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May 13, 2021

NBC has canceled the Golden Globe Awards and some stars, including Tom Cruise, have returned their awards, until the group behind it, the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) diversifies by adding more black members – or, actually, any black members.

Since this isn’t my field, I’ll turn this one over to our pop culture guru, Pat Reeder:

“I think it’s hilarious that the sanctimonious Hollywood stars and studio execs are suddenly SHOCKED to learn that an organization of foreign showbiz flacks and hacks whose markets are 65% European are a bunch of white guys. Let me remind you that the HFPA has long been an inside joke, with rumors going back decades that awards can be swayed by free junkets, open bars, schmoozing with stars and way-below-Oscar-level swag (remember Pia Zadora?) To remain “accredited,” a member has to publish a whopping FOUR articles or photos somewhere outside the US per year, in between crashing parties and waiting tables.

They started making their awards like a party just to get stars to show up, and serving booze to loosen their tongues enough so the networks would air them in hopes of catching something juicy. Everyone knew for years what a sham this group was. The hosts even joked about it DURING the show! It was only after it became a ratings hit that anyone started treating the awards seriously, as some sort of Oscar predictors. Not only is that stupid, but now, nobody even cares about the Oscars. The ratings for both shows are down the toilet.

So ‘diversify’ or don’t, do some public moral preening by returning your useless trinkets or don’t. News flash: these awards mean nothing, and nobody cares. We only watched them to see if any celebrities would get drunk enough to blurt out something embarrassing or fall out of their low-cut gowns (that’s why they call it the Golden Globes) or do anything that might accidentally entertain us. Oh, and to hear Ricky Gervais tell egomaniacal celebrities what we really think of them. They already ‘canceled’ him, so there’s no reason to watch it anymore anyway.

If you really think the key to reversing your ratings plunge is to pretend to be social justice warriors and force the Golden Globes to be as ‘woke,’ self-righteous and humorless as the Oscars, be my guest. I have a couple of closets full of DVDs of good movies that I can be watching instead.”

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