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June 20, 2024

When I survey the smoking rubble that is the Biden Administration, I often marvel at polls showing that millions of Americans want four more years of this. They remind me of fraternity pledges taking a sharp paddle slap on the bottom and saying, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?!” Who actually believes that if Biden gets another term, things will get better?

But the answer may at least partially lie in a new Economist/YouGov poll. It found that a majority of Biden voters (51 percent) admit they aren’t voting FOR Biden so much as against Trump. Only 32 percent of Trump voters say they’re mostly just voting against Biden.

We’ve gotten used to “lesser of two evils” elections, but it’s unusual for a majority of an incumbent’s voters to admit they’re only supporting him because they hate the other guy. It shows the effectiveness of the relentless smear campaign by the Dems and their media sock puppets to create a straw man “Trump Monster” and then block him from the media and social media so that much of the public only sees their fake negative image and never hears the actual person. All they see of Trump is three-second clips lifted out of context so he can be mocked by leftist late night “comedians.”

I know him, I’ve campaigned with him, I’ve interviewed him and my daughter worked for him, so I know that he is nothing whatsoever like the scary fiction his political enemies have concocted. I wish I could talk to these TDS sufferers and ask them specifically WHY they think they hate him so much. 

I would bet the majority of answers I’d get would be fake news and propaganda, like the lies that he colluded with Russia, or that he said there were “very fine people” among neo-Nazis or that our fallen soldiers in World War I were “suckers and losers” (all thoroughly debunked.) Or that he deliberately caused an insurrection on January 6th (he tried to provide 10,000 National Guard troops for security, which Nancy Pelosi rejected; he called for protesting “peacefully and patriotically;” and when things got out of hand, he called on his supporters to respect the police and leave peacefully. Pretty lousy insurrection plan.)

I’ve also heard for years about how he was such a criminal, he would end up in prison, even as countless investigations turned up nothing. They finally had to invent crimes and try him in kangaroo courts to get convictions that are virtually certain to be thrown out on appeal.

If you want to see why the Democrats and the media (pardon my redundancy) are so desperate to silence Trump, ban him from the airwaves and never show his speeches, here’s a perfect example of what terrifies them so:

Allison Huynh is a Silicon Valley tech billionaire who raised millions for Obama, but now, she’s switched her support to Trump. It’s not just that she’s seen the destructive power of Biden’s “progressive” policies, which she says are making it hard for businesses to succeed and ruining cities like San Francisco, which she calls “a failed science experiment for super leftist ideas and ideals.” She said, “Biden has been out of touch. He’s asleep at the wheel.”

But more importantly, she’s actually met Trump and discovered he was nothing like what the media leads people to expect:

“I was surprised when I met Donald Trump. He was light and funny and intelligent. The people there were down-to-earth. I was happy with how knowledgeable Trump is about what is going on with the country and the economy. He had the information. He is all there with the things that matter: education — his kids are well-educated -— fighting crime, immigration and business…”

“His rhetoric is entertaining. But the policies and politics make sense. I think Trump is engaging. I would like to hang out with Trump. He’s a really cool guy.”

No wonder the Dems are petrified at the thought of Biden having to debate him on live TV. This is why the media keep frantically telling us, “Don’t listen to Trump! Don’t watch Trump for yourself! Don’t go to Trump rallies! Just take our word for it that he’s a crazy, racist, xenophobic dictator! And a ‘convicted felon’ because we convicted him ourselves! He’s the only ‘convicted felon’ we think shouldn’t be allowed to hold office!”

Personally, when someone tells me, “Don’t look behind that curtain!” I get an irresistible urge to look behind the curtain. A lot more Americans are finally starting to do that and they’re discovering that the scary Trump Monster they were told to fear is merely another in a seemingly endless parade of lies about Donald Trump.

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