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August 21, 2022



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Join me tonight for a very special, rockin’ episode of “Huckabee” on TBN! I’ll discuss the current news with former White House Budget Director Russ Vought and the savagely hilarious Kurt Schlichter. You’ll also be amazed by illusionists David and Teesha Laflin. And we’ll also observe “Elvis Week,” in honor of the 45th anniversary of the passing of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Hal Lansky of Lansky Brothers, Elvis’ clothiers, will tell us how they helped Elvis create his revolutionary fashion style. Then we’ll have a very special visit and musical performance from Elvis’ long-time guitarist, legendary Rock Hall of Famer James Burton, with Elvis’ original back-up vocal group, The Imperials.


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Biden: All-time great

Fox News’ Peter Doocey reports that Congressional Democrats have decided on their theme for the midterm elections: that after only two years, President Biden is already on a short list of the all-time great leaders.

As a Republican, let me just say: “YES! Yes, please run on that!”

Federal judge rules against Biden administration 

In good news for people who don’t want to take out a second mortgage to fill their gas tanks, Judge Terry Doughty of the Western District of Louisiana has ruled in favor of 13 states that sued President Biden. The judge issued a permanent injunction blocking Biden’s executive order halting new oil and gas lease sales on federal lands.

The Judge found that Biden’s EO violated the Mineral Leasing Act and Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, laws in which Congress laid out the terms by which federal agencies must sell oil and gas leases on federal lands. Biden has no legal authority to issue orders that make significant revisions in laws duly passed by Congress.

So what he’s saying is that Biden was acting like an autocratic dictator and issuing illegal executive orders that he had no Constitutional authority to write?  Funny, I had been assured by “top people” that that’s the sort of thing only an unprecedented and existential threat to “our democracy” like Donald Trump would do.



Alert the Media

Alert the media! We finally have a court conviction for “corrupt destruction of records in an official proceeding” related to former President Trump!

Oh, wait: It was a former FBI agent who admitted to willfully erasing computer files that were supposed to be examined as evidence in the trial of a former Arkansas state senator who had endorsed Trump and who is now serving prison time for fraud. The defendant pleaded not guilty, and the court ordered that 119 recordings of his conversations be handed over to examine. The ex-FBI agent admitted to erasing all but 39 of them, and giving only those to the court.

So, sorry, media, it’s not about a Trump associate being convicted of corrupt handling of files. It’s about an FBI agent falsifying evidence against a Trump supporter. I guess there’s no news in that story that they’d find worthy of covering.

Even Mitt says no

What are Liz Cheney’s chances of winning the GOP Presidential nomination? Here’s a hint: even Mitt Romney is telling her to forget about it.

Gutfeld nails it: NYC has the wrong priorities

Greg Gutfeld’s opening segment on Friday was funny as usual, but it also made some very serious points about how badly New York City has devolved back into the nightmare of crime, filth and homelessness that it was notorious for before Rudy Giuliani wrought the miracle turnaround destroyed by leftist Bill DeBlasio.

It’s filled with great points, such as that Democrat officials are so obsessed with “getting Trump” that they’ll expend endless time and tax money to hound a 75-year-old retired Trump company executive with no criminal record into prison on Riker’s Island over what amounts to a bookkeeping dispute, while releasing a convicted rapist who sucker-punched a stranger and put him in a coma right back out onto the streets to do it again. 

I used to have to fly to New York every weekend to do my Fox News show. I can't tell you how happy I am that I now shoot my TBN show near Nashville. I hated having to go to New York even before it slid back into the Democrat-created ooze.  

Meanwhile, with the city in crises and citizens in danger, what is New York's Governor doing? Signing bills to change the word “salesman” to “sales people” and “inmates” to “incarcerated persons.” (As Gutfeld points out, in New York, there are no “incarcerated persons” anymore, and now you can’t even say that the inmates are running the asylum.)

And this “Governor” is actually running for reelection! New Yorkers, if you vote for more of this, you’re just asking to be sucker-punched into a coma. Actually, if you vote for more of that, maybe you’re already in a coma.

Gutfeld also makes the very good point that all of these far-left “prosecutors,” judges, mayors and other city officials who have turned their cities into lawless war zones in the name of “justice reform” are accessories to all the crimes committed by the thugs they keep releasing. I’d love to see them charged with that, but they’d probably just get released to do it again. 

But they do it because they live in gated neighborhoods and secure buildings and never have to deal with the crime they’ve unleashed on everyday, law-abiding working people, about whom they couldn't care less. I'd like to see them charged with being accessories to all the crimes committed by the crooks they release, but I’d settle for Gutfeld’s idea of taking a tip from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and busing some of these criminals into their neighborhoods, to give them a taste of the problems they’re blithely inflicting on other people.

Red States are leading on jobs

With President Biden bragging about the 3.5% unemployment rate as if it were actually due to his policies and not a combination of a strong Trump economy bouncing back from an artificial lockdown, people having to take two or three jobs to deal with inflation, and successful red states that defy him bringing up the curve, we now have a great example of that third factor:

For only the sixth time since records started being kept in 1990, the July unemployment rate in Florida fell to a historic 2.7%. And Florida’s job rate isn’t due to deficit spending “creating” government jobs. Private sector employment in that one state alone grew by a staggering 70,000 jobs in July.

So when you see Democrats running for reelection by boasting about how strong economic numbers are, remember that the figures they point to are thanks to red states led by Republicans like Ron DeSantis who are willing to fight in court if necessary to avoid following the DC Democrats' policies. If you want to know what they’ll really do to the entire nation if they get a chance, look at the states they already run, where the most successful businesses are private security guard agencies and U-Haul.


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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • Thomas R Wenndt

    08/22/2022 03:09 PM

    Two things: *My nose still aches from blowing milk through it when I read the news about the Democrats wanting to run on President Biden being one of the best presidents - EVAH!!! I agree - PLEASE run on that.

    But I think you misunderstand what the Liz Cheney thing is all about. Is she going to run for President? I am convinced of it. Why? Because she will give RINO's someone they will vote for. And although she will lose miserably, her aim would be to take just enough votes away from a Trump/DeSantis ( candidacy, and make sure the party of her (supposedly) real friends on Capitol Hill win in 2024.

    I still question its effectiveness, since Lincoln Project Republicans would rather stay home or vote for a Democrat rather than vote for Trump/DeSantis. So how many votes she would actually sway is questionable. Still, in her unbounded arrogance, that is what she sees as her civic duty - seriously.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/22/2022 08:44 AM

    Just read that FBI agents were on property ALL day ?
    Why the raid??

  • Jerry

    08/22/2022 07:41 AM

    I can not get over the horrible effects of the way the Afghanistan withdrawal was conducted. The tacky methods the leaving American people behind and conducting security by a national known terrorists group biden doesn’t know my disgusting feeling of him what’s more he laughs at people like myself as nothing more than nothing he also finds his actions amusing as he reminds people like me as this is the Consequences of winning an election not with the Biden administration your going to suffer the consequences and people like me are suffering we are miserable about this election people disliked trump for the wrong reasons if you are a real American your ok if your a communist with this administration

  • Jerry

    08/22/2022 04:13 AM

    When one observes the streets and subways of nyc one can see how aa mayor named bill can get elected twice and a governor named Cuomo get elected and a DA backed by the darkest money in the country two options are in play all the smart people left ny or did not bother to vote or the smart people are criminally involved ny probably has 7 million residents how many actually vote? enough to get some of the dumbest corrupt people elected look at the occupants of the White House point clearly made the third option is actually is a fraudulent voting system is in play this country has its quota of stupid people to get all the corrupt politicians elected is a twist of the media corrupt reporting and we have a country in moral decline economic decline it’s strength is in decline without a change in congress and the WH the shining light on the hill will burn out the founding fathers idea of a great country will be added next to the Dinosaur extinction

  • Anne Turner

    08/21/2022 08:45 PM

    About nine years ago I took my two teen granddaughters on a short trip to NYC. We stayed at a moderate hotel about six blocks from Times Square right off of fifth avenue. There were police on just about every corner. It was a weekend so people were out, entertainers in the square. We took an all day city tour, went to a play, shopped, exercising the usual cautions that women practice. We walked down Broadway to our hotel licking gelato cones on a lovely fall evening. I even let the girls, cell phones in hand go around the corner to get coffees. We never felt threatened or in danger. The streets were clean. The homeless were minimal, if any in that area. Families were out enjoying the city. Tourism was alive and well. I would never even entertain the idea of doing that anymore in any of our major cities. I am not crazy. For shame DNC, for shame. It is impossible for you to make improvements without throwing out the baby with the bath water.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    08/21/2022 08:09 PM

    Biden on the short list of great leaders? Than Trump is right on top.