May 1, 2017

The New York Post has an exclusive excerpt from the new bestseller, “Shattered,” the inside story of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and its disastrous disorganization that was carefully hidden by the sycophantic media. This book makes it abundantly clear that for all the balloon juice we heard about Hillary’s superlative qualifications for President, she not only couldn’t even manage her own campaign, but she blew it in the same way she did in 2008, exhibiting the same weaknesses and repeating the same mistakes, only bigger. In this excerpt, her aides get an early whiff of impending doom when simply writing a speech to announce her candidacy becomes an impossible mission because she can’t articulate why she’s running other than “It’s my turn.”

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Incidentally, this not only gives us a peek behind the curtain at Hillary’s campaign, but also a glimpse into the mindset of modern Democratic Party leaders. Whenever they lose an election, it’s never because the voters rejected their policies. Instead, it’s always because they just didn’t do a good enough job of communicating their policies, and so the poor, dumb voters voted against their own interests by rejecting them. They never seem to entertain the possibility that voters were perfectly aware of their policies and knew only how well they “work” after eight years of Obama, and they were fed up to their molars with them and wanted a change. Americans didn’t respond to “Make America Great Again” because it was snappy or well focus-grouped, but because that’s what they wanted to vote for: someone who believes in the greatness of the American experiment and wants to stop hindering it, not the kind of person who goes around apologizing for America and arguing that America was never great.

Besides, if you can spend over a billion dollars on ads and campaign speeches, plus untold free PR from a lapdog news media that praises you while vilifying your opponent, not to mention the near-unanimous support of the communications professionals in New York and Hollywood, yet still “fail to communicate your positions clearly” and lose, then maybe you really shouldn’t be in charge of running anything.



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  • Evergreen.1613

    05/02/2017 04:43 AM

    One good thing about the Obama et al Calculated Onslaught was it got me and many other Christians ( and many others with a sense of true right and wrong) to finally wake up to modern US Politics. If one can actually "sees" the Good becoming vilified and Bad being Uplifted , Patriotism is dangerous but Foreign interests exalted, the Sinful receive status and the Righteous receive attacks, the Mighty gain power and the very weakest most innocent ( unborn) for sale to highest bidder: then we know the Power of Evil has encompassed our Land. Only a mighty move by God would save this country . But will there be acceptable repentance ?

  • clara murzynski

    05/01/2017 08:32 PM

    Let's face it. Hillary didn't campaign worth a flip. She obviously felt she didn't have to where Trump on the other hand, was hitting up to sometimes 5 states campaigning per DAY. History also showed a very close race when then Governor Thomas Dewey ran against President Harry S. Truman's bid for a 2nd term. The media just like now, had predicted that Dewey would win in double digits (sound familiar?). As the late GREAT Paul Harvey would say: Now you know the REST of the story :)

  • Robert Davis

    05/01/2017 07:57 PM

    I agree...the bottom line is that the middle class conservative Christian...oh and the deplorables ..

    The true working people of America where fed up...

    And luckily the people recognised we the people.. had control to actually take back what was taken

    The heart and soul of America

    And President Trump and V.President Pence was a good combination to fill that void.

    Where it was,and had gone astray for 8 years....

    I was hoping that trump would have picked you or Ted Cruz...

    But I am truly satisfied with Mike Pence...