September 29, 2020


September 29, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


This is the day we’ve all been waiting for on pins and needles! It’s Political Groundhog Day, when Joe Biden will finally emerge from his burrow and we’ll find out if he sees his Teleprompter, which will mean five more weeks of campaigning.

The debate will air on multiple broadcast and streaming sources. And if the debate itself doesn’t provide enough excitement and entertainment for you, the crew at will be live-blogging it in real-time.

I imagine that one of Biden’s big attacks on Trump will be to again accuse him of botching the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus response and being personally responsible for all 200,000+ deaths from it. A few things to bear in mind:

* When Trump shut down travel from China very early on, Biden called him hysterical and xenophobic. That later turned out to be one of the most important moves at slowing infections in the US until we could better prepare.

* Yes, Trump and his team made mistakes early on, but everyone did. It was a brand new disease and it took time to learn what works (Mask? No mask? Mask again?) But Trump quickly assembled one of the most effective public-private partnerships in history to fight it. Early predictions were for deadly shortages of ventilators and hospital beds and 2.2 million deaths in the US. None of those things happened.

* While Biden claims he would have handled the pandemic much better, his own campaign health advisor admitted that with Obama/Biden’s limp response to H1N1/swine flu, it was only due to sheer dumb luck that it wasn’t more contagious and millions didn’t die.

* Comparisons of Trump’s response to those in other nations are apples and oranges because Trump doesn’t have the power to force states to do what he wants. Maybe that's why the deaths largely occurred in a handful of Democrat-run states.

* Biden blames Trump both for the economic damage caused by the lockdowns and for not locking down even more of the economy for even longer. Can’t have it both ways.

* Biden has proposed more draconian economic lockdowns which would inflict more pain on Americans than the virus.

Don’t believe that last one? Last week, the CDC released the latest numbers on COVID-19 survival rates. If you’re under age 70, you have a 0.5% chance or less of dying from the coronavirus, and that’s among the small subset of people who’ve actually caught it. Even if you’re 70 or older and catch it, you have a 94.6% chance of surviving it.

Also, for Democrats insisting that schools must stay closed, Florida reopened its schools and there has been no surge among kids age 5-to-17. In fact, cases declined through late September.


A woman who drove her car into a crowd of Trump supporters in Yorba Linda, California, injuring two people, appears to be a major BLM organizer. Please join me in praying for the full recovery of the victims.

Tatiana "Tia" Rita Turner of Long Beach is being held on $1 million bond for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Good; if this had happened in Portland, she might have gotten a warning ticket for not staying in the proper lane. There is a lot more information and video at the link.


Right now, a lot of Democrats are ranting that if the Senate approves Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court (which it will), they will retaliate by “burning it all down” (I assume that means our Constitutional system of government and not just their own cities.) Once they get back in power, they will abolish the Electoral College, make DC and Puerto Rico states to pad their majority, expand the SCOTUS and pack it with leftists, impose term limits on the Justices, etc., and RULE US FOREVER MORE!!!

To help keep you from getting too worried about these threats, you should know that this is mostly a combination of childish lashing out in frustration because they know they botched the SCOTUS transition and are going to lose (they should’ve leaned on RBG to retire under Obama, but they were all so certain Hillary would win that their own arrogance tripped them up) plus a lot of election year screeching to fire up their base. But here’s some cold reality:

If they try to change the makeup of the SCOTUS, Republicans will filibuster it. The far leftists say they’ll do away with the filibuster entirely, but chances are that some of their own Senators would be smart enough to oppose that. Remember how Harry Reid did away with the filibuster on judges? That’s precisely why they can’t stop Judge Barrett’s confirmation. Mitch McConnell warned Reid that he would live to regret it, maybe sooner than later, but he didn’t listen.

Many of today’s Democrat leaders are like five-year-olds having a tantrum in Walmart because they want a candy bar and they want it RIGHT NOW! They’re really into instant gratification and don’t think far enough ahead to consider the spanking it will bring them later. But some of their members surely will, especially those who were elected from red or purple states and would like to keep their seats. Those four new seats from DC and Puerto Rico might be canceled out and then some. Imagine what would happen if those Senators from less liberal states were replaced by Republicans who had both a majority and no filibuster roadblocks to deal with.

As for all the other rewrites to the Constitution they want to make, like doing away with the Electoral College: amending the Constitution takes a 2/3rds majority vote of both Houses of Congress (which they will not have) and ratification by three-fourths of the states. Do you really think that many states would vote to give away their say over who becomes President to New York, California, Florida and Texas?

So I urge you not to take their threats to radically remake America too seriously. But take them just seriously enough to spur you to go to the polls and vote (in person) in overwhelming numbers to insure they never have the power even to try it.

Although I do kind of like their “term limits” idea. Only let’s apply it to Congress first and see how it works out.


Say, if the media are really interested in seeing some evidence of voter fraud, two investigators in Texas (a former police officer and a former FBI agent) testified under oath to having “video evidence, documentation and witnesses” to prove that Joe Biden’s Texas Political Director Dallas Jones and his associates are involved in a massive illegal vote harvesting scheme in Houston.

They claim that the Biden people hoarded up to 700,000 mail-in and absentee ballots and ordered operatives to fill them out for people in Harris County illegally, “including dead people, homeless people, and nursing home residents.” The former FBI agent says that while authorities are investigating, nothing will be done about it until after the November 3rd election.

So the message to Trump voters in Texas is clear: go to the polls and vote in person, and take every Trump supporter you know with you. By the way, that’s also my message to Trump voters in every other state.


By Laura Ainsworth, Staff Writer

About a month ago, I offered my suggestion for what President Trump should say as an opening statement in a “debate” with Democrat candidate Joe Biden. At that time, I thought Biden would weasel out somehow and be a no-show, so my idea involved setting up an empty chair or podium next to Trump's and letting Trump go on with whatever he wanted to say.

Maybe Biden actually will be there after all, though I agree with Trump that they both should be tested for performance-enhancing drugs. If Biden drops out at the last minute and the debate doesn’t happen, I still hope Trump will use the statement below, or something very similar, in a paid TV ad and online.

The words seem even timelier now. A few things have happened, most notably the death of Justice Ginsburg, but opinions about Trump tend not to change much. Biden clearly intends to avoid specifics on issues, as he can’t keep them straight anyway, and just attack Trump to motivate “swing” voters to vote AGAINST TRUMP. Most Biden supporters really don’t know much about their own candidate –- his fading mind, his serious scandals, his lying and plagiarizing, his creepiness with women and girls, his singular lack of accomplishment, his malleability by the far-left and much more –- or even their radicalized party; they just know they don’t like Trump. And for that reason, they’re ready to put into power the worst group of people imaginable.

The “Trump” they hate is a fictional monster created by the left. (This is also being done right now to Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.) So I wanted the President to address the way voters feel about him, and, most of all, to show how dreadful for our country the alternative would be.

So here it is, President Trump’s opening statement.

"My fellow Americans, I love my country –- I love America, with all my heart. I always have. And I feel really bad right now, because millions of Americans, just because they don’t like ME –- don’t like my style, don’t like my tweets, don’t like things they think I’ve said (most of which are twisted-up versions that convey something I never intended) –- are ready to vote for anybody but me. Anybody. I mean……..ANYBODY. That’s what “never-Trumper” means, after all; I know that. And THAT means, right now, this country is in big trouble.

“Because they don’t like ME, some Americans might unwittingly put into power a radical political machine that will decimate their most basic freedoms, with ruthless, violent tactics and a long list of demands that will change America into something unrecognizable, probably forever. (Some of this has been a long time coming, but because the virus hit, they’re jumping on the crisis as a way to take control quickly.)

"Because they don’t like ME, some Americans might unwittingly offer inroads to groups that literally want to destroy American cities --- that are ALREADY destroying American cities, GREAT American cities.

“Because they don’t like ME, some in our government abused our own justice system to try to bring me down, and if they get away with what they did, mark my word, they’ll do it again to the next leader they don’t like. They went so far as to accuse me, with no evidence at all except for what was falsified, of working as an agent of Russia. It was crazy –- 2020 will go down in history as “the year America went crazy.” Who needs Russia to interfere in our elections when we’ve got our own bureaucracy to do it, as well as various outside influences with virtually limitless resources, pouring money into radical leftist anti-American groups?

“Because they don’t like ME, some Americans ignore all that I did --- before the virus arrived from China to at least temporarily undo much of it --- to bring the economy back like gangbusters after years of weak semi-recovery. They ignore the incredible benefit that came out of that to hard-working Americans, men and women, of all races, in all walks of life.

“Because they don’t like ME, some Americans even ignore the legitimate work of some doctors and researchers because they think it’s more important to believe I’m wrong. And they forget that I was the one to stop incoming travel from China and Europe, which likely saved thousands of American lives, when my opponents ridiculed that.

“Because they don’t like ME, some Americans paint me as someone I don’t even know. Really, I don’t even recognize myself from what they say. If I met that person, I wouldn’t like him, either! They’ve said I only care about myself, when that is such a lie. I know, I know, it’s just politics. Say whatever you need to, right? (Like Kamala, she knows all about that.) But those of you who don’t like me need to understand: the object of your hatred is a phantom, something made up. My own style –- which can be misinterpreted, I know –- may have helped fixate that in your mind, as I’m obviously not a slick politician, but it’s still false.

“I don’t care a whole lot about that part of it, because I knew when I got into politics that it would be rough. I got into it anyway because I love my country and had a beautiful vision of what we could do. I kind of expected the lies from the politicians, but the media –- you have a lot to answer for. Because YOU don’t like me, you have become a shameful propaganda machine for my opponents. You are to journalism what potted meat is to chateaubriand. And it doesn’t seem to matter to you how this might damage our country in the long run. You just wanted Americans to hate me.

“And now, because you did your job and some of them DO hate me, they may be on the verge of putting into power a group of people, those on the far left, who don’t know what in hell they are doing. I mean, they don’t. We can all see they don’t, unless pure anarchy really is what they want. They’ve shown they can’t run cities. They can’t run states. They won’t enforce the law. They’ll gladly take away your police AND your means to defend yourself.

And everywhere they look, they see racism that in most cases isn’t even there, except in their own minds. They don’t understand that in our country, in just the past several decades, most hearts and minds have changed drastically about race, which is fantastic. And it was only going to get better. It’s as if for some reason they weren’t comfortable with that and wanted to do something, quite deliberately, to make it worse again. I wonder why that is?

These people don’t care about law and order. They don’t care about your personal freedom. They don’t care about learning from history; they want to rewrite it to fit their own agenda, which is to tear down the results of hundreds of years of hard work and incredible advancement.

“Now, simply because some Americans don’t like ME, America is in jeopardy of losing everything that makes it...America. I want you to be aware of this when you cast your vote. PLEASE don’t put our beloved country into the hands of people who are set on destroying its very foundation, and I am not exaggerating, not one bit. I love this country. I’ve showed you the kinds of things I can do for this country, to make it better for all. We’ll get through this virus, and you know I’m the one who needs to be in charge of the vibrant recovery we’ll need afterwards.

So I’m asking for your vote. Remember, it has to be a landslide vote that can be counted right away because so many people will be mailing in their ballots –- vote in person! –-and it has be decisive to save this country from even more chaos. More is at stake now than almost ever before in the history of our country, and I know you realize that. Thank you with all my heart, and God bless America.



The Personal Attacks Against Amy Coney Barrett Begin

Voter-Fraud In Minnesota



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  • Jerrie W. Barber

    09/30/2020 07:38 AM


    I feel for you today. Trying to write an encouraging message after last night's debate.

    I voted for President Trump in 2016. I probably will vote for him this year.

    However, it is with reluctance. I was disappointed at his constant interrupting — failing to go by the rules of the debate — two minutes each.

    Although I will probably vote for President Trump, I think Joe Biden won the debate last night for two reasons:
    1. He didn't interrupt as much as President Trump.
    2. He didn't fall on his face or forget where he was.

    All either candidate has to do to "win" the next debate: make sensible statements on his position and be absolutely silent while the other person is speaking. That would make a great impression on me and be a sharp contrast from last night.

    The best summary of the debate was posted last night by my daughter, Christi Parsons, who is in her 22nd year as a preschool teacher at Columbia, in Columbia, Tennessee:

  • Renee Kendrick

    09/29/2020 08:27 PM

    The DIMS' lies appear as truth to them because they have spoken in a mode of exaggeration repeatedly for many years/decades. Doubt they would know what telling the truth really means, even if they were under oath. Hmmm!

  • David Berry

    09/29/2020 07:32 PM

    New strategy - Trump should let Biden just talk for 90 minutes.


    09/29/2020 04:46 PM

    Excellent morning edition. One area I totally agree...VOTE IN PERSON. There are so many opportunities to vote early. The voter fraud with harvesting, multiple ballets, ballets in trash bins, and so forth goes on and on is really worrisome. Hopefully where found by the authorities they are shutting them down. Again THANKS for all you do.

  • Stephen Russell

    09/29/2020 04:02 PM

    CA 2035 No emissions car plans:
    o NO incentives to buy EVs
    o NO massive sales effort to buy EVs
    o can power grid support EVs
    o Local zoning, codes deter Commercial EV Charging centers
    o None near Frwy & Hwys in CA state
    o State Govt drives NO EVs Trucks or cars.
    o NO massive media blitz for EVs seen
    o Only Tax rebate for EVs
    o Range issues
    o & Even Auto Club wont help.
    o Other issues
    & Gov wants clean air by 2035 mandate?

  • Pamela Tilden

    09/29/2020 03:25 PM

    I read the article about vote harvesting in Houston. Rodney Ellis is even in on this! What I don't understand is with all the evidence the investigators have plus video, why does the article state that nothing can be done about this until after the election? Why can't Texas Attorney General Paxton do anything about it? There's no way President Trump or any of the Republicans can win this election. How depressing. I just as well stay home and not vote because with all of this vote harvesting going on and norhing being done to stop it, I'll just be wasting my time.

  • Ralph J. prieto

    09/29/2020 03:22 PM

    I would love to vote in person, but living in New Jersey I am only allow to vote by mail. If I was to go to my nearest polling place I will only be given a paper ballot to vote with. Only disabled body people are allowed to use a electronic voting machine. So it goes to show you how corrupt New Jersey is. I just HOPE TRUMP WINS.

  • Beth Elliott

    09/29/2020 02:00 PM

    Your sermon on Sunday was wonderful!! Is there a way people could get a copy?

  • Floyd Unger

    09/29/2020 01:59 PM

    Thank you