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June 19, 2024

As reported by an approving NEW YORK TIMES, a new Biden campaign ad says, “This election is between a convicted criminal who is only out for himself and a President who is fighting for your family.”

Good grief, the ad actually says that.  If this makes you mad enough to spit, consider our version, a more truthful variation on the Biden ad: “This election is between someone who was railroaded by his opponent’s DOJ so they could call him a convicted criminal but who plans to reform that system, and a mentally deteriorating President-in-name-only who is fighting to stay awake during official ceremonies.”

According to Tuesday’s NYT election bulletin by David Leonhardt, the voters who will decide this election are the “distrustful” ones.  (Makes them sound like a possible threat to democracy, doesn’t it? As if there were many institutions worthy of our trust in The Year of Our Lord 2024.)  These voters, he says, generally tend to skip primaries and midterm elections but do turn out every four years.  Is the effect of this less-politically engaged group not pretty much the same as it has been in other presidential elections?

It’s these less engaged voters, Leonhardt says, quoting NYT election analyst Nate Cohn, who “are so dissatisfied with the country’s condition that they prefer Trump by a wide enough margin to give Trump a small overall lead.”

Tell us, Mr. Cohn and everybody at the TIMES, why do you think you’re seeing all this dissatisfaction with the country’s condition?  Could it be that voters aren’t getting all their “news” from THE NEW YORK TIMES and the WASHINGTON POST and can see the unfolding disaster with their own eyes?  Might the current national implosion have something to do with President Biden reversing virtually all of President Trump’s policies?  And the voters are gradually figuring this out?

“These irregular voters have different concerns on average than politically engaged Americans do,” writes Leonhardt.  They care more about “pocketbook issues,” he says.  That, apparently, is why the new Biden ad might not resonate very well with voters; never mind that it’s a fantastic lie.

Here’s what I’d say to Mr. Leonhardt:  Sir, everything right now is in such a horrific state of crisis that it seems unlikely most clear-eyed (meaning TDS-free) voters, whatever their level of engagement, even differentiate all that much between pocketbook and non-pocketbook issues.  They know it’s currently ALL BAD, breathtakingly so, thanks to Joseph Robinette Biden and/or whoever is pulling his strings.

When Trump supporters are asked specifically by pollsters about their most important issues, they probably can narrow it down to the pocketbook enough to slant your poll, but in general, everything stinks so much right now that the “engaged” and the “less engaged” are likely pretty well united on how they’re going to vote and how energized they are to do it.  The ones who aren’t have simply been brainwashed into voting against a media-created myth, Trump the Dictator, the Threat to our Democracy.  That person does not exist, but the lying left did do a good job of creating him.

(There’s a related story on this theme elsewhere in today’s newsletter, about a tech donor who met Trump in person and discovered the dumb, dangerous bogey-man image the media created wasn’t true at all.)

Frankly, in all our lives we’ve never seen such a mess. borders...campus unrest and jaw-dropping anti-Semitism...banana-republic-style “justice”...the most basic rights such as freedom of speech taken away at whim...stunning weakness on the world stage...all of these will only get worse if the current crew remains in charge (There are only two outcomes: Biden remains in his ever-diminishing state or Kamala takes over. Which would be worse? That’s like having to choose between the gas chamber and the electric chair.)

According to analyst Cohn, “President Biden leads Donald Trump among Americans who are highly engaged with politics.”  A better way to put this is that Biden leads among those who are misled regularly by the NYT and other so-called legacy media. My staff and I spend many hours a day reading and analyzing political news, and I assure you, we aren’t backing Biden.

Not addressing the “pocketbook issues” of these “irregular voters,” Leonhardt says, could help explain “why some of Biden’s core campaign messages have not resonated with swing voters.”  He goes on (try to keep your lunch down): “Biden talks about the country’s soul and pitches himself as a defender of American values, especially democracy.  It is an understandable pitch in many ways:  Trump is hostile to democratic traditions in a way no other modern U.S. politician has ever been.”

I am not kidding; he really said that.  And these straw-man scare tactics are all the left has.  We’ll say once again, anyone getting his or her news from THE NEW YORK TIMES is getting a completely skewed look at reality.  And this skewed view is the one thing all Biden voters must have in common to BE Biden voters.  Whether they get it from the NYT, or WAPO, or Joy Behar, or TikTok videos, or fashion magazines, or Google algorithms, or MSNBC, or Hollywood, or regional newspapers, it’s a steady diet of fiction they’re spoonfed every day.

(At least the Dallas Morning News recently admitted the liberal bias that’s been blatantly obvious to its readers – and former readers – for years:

We’ll close this discussion with a quote from America First Legal’s Stephen Miller on last night’s HANNITY: “What’s so ludicrous about Democrats attacking Trump as some kind of threat to democracy is that President Trump is literally running to save democracy.  To save democracy from Joe Biden’s regime of censoring free speech, to save democracy from the DOJ’s hunting, targeting, hounding and jailing political dissidents in this country, including President Trump himself; an IRS...that targets conservatives, a government at every level weaponized against Christians, against Catholics, against limited government supporters, and against anyone perceived as an enemy of Joe Biden.”

In light of all this, does it really seem as though Biden is addressing “the country’s soul”?  Give me a break, NEW YORK TIMES.

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