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June 20, 2024

I try not to get too thick into the weeds on COVID stories, but like the tragic Afghanistan pullout, it’s a story the media would love for us to forget and we absolutely cannot allow that to happen.

And the COVID coverup is still going on, with Dr. Anthony Fauci being trotted out onto White House court jester Stephen Colbert’s show to mock those rightwing crazies who think he did anything wrong. Why, his critics are “politicizing science.” Not the people who perverted science to hide the truth and vastly expand government power, but the people who criticized that, including doctors who were silenced, vilified and threatened with having their licenses revoked for saying things we now know were correct.

I’m not going to take up the next three issues of the newsletter detailing all the things that are wrong with what Fauci is saying, but I will direct you to a must-read article by tech commentator James B. Meigs in Commentary magazine.

It’s a lengthy but essential recap of what happened during the pandemic, of how powerful special interests covered their backsides and vastly expanded their wealth and power at the expense of the people while punishing those who dared to blow the whistle. And guess who was at the center of it. There are many quotable passages, but I want you to read it all, so I’ll just quote the final paragraph’s summation:

“The skeptics were right. The experts were wrong. And ’Tony’s fingerprints’ are all over the cover-up.”

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