NFL Commissioner tries to stop ratings dive

October 20, 2017

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has issued a ruling on players standing for the National Anthem: they’re not going to require them to do it. Although he added, “We believe everyone should stand for the national anthem. That's an important part of our policy.” But not important enough actually to enforce it. However, he also defended the players’ kneeling, but then added, “Our players will state to you publicly they are not doing this in any way to be disrespectful to the flag.” And finally: “What we’re trying to do is stay out of politics. We’re not looking to get into politics. What we’re looking to do is continue to keep people focused on football.”

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So just to clarify: the NFL’s position is that everyone should stand to show respect for the flag, but they won’t make the players do it even though it offends a large number of fans, plus their show of disrespect is in no way a show of disrespect, and they’re just trying to stay out of politics by allowing people who work for them to tank their business by making a political statement in the most offensive way possible. No offense!

I’ve heard it said that Mr. Goodell is paid $44 million a year. I have to assume that’s not for his communications skills. He tied himself into such a rhetorical pretzel, he should be the Olympic gymnastics commissioner.

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You want people to focus on football again? Tell the players that they are in the stadium to play football, not make a political statement. If they like their average salaries of $2 million a year, then stand respectfully during the National Anthem, play the game, take a shower, then go out and protest all they want when they are off the company clock. Pretty simple, really. In fact, same deal every other employee in America has.


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  • Garry Wehr

    10/27/2017 04:55 PM

    Stand for the Anthem in honor of all the men & women who died for your freedom
    My Brother PFC James L Wehr who was killed in combat in Vietnam on 4-1-67.
    Then you will know the true cost of freedom & the pain that has lasted for 50 years.
    I too served 2 1/2 years and am 100% disabled from PTSD & AgentOrange related heart disease
    Former Sargeant
    Garry Wehr

  • Patti Sharpe

    10/23/2017 07:39 PM

    I am very strongly against all of these people "protesting" the state of our society by disrespecting our flag, anthem, and military. They claim not to be trying to disrespect anyone. Maybe that's true. Maybe they're so totally self-absorbed that they have no concept of how their actions could be interpreted as disrespectful. However, they state that their ultimate intention is to "open a dialogue". They have now had sufficient time to see that there is no dialogue being or likely to be opened by their actions. I've never, in my experience, seen an issue of disrespect resolved by disrespecting someone else. Especially someone not even involved in the debate. If they are sincere in desiring a dialogue, it's now time to try something else.

  • Clara Herrin

    10/23/2017 06:20 PM

    However, I don't think that level of common sense will ever get through the fog of political correctness that has taken over the minds of so many empowered athletes today. They seem to think that fans think of nothing else but them 24/7. As I've read in the past, fans are only really interacting with the players during a televised game. The rest of the time, they are dealing with family problems, work situations, health issues, money shortages (a problem these prima donnas don't have), and the like. All I can hope is that college ball will now be the #1 game of the week. GO WILDCATS....BEAR DOWN!!!!

  • Ralph C (R.C.) Leach

    10/23/2017 04:45 PM

    As usual, you're right on the money! I always appreciate your newsletters, as to me, they are a step back into sanity and reason! Please, keep up the good work. Hope you don't mind that I copied a portion of your latest newsletter and pasted it into Facebook. I gave you full credit, of course! Don't know if this makes it OK, but you gave me permission to do that once, a year or two ago! If not OK, I will, of course, take it off the internet immediately! I just wish to spread sanity, like so many are spreading fertilizer!

  • Catherine Haenze

    10/23/2017 10:36 AM

    Re: Roger Goodell's pronouncements: Sadly, the man is so busy turning in circles that he doesn't know his frontside from his backside. Neither my husband nor I will be watching NFL until politics is taken out of the GAME. The playing field is not the place to bring this spotlight. We turn on to watch, relax and enjoy, not have someone else's opinion shoved in our faces.