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August 31, 2017 |


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Today's Commentary:  Heroes in Houston -- Russia makes move -- Strong growth -- No substitute -- Standing against the tide  -- News Bits 

There’s no question that the death numbers would have been far higher if it weren’t for the heroic efforts of police, emergency workers and countless volunteers who broke out their boats and slogged through high waters to rescue other people, as well as trapped and abandoned animals.

Here is an incredible story (with pictures) of how drivers along Interstate 10 in Houston suddenly turned into heroes when they leapt from their cars and formed a human chain to rescue the driver of an SUV who had gotten trapped by fast-rising flood waters. Look at this, and then in tribute to all such every day heroes, go to or and make a donation. It’s the easy, safe and dry way that you, too, can help save a flood victim.



Mike Huckabee



Russia makes move

By Mike Huckabee

Is there any place on Earth that Vladimir Putin doesn’t want Russia to expand into? Well, there is one place he’s quietly having Russians get the heck out of. It’s a Russian city close to the border of North Korea. The evacuation is being brushed off as a “training exercise,” but one can’t help wondering if Putin might think something is coming to North Korea that he doesn’t want Russians to be standing too close to.


Strong growth 

By Mike Huckabee

Some news you probably won’t hear much about: the Commerce Department announced yesterday that in the second quarter of 2017, the first quarter entirely under the Trump Administration, US GDP grew at an annual rate of 3%, which was 0.4% higher than expected. Trump did not hesitate to point out that Obama holds the historic distinction among Presidents of never presiding over a single quarter of economic growth of 3% or above (his highest was 2.6% in 2015, but it fell back to 1.9%.) The growth was credited to strong consumer spending, although some economists also pointed to increased government spending. But I would point out that if government spending fueled GDP growth, Obama’s should have at least been in the double digits.


No substitute

By Mike Huckabee

It’s a sad fact of life in the 21st century that many young people reject the enduring truths that give life meaning, including religious faith and family bonds, yet they think that superficial attributes such as fame make life worthwhile. From Instagram “stars” to “American Idol” auditions, countless young people are trying to become the next media sensation, in the false belief that it will make their lives perfect and meaningful. If I told them that having all the fame in the world is no substitute for faith, family and friends, and it can leave you feeling empty and alone, they would never listen to me. But maybe they’ll listen to someone far more famous in their world, like Lady Gaga.




Standing against the tide

By Mike Huckabee

Standing against the prevailing “gender fluid” cultural tides, a coalition of Christian leaders has issued a statement on human sexual identity that reaffirms their belief in the traditional Biblical view of men, women and marriage. It states that God’s original creation design “divinely ordained differences between male and female” for human good and human flourishing. As one signatory explained, “We were made by God, for God, but when we tinker with what God has given us to reveal Himself, especially our gender, we're distorting what it means to be created in His image." They expect to be maligned as haters for saying this, but the authors say that if you truly love people, you have to tell them the truth even if they don’t want to hear it or it’s “culturally unacceptable.”


News Bits

Interesting: Sebastian Gorka may have been forced out of the Trump White House, but he’s not remaining silent about threats to the United States and what he’s seen from the inside about how they are being dealt with.



How you know your Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached suicidal levels: when Trump comes to your state to help you survive a devastating flood, and your response is “Resistance!” Resistance to what, not drowning? As dumb as this statement from a handful of young Texas liberals was, the responses on Twitter make for pretty entertaining reading.



U.N. Wisdom: Fake anti-Trump news = “journalism.” Criticizing fake anti-Trump news = “attack on the 1st Amendment.”



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