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July 16, 2021

First, a reader comment about our Fulton County story...

From Michael:

I would like to ask if this could be forwarded to some groups I am in. I am a Georgia voter. Fulton County is the most crooked county in Georgia, and that has been true for a long time. I would like to publicize this as far as I could.


Yes, by all means! Here is the link to that report again.

Since the shock of what we saw at State Farm Arena on Election Night 2020, we’ve been getting an increasingly clear picture of what was likely going on. Fulton County officials have been as uncooperative and non-transparent as it gets, and it’s hard to believe they’d behave this way if they didn’t have something to hide.

Since Tucker Carlson reported on the duplicate ballot scans Wednesday night, there’s been an all-out war declared to try to get him off the air at FOX NEWS. This is an organized effort called #TuckerIsKillingUs, featuring a video montage suggesting that his advice, particularly on the virus and medical issues, is irresponsible and will get people killed.

Author and communications expert Scott Adams, the creator of the “Dilbert” cartoon strip, said Thursday in his “Coffee With Scott Adams” podcast that if significant fraud in the Trump-Biden race can be proved, “Trump’s your next President.” (That doesn’t mean he would be rightfully installed as President before 2024, but it does mean he’d win the next election if he chose to run.) No wonder leftists are pulling out all the stops to keep auditors from seeing everything.

“If Tucker’s reporting holds up,” he said, “Trump’s your next President, because it will be too delicious to keep him out of office.” The danger they saw in a Trump first term –- meaning the danger to the system they have in place –- would be “on steroids” in a second term, he said, because Trump wouldn’t have to worry about getting re-elected. “I don’t think Republicans would be able to resist letting a rabid dog into the house with their enemies. I feel like, if the pit bull wants to kill somebody, and you need somebody killed --- figuratively speaking, not actually killing people --- I feel like it’s gonna be too hard to resist.”

He said that, in general, people make decisions based on how they feel, not primarily on policy. “How would you feel,” he asked, “if you believed that the election was fraudulent, and even if it didn’t change the final outcome, they tried really hard [to cheat for Biden]?”

“That’ll get you to the election, won’t it?”

A story in RedState supports his view. In special elections in Georgia, Alabama and Wisconsin, Republicans “overperformed” compared to the 2020 election. And it was in Georgia, a state currently under the magnifying glass for its conduct in 2020, that we saw this the most. Republicans came out in force in a suburban Atlanta district that had seen the GOP vote share dip to an all-time low just under a year ago. (I won’t speculate on how accurate that vote count was.) Voters swung 22 points back to the GOP.

The Democrats were so taken aback that “Fair Fight,” the organization headed by failed gubernatorial candidate and “voting rights” activist Stacey Abrams, tweeted this: “Tonight, Georgia Republicans won a Republican district, just like Georgia Democrats will continue to win our Democratic state. The election was an opportunity for us to protect voters in the midst of unprecedented attacks on the freedom to vote across the country.”

They also tweeted this nugget of racism: “While the Georgia GOP’s spin factory kicks into high gear, they continue running scared from the voters of color across the state who defeated them last November and again in January.”

Of course, she was referring to the proposed voting law in her own state of Georgia. Polls show that most people, of all colors, are for such safeguards as photo IDs for voters. But the Democrat leadership is desperate to stop any attempts to keep elections honest, so they’re manufacturing the necessary outrage. Here’s a great opinion piece on that, also from RedState.

Georgia's Republican secretary of state Brad Raffensperger is seeing the writing on the wall for Fulton County, and on Thursday he called for the firing of top elections officials there. He says that elections director Richard Barron and voter registration chief Ralph Jones have got to go.

“Every time we think we’ve reached the peak of Fulton County’s election mismanagement issues, more comes to light,” he told THE EPOCH TIMES. You’d think that line would have come from Tucker Carlson or perhaps us, but no, it came from the Georgia secretary of state.

Still, though, his office is trying to maintain that fraud did not occur. Carter Jones said that double-counting is not evidence of fraud. “Fulton is so poor at handling the actual process that if they had actually tried to rig the election, they would have bungled it and we would have found out,” he said.

Jones is the one who was in charge of monitoring issues real-time on Election Day. His handwritten notes contain words such as “chaos,” “confusion,” and “a massive chain of custody problem.” Why would chain of custody be important except to safeguard against cheating?

He cited many more problems. THE EPOCH TIMES has all the shocking details here in a “premium” story, well worth signing up for.

Truly, Election Night was an absolute horror show in Fulton County, Georgia. If what happened there affected just their own local races, one could argue that they deserve what they get if they can’t manage their elections better than that. But, through cheating or incompetence or (most likely) a combination of both, they played an important role in inflicting the Biden administration on the whole country.

And, yes, I’d say that’s a firing offense.

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  • Mona Kramer

    07/18/2021 06:26 PM

    I hear rumblings of a second virus. Please tell everyone in your influence to NEVER SHUT THE COUNTRY DOWN AGAIN FOR ANY REASON. Thank you.

    Is there a precedent where a president was elected wrongfully, then both the president and vice-president were charged with fraud and the rightful president and vice-president were reinstated?

  • Michael Lavelle

    07/17/2021 12:28 PM

    Keep up the good work MIKE??.
    I’m praying that we can take back our country from these criminals.

  • TeresaTuggle

    07/16/2021 07:22 PM

    The democrats in those counties and states MUST be sent to prison as well as ALL of those paid to help them fraud the voting results se who volunteered. Any regular citizen would already BE in jail.

  • James Pickett Wesberry, Jr.

    07/16/2021 01:43 PM

    I am sick at heart with the news from Fulton County, Atlanta and the State of Georgia where politics seems to have deteriorated into lunacy, hatred, in-fighting and corruption. I was principal plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case that gave Atlanta two Congressmen instead of only one. I was elected three times to the Georgia Senate in 1962, 64 and 66 and served as the first elected Chairman of the newly reapportioned seven member Fulton County Senate delegation. Because of my interest in sound voting procedures I sponsored successfully a law that permitted Fulton County to use electronic "Smartamatic" voting machines replacing the old mechanical machines with punched card computer counted ballots. This was, I believe the first such use in the country and they were used without problems for many years so far as I know. Later they were replaced by newly developed machines. Previously, as a CPA, I had been with the firm of independent auditors of Fulton County. When Lester Maddox was elected governor I resigned and began a career in Latin America trying to help governments there. In those bygone days of the fifties and sixties Fulton County and Atlanta were honest, well administered local governments. The State of Georgia and many smaller counties and cities did have corruption problems. I had also audited many of them as well as serving as a special investigator for the State Law Department investigating corruption of a former governor. Notwithstanding, even back in those so called "Jim Crow" days there was never such a deluge of political insanity, hatefulness, evil influence and overt corruption as there now appears to be, especially in Fulton County and Atlanta. My heart is broken!

  • Karen Burnett

    07/16/2021 01:43 PM

    // “Fulton is so poor at handling the actual process that if they had actually tried to rig the election, [they did] they would have bungled it [they did] and we would have found out, [we did]” //

  • Jo Cluck

    07/16/2021 01:10 PM

    Happy that you are back on track. Missed you but kept reading. Thanks to the folks in GA who wants people to be informed of the refreshing. Most likely Biden bunch will screw this up on FB as well. Have a blessed weekend. Looking foward to watching you on TBN.

  • Sally Jones

    07/16/2021 12:52 PM

    I’ll be happy when ALL of the discovery is completed and we have honest answers. The evil we are walking through as a country is taking a toll on our freedoms. It is confusing people, it is wearing us out. We want the truth and we need it soon. Quickly come Lord Jesus.

  • Carl T Smith

    07/16/2021 12:14 PM

    Having an R behind your name is no guarantee of someone who BELIEVES in the Constitution AS WRITTEN Not as The Progressives WISH it were written.

  • Jo Anne Rush

    07/16/2021 11:59 AM

    If proven that Biden is in office fraudulently, why wouldn't Trump be restored to his proper position? Let's theoretically reverse the situation: If a person is charged and convicted of a crime, imprisoned and later found to be innocent because evidence later found another guilty, that first person is then released and the actual guilty one is imprisoned. Evidence is coming to light that Trump actually won the election; there is video of some of the people involved with the fraud, who should be legally held liable and possibly imprisoned, and Trump (the innocent one) be restored to his rightful position immediately. Tell me the flaw in this theory. No existing law covers the situation we find this election in, but common law, criminally, has established the solution, and ultimately this is a criminal action.

  • Daniel Alvies

    07/16/2021 11:46 AM

    Dear Mike, I know the words from the Bible, but like to see them posted. Also like the news that you have day to day, thanks Daniel