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July 27, 2023

Anytime Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana speaks, you know it will be (A.) worth listening to and (B.) extremely entertaining. So, I know you’ll want to hear what he had to say about his Democratic colleagues attempting to subvert the Constitution to impose their idea of “ethics reform” onto the Supreme Court.

Just a couple of quotes: His spot-on description of Congress is that it’s “like high school, except no one graduates.” As for the ludicrous ethics charges Democrats are hurling, Kennedy said, “...if you’re asking me, do I think there are members of the United States Supreme Court who are bought, or who could be bought, with a vacation, the short answer is ‘no’ and the long answer is ‘hell, no,’ in my opinion.”

If I might make that answer a little longer, I’d say that letting that sorry collection of liars, hustlers, inside traders, valor thieves and Met Gala ticket extortionists attack the ethics of a towering figure like Justice Clarence Thomas is like letting the cast of “The View” critique a Ph.D theses on quantum physics.

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  • Amelia Little

    07/29/2023 06:26 PM

    Bravo Sen Kennedy. I think the leftists are projecting their actions on only certain Justices just as they do on every conservative politician. As usual, they don't understand everyone in the world is not conniving, manipulating, constitutional breaking just because many of them are. Also, if they are going to go after Justices--now, will that be ALL Justices or will they demand they can pick and choose. I'm not sure what entities have recommended that, along with 2 terms for congress, there should be term limits for Justices (this wasn't from a politician, I don't think.) Now, if this were to happen, would be those congressmen who would enforce the limits on every conservative Justice, but find some end run to keep liberal Justices on the bench?