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February 23, 2023

Law professor Jonathan Turley reports on the efforts of various groups posing as “disinformation watch dogs,” partially funded by your tax dollars and mine, to smear conservative news and commentary sources to block their advertising and put them out of business. Note that this specifically mentions my website among those dangerous spreaders of “disinformation.”

Yes, my little source of rational, humorous, well-researched, reality-based commentary is “dangerous disinformation,” while these shadowy skunks claim the web’s #1 source of reliable, unbiased truth is (brace yourself) the Huffington Post! What have these people been huffing? And what has anyone been huffing who’d believe them?

As Turley reports, the congressionally-created and federally funded National Endowment for Democracy as well as the State Department were giving our money to the so-called “Global Disinformation Index,” which provided secret blacklists of conservative outlets to ad distributors such as Microsoft’s Xandr. After this was revealed, Microsoft said it would no longer use the GDI list, but that hardly spells the end of it.

The left is nothing if not relentless. They are determined to silence anyone who questions their radical agenda, so don’t think that having one ad company dump one blacklist pusher means this is over. Turley describes this as “a never-ending Whack-a-Mole game” where you get rid of one group claiming they’re saving you from “disinformation” by censoring anyone who disagrees with them, and another immediately pops up. Meanwhile, anyone who shines a light on this anti-American censorship and defends free speech rights has to put up with Democrats accusing them of being “Russian allies” and “Putin lovers.” Because, of course, the only reason anyone would defend free speech is because they like Russian propaganda.

(By the way, when did the Democrats become bigger Russiaphobes than the John Birch Society? Didn’t Bernie Sanders honeymoon in Soviet-era Moscow?)

Turley writes, “This is why, despite fierce Democratic opposition, the House needs to move forward with an investigation into the full scope of government efforts to regulate or censor speech.”

I agree. But until such time as this anti-free speech movement is eradicated, I vow to continue whacking these moles every time one of their little heads pops up from their holes in the ground. If it costs us ad revenue, then might I suggest that you support our efforts by subscribing to my Substack feed and get our material ad-free for only a few bucks a month.

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    03/07/2023 08:45 AM

    Thanks Governor.