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August 6, 2021

Good morning! 

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Psalm 42:11
  • Issuing Policy Because Biden Thinks It Is Right
  • Americans Wising Up About Election Fraud
  • Unemployment Claims Are Down
  • Today's Must-Read Article
  • America The Beautiful
  • Two-Tiered Justice System Updates


Mike Huckabee


11 Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

Psalm 42:11

Issuing Policy Because Biden Thinks It Is Right

By Mike Huckabee

For those wondering what the problem is with President Biden extending the eviction moratorium for nonpayment of rent – after all, it’s the nice, compassionate thing to do – Katie Pavich at has an explanation.

If any liberal readers still don’t grasp the problem, try imagining how you would react if it were Trump who had openly defied the Supreme Court to issue a policy that’s plainly beyond his Constitutional powers, just because he personally thought it was the right thing to do.

Yes, there’s the outrage you should be feeling over this…

Americans Wising Up About Election Fraud

By Mike Huckabee

Yesterday, we looked at allegations of rampant election fraud, in the form of organized ballot harvesting and forgery in Harris County, Texas (the Houston metro area). A large team of investigators has been looking into this since last year, and it appears they’ve got the goods –- audio recordings, phony-baloney signatures and strong witness testimony. Even so, news stories about election fraud are few and far between, and social media will quash any suggestion that fraud might have actually affected outcomes in 2020. (As if they knew.)

But tell me, why else would people bother to commit fraud, except to affect outcomes? It involves a lot of planning and is really labor-intensive, and, let's face it, most of us are lazy. Do they do it because they enjoy spending hours on end in homeless shelters and assisted living centers? Because it’s fun to get writer’s cramp forging hundreds of signatures of dead people? Or maybe because they especially like going on foot into rough neighborhoods and knocking on door after door? No. They do it because they are on a mission. They are goal-oriented. If they didn’t think their efforts affected ELECTION OUTCOMES, they wouldn’t be wasting their time.

And Americans know this. No matter how much social media tries to prevent any discussion of it, we aren’t stupid. We know some people are going to game the system if they can, with the goal of determining the winner. It follows that if the system isn’t secure, our “democratic republic” won’t be democratic at all. Just Democrat. Big difference.

That’s why it’s so gratifying to see the results of a new Rasmussen poll that shows reform of the system to end cheating is now at the top of Americans’ concerns.

A full 90 percent said it’s “important” to end cheating. And how do we do that? With a radical proposal the left simply can’t abide: photo ID. In fact, 74 percent of those polled support the photo ID requirement and say it’s a “reasonable measure” to discourage cheating. And by two to one, they believe politicians fighting the ID requirement are doing so because they want to cheat, with 60 percent agreeing and only 29 percent disagreeing. It’s nice to know that they’re not really buying all the bogus cries of “racism!!!” when it comes to something as simple as obtaining a photo ID.

At the same time, a plurality of those polled would not say that cheating changed the outcome of the 2020 election, with 49 percent agreeing with the statement that this is a “dangerous conspiracy theory." (36 percent did not agree with that statement.) Of course, they’ve been TOLD this is a dangerous, "debunked" conspiracy theory over and over for the past year and a half, so this result isn't surprising.

Of course, it’s impossible to reform the system to prevent cheating until we know how it can be done, what the bugs are. To that end, the Arizona State Senate is still in an ongoing tug-of-war with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, who as of Monday are refusing once again to comply with subpoenas. (What is this business now of government entities refusing to comply with subpoenas? They’re SUBPOENAS.) On Tuesday, the Republican legislators pushed back.

[Note: when you see links here to news outlets that consistently lean way to the right, please know that on issues such as the 2020 election, these tend to be the only ones with the courage to do reports without dropping in loaded and inaccurate qualifiers such as “false,” “debunked” and “discredited.” We certainly aren’t promoting conspiracy theories, just looking for solid information where we can find it.]

The letter sent by Maricopa County officials to Arizona state legislators on Monday was characterized by BREITBART NEWS as “defiant,” and, having seen the crass way they behaved at their "special" meeting (which last time we checked had been taken off YouTube), I don't doubt that. Legislators are still trying to get the routers and passwords to Dominion voting machines that auditors say they need, plus a long list of other materials that still haven’t been turned over --- basic documentation such as registered voter records, ballot envelopes (or at least digital images of those), logs that show access to the voting machines before and after the election, and any reports or findings concerning any breach of the voter registration server. The Board is turning none of this over.

On Tuesday, State Senate Majority Whip Sonny Borrelli released a statement saying he had requested that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich investigate the Board of Supervisors for their failure to comply with subpoenas. “They are acting as if they are above the law,” he wrote, “and it is an insult to the citizens of our state.”

“The level of disrespect and contempt from the supervisors toward Senate leadership and Arizona voters is appalling,” he said.

Brnovich, a Republican who has said he’s running for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in 2022, has 30 days to review Borrelli’s complaint. (That’s the Democrats’ tactic: delay, delay, delay.) If he does find a violation and it isn’t rectified, Maricopa County could face a loss of funding, as legislators hold the purse strings. This had better be a serious threat involving big bucks, or else Maricopa County officials will keep right on posturing and stalling.

At least that Rasmussen poll gives us hope that the majority of Americans are looking at this drama and seeing right through it. Obviously, if the fight against requiring voter ID is to facilitate cheating in elections, so is the fight against producing subpoenaed evidence.

Unemployment Claims Are Down

By Mike Huckabee

The Labor Department reported Thursday that 385,000 Americans filed for new unemployment benefits last week, a drop from the previous week’s 399,000. Also, continuing unemployment benefit claims fell from nearly 3.3 million to 2.93 million, a new low since the pandemic began.

And does this have anything to do with states cutting off expanded unemployment benefits that pay people more not to work than to take jobs, or the fact that the federal deadline for getting those benefits is drawing near? As President Biden would say, it’s just impossible to tell.

Today's Must-Read Article

By Mike Huckabee

This is a bit lengthy, but it’s worth reading every word. It’s by Jeffrey H. Anderson, former director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics at the DOJ, and it covers several areas of the COVID-19 issue, with information and observations I’ll bet you’ve never heard before.

It starts with some stunning quotes from people who seem to want Americans to wear masks forever, from overly-cautious doctors to regular citizens for whom masking has practically become a lifestyle/religion. They like feeling anonymous, never having to smile at other people, using masks to signal their leftwing virtue, and as one woman says, masking gives her a sense of “emotional freedom,” like “taking away the male gaze” (I hate to break this to her, but the term “male gaze” doesn’t refer to men staring at women’s mouths.)

If you think that allowing people to be anonymous will result in anything good for society, allow me to direct you to Twitter.

The article also examines the relative effectiveness of masks from objective, randomized control trials. The results suggest that our obsession with masking is based more on faith than science.

Anderson also compares COVID to other pandemics and the reactions to those by our government. For instance, did you know that the average American under 40 was 100 times more likely to die of the Spanish flu in 1918 than of COVID in 2020? The severity of COVID is closer to that of the 1957 Asian flu epidemic, for which there were no lockdowns of businesses and schools. President Eisenhower did ask Congress for an extra $2.5 million for the Public Health Service. So far, Congress has authorized spending about 2 million times that on COVID. Yes, you read correctly: two MILLION times more! And there’s no end in sight to the spending.

It’s an eye-opening piece, and one that I wish some people in Washington who keep claiming they’re the embodiment of “Science!” would read carefully and think about before they open their mouths in public again.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Guadalupe Mountains National Park, visit its website here.

Two-Tiered Justice System Updates

By Mike Huckabee

1. Jack Dunphy at PJ Media reports that while Washington, DC, is suffering a skyrocketing rate of murders, many of which will go unsolved for lack of police resources, the FBI has spent months tracking down and arresting such dangerous alleged “insurrectionists” as Glenn Alan Brooks, 61, of Huntington Beach, California. Brooks is accused of entering the Capitol through a broken window on January 6th; looking around and snapping some selfies while surrounded by cops, none of whom tried to stop him; then leaving 17 minutes later. He was captured after he shared some of the photos with his church prayer group and one of the members turned him in.

2. Last July, BLM activists who were protesting a law barring felons from voting attacked police officers at the Iowa state capitol. Seventeen were arrested for assault or disorderly conduct, and the state police sent them a letter banning them from the Capitol grounds for up to a year. A judge dropped the charges against four of them, and the ACLU sued on their behalf, claiming that banning them from the Capitol was a violation of their free speech rights and punished them before they were found guilty of anything (imagine that happening to Capitol protesters!) The state agreed to settle the case by rescinding the ban and paying them $5,000 each plus $45,000 for their lawyers.

3. As he promised, Missouri Gov. Mark Parson issued pardons to Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis residents who were relentlessly pursued by prosecutors for holding guns as they warned a group of BLM protesters to move on after they had broken down a gate, come onto their property and were threatening them and their family. While many Americans would say that’s precisely what the Second Amendment is for, the McCloskey’s were demonized by the left, threatened with prison and eventually agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanors to make it end. The protesters who actually caused it were cited for trespassing, but the prosecutors refused to press forward with their cases.

Local far-left Rep. Cori Bush, who was among the marchers in their neighborhood, railed furiously over the pardon, saying, “Mark McCloskey is an absolute liar. He has spat on my name. And because of that, his day will come.”

Sounds suspiciously like another threat. It’s a shame that some people can’t make political arguments without threatening others. It’s especially appalling when those people are in positions of power, like in Congress. Let’s all hope that her “day will come,” and that day will be Election Day of 2022.

On a side note, Kim Gardner, the same George Soros-backed, leftwing activist St. Louis circuit attorney who pursued the McCloskeys tooth and tong for defending themselves, is either so incompetent or so focused on political prosecutions that a judge recently accused her of abandoning her duty to public safety. He was forced to dismiss murder charges against a defendant after nobody from her office showed up in court to prosecute the case.


I'm joined by former Assistant HHS Secretary and Coronavirus Testing Czar Admiral Dr. Giroir for a frank conversation about where America stands as it relates to the Covid-19 pandemic. Listen to the new episode of the People's Podcast, only on Quake Media:


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Comments 1-10 of 26

  • Vivian long

    08/15/2021 02:45 PM

    I've been watching the news. I only watch Newsmax and America's Voice anymore.
    I've got to tell you, I cannot fathom how stupid and ignorant the left thinks we are! They are ruining our country and think we believe everything they say!
    I just heard this man say Biden is going to use more of Russia oil to help bring down gas prices. And that OPEC will help us become independent. We were already oil independent until they stole our election and started running us into the ground!!!
    When is someone going to impeach the Biden administration?? All of them needs to go! They need to be ran out of our Capital and all needs to go to jail for treason!

  • Dusty

    08/10/2021 11:09 AM

    Gov truly amazing how the lib press has tried to shut down any concept that there was any fraud in our voting the last Presidential? See two states like Ga and Az that ended up Democrats. We had ads on every 5 min for the two Democrats in Ga. BIG TECH poured in money to the state and a few Hollyweird also like Will Smith and George Clooney. WHY not their state? We got two horrible Dem Senators. WARnock is a racist against whites and Jews look on internet at the comments he has made? We had 3x the absentee of Democrat voters not sure if were citizens or not now. Questions on the machines we used new cost a lot and now not sure how well these may have worked. We now have this puppet President who is taking down our economy in just a few months. Gas rising , food prices weekly at the store and thousands crossing our borders from around the world and bringing in what diseases as we now face Covid 19 even attacking those with the vaccines? VP who helped out rioters from last summers attack on our cities? Amazing how now we have Puppet Biden and most of these attacks ended WHY? We got all kinds of Press on the killing of Floyd as black children are being killed in cities per blacks and no riots about this? WHY? What is their agenda to promote the one killing per a policeman and take down all of our police as horrible when this is not the real story at all? Who are these people now in our media and on CNN and MSNBC that I use to watch and no longer have since the 2016 Pres ? Now we get a Gov of NY who is abusive to women and he got away for years and now we have lost possibly family in NY per what he did not do in his job? VOTERS wake up and know who we are voting for and not be misled by liberals and what they try to brain wash our kids in colleges today per their politics and the BIG TECH industry billionaires off of China? That they could just boot out Conservatives off of their sites to shut down free speech WHY ASK WHY? What are they afraid of?

  • Marcel robinette

    08/09/2021 10:39 AM

    I enjoy your newsletter but truly getting tired of hearing all the talk from republicans and nothing done. They always coward to dems. This Bill they will be passing is ridiculous. The republicans that agree to it are all in the pockets with big tech and dems. I am sick of all the lies! I guess I need to go back to not listening to what’s going on because it doesn’t matter.
    So I will be unsubscribing.

  • Gary Stilwell

    08/08/2021 09:12 PM

    Two of my very close friends were just diagnosed with "Bell's" Palsy, one after getting the moderna vaccine three weeks prior, the other after getting the same vaccine 2 months prior. This condition has been confirmed to be a result(side effect) of the vaccine(s)---
    Mr. Giror is full of *%it! period.--There are too many dead people from this "safe" vaccine--

    As soon as you get to over 50 deaths, the FDA guidelines say stop--and that is regardless of any 'emergency' authorization----NONE of these 'treatments'(they are not classified as 'vaccines'), (in any way,shape or form, per the FDA standards).
    Now we have the rush to make these an "approved" treatment--so all the sheep will dutifully step up to get a useless, politically driven, scare drug, manufactured by CRIMINALS at their highest levels of Corporate governance.
    At least when the Administration's mandate to hurry-up the approval to do that,(so they can co-erce the rest of the no-vax populace, it opens the door for legal action --- if you die from this crap.--you(your heirs) can sue the FDA AND the drug mfg for damages. Can't wait to see how they bypass those laws-----

  • Donna Cornell

    08/07/2021 05:43 PM

    Again, thank you Governor Huckabee (just think, 'soon' we will have 'Sarah Huckabee Sanders' as Governor, yah!) your words are 'spot on' and delivering to Facebook!

  • Jerry

    08/07/2021 09:31 AM

    When I examine the defund movement the process is in its beginning states. No money fewer tools to do the job less training and no confidence in the mayors office the AG office or the court systems the police force know the job they are doing is being undermined by the offices that set policies for policing. Not many people in higher IQ rates are going to become police officers this is faze 2 no intelligent will work for a Lightfoot or Fox in chicago or washington DC NYC Atlanta Mlps. the mayors of those towns have the IQ of a Gecko and make the job of police work more dangerous than it already is. People in these towns elect stupid mayors the police work will suffer and in the end children will be murdered on your block where you live along with others so people elevate your IQ and know what you are getting when you fill in the little oval on the ballot or continue to have the card of the nearest funeral home.

  • Vernon Thompson

    08/06/2021 06:50 PM

    Nevada Audit Update
    From Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald on Wednesday…
    “Myself and staff from the Nevada Republican Party had the opportunity to tour the Arizona Audit and see firsthand what the process looks like. Unfortunately, in Nevada we do not have a majority in our government to call for an independent audit, as they do in Arizona.
    “So, we are monitoring the effort in Arizona and are eager to see the results of America's audit. In the meantime, we are working with legal teams both in Washington D.C. and Nevada to find legal avenues to bring an audit to the state.”
    The Chairman is correct. Unfortunately, Democrats control the governor’s office, both houses of the Legislature and all seven seats on the Clark County Commission. Our only chance is through the courts…and that, too, is a longshot.
    We’re just gonna have to beat ‘em in ‘22 by more than the margin of “cheating.

  • Katie LaVerne Bohne

    08/06/2021 04:15 PM

    You are a breath of fresh air. You are one of the few people I trust. For a long time I trusted Fox News, but found they were only wolves in Sheep's clothing. Thank you Mike. Keep on with your news letters. You are appreciated.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    08/06/2021 04:14 PM

    This is the last time I will write on this subject so here it is :

    I will NEVER accept Biden as anything but an unelected illegal White House occupation Nazi. Ditto for his idiot Ho.

    What he says I will do.
    What he opposes I will oppose.
    If he supports someone and I can vote for them I will if not I will do my best to support them.

    the best thing the GOP can do is get rid of the RINOS, and Christians and pro Lifers. Why?

    Because the RINOS are Democrats. Period. Send them back.
    And the Christians and pro Lifers want us to teach our people to be Altar boys and charm school girls while theirs are being taught to be Brown Shirts.
    We need to dump the GOP crap and get back to being the in you face bloody fingered Republicans.

    If Christians want to see a Christian worldview get out and honor the Great Commission.
    pro Lifers need to understand the Congress and Courts will never respect life.
    the Blue Reich burns down homes and businesses -- maybe we should burn down a few Abortion Mills and some of their Mansions and Town Houses.

    MAGA is the new Jew and the new Blacks.
    So be it.

    The Military are being turned into Blue Reich SS Loyalists who are just as peverted as the originals.
    the Police are becoming Blue Reich Loyalist Gestapo -- in this fake Capitol Hill "Hearing" we saw some lie and perjure themselves bare faced.

    I will waith until the 2022 Election.
    If Republicans take back the Congress and start doing business and not craping around -- cool.
    if not I AM DONE with Religion (most are Quislings anyway) and Politics.

    I will do my best to preserve what seeds of Faith and Freedom I can and when the Blue Reich falls (and it won't take long) I will help to begin the replanting of the Republic --
    if Jesus comes instead I will have something honorable to offer him and be proud of.

    One more thing : I am not getting that poison vaccine no matter how sweetly you smile.

    I love your Newsletter and am thankful for all you do.

  • Paul Kern

    08/06/2021 04:05 PM

    Well now we are a divided country under the rule of power. Our elected representatives in all three branches of government have been either threatened or bought of. I am now registering Independent. A Biblical world view tells me I should vote for the man or woman with true integrity.
    Now that Congress has rejected E-verify I undéstand the final barrier to hiring illegal aliens is gone
    Out country is turning into Red China 2.0.
    Only if God and the few believers left stand on His side do we have any hope.
    The sheeple are accepting their chains by preferring masks now!