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February 16, 2021

Read this jaw-dropping story about all the hours wasted at a meeting of the San Francisco School Board arguing over the bean-counting of identity groups before they rejected the only volunteer to fill an empty position because, even though he’s gay and has mixed-race kids, he’s white.

Yes, this is the same school board that recently voted to change all the historic names of schools based partly on misinformation from the Internet, at great expense despite a shortage of school funds, and all while they still haven’t gotten around to figuring out how to reopen their schools.

For another hilarious example of cockeyed leftist priorities, have you heard about professional anti-gun activist David Hogg’s plan to put MyPillow out of business by starting a politically correct "progressive" pillow company?

Even though he knows nothing about business, or pillows, or even how to find someone to make pillows for him, he’s sure this will be a rousing success since he’s already appointed an anti-gun/LGBTQ rights activist to his fantasy pillow company’s “activist advisory board.” If you want a thriving business, that's the first thing you need.

(Bonus: The Washington Post actually ran a story promoting this hilarious non-story, but they wanted to include the company’s logo, so Hogg took to the Internet to beg for a designer who could scribble out a logo in two hours for $200. Man, this sounds like a great investment opportunity.)

These sterling examples of how badly leftists run anything other than their mouths are not isolated instances, just because they involve one or a handful of bumbling amateurs. Getting hundreds of professional “progressive” politicians together to run an entire state doesn’t make things any more efficient, it just lifts the caliber of disaster to an even grander scale.

Even liberals such as Ezra Klein in the New York Times are starting to squirm over how California, which should be the shining example to all Americans of how great 100% “progressive” governance is, instead is a basket case with a growing movement to recall the Governor. Like Venezuela, California has great weather, abundant resources and beautiful beaches, yet people are fleeing both, and for the same reason.

Despite some of the highest tax rates in the US, the simplest duties of a state seem to be beyond the competence of California’s leaders, from distributing the COVID vaccine to building a train line. I would add “keeping the streets safe,” but their leftist politicians and D.A.’s seem to be actively working against that.

(Since the NY Times requires a paid subscription, that link is to an excerpt at Instapundit that gives you the gist.)

This is why I keep saying that before the federal government imposes a lot of “progressive” policies on the rest of the country that’s doing fine without them, I’d like them to point to one place – just one – where longterm rule by far-left Democrats hasn’t resulted in a filthy, crime-ridden, economically-depressed, rat-infested, over-taxed hellhole that people are fleeing from.

Still waiting…


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