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August 19, 2022

As reported yesterday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart ruled that the affidavit presented to him by the ‘Justice’ Department to get a warrant for the search of Mar-A-Lago should not be sealed in its entirety but partially unsealed after they’ve had a week to redact it. I can just imagine the version that’s going to be unsealed a week from now, mostly just big black rectangles.

This relentless lawfare is leading just one way: to the indictment of President Trump. Believe me, they wouldn’t be going to all this trouble on so many different fronts if that weren’t the goal they were ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to achieve. And if they can indict the former President of the United States for something that was within his authority as President to do, they can surely figure out how to indict anyone who gets in their way. Why stop with Trump, when they can go on to “get” those running in his stead (“Trump proxies”), and then anyone who even dares to “come out” as Republican. After all, as Gen. Michael Hayden said, today’s Republicans are a bigger threat to our country than even the worst terrorist groups around the world! He knows --- and he ran the CIA!

Fortunately, we’ll have an army of 87,000 new IRS auditors who can get ‘em on tax charges.

Think I’m exaggerating? This is how the Washington bureaucracy operates. The great Margot Cleveland has been looking at how they engineered the Mar-A-Lago raid, and she sees major similarities to the way they built the Russia Hoax. It doesn’t even matter to them that “Russia!” was shown to be a frame-up; they’re just doing the same thing again. It’s what they know how to do.

First of all, in both cases the intel community warns us that there is a veeeery serious national security concern, a “clear and present danger” to America. With the Russia Hoax, it was control by the Russian government, by Vladimir Putin himself. With the Mar-A-Lago raid, it’s highly classified documents, even dangerous nuclear secrets that could fall into the hands of...who knows? Russians?? This is why the government simply HAS to take measures that might seem extreme to us, but are warranted under the circumstances. They really have no choice.

(I would add that another element common to both is, “Besides, it’s TRUMP!!!”)

The next step in both of these created scandals is the building of a narrative, and that’s where the media come in. With the Russia Hoax, every possible connection to Russia was explored, whether involving Trump or any of his associates. (Of course, we now know most of this wasn’t even real; it was made up, leaked to the media, and then, over and over, reported as fact.) With the Mar-A-Lago raid, it’s the “classified materials” narrative. Never mind that the President gets to declassify material at will; they’re using the media to pound over and over the idea that Trump was in possession of very sensitive, highly classified material. The narrative that it was just pages that needed to be returned to the National Archives wasn’t urgent enough.

Both scandals also depend on strategic leaks from the FBI. Starting in 2016, they started leaking stories that furthered the Russia Hoax. (And their friends in the media got Puliltzers.) Once again, they’re leaking to Maggie Haberman at THE NEW YORK TIMES and their other buddies at the WASHINGTON POST and NEWSWEEK to get the desired narrative out there.

But to me, the similarity that’s most striking is the individuals involved. The same cast of characters pops up. We’re seeing the same journalists --- I mean, “journalists” --- and the same Democrat politicians, such as California Rep. Adam Schiff, justifying the Mar-A-Lago raid.

Something else the two fake stories have in common: the idea that you better not criticize the FBI. With the Russia Hoax, anyone who questioned their tactics in investigating Trump or even defended Trump in any way was lumped in as “an agent of Putin.” Now, with the Mar-A-Lago raid, anyone who questions the raid is “attacking the dedicated rank-and-file FBI agents,” even though we’re not.

Another similarity Cleveland has noticed is the changing narratives. The intel community will turn on a dime to give us a new justification if they sense the old one isn’t working. Over the past couple of days, we’ve been going over the evolution of the excuse for conducting the Mar-A-Lago raid.

Another factor common to both: the secrecy of court filings. Just ask Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch how long and hard he’s had to work to pry any information out of the government regarding Crossfire Hurricane. Those FISA requests just sat in a corner for...literally years. And now, with the Mar-A-Lago raid, the ‘Justice’ Department is fighting tooth-and-nail to keep parts of that affidavit hidden. Cleveland says we should have learned our lesson from the Russia Hoax, and “realize that the secrecy surrounding the affidavit raises serious concerns that the basis for the search of Trump’s home would not withstand public scrutiny.”

Another similarity between the Russia Hoax and the Mar-A-Lago raid: both stories involve the “confidential human source.” We learned during the Russia Hoax: this is just another word for SPY. The FBI had a “mole” in the White House and, apparently, a “mole” at Mar-A-Lago.

Also, both scandals feature, as Cleveland calls it, “a partisan bureaucrat with a disdain for Trump.” Of course, with the Russia Hoax, there was a long list of anti-Trumpers in the government. Probably the first ones we heard about who were directly involved in “Crossfire Hurricane” were Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. With the Mar-A-Lago raid, we have the head of the National Archives, David Ferriero.

The last similarity Cleveland notes is that both the Russia Hoax and the Mar-A-Lago raid are marked by immediate denials in the media by the feds, followed by a downplaying of what we found out they’d actually done. With the Russia Hoax, it was “We were NOT spying on Trump,” followed by “We might have unwittingly gathered information.” With the Mar-A-Lago raid, it was “We did NOT take Trump’s passports,” followed by “Well, it was an administrative mistake, the passports were returned, and besides, two of them had expired.”

In showing all these similarities between the two game plans, Cleveland makes the point that the ‘Justice’ Department is going to have a problem doing the same thing again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on ME. We’re wise to them now. At least, I think enough of us are.

In a follow-up, Cleveland assumes that, given the FBI is following the same M.O. as it used for the Russia Hoax, the affidavit for the Mar-A-Lago raid probably has the same issues going on as the FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page. She says that from those, we “can infer that the unprecedented search of former President Donald Trump’s home rested on circular reporting, material omissions, misleading assertions, informers of unproven reliability, and an investigation undertaken by partisan agents.”

Whew! And yet, they got their warrant.

I disagree with Cleveland when she argues the affidavit should remain sealed. Yes, it’s rare to unseal one of these during an ongoing investigation, but in this particular case, given what has happened, I think it just cannot remain secret. But she does say that keeping it sealed will be “a hollow victory” for the administration, “because the systemic abuse by the DOJ of the Carter Page FISA warrant process will leave Americans convinced that the latest sequel in the get-Trump franchise followed the same pattern seen with Crossfire Hurricane.” That doesn’t say much for our justice system, does it?

A new Rasmussen poll reflects that cynicism...

Cleveland’s piece is quite detailed, but for when you have time, it’s highly recommended.


IN RELATED NEWS: Investigative journalist Paul Sperry thinks it’s likely that the ‘Justice’ Department committed fraud on the court by omitting in its affidavit evidence of President Trump’s prior cooperation. If that’s the case, I’d assume it would be a major reason for not wanting the affidavit unsealed.

Paul Sperry: If FBI Omitted Documents or References to Previous Mar-a-Lago Visits from Affidavit -- FBI Committed Fraud on the Court

Paul Sperry: If FBI Omitted Documents or References to Previous Mar-a-La...

Jim Hoft

A federal judge on Thursday ordered the Justice Department to unseal only a portion of the probable cause affida...

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  • Lisa Peterson

    08/19/2022 08:52 PM

    Dear Governor,
    Even though many are aware of the Russian hoax narrative, those who felt like their queen in 2016, the first woman president hopeful, still won't believe that they were lied to for over 4 years. This, I believe is the real tail of not just 2 hoaxes, but the constant attacks on Trump. Hillary didn't get to be crowned, and the person who took that away from her must be receive annihilation. I have family members who still are angry that she didn't win, and even though they see our nation falling into disarray under Biden, my relatives deny that we have an invasion at the border, that inflation or high cost of energy is not Biden's fault or responsibility, nor addresses the problem of anarchy in the streets is by design in democratic runned cities and states. They believe the liberal media that when BLM/Antifa/anti-Supreme Court rulings are mostly peaceful while the cities burn in the background, yet call all those who gathered in DC on J6 as insurrectionists; yeah, I'm sorry to say, we have a problem still with the narrative. We are repeating what took place in Germany under Hitler, many, even after reality and the world condemned the German government for its atrocities, many still couldn't believe how much their government lied to them and how much they believed the lies.
    Our only hope is Jesus, who said, "You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. "

  • Jill Groth

    08/19/2022 08:35 PM

    I seriously fear for Donald Trump and any of his associates. More than that, I fear for our country and the WWIII we are heading into. A

    We can do is pray!

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    08/19/2022 07:18 PM

    As always Governor thank you for excellent reporting. But as usual, nothing will be done to the perpetrators. Wether people realize it or not, WE ALREADY LIVE IN A SOCIALIST STATE. Nobody has been held accountable for a the lies and misinformation spread about PRESIDENT TRUMP. Our “GOVERNMENT” will never be held accountable because of the deeply entrenched SOCIALIST BUREAUCRACY that has festered unnoticed for decades. For two weeks now nobody has seen or herd much from “OUR PRESIDENT” a few chosen appearance’s, no question’s and then off somewhere on vacation with little to no press coverage. A truly pitiful situation in this ONCE GREAT COUNTRY, we are the butt end of continual jokes about our WEAK LEADERSHIP. The latest example is comparing OLD JELLO JOE to where’s Waldo. These next two elections won’t meter much because of the DEEPLY ENTRENCHED socialist bureaucracy. I pray very day for this country for our deliverance from these cursed socialist ruining our country by one falsified scandal after another to get their perceived opposition out of their socialist dream state that they so desperately want to establish

  • Patrick Brewer

    08/19/2022 06:32 PM

    It is ALL one sided. The democrats and leftists. It's a continual downward spiral. I saw it when you first pointed it out and hopefully, other GREAT American people will help stop this downward spiral at midterm elections. God knows that we need to get this country to be great again. God bless you and your team for the tireless work that you do to keep us aprised of what the EVIL ones are trying to do to OUR GREAT COUNTRY.

  • Mary McCauley

    08/19/2022 06:18 PM

    Are all us fighting for real justice, Christians who pray for the President, and others end up in the Gulag?

  • Mike Manoogian

    08/19/2022 05:48 PM

    A third, lesser publicized frame-up was Alpha Bank and supposed Russian communications. The swamp is busy and could be the fodder of a Stephen King novel.

  • Patrick Barrett

    08/19/2022 05:25 PM

    You keep comparing Russia-Gate to Mar-a-Lago. with Russia Gate, they were just practicing and trying to get it to stick. Didn't Work! But with Mar-a-Lago, They feel the pressure of that oncoming Red Wave and know this is where they have to Ramp up the Thumb Screws and Torture Chambers! Someone is going to end up dead and the evidence disappeared. That is what Socialist Dictatorships always have done. try to do it legally, and lie and cheat. But when the Opposition starts getting wise to the Ways of the Dictator, the Socialists get tired of all the work to do it right and decide that 4.5 million bullets can permanently stop a lot of Opposition with no words said. That's what the History books before 1972 said. that was before the Socialist writer changed them by erasing all the bad history of Socialist Dictators and calling our founding fathers AssH**es, along with Columbus! I dread that we have to repeat history because our people don't know the World History anymore. I wish we could go into the future, film the bloodshed just around the corner, and come back to show all the US citizens what's coming!

  • Alice L Beach

    08/19/2022 05:06 PM

    They will Huff and Puff, but they the democrats will not keep PRESIDENT Trump down!! We The People aren't stupid we know who the criminals are!! The little old man in the WH and his sidekicks are very well involved in criminal activities!!! By the Grace of God the Good will out weigh the Evil!

  • Rick Ebesole

    08/19/2022 04:17 PM

    Hi Mike
    Normally I find your articles very informative and enlightening however your comments in the article "A new gun control law we need" you make a point of commenting about the military not being able to use hollow point bullets by International law and why does the USDA. need bullets so destructive the military can't even use them. All Law Enforcement agencies use hollow point bullets. The main reason being that almost all shootings law enforcement get into has innocents nearby. Hollow point bullets almost never over penetrate, going completely through the body and striking someone you didn't intend to shoot. While they try not to fire when others are in harms way sometimes the situation forces you to. Law enforcement shootings are always a self defense situation of he officer or a third person and the need to end the threat must be done as fast as possible with the bad guy most likely high on drugs or alcohol that tends to make them continue the fight when most would stop. Hollow point bullets do greater damage to stop the human machine faster and more reliably. Any one who carries a firearm for self defense should carry hollow point bullets for both of the above reasons.
    The military has a different mission. If one of their bullets over penetrate who cares since its most likely to hit another combatant. Fully jacketed bullets are more likely to merely wound requiring that soldier to most likely to be rescued, transported to a field medical facility taking even more soldiers out of the fight or at the very least exposing themselves to perform the rescue. When a soldier is trying to stop an immeadiate threat they shoot until the threat stops moving sometimes that requires 10 or more rounds. Imagine the outcry if police officers started shooting suspect 10 or more times (yes it does happen and for the reason that they continue to be a threat but it does not happen very often). Most police shootings are over within 2 rounds being fired.
    While I'm not saying that the expansion of IRS agents isn't alarming, I find it very disturbing, those agencies mentioned do have a law enforcement division which would dictate the need to follow current law enforcement protocols thus the use of hollow point bullets. The whole the military uses fully jacketed bullets so should law enforcement is a point raised by attorneys in almost every wrongful death lawsuit against law enforcement and gun control groups who don't understand the reasons why they are used or don't care because it's not helpful to their narrative.

  • Christine M Davidson

    08/19/2022 04:06 PM

    You probably know Peter Doocy personally from Fox News - I would love to watch the video of him asking President Biden about this!!!!
    Good news: Biden builds a wall
    President Biden has finally recognized reality and agreed to spend some money to let the DHS build a border security wall. politics/biden-heads-back- delaware-beach-house-building- 500k-taxpayer-funded-security- fence
    The bad news: It’s a wall to secure the border of his Delaware beach house, costing us taxpayers $490,000. I guess walls do provide security, everywhere except the border. Or maybe he’s just afraid that Texas and Arizona will start busing some of the thousands of people he’s allowing to cross the border illegally into Delaware.

    Thank you!