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October 25, 2021

We don’t elect kings to lead us. We are not a monarchy, and in fact we are not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. A true democracy is rule by simple majority and every one votes on every issue. A Constitutional Republic is where we democratically elect representatives who serve on our behalf to make laws that are in line with our framing document, the Constitution. Each citizen has one vote and each individual is considered equal to every other citizen. We are considered individuals with personal liberty and personal responsibility. But our form of government has been under attack by those who want to replace it with an entirely different kind of government. A Marxist, socialist government would trade our being individuals to our being a part of a collective in which the government is to be served by its people rather than its people being served by the government. Instead of us having equal opportunity that is up to us to create prosperity, a Marxist approach diminishes the individual in deference to the state. We only matter as we bring value to the government. If we actually keep moving in that direction, it will be the end of our storied nation that empowered people from all nations, languages, religions, and economic circumstances to live freely and self-determine our future. Those who have worked hard and prospered will be penalized by the state and will have their property and their wealth confiscated. It will be redistributed to those who chose not to work, learn a valuable trade, get an education, or act as responsible stewards of their resources. And when you unfairly tear down the top and artificially raise up the bottom, the result is across the board mediocrity. It’s the equivalent of A students having points shaved off their grades and given to F students so that everyone in the class gets a C, whether one studied hard or partied hard. The incentive to work hard is destroyed, and the motivation to rise up and do better is marginalized. At that point, we become like so many nations before us who tried socialism only to see it destroy an economy, jobs, the value of capital, and creativity. Even art and architecture become bland and lifeless. Surely Americans don’t want that and will rise up against it! When I hear the left tell us that we have 10 years before climate change will turn us into greasy spots on the pavement, I want to scream to forget about climate change—we won’t last 10 years under socialism with inflationary high prices, empty shelves, lack of labor, and meaningless elections, and the only people left with a high standard of living will be those in the ruling class of government. Look around—we are rapidly becoming that. And the tone-deaf princes of power running our government have the audacity to insult us by saying that the problems of high prices for gas and groceries are only problems of the high class. It seems that the academics and people in the high perches of politics and power think you struggling to heat your home, fuel your car, put food on your table or clothes on your kids’ backs are nothing but symbols of wealth. Just when you think politicians can’t get dumber, one of them says “Hold my beer, and watch this!”

You may think you don’t want to be involved in politics, but friend, you ARE involved. You can sit back and let it happen or you stand up and take the power away from the people who hate America, but not caring really is no longer an option. If you like the direction our country is going, you don’t have to do anything but nothing. But some of us won’t give up on America without a fight. And I hope you are one of us!

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