June 20, 2017

First the good news: Rep. Steve Scalise’s condition has been upgraded from “critical” to “serious,” although he still has a long road to recovery ahead. Now the bad news: much of the talk from the left after toning down the violent rhetoric and disagreeing in a civil and respectful fashion lasted all of about 24 hours.

Some, such as Nancy Pelosi, tried to sell the whopper that almost all the hateful, violent rhetoric, threats and silencing of political views come from the right (that would be news to any conservative speaker who’s tried to speak at a college campus lately). Others went full throttle to the lunatic fringe, attacking Scalise even as he was fighting for his life in the hospital and calling for “hunting down” Republicans (and I’m referring to cable news talking heads and Democratic strategists and officials, not anonymous moonbats on Facebook). CBS anchor Scott Pelley even seemed to suggest that Republicans like Scalise somehow brought it on themselves (the “it” being a rage-filled gunman trying to assassinate as many Republican Congress members as possible.)

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Conservatives have long complained that Pelley is perhaps the most openly and egregiously biased news anchor on a major network, and I’m happy to report that one day after this broadcast, he left the “CBS Evening News.” There was no connection between his Scalise comments and his removal from the nightly news desk, which was already set. If anything, CBS suits probably wish they’d removed him the week before.

I’d just note that even Ted Nugent has stated that the Scalise shooting has made him rethink his blunt rhetoric. I’ve gone hunting with Ted; I think he’s a great American and many people don’t understand that he comes from a Detroit culture of harsh language, and much of what he says is meant to be funny or hyperbolic, not literal. But even he has decided that it’s time to tone it down. What does it say when the Motor City Mad Man is being more calm and responsible than the House Minority Leader?

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People keep asking me what’s behind all this ugly, violent political rhetoric. I think there are two things driving it. The first is a topic that nobody wants to bring up because it’s politically incorrect, but it’s a lack of morality. Moral teachings instill in people a basic human decency and a respect for other people’s humanity; an attitude that “I may disagree with what you believe, but I will do it without being disagreeable because I value you as a fellow human being.”

The other problem is that some people are living 24/7 in an aquarium full of acid. They watch cable channels or listen to radio shows or read websites all day long that echo back their own extreme political views and preach that anyone who disagrees is stupid, evil and less than human. Then they go to social media sites, where they can join hate-based Facebook groups and parrot their garbage back and forth among a group of “friends” who have been carefully winnowed down to a clique who agree with them on everything.

If I had to make one suggestion to restore them to mental health, it would be this: get out of the echo chamber! Turn off the TV and computer, get out of the house, go drop a fishing line in a lake or go to a concert or strike up a conversation with a stranger about anything other than politics. There’s a whole world out there that doesn’t revolve around whether your side is wielding power in Washington. Go rediscover it, and rediscover your humanity, as well as other people's. And if you want to know what’s going on in the news, then drop by here. I’ll tell the important stuff straight without making you crazy over it.


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  • Chester Bernard Mitchell

    09/21/2017 03:47 PM

    CNN is populated by such lunitics,just one more to replace with Anothet anti Amerian fashicst. Buy the way, Governer, you arent running, and they need another genuine conservative host, why not get back on with Fox news, or whatever network Orilly gets on,if you can stand either( I dont know the truth of his situation, you'd be in a better spot to make that choice.) The drawbacks to working at Fox, in their courant situation, are obvious

  • Haley Beaudry

    09/09/2017 05:05 PM

    Please, check my earlier email to you about Governor Judy Martz of Montana. She would love to hear from you.
    Thank you,
    Haley Beaudry

  • Magnus Nyden

    07/01/2017 06:20 AM

    Although not an American, I follow with interest the political discussion in the US -and other countries.
    I think your are so right when you say that there is a lack of morality in society today.
    We do indeed need to pay more attention to moral teachings.
    How I wish that Donald Trump and other leaders would...
    1. ...once again (or for the first time) read Jesus' Sermon of the Mount,
    2....drop a fishing line instead of tweeting,
    3...and strike up a two-way conversation with a stranger, for instance one from another country or religion.

  • Nanette Gray

    06/22/2017 04:40 AM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee, God has blessed you with insight to the nature of people in general. You are correct on both accounts. However, there is even more to this situation we find ourselves in. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. I am posting this verse because of what Christians did last year, we prayed and we heard what God had said to us, 2 Chronicles 7:14. God gave me who I needed to vote for because I was not going to vote for President Trump, I was gong to do a write in. God said He had chosen our President for a time and a season to protect Christian Americans and this Nation and to protect Israel and the Jewish people. The other reason His God is going to shine his light on all the corruption, all of it and how wide and deep it is against the American people and people of other countries. This corruption includes Judges, congress people, AG's of the past administrations, mainstream media and people from all the different heads of departments in our government. THe American people have been being robbed blind. This is the year of Jubilee on the Hebrew calendar. God is giving this nation another chance, God is expanding His harvest. That is why you see them fighting so hard as rabid animals that are cornered, they know that President Trump could, through God, uncover the corruption. We as Christians need to be in constant prayer for our President, Vice President, their families and all the righteous people he has appointed! We need to pray that God will shine his light on all the corruption against the people of this Nation and others. It is not the evil one's time yet. It is that time, we as Christian Americans need to chose who we will serve. God Bless you Governor Huckabee, God Bless Our President and the people of this Nation

  • Patrick Flynn

    06/21/2017 04:07 PM

    It seems silly, but a friend of mine began to fear for the downfall of this country several years ago when our town began to give out participation trophies for all the kid's sports leagues. As you observe society, and in particular, youth from that point in time, you begin to realize he had a valid point. There is no longer a need to excel or to be the best you can be. You get along just fine by participating and you never have to face the reality of defeat. We have now incorporated that into our education system. We teach to the middle or lower half in order to accomplish a satisfactory grade for the school when the standardized tests are tallied and our school passes a higher percentage of students. No longer is it the goal of our society to strive for excellence, lest we leave someone behind and their feelings are hurt. That has begat a society of "me". America is now so much more concerned with the individual and avoiding any perceived injury to the psyche of a person and so much less concerned with America and what we can do to improve our country. "Ask not what your country can do for you.." Why has that quote fallen out of favor? Why must America take care of the individual and we no longer ask the individual to take care of his country? Until we make people responsible for their own actions by suffering their own consequences we will never turn society around.

  • Patricia Collier

    06/21/2017 03:50 PM

    Thank you, Govenor Huckabee, for a common sense, civil response to so much hate-filled rhetoric. Miss seeing you on Fox.

  • Valinda Lolley

    06/21/2017 11:08 AM

    I so agree with your comments about why we are in such a boiling, roiling hot mess. We are so uncivil to everyone and it seems worth it to some folk to do anything to get their views out there. However, I do believe that all Americans have a right to a safe and secure life and future. Most people who are low on the economic ladder need voices, too. They need advocates who will pursue their interests, such as access to good health care, adequate housing, just basic needs of life. You are on target when you say we need to "wake up" our morality. Let's be the Christian nation we were meant to become and bring our neighbors along with us.

  • David Kroening

    06/21/2017 11:05 AM

    With due respect, Guv, I don't regard your site as a news source. The shooting in VA was symptomatic of what's been happening in many discussions, not just those on the Left (as you call it). Given the level of violence expressed at DT's rally's ("Hit him and I'll pay your legal bill.", are you shocked? Do you forget about pictures of Obama being hung in effigy? Back then, if you commented about such behavior, you were reminded that only the Tea Party (and others) had principles. I will agree that it's been getting nutty out there. How about not chastising those of us that don't live in your neck of the woods, as you did in one of your books. How about lecturing Ted (the next time you see him) about not gesturing with a gun what he'd like to do to Nancy Pelosi instead of telling us what a great guy he is. Goes a long way, Guv.

  • Robert LeFevre

    06/21/2017 06:18 AM

    As is true with most of your posts Mike, you are correct with this one. There has been a great loss of morality in the U.S. over the last 50 years. Many factors combined to cause it: continuing distrust of government since the Viet-Nam era, growth of permissive liberalism from the hippie generation onward, increased materialism with decreased church attendance, a lessening of social inter-activities in neighborhoods (due to TV, mainly), and, most importantly, the liberal media. Though it is not possible to return to what we were like in the 1950's, Donald Trump's America First policy, and urging of a religious-based, dare for each other approach certainly helps.

  • Geneva Benson

    06/21/2017 04:28 AM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for always telling it like it is but with the morality you were talking about. We can't wait for your new show to start. We love your humor too:). God bless and watch over you and make his face shine upon you and your daughter??

  • Jean Sutton

    06/21/2017 12:15 AM

    I didn't call it the CBS news hour, I called it the Scott Pelly Trump Bashing Hour.

  • Donna Berry

    06/20/2017 11:57 PM

    Very well said Mr. Huckabee!! I totally agree with you! Amen

  • Stacy Nowotny

    06/20/2017 10:31 PM

    Truly it is all just exhausting. I watch our local news and at 7 am the televsion goes off. I don't watch televsion in the evening, staying disconnected is the best way to keep me away from the anger and hate that is floating around in the political scene. I just can't imagine this going on for four more years.

  • Faye Butler

    06/20/2017 10:03 PM

    Wow! That's rather like blaming a woman or girl for being raped beacuyof the way she is dressed! An appalled at the way people are acting

  • Linda Jones Friedel

    06/20/2017 09:22 PM

    It's such a terrible thing, how angry people have gotten. To take things to the extreme, with riots, violent actions. And the awful, evil things that are said about the Republicans is out of control.
    I do believe that we ARE in the last days.
    ~Keep looking up!~

  • Jody L. Wilson

    06/20/2017 08:51 PM

    Thank you again for your calm and thoughtful opinion and factual articles. I know where to go to get my current events, from your posts. I agree with your suggestion about turning off the noise and drama and focusing on something else.

  • Jody L. Wilson

    06/20/2017 08:50 PM

    Thank you again for your calm and thoughtful opinion and factual articles. I know where to go to get my current events, from your posts. I agree with your suggestion about turning off the noise and drama and focusing on something else.

  • Curt DeWhitt

    06/20/2017 08:46 PM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee. You are a breath of fresh air in the polluted partisan miasma we try to exist in today.

  • Chris R.

    06/20/2017 08:39 PM

    Considering you've only pointed out the violent rhetoric on the Left and ignoring all the violent rhetoric on the Right, while simultaneously defending Ted Nugent's violent rhetoric, I think it's safe to assume you've been living in your own echo chamber as well. You might want to follow your own advice.

  • James Whitman

    06/20/2017 08:36 PM

    Your advise is well given, but until the false issues being forced down our throats by Congress and the News organizations, it won't take affect. Also, from a lot of the information I see regarding the actions of a lot of the Democrats in Congress both at the federal and state levels, they are in it for the money, and that's a never ending episode. Until the recent election cycles, far too many Americans sat on the side lines thinking they could not make an impact on the outcome of the actions by our government. The more recent election cycles have shown us that we can, and although there is a lot of strife and conflict at the moment, in the end we will have our country back and rid ourselves of those who would destroy it.

  • Patty Hager

    06/20/2017 08:29 PM

    I tried leaving comment last week but it wouldn't load. What we have seen the past eight years is a chasm developing between the left and the right. I believe it started to escalate at the hands of the past president who seemed to glory in driving a wedge not only between parties but between whites and blacks. Mr. Huckabee, you as a Christian know where this rhetoric comes from and it will only intensify. The likes of this anchor making uncalled for comments and it being fed even more by Pelosi and others who just don't get it that their party has done great damage to thus political climate. Where it will end who knows? But I don't foresee it getting any better!

  • Lynn Nielsen

    06/20/2017 08:27 PM

    AGAIN - thank you Mike Huckabee!!! You are always a voice of reason, reality, goodness, kindness, and love. (Don't know if you read the FB comments but I posted same and mentioned I'm planning on winning a Lotto so I can go to Israel with you, and bring along my sister!!! ;-D ) What saddens me most about all this is a sense that the ugliness won't stop. We have become such a culture of "Me first!" and "Look at me!" and there are so many outlets now for so many people to spread that mindset along with their meanness and hate, that it's nearly drowning out the good folks just doing their jobs and going about their business - not wanting to hurt anyone else and/or just to be of help. But of course, it's a fallen world we live in. And God sees it all. I wish your old Saturday night show on Fox still aired - it was great! God bless you kind sir.

  • Shirley Tripp Johnson

    06/20/2017 08:15 PM

    I love your newsletter. You are still the same person you were back in Arkansas, REAL and HONEST. I lived in Arkansas for forty years, now residing in Pennsylvania, and I have always followed you. I totally agree with what you wrote. Keep telling us the truth. Would have loved to see you as an advisor to President Trump.

  • Kristy Shaw

    06/20/2017 08:11 PM

    You are so right!! Keep on keeping on. Praying for you and our elected officials!