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October 29, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read.


Photo credit: Tony Avelar, Associated Press

1.  HOT MIC: I told you about the Los Alamitos, California, school board president who was caught on a live mic muttering an obscene insult about a parent who was speaking. Well, she seems to have more trouble with live mics than Leslie Nielsen in a “Naked Gun” movie because she’s done it again.

Here’s a tip for any school board officials who want to avoid making this mistake: always be aware of when your mic is on. Or better yet, show respect for the opinions of parents and their right to speak out about how their children are being “educated.”

2. META: Facebook has been getting so much bad publicity lately that it must be afraid to show its Face in public. So Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company will rebrand itself as “Meta.” While the social media platform will still be called Facebook, Zuckerberg said the new name and logo will show the company’s “commitment to developing the new surround-yourself technology known as ‘the metaverse.’” In short, if you think you weren’t becoming isolated and insular enough by being addicted to social media, he’d now like you to crawl inside your computer and live there.

Personally, I prefer to live in this thing that’s even bigger than the metaverse. It’s called “the universe.” And it has something I prefer even to virtual reality. I call it “reality.”

Wendy’s had a great response to Zuckerberg’s pretentious announcement: the burger chain announced on its snarky Twitter feed that it would rebrand itself as “Meat.” They also had a perfect response to a liberal who (surprise, surprise) did not find that pro-meat joke funny:

3. IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE: As bad as the Biden $1.75 trillion spending bill is, it could have been worse, and many Democrats are furious at Sens. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema for preventing that. Matt Vespa at explains why all their usual tactics of media and activist harassment and insults didn’t faze either of them.

4. WORST ATTORNEY GENERAL EVER: Merrick Garland continues to work overtime to cement the title of Worst Attorney General Ever, this time by blocking Republicans who are investigating the January 6th Capitol violence from seeing the same documents and records they’re providing to Nancy Pelosi’s all-Democrat star chamber.

This follows Pelosi’s unprecedented refusal to accept the nominations of members to the panel by the Republican Minority Leader. For people who claim they want to get to the bottom of “objective facts and causes” related to the January 6th incident, the Democrats sure are throwing up a lot of roadblocks to prevent that from happening. It’s almost as if they’d rather protect a narrative than allow everyone to see all the facts. I suspect they might be a bit unclear on what the words “objective,” “facts” and “investigation” mean.


5. COMPELLING EVIDENCE FOR WHY DEMOCRATS ARE CLINICALLY INSANE: Steven Kruiser at PJ Media has some compelling evidence for why today’s top Democratic politicians are clinically insane.

This includes a link and quotes from a Fox Business interview about the supply chain crisis with California Republican Rep. Mike Garcia, who describes his state under Gov. Gavin Newsom and other leftists as being, from an economic perspective, like “a wobbly top that is, like, two revolutions away from falling down.” He also has a great quote that nails the problem with electing lifelong politicians to run the country:

“Between Biden, Pelosi and Schumer, you’ve got three politicians who have earned 141 years of paychecks, all of which were as politicians – none of which were in the business world.”

I couldn’t agree more, although I might take exception to the word “earned.”

6. LINDA FROM PEORIA: Remember that cringe-worthy cartoon called the “Life of Julia” that the Obama Administration put out to promote how wonderful life is under socialism for a young woman who has the government taking care of her every need from cradle to grave? Well, if you thought “Leprechaun In The Hood” was a terrible sequel to an awful original that nobody asked for, then check out “Linda from Peoria,” the Biden White House’s attempt to reboot the “Life of Julia” idea to push Biden’s “Build Back Better” big government agenda.

Robert Spencer at PJ Media notes that Linda is a pregnant single mom with no father in sight, but that’s just fine, because in this world, the federal government is her husband and provider. Despite having to work hard for $40,000 a year, Linda has all her needs and those of her kids met, thanks to Uncle Sugar in DC.

It’s well worth reading, if only for Spencer’s own take on this theme: “Fred,” Linda’s ex, whom she dumped after her free college classes filled her head with propaganda about the white supremacist patriarchy. Now, he has to pay child support while battling rampant inflation, plus he lost his job after Biden made his employer force him to get vaccinated and he developed myocarditis.

7. FRIDAY FUNNY: The animal rights group PETA is calling on Major League Baseball to change the offensive term “bullpen” to something less triggering: “arm barn.” Apparently, “bullpen” is insulting and hurtful to any bulls who might be watching the World Series.

I suspect they’re no longer even trying to sound serious. This follows previous demands that we stop calling cowards “chickens,” slobs “pigs,” etc., because it’s insulting to animals. Would it hurt any birds’ feelings if I said they’re cuckoo?

If PETA is that sensitive about the linguistic abuse of bulls, they really should stop throwing the bull in their press releases.

8. ANOTHER REMINDER OF HOW OUT OF TOUCH HOLLYWOOD IS: We hardly need more reminders of just how out of touch with most Americans today’s Hollywood leftist bubble dwellers are, but this one is just too hilarious to let pass without comment: the Critics Choice Documentary Awards have showered three nominations on the fawning film “Fauci” and two on “Mayor Pete,” a profile of Pete Buttigieg, our absentee Secretary of Transportation.

To give you an idea of how much political bias is in play here, at, the average audience score for “Fauci” is 2% positive. “Mayor Pete” has no audience ratings because it hasn’t been released yet, but I have a feeling that even after it is released, it will still be almost impossible to find.

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Comments 1-10 of 17

  • jack johnson

    10/31/2021 08:24 AM

    Have you noticed that the new "Meta" symbol is a stylized infinity symbol? This should tell us something about the arrogant, pompous techie in charge.

  • Mary Butcher

    10/30/2021 06:18 PM

    It is true that PETA is overly sensitive when they requested the placement of baseball over bullpen.
    I do want to see the end of animal experimentation. This kind of research is cruel and wastes taxpayer money.

    A pregnant single mom needs help from churches and private charities. It is unfortunate that former President Bush's proposal for funding faith-based programs was not passed by the U.S, Congress.

  • TJ Borkenhagen

    10/30/2021 12:49 PM

    It is quite interesting that the brand-new "Linda" cartoon says that Linda is "pregnant with her son, Leo." In effect, this statement unintentionally and ironically acknowledges the truth that Leo is a human being even while he is unborn.

  • Sally K Saretto

    10/30/2021 11:00 AM

    Everyday we say the Democratic Socialists can't come up with anything dumber. And every day they prove us wrong. The latest stupidity is giving $450,000 per person of taxpayer money to ILLEGAL ALIENS whose families were separated at the border. What????? Giving all this money to people who committed a crime to come here? How can we stop this insanity?

  • Stephen Russell

    10/30/2021 10:47 AM

    Baldwin shooting: delete if on file already:
    Where was the On set Medic Team
    Whose gun was used
    Who supplied live ammo
    Where was armorer
    What guidelines did they use

  • Stephen Russell

    10/30/2021 10:46 AM

    Meta Rename ideas:

    Meta Nazi
    Meta Socialist
    Meta Censor
    Meta Deny
    Meta Lie
    Meta Cover Up
    Meta Joke
    For " rename" & see FB TV ads trying to explain actions taken
    Sell the stock OR buy controlling Interest & then make changes

  • Jerry

    10/30/2021 04:04 AM

    As Biden confesses in public he does kill the most brutal of the 10 commandments is Thou shall Not kill and while in front of the Pope how does justify his abortion stance? Also how does Biden justify his passion for any of the 10 commandments as Biden speaks he bears false witnesses against most of his topics in o the dem. That means he does not tell the truth as the pope listens to this Hypocrite I am sure he is thinking he is not all there or this guy is pure evil so much he had to turn off the cameras as the Pope’s treatment of this visit by Biden may have turned into an act of contrition afterI the visit I wonder if Biden is concerned after his visit with the pope what his visit with the Creator will be like as far as his actions and their relationship to the 10 commandments

  • E Jeffrey Medler

    10/29/2021 10:46 PM

    I used to think Eric Holder was the worst AG ever. Honestly, I don't know which was/is worst. They were/are awful for different reasons. Uggh!

  • Mike Mays

    10/29/2021 10:00 PM

    How can I get in on this “hurt feelings” band wagon, since the words “leftist” and “Democrat” are triggering to me?

  • Jack macdonald

    10/29/2021 09:49 PM

    I just heard that the USA ranks 35 th among nations in education achievement. Is there a chance that this has anything to do with Democrats being in charge for decades? Would measuring the results of illegals who can't speak English factor into this? Would the decline in teacher quality be a factor? Would the Union leadership be a factor. The whole damn thing needs to be overhauled and started anew.