December 8, 2020

Should the President concede the election to Joe Biden?

My newsletter readers, Facebook and Parler followers have voted.  The results are:

57,826 votes for NO

779 votes for UNDECIDED

1,064 votes for YES

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  • Mary Jean

    12/16/2020 04:29 PM

    No the Election was stolen. We have to make it right or there will never be a fair election again. This has been going on too long.

  • Reta Templeman

    12/15/2020 02:53 PM

    He should Not concede.

  • Reta Templeman

    12/15/2020 02:48 PM

    No he should concede. The truth needs to come out and those those behind all this fraudulent voting ahould be brought up on charges. Biden should be brought up on charges. Look what he has done. They tried to impeach our President over an phone call but cant anything nw donw with Biden and his son.