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September 20, 2022



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1 Corinthians 1:10

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Racist Michigan highway to be dismantled

While much of the money passed for “infrastructure” has yet to be used for various reasons, ranging from endless environmental obstacles to materials shortages to inflation making the projects too expensive, at least the Biden Administration has found a project it can start. “Transportation Secretary” Pete Buttigieg announced that over $104 million in grants will be awarded to Detroit to dismantle Interstate 375 because it’s a “racist” highway.

I can’t think of a better metaphor for this Administration than the idea of spending a huge amount of infrastructure-building money on actually removing infrastructure. Also, I do like the idea of building “protected bike lanes” in Detroit. They’d better be really well protected!


Excellent Op-Ed

I know that learning about actual American history is totally uncool these days. But for those who still care about the lessons of the past, Rita Joseph at Western Journal has an excellent op-ed about how America lived through something very similar to the staggering economic incompetence and reckless spending of the Biden Administration 130 years ago, what it took to right it, and what we can learn from that era to make correcting the great Biden mistake as painless as possible.

“Blueprint for the bio-fascist state”

Last week, President Biden signed an executive order that got very little notice in the media, maybe because on the surface, it appears to be a goulash of woke buzzwords like “equity,” “safety,” “climate” and “security.” But those who’ve actually slogged through it are sounding alarm bells, claiming it’s a plan to facilitate bio-engineering of humans, the end of meat and the takeover of farming by giant biotechnology firms that will control the nation’s, if not the world’s, supply of seeds, plants, food, machinery and land. One critic called it a “blueprint for the bio-fascist state.”

I’m sure that will all be dismissed by the same media that ignored it as paranoid nonsense. But I prefer to let you read what it says and decide for yourself.

A piñata of liberal hypocrisy

The Martha’s Vineyard/50 illegal immigrants “humanitarian crisis” is like a piñata of liberal hypocrisy. Just when you think it’s finished, some more goodies come dropping out.

Like this: California Gov. Gavin Newsom is pressing federal authorities to investigate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for kidnapping or “human trafficking” for giving the migrants a plane ride to Martha’s Vineyard. But Rusty Weiss at The Political Insider reminds us that when Newsom was mayor of San Francisco, he launched a program with the feel-good name “Homeward Bound” that actually involved giving homeless people a one-way bus ticket out of town to shove the problem of dealing with them off onto someone else.

Likewise, it was reported in 2019 that then-New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio was reducing his homeless problem by shipping homeless people off to Utah, Hawaii and other states without informing officials there.

And then there’s the real source of the problem: President Biden. He opened the border, slashed enforcement, and instead of turning illegal crossers back, he releases them on the US side. Then of course, there are all the secret late night flights to spread them to other states.  As Sen. Ted Cruz told Sean Hannity on Fox News, between the millions of illegal immigrants Biden has allowed in (often under horrific conditions) and the ones he’s moved to other states, Biden is “the biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet.”

Cruz said, “He’s happy to put them in red states where it’s not the rich people’s concerns, it’s the little people’s concern.  You know, all of the folks on Martha’s Vineyard happily voted for Joe Biden. Well, they can live with the consequences of the lawless policies that right now, the people in McAllen, the people of Laredo, the people of Eagle Pass, the people of Texas are feeling the price for this.”

One thing I’d add: if we’re going to redefine human trafficking as putting people on a bus and sending them out into traffic, the red state Governors make sure all the people board voluntarily, know where they’re going and sign waivers. Some of them even thanked DeSantis for sending them to Martha’s Vineyard. Just curious: how many people on Biden’s secret flights were fully informed of where they were going and signed waivers approving it? Because I’d like to see those waivers.


Idiocy on display

President Biden backtracked and claimed he wasn’t talking about all Republicans or Trump voters when he called “MAGA Republicans” violent, semi-fascist threats to the foundations of “our democracy.” But having made such a dangerous and slanderous accusation in what was supposed to be a prime time Presidential speech, he can’t just mutter a retraction that’s printed on page B-17. It’s obvious that his incendiary, divisive and dangerous rhetoric had just the effect he intended, because his feeble-minded followers are already repeating it to attack all Republicans and all Trump voters.

Just take a look at the idiocy on display in this article, which recounts how various leftist media figures are trying to claim that Trump supporters who raised one arm at a rally were giving the “Heil Hitler” salute.

It’s reminiscent of the way leftists fell for an Internet hoax and claimed the ages-old “OK” finger gesture was a symbol of white supremacy. The article also includes photos of crowds making the same gesture at an Obama rally and a Taylor Swift concert.

Another example: At Fordham University, the president of a student-run coffee shop gave some College Republicans who were wearing MAGA caps five minutes to leave for violating their “safe space” policy. When they asked what she thought the MAGA caps stood for, she replied, “Fascism, Nazis! You have three minutes!”

Spoken like a true fascist.

President Biden, this kind of reprehensible behavior is entirely the doing of your careless, irresponsible words that are beneath contempt for anyone, much less a President of the United States. Your side is seeking to indict Trump for allegedly inciting political violence by telling his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically protest.” How is that worse than what you did?

It isn’t good enough to give a half-hearted retraction that hardly anyone notices. If you truly oppose divisiveness, violence and angry, uninformed political views tearing the nation apart as you claim you do, then you need to give another prime time address, retract those words, apologize, and admit you were wrong. Until you do that, then you will be no better than the demagogic creation of your overheated imagination that you’re trying to frighten and divide Americans with.  



Related: Biden’s demonizing of Republicans and targeting of them by the FBI may be leading to a surprise electoral backlash. The Washington Times reports that some Republicans are so concerned about being attacked or targeted by the feds that they won’t admit their political views to pollsters. That may be causing distorted polls that oversample Democrats. You know, even more than usual. But when it comes time to fill out a ballot in private, the Dems might discover that their hateful rhetoric didn’t work as well as they thought it would.

Example:  A Trafalgar poll after Biden’s speech attacking “MAGA Republicans” found that 56.8% of respondents thought it was a “dangerous escalation in rhetoric designed to incite conflict among Americans.” Now, imagine what it might mean for the upcoming election if that poll actually oversampled Democrats.


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  • Darrell Parks

    09/21/2022 02:35 PM

    What would have happened if the Fordham students hadn't left?

  • Paul Schaber

    09/21/2022 12:40 PM

    What the Biden Administration and the NATO should be doing is finding out what units Putin as ordered onto Active Duty. IS he planning on hitting the large nuclear power facilities in the UKRAINE. Is he planning on hitting the either the East or West Coast by either of his fleets or Aircraft in the area. Has he already called North Korea and told them to prepare to launch their missiles he and China have helped improve in accuracy in recent times. Vice chasing TRUMP on stupid charges. Also how well is our military prepared to protect us if he does decide to attack. A lot questions that must be answered truthfully and NOT TOLD MORE LIES coming from Fantasyland (Washington DC.).

  • Joseph Orsini

    09/21/2022 01:33 AM

    Why are the producers and distributors of Fentanyl who kill thousands of of people not being hunted down and tried for MURDER?

  • Paul Schaber

    09/20/2022 03:16 PM

    All the articles are really great. When China attacks Taiwan Joe and Dr Jill will quickly jump on Air Force one and fly to Delaware and run into his newly built bunker. The Contractor will have used illegal workers at salve wages and will then charge the US Government full union price for the project.

  • JC Holland

    09/20/2022 02:14 PM

    Governor: Why is Montana allowing gender changes to birth certificates? Have they gone to the dark side? Why is only Newsmax talking about the blatant anti semitism of the National Organization of College Professionals?

  • JPK

    09/20/2022 01:51 PM

    People in this country have paid Federal Taxes for 2 centuries some of the money has gone around the world in the form of aid nation building and war. My question with the radical President we have today It said the public is no match for an attack by our armed forces's F15 that I believe. Who will come to defend the American public when complete insanity takes over this president's mind by the way it is getting close and his handlers do not medicate him what nation would come and defend the US public? Would Canada help us Germany, South Korea, Japan Australia , the UK, Ireland our tax dollar has help many countries which country would come and save the American public from biden and his F15's? or the newly formed and armed IRS? Who is inside the Easter Bunny"s costume? Does any one fear that biden is calling the shots in the OVAL Office? How many clean ups in the White House been needed to make clear the positions of the United States soon to be the UNUnited States?????????? too many to consider? The uncertainty is due to Corruption here in the US and Abroad This White House needs every agency leaders evicted and most likely brought to trial including the occupants of the Oval Office. I wonder who would help us I know Real Americans however i have driven across this country many times and I didn't get a glimpse of any Jet F15 hangers along the way. I bring this thought up I lived while the cold war with Russia and (CD) Civil Defense signs were in my school churches ect. It was a time of concern!!!!!!!! For the kids today Nuclear Destruction of the country was the concern. We new about it 20 years earlier we saw it. People better pray it doesn't happen again. And then we have biden not the most sane man in the US.

  • Judy Radley

    09/20/2022 12:44 PM

    True enough, no one needs to know who a registered Legal voter will be voting for. It is a matter of private ballots and private choice, which it should be. I will no longer tell others who don't know, who I will be voting for, I will vote for whom I think is best, according to my own research and experience and private choice. Polls are so off any way, they only make guesses, but not actual proof of who was voted for until the election is over. As it unfortunately is now, any Conservative should not tell anyone who they will be voting for, because if it is shown that a landslide for Conservatives this November will happen, then the 2020 Presidential Election Coup d' e`tat by Biden and Democrats will happen again, and we CANNOT allow that to happen again ever.

  • Jpk

    09/20/2022 12:26 PM

    I feel so wonderful that democrats visit countries while trying to figure the core reasons how they do business while visits to our borders are to dangerous or is of no concern to the democrats I believe there is some concern about terrorists murderers prisoners of terrorists country are being let out and are coming to America. How many terrorists are too many for any size community vp Harris is looking into the core of how many terrorists are enough it-appears we haven’t reached that number yet as they are coming by thousands every day

  • stephen russell

    09/20/2022 11:14 AM

    Racist Hwys:
    I say take down DC Beltway OK make=

  • Sharon Faulkner

    09/20/2022 11:05 AM

    These MAGA students at Fordham will sue I hope?