluded with Russia to rig the 2016 election (a famously debunked claim that their idol Robert Mueller wasted two years and 30 million tax dollars investigating, only to find zero evidence.) Yet we must remove the President now, lest he also render the 2020 election illegitimate by winning it. Some analysts think this is actually the rationale for this whole impeachment farce: the Dems know they can’t remove Trump, but they’re trying to not only undermine his reelection chances, but if he does win, lay the groundwork for once again whining that the election was rigged and Trump isn’t a “legitimate” President, boo-hoo-hoo.

I can’t help wondering how many Senators buy the argument that it’s Congress’ job to “correct” the voters when they choose the “wrong” candidate, and even attempt to block them in advance from choosing the “wrong” candidate in a future election. In fact, for all the grief the Dems have given Mitch McConnell for not giving them everything they want, I suspect the most insidious thing he did to them was give them exactly what they asked for: 24 full hours to make their extremely thin case.

It quickly became apparent that Schiff had about five minutes’ worth of anti-Trump material, all of it based on hearsay, lies, political partisanship and personal animosity, and he proceeded to repeat it about 30 times. I’m tempted to suggest that Trump’s defense team do the Senators a favor by responding: “These people are insane. We rest our case.” The Senators would be so incredibly grateful, they might vote unanimously to acquit. If not, Americans could consider their vote as an I.Q. test, with any Senator who actually voted to impeach based on this pile of fetid dog droppings as not being mentally competent enough to deserve reelection.

Postscript: The media are making a lot of a poll claiming that 40% of Americans don’t want Trump impeached and removed, but 45% do and 11% don’t know enough to make an informed decision. I don’t trust the poll, but even if the numbers were correct, the descriptions aren’t. I’d say that 40% don’t want him impeached, 11% don’t know enough to make an informed decision, and 45% listen to the mainstream media and don’t know that they don’t know enough to make an informed decision.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly."

- Proverbs 14:29

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  • Mary Fortuner

    01/24/2020 01:20 PM

    I wish Conservative opinions weren't suppressed on Mainstream Media and the internet. Your insights and opinions are so spot on and need to be shared so the misinformed and confused can see what is being played out in Washington. I have great frustration that the lawlessness goes unpunished, and they continue to run slipshod over the people of the USA. Continue to cry out for us, Mike.

  • Jim Brookins

    01/23/2020 10:25 PM

    The GOV! Proverbs 14:29 on your newsletter, is the perfect verse as the Democrat's fulfill second phrase "...but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly."

    Why are the Democrats allowed to GOP requests for testimony from former Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and others,? How is that "fair"? Why are we [the people] putting up with such shameful abuse? Democrats are exalting much folly.

  • Amelia Little

    01/23/2020 07:34 PM

    My new satellite system allows me to check tv listings with 6 showing up at a time. I had figured out the numbers to push to show mostly stuff I like to watch. The other day--by accident I found a bank of political channels. One was CSPAN, and CSPN2 (never heard of that,) MSNBC, CNBC, CNN. I think CNN was one who had "impeachment hearings" listed hours on end when it was in the House. Earlier this week, all of these channels had the hearings listed. Yesterday and today--only TWO!!!! Guess they might have drawn straws to see who was going to get their ratings tanked by airing the hearings, and letting the others go back to their regularly scheduled programs? With poor ratings anyway, just not tanked ratings.

  • Firewagon

    01/23/2020 01:39 PM

    The only words to describe what this 'government of, by, and (not) for the people' has become are contained in my Marine Corps vernacular and not for consumption outside some dank and dreary foxhole. The ONLY positive for "We The Serfs" is that as long as these DO NOTHING whacks are occupied with this barrel of rotting puke they are unable to load the folk up with more insanity! Check that, there is one more positive, my Netflix account is now providing me my money's worth. Just watched a movie from 1956 that I had not actually seen bak-in-that-day, starred Tab Hunter and Natalie Wood, two teenage heart-throbs of the day. I'm old, so I will not suffer long after America has joined the other 'incompetently run' countries around the world, but I am mourning the plight my grandchildren are being saddled with!

  • Paul T. Kern

    01/23/2020 01:28 PM

    I don't have cable, thank God so I am spared the shenanigans of the Marxists and others with TDS. I can only handle so much on internet. So I retreat quickly to real news. Some you refer to.
    The only thing I see out of this is 2 things. 1) The American people will be "woke up" to the evil being perpetrate by Shifty Shiff, Nancy and the others in the George Soros inspired lynch mob. 2) We will hopefully see all of the RINO's exposed so real Americans can know who to vote out.
    I do foresee a strong possibility of this resulting in another civil war. Both physical and spiritual
    While Trump is a man and therefore not perfect, we must get down on our knees and cry out to God for help. "For the weapons of our war are not physical, but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds."


    01/23/2020 12:42 PM

    Someone in the UK apparently just discovered a "blood gene" that eats "cancer blood genes" or something like that - What IF one of the 62 million abortions could have made that discovery 10 or ? years ago ............think of all the "loved ones" whose lives may have been saved ........................
    How can anyone support the "sucking out" of the baby's organs before the baby has died ? to be sold for a PROFIT ? Does the "baby" feel pain ? ..........

  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    01/23/2020 12:42 PM

    I've always wondered how the same "scientists' that deny life in the woman's womb is a child, can with certainty simultaneously predict the alarming weather apocalypse ahead based on computer predictions. Professing to be wise, they become fools.

  • louise Petri

    01/23/2020 12:07 PM

    Is it really necessary and lawful to have the Dems go on and on without the Judge interfering: this is repetitive and redundant and irrelevant. Does he not have the right to keep them accountable and perhaps cut them off?

  • Mike Horst

    01/23/2020 11:23 AM

    Mike...My exact thoughts on this phony impeachment. After 2 days of this trial, Schiff, Nadler and company are in danger of being charged with the death of 100 US Senators by boredom. We've heard the same lies hundreds of times! The good news might be that 53 Republicans will move to dismiss or acquit to stop this madness.