December 15, 2017

The Hill newspaper has uncovered documents, emails and text messages showing that lawyer Lisa Bloom (daughter of Gloria Allred) sought to arrange donor cash for women willing to make public sexual harassment allegations against Donald Trump.  The deals also included offers of paying off one woman’s mortgage, a six-figure payment for another, and an offer to sell the alleged victims’ stories to TV outlets in exchange for a commission. 

Bloom acknowledged the documents were real, but claimed she wasn’t trying to pressure or entice women to make false claims, just to help them move or hire security if they felt unsafe.  Also, the commission deal is just a standard thing lawyers do to help cover office expenses.

Maybe you don’t buy that and suspect you smell a rat, perhaps a politically-motivated one chasing an ambulance.  Or maybe you started to get that feeling in the first paragraph, when I mentioned Gloria Allred.  But if you want to read all the details, they’re at the link.  One very interesting quote is saved for the second to last paragraph.



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  • Esther Sims

    12/19/2017 05:20 PM

    Oh ye without sin, cast the first stone. In most cases, I do not blame the men. I am rather tired of hearing women complain about something that took place years ago. I have five very handsome brothers. I have also retired from a life surrounded by executives, etc. if women would dress modestly and handle themselves professionally and like real ladies, it would eliminate most of this type happening.

  • Kevin Cook

    12/18/2017 08:49 AM

    The ambulance fake law Allred's daughter?! How rich and how disgusting. These people should be ashamed to show their face in public but being a liberal they have the benefit of no shame

  • Gary Yates

    12/18/2017 08:28 AM

    If you gonna check emails start with Hillary's and her minions!!!
    They need to get off Trump and let him get on with doing the country's business!!!