January 13, 2020

On a day with so much ‘deep state’ news, there’s a common theme: vindication at last for those caught up in phony-baloney investigations such as the “Trump/Russia” probe, and the lingering concern about what will be done to expose the remaining cover-ups. Here’s a round-up of stories to illustrate...

First, from Rowan Scarborough at the WASHINGTON TIMES, here’s news that in a more rational world would be the last nail in the coffin of the whole trumped-up “Trump/Russia” investigation. This information is in IG Michael Horowitz’s 436-page report, even though Horowitz himself summarized it by saying there was adequate “predication” (reason) for the FBI to open their investigation. Good grief, did he (like Robert Mueller, apparently) not read his own report?

This is why Americans should never depend on headline writers for their news. Yet that’s what busy people do, and it’s why “narratives” are so easy to shape.

The FBI originally targeted four individuals: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (President Trump’s first choice for national security adviser), campaign manager Paul Manafort, and campaign advisers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. But an internal August 2016 memo outlining why these probes were opened offered no acceptable “predication” for the targeting of any of these individuals –- no evidence of a conspiracy with Russia. All the FBI had was the “dossier,” a politically-financed work of fiction, evidence of nothing.

Never mind former FBI Director James Comey’s claim that the Trump probe was based on a “mosaic” of information. That was a lie. Never mind former CIA Director John Brennan’s claim that British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s Trump/Russia dossier wasn’t even part of the “corpus” of information on which they based their investigation. That was a lie, too. It was the dossier --- ONLY the dossier --- that “predicated” this investigation. As you recall, Steele was paid $165,000 through Fusion GPS, which was paid millions through the law firm Perkins Coie by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC (same thing).

According to Horowitz’s report, the FISA warrant application to surveil Page on October 21, 2016, contained claims of Russian conspiracy that ALL came from the dossier. None of these claims were corroborated. And there was no documentation of probable cause to support surveilling any other Trump figure; that’s why the application was for Page only. Since surveillance can time-travel to include the subject's communication history, Page would be the “way in” to spy on the campaign.

Page is calling on U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate his ordeal, in particular the origination of his meeting with Stefan Halper. Here’s Sara Carter’s account of their recent conversation…

Of course, the dossier was a mess of hearsay and gossip, containing significant inaccuracies. And top-tier FBI officials were given a heads-up about that from Kathleen Kavalec at the State Department. Bruce Ohr, also at State, advised them of Steele’s intense political bias. The FBI ran with the dossier anyway.

A look at the “predications” for investigating these four individuals shows how tissue-thin they were, especially as justification for something as momentous as investigating a presidential campaign. In the case of Papadopoulos, there’s only the claim that he heard a story about the Russians having Hillary’s emails and mentioned it to the Australian ambassador. (It seems obvious now that Papadopoulos was set up.) That’s all they had, yet it’s what they used to open “Crossfire Hurricane.”

After President Trump fired Comey in May 2017, then-deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe opened a counterintelligence investigation against the President, though they knew there was no evidence of a Russian conspiracy.

Horowitz concluded on "Crossfire Hurricane" that the “quantum of evidence...was sufficient to satisfy the low threshold established by the Department and the FBI.” If the threshold is that low, it must be true that not only can you indict a ham sandwich, you can open a counterintelligence investigation on one, too.

FBI Director Christopher Wray, with his tepid, inadequate response to the report, is another big part of the problem.

And the FISA court itself failed in its responsibility. This article by Margot Cleveland at THE FEDERALIST gets pretty far into the weeds, but if you have the time and inclination to read it, you will understand how the four federal judges who signed the surveillance orders failed Carter Page.

At the risk of causing information overload, I’ll also include this great commentary on Wray that references Cleveland’s article.

Our next installment on phony investigations concerns the phony “whistleblower” complaint that sparked Adam Schiff’s phony congressional impeachment “inquiry.” Devin Nunes’ January 11 letter to Intel Committee Inspector General (ICIG) Michael Atkinson demanded answers to inconsistencies found in the complaint. He wrote because Republicans have been waiting since September for him to respond to their request for emails and other documentation about how it’s possible for someone with nothing more than secondhand information to be a “whistleblower” when that wasn’t stated on the form. What they got back in October was, as Nunes said to Maria Bartiromo on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES, “a non-answer answer.” When Schiff’s committee started its “inquiry,” Nunes said, “We’re not finished with the ICIG.”

As I mentioned recently, the testimony from ICIG Atkinson about the “whistleblower” complaint is THE ONLY testimony that Schiff has still not released from his committee’s hearings. Atkinson is trying to maintain that “mistakes were made,” that it was a just matter of incompetence. Not buying it. If they’re really that incompetent, they need to show that, with documentation. Are they so incompetent that they are unable to document their own incompetence?

Nunes says it’s important that the ICIG provide answers by Friday, because “this is the guy who lit the fuse for this impeachment scam that’s now going to be on trial in the Senate.” And some of Atkinson’s connections are eyebrow-raising, as “he was a lawyer for some of the very people who were involved in the FISA abuse scam.” As someone who ostensibly works for Congress, it’s odd that this ICIG is reluctant to provide evidence to them.

Also, presiding FISA judge Boasberg’s naming of ex-DOJ official David Kris to review FISA reforms suggested by FBI Director Christopher Wray raises eyebrows even higher, maybe higher even than Nancy Pelosi’s. Back when Nunes released his memo on the FBI investigation, which turned out to be absolutely true –- as opposed to Adam Schiff’s memo, which turned out to be untrue –- Kris lied about Nunes’ work. Why should Kris, of all people, be given this responsibility? Obama-appointed judge appoints Obama-era national security leader and anti-Trump activist who has called the deep-state coup a “conspiracy theory” to clean up the swamp?? This is not going to allay concerns about problems at the FBI.

Finally, today’s discussion of phony investigations would not be complete without the latest on U.S. Attorney John Huber’s “investigation” of the Hillary probe. Reports that Huber wasn’t doing anything turned out to be spot-on accurate. All he did was DELAY; Durham has taken it over now. The infuriating details are at the link.

IT WAS ALL A HEAD FAKE: Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers Say HUBER Lost Their Evidence -- Had to Send It 3 Times -- Huber Never Even Looked at it - And Now the Probe Is Over

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  • Helen Corey

    01/14/2020 08:47 AM

    Your evidence about inability to prosecute real criminals in our government just confirms that President Trump needs 4 more years in office. Giving presidency to a Dem just insures that corruption in US government will come back with a vengence. Need to clean out porn watching, corrupt, unelected bureaucrats.

  • Amelia Little

    01/14/2020 01:50 AM

    Atkinson is trying to maintain that “mistakes were made,” that it was a just matter of incompetence. My question is, are any of the "incompetent" players still on our tax payer rolls? They should be fired, no severance packages, no retirement benefits, etc (that's how it's done in the real world, you know.)

    At the very beginning, I was at a loss as to why Wray was named chief. It made about as much sense as letting rosenstein (with his smug, condescending look on his face during press conferences) be part of the mueller kangaroo court.

    Just recently, I had mentioned, there hasn't been any information about the guy in Utah who was supposed to be conducting an investigation. Now we know why--he wasn't really. Hope he hasn't received his hefty paycheck for his assignment--don't give it to him, as his "work" seemed to be worth zero.

    And, no, investigations into the top tier(s) of the FBI is NOT going to be a stain on the 37,000 men and women who do their work faithfully and dutifully and with integrity. It is a stain on those at the top. I remember when comey came up with the baloney that good ol' hil didn't really commit a crime, maybe reckless behaviour, maybe unknowingly blah blah blah that all the men and women who worked on the email fiasco probably felt like they were hit in the gut---all that work and, poof!!! Useless after comey got through with them.

    And, restitution ought to have to be paid for the men in the Trump campaign/administration who have lost everything due to the "incompetency--hint--outright criminal intent" of the top FBI, DOJ officials. And restitution should have to come from the personal bank accounts of those involved. We the tax payers shouldn't have to pay for this or for the sham of the impeachment hearings/investigation whatever they call it today. Maybe if the culprits are made to pay, it will be a deterrent for further criminal activity in the higher echelons of government agencies.

  • Emma Charlene Williams

    01/14/2020 01:13 AM

    So do you feel anybody will ever be held responsible, investigated, tried, and justice or will it be like Hillary where they all get passes. Speaking of Hillary can she ever be held responsible? Will John Kerry and other Obama administration folks who have worked with foreign countries against the Trump administration be held responsible per the Logan Act (I think that's what it's called. I call it treason.). Just wondering.

  • Carol Denardo

    01/13/2020 11:31 PM

    This article reminds me of the line from Sir Walter Scott's play, "oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!" I would change the "we " to Hillary. It all reverts to her.

  • gary Stilwell

    01/13/2020 09:59 PM

    Hopefully, huber will be brought to justice-as well as the clinton foundation-we'll be following this-----

  • Roger Bartholomew

    01/13/2020 09:22 PM

    This is beyond belief! If this scenario appeared in a spy novel, it would only be interesting in how the perpetrators were brought to justice. If you or I performed our jobs as these incompetents, we would be out looking for another line of work.

  • Carol Wadley

    01/13/2020 07:48 PM

    Governor, how is it possible for anyone (Trump and his people) to have be charged with a crime when the very foundation of information which began the Russian collusion investigation was all a lie?

    I am so disappointed in our government representatives, especially Adam Schiff. They LIE when it suits their needs, and they can’t be charged with anything because they have immunity. Why doesn’t the President have that same immunity? Fair is fair.

    One other thing. It just hackles my shackles that Congress can give themselves a raise and increase their benefits. In my opinion, it would be better if each representative was paid salary plus benefits by the state that elected him/her and a request for any sort of increase in salary and benefits would be voted on by the people who elected him/her. That way their expense accounts would be more closely monitored and any increase in salary could be based on performance like it is in the REAL world, which these people have obviously lost contact with?

    Carol Wadley

  • Sandra duvall

    01/13/2020 06:33 PM

    Apparently the spectre of Nancy Pelosi becoming President does not frighten the Dems

  • Phyllis Dawson

    01/13/2020 05:45 PM

    Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! We have bee praying that God would reveal all the nasty details to get a clear and accurate picture of what was/is going on in the swamp. Now praying for justice.

  • Thala J Susag

    01/13/2020 05:22 PM

    Hillary got a new gig at a Northern Ireland university.
    Hopefully she will not be too busy to return to the U.S.
    to face indictment; re: Christopher Steele dossier.

  • AngelS

    01/13/2020 04:38 PM

    Your analysis is always interesting but I think I'm like a lot of people out there who are on information overload from hearing about all of the scandals and the talk talk talk about them but have become cynical that anything substantial will take place to punish the evil doers. As a result it is easier to just close our ears to hearing any more about them and unfortunately moving on to more interesting topics.

  • Nancy Stremmel

    01/13/2020 04:34 PM

    What ever came about Obama's open mic with Putin. Telling him just give me some time. Have never heard anything. Thank you

  • Jerry Korba

    01/13/2020 03:48 PM

    As the country has enough of this idiotic impeachment syndrome Pelosi has refilled her hate for our country and is off and running on the hate campaign saying basically she does not care about the security of our country or any country all she sees is the hate of President Trump and its citizens. Hillary found the Americans to be just deplorable this evil witch Pelosi is very dangerous she has hate flowing thru her every cell. Don't be surprised if the people around her start caring a crucifix she is that evil. MAGA P.S. Pelosi could you send a bill stopping the tax on SS benefits your wasting my money.

  • Michael Moody

    01/13/2020 03:36 PM

    Dear Mike:

    With your kind permission, I would like to write an excerpt of a speech that I think the President can make use of. I am prompted to take this step by a news app today which indicates that Ocasio- Cortez and her financial backers have carried through with their threat to target Democrats that are not "Socialist" enough for her version of the party. Make no mistake about it, the extremists on the left are a threat to our Constitution, our individuals liberties, and our very way of life. That is not just politics. I believe it absolutely. So I decided to do what little anyone could do and give Donald Trump my idea of a bullet for fighting the party of the totalitarians. I am hoping you will somehow pass this on to someone on the President's staff so he can make some use of it.

    Thank you,

    Mike Moody

    "Today, A Ocasio Castro and her moneyed followers unveiled their move against democracy in the United States. They have launched a large number of primary campaigns against members of their own party who were not ideologically pure enough to call themselves Democrats.

    Traditional Democratic voters, conservatives, and independents should all be aware of the threat this action signifies for democracy in America. Neither Bernie Sanders nor Ocasio -Cortes, or any of their followers believe in a Big Tent. If you don't do what I say, when I say, exactly as I say, there will be consequences. That is the true objective of the National Socialists (Nazis) who aspire to take of the Democratic Party. It is all about taking over the reigns of power and ruling the United States of America as their own petty dictatorship.

    Certainly, there are important issues our nation needs to face. We have to consider how best to protect the security of our county and the greatest national economy on planet Earth. We must be concerned with reasonable solutions to the problems of an adequate healthcare system for all of our people. We must defend the Social Security system. We must find a way to revolutionize our education system so it will do more than indoctrinate our people with leftist propaganda and crush its students with a backbreaking debt paying the salaries of all those doctrinaire ideologues.

    All of these things we need to do and many more. We need to come together as a country and use that old fashioned word, "consensus". to resolve the major problems facing out country. Yet now, we must lay that aside to meet the challenge of the National Socialists, the modern day Nazis who hate the Jewish people, and "deplorable", with equal fervor.

    They will destroy our constitutional government and replace it with the opinion of leftist apparatchiks. They will destroy the meaning of the Bill of Rights with discriminatory and self serving enforcement. If we let this Leftist Revolution take over first the Democratic Party and then our nation, the proud tradition of fighting for freedom will come to an end. For we will be engaged in a fight to restore freedom. Our freedom. Our rights to choose. Our rights to speak our minds. Our rights to enjoy the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness established as the goals of our great nation over two centuries ago.

  • Carl "T" Smith

    01/13/2020 03:21 PM

    A 'Yuge' problem still lies with the voting? public or at least the ones who get air time. Crafting a message dedicated to avoiding the Truth while sounding reasonable is a page out of Lenin, Mao, Trotsky and Alinsky's play book. I'm reminded of my dads warning of "If it sounds too good to be true it is probably too good to be true" In other words our Highly Educated/ Indoctrinated talking heads are massaging the message into 15 second sound bites that the Dim Wits can understand without having to THINK. Remember Reagan used a very diplomatic message " The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; It's just that they know so much that just ain't so! My interpretation is they are just not smart enough to know they are just 'Lenin's Useful Idiots'.

  • Joe Analco

    01/13/2020 03:13 PM

    When will we see these corrupt politicians and other people who are involved in this corruption start hitting the GRAY BAR HOTEL??? Hmmmm

  • Debbie Joslin

    01/13/2020 03:09 PM

    Justice no longer resides in the USA.

  • James E. McCrea

    01/13/2020 02:26 PM

    The American public clearly sees the corruption in broad and bold show case. The question we want answered is "When are we going to see just prosecution and Jail time " or is it probably never?

  • Dusty

    01/13/2020 02:21 PM

    So what are we the people to believe is honestly going on per these investigations that now nothing on Hillary but she did or did not push for the FISA and all of that investigation that divided us all for years. Who is this other guy now appointed who is no friend of Republicans again? What is this in DC now the INMATES taking over the ASYLUM? All of those who were being prosecuted by being with Pres Trump and has cost them millions their jobs and none of the originated people involved nothing is to be done? WHY? So the SWAMP wins and we the people get scammed?

  • Elaine Liming

    01/13/2020 02:12 PM

    Thank You for clarifying this mess. As a person who loves her country, this makes me angry and ashamed of the lengths this men have gone to because their views , their abuse of their positions, their hatred for President Trump caused the tax-payers of this country money that could have been used elsewhere. ( The money could be put back in the social security account that some Washington politicians have raided the past few years for pet project spending that benefits the few). I want the Swamp cleaned up; the deep state prosecuted for treason; the public knows their names and if the media is not going to do their job of accurate reporting, it is time to stop buying newspapers. Enough is enough!

  • Kevin Turnbaugh

    01/13/2020 01:59 PM

    Gov Huckabee, With all of this evidence, why is HRC free and making millions on her books? Will USDA Durham be able to arrest and jail her; or will more people be silenced by the Clinton Foundation? HRC, former AG Lynch, Comey, and others need to be assigned long residency to Supermax.

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/13/2020 01:32 PM

    IN YOUR OPENING STATEMENT ...... "On a day with so much ‘deep state’ news, there’s a common theme: VINDICATION at last for those caught up in phony-baloney investigations such as the 'Trump/Russia' probe, and the lingering concern about what will be done to expose the remaining cover-ups. Here’s a round-up of stories to illustrate...".....THE WORD THAT JUMPED OUT AT ME WAS "VINDICATION" because the "round up stories that illustrate" that there will BE vindication at last " for those caught up in phony baloney investigations " are also only a few of the multitudinous stories that illustrate...bear witness TO.....the biblical truth that God IS a vindicator....who, in HIS time, DOES vindicate truth...
    righteousness....and everything else that is OF Him!

    The poor blind Iranians, who are mourning the death of their leader, have no clue that their leader was on his way to an eternal hell which was a far worse fate for him than the few earthly years President Trump "robbed" him of!

  • Deborah Dodge

    01/13/2020 01:19 PM

    I just don't understand how the Dems in the House can get away with all of this. Is it only the right and us lowly non-Politian's who have to obey the law? I've very upset. Hilary, Shift, Pelosi, Nadler, etc should all be in prison or at least on their way. Maybe others too.

    I keep waiting for someone to get into trouble for these criminal activities, but it never happens. Is there nothing that can be done to hold the left side of our government accountable? If not, then we don't have a government any more and it should be abolished and started over. This is wrong.

  • Kimberly Mincer

    01/13/2020 12:41 PM

    Hi Mike! Love your commentaries. MSNBC released a story of some 400 bills sent from House to Senate being ignored. Mine lib friend is all over it. I asked her about content. Her response, "ask Mitch." What say you?

  • Don Chenault

    01/13/2020 12:36 PM

    I have no confidence that Trump supporters, Pres Trump, his family, and his associates will see any of the coup group held accountable.. At this time i do not believe that Barr or Durham are going to expose and charge the high level cons..just look at the person the fisa court selected to examine the fbi procedures... . The swamp( more like a sewer) has many creatures including rinos,media, wealthy donors (some of them are rinos)... We can take heart in the fact that GOD is in control of nations and the world He created...