March 26, 2018

I was Lt. Gov of AR when the Governor was forced to resign because of felony convictions and that elevated me to the office of Governor. We fought the corruption that had infected the state and saw about 17 legislators and other high officials indicted, tried, and convicted. It was so bad at one point that the most feared words for an Arkansas politician were these: “Will the defendant please rise?”

2 inmates in their cell at one of our state prisons were talking one day when one said to the other, “You know, the food was better in here when you were the Governor.” And if you asked a politician how many years he had served, he would respond, “You mean in office or in prison?”

Public corruption is disgusting and demoralizing, but since the beginning of our nation, we’ve had to deal with public officials who betrayed the people’s trust, whether Benedict Arnold or Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton. And through it all, our country continues due to a Constitution and our being a people of laws and not a mere country of men.

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We can and have survived corruption, but there are 3 things we can’t live with.

1. We can’t have a judicial system that isn’t even handed and which delivers justice in any way but a blind adherence to truth and the law. If our system of justice treats some people differently than others, we’ll create bitterness and anger in our citizenry that will lead to revolt. The law has to be applied even-handedly whether a person is rich, poor, black or white or brown. As a governor, I saw cases come before me in which a young black kid from the projects who had a public defender was sentenced to prison for several years but a white kid from a gated community whose parents could afford a great attorney got probation, community service, and an expunged record. The black kid’s life was ruined and because of the felony conviction, he couldn’t even get a job emptying a bed pan in a nursing home, while the affluent white kid would go on to college, get a law degree and run for office.

2. We can’t survive as a country if law enforcement abuses their power by weaponizing the laws to punish their enemies and reward their friends. There was a great controversy over the firing of Ass’t FBI Director Andrew McCabe. The fact is that he was fired by the Attorney General because the independent Office of Professional Responsibility recommended it due to his leaking and lying. General Mike Flynn and even Martha Stewart were convicted and jailed for less than that. Lois Lerner of the IRS admitted that they treated pro-life, pro-Israel, and conservative groups differently than other groups, yet she retired with full benefits and walked scot-free. Former FBI Director stated publicly that Hillary Clinton had destroyed federal records, played loose with top secret material, and shared that information with people without the proper clearances. A young sailor in the Navy went to prison for less than that.

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3. And we can’t survive without a free and RESPONSIBLE press. The 1st amendment is not just necessary for the media, but for all of us. We need a free press that accurately and honestly reports the facts of what our government is up to. The media’s role is to observe and report and let the public interpret what the facts mean. If they’re biased, they aren’t just bad journalists, they are destroying trust in our society.

We can elect and then defeat politicians, and when they are corrupted, we can replace them. But if our courts, our cops, and the media operate outside the law and the truth, then our great Republic will collapse. As much as I detest corruption in elected, employed, or appointed people, we can purge the bad and move forward. But if our foundations of justice and journalism crack, crumble, and collapse, we’re headed for the dustbin of history.


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  • Don DeLancey

    03/31/2018 11:53 PM

    Spot on, Governor. Of only the "Swamp" in Washington could be drained with the wave of some magic wand (because our leaders will not do it themselves), then your common-sense ideas could be put into practice.

  • Nellie Williams

    03/30/2018 09:49 PM

    Amen, I totally agree

  • Wayne Rose

    03/28/2018 03:11 PM

    Absolutely true Governor Huckabee. Your common sense is wonderful but yet an elusive gift so many in government office do not have. You need to stay mainstream and let your voice be heard!. Please let Sarah know she is my hero and a rock star. That apple didn't fall far from the tree! Prayers to you both.

  • Elna Morton

    03/27/2018 09:48 PM

    I am really feeling like the honest people are out numbered. So how do we clean up this mess? Or are we too far gone?

  • Gladys L Huntley

    03/27/2018 04:14 PM

    I agree with everything you said 100%. I have watched our police officers arrest people that belonged behind bars only to be released on bail or whatever to re-offend within days because of our liberal judges. It makes me sick, how can our police officers feel good about their jobs if after so much work a judge puts them back on the street with a slap on the wrist or a TOO small bail? Look what our own government authorities did to the Bundy men and the murder of LaVoy Finicum, yet to this day NO ONE has been held accountable for Mr.Finicums death! I am angry and disillusioned by what i have seen and at one point felt completely in despair until President Trump was elected. I love you governor but i felt you were to nice of a guy to make it in the white house. President Trump is surrounded by piranhas on both sides and he has an onry streak in him, can’t be a successful billionaire without one but he needs our help and yours and all others that care about our country and citizens. God bless you sir, you are loved.

  • Eileen Way

    03/27/2018 02:50 PM

    Bravo Mike! Truth! We don't have to shy away from the truth unless it's too shameful to disclose. If that's the case we know we are doing something WRONG. The Ten Commandments are a great thing to ascribe to...for Everyone!

  • Pam Kuckelman

    03/27/2018 02:30 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I agree with pretty much everything you write and say! So glad your daughter is in President Trump's administration, but you need to be there too!

  • Mike Street

    03/27/2018 01:16 PM

    Governor, also, how can we live as a free and independent society when the government mandates an education based on atheist origins and an atheist worldview? (I can back that up.) (See Communist Manifesto, plank 10.)

  • Colleen Strother

    03/27/2018 12:41 PM

    My father will be 85 on the 8th of April. Retired military...two tours of Vietnam...he taught his children that this country comes first-then family. We were taught that without a country we can’t keep a family safe, fed...I remember driving on post/base as a child and the hearing the cannon at 5:00..all traffic stopping regardless of where you were...stepping out of the car...facing the direction of the flag and with hands over hearts listening to Taps. Respect and love of this country was a constant theme. My dad expressed to me last week that he is ready to die because he can’t bear to see what is happening to this country. He said he feels sorry for his grandchildren and great grandchildren because they will never experience the great country we did or even have a country left. It broke my heart. People like my father, his brothers and my mother (USN) sacrificed so much and deserve to leave behind a great country for their families and other families willing to make the same sacrifices...we all deserve better than handing over this country to politicians that lack INTEGRITY and illegal immigrants and others who ask “What can you do for me?” I pray that more people of your character (and your daughter’s) choose to continue to fight for us...point out the wolves among us and most importantly keep God’s mighty face shinning upon us. Thank you for all you do.

  • David Schultz

    03/27/2018 12:13 PM

    Illinois could use a good house cleaning. I think most of the corrupt politicians have not been caught yet.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    03/27/2018 11:54 AM

    AMEN & AMEN!

  • Robert W Gerhart

    03/27/2018 11:03 AM

    Excellent analysis. I appreciate your insights.

  • Sue Simons

    03/26/2018 10:15 PM

    SO. TRUE!!!! With so much corruption, I think many of our fellow citizens had all but given up which I think is why we've seen so many taking "justice" in thier own hands.. I believe that once those who have been guilty if so many crimes and have gone unpunished that make us feel as though being "lowly citizens" we were having to carry the brunt of the expenses while politicians were not just getting rich, but to the level of multimillionaires off our backs!!!

  • Bruce Ross

    03/26/2018 06:16 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, Sir I believe that we are experiencing all three of these issues currently. Exactly how much are we as a society supposed to tolerate. Curious.

  • Ronnie Bishop

    03/26/2018 04:56 PM

    I totally agree. Thanks for stating this so clearly. Lived in Arkansas most of my life. I remember your years as Governor, especially the early years. You will have to tell about your office space. LOL.. Keep up the good work with your commentary and news.

  • Tom Smith

    03/26/2018 03:24 PM

    Great points!

  • Barbara Cooper

    03/26/2018 02:59 PM

    You are absolutely correct. The problem on all three counts however is that "truth" has become an abstract. With the removal of Creator God from the government base, the growing denial of our Christian establishment and wide spread rejection of Biblical values, there is no longer a solid foundation inwhich to peacefully regulate the entirety of those three entities; without debate, division or causing anti-religionist and globalist to sink further into corruption along their pursuit of power.

  • Mary L Adair-Richard

    03/26/2018 02:43 PM

    I agree with your points referencing what we cannot live without. My concern is that our media outlets are not all fair and balanced. And, yes, Justice for all should be equal whether you dig a ditch or are the CEO of...let's say Facebook! The more we apply the rule of all to all and hold our elected officials accountable, the stronger our republic will be!