August 13, 2020


I’ve made it pretty clear what I think about Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy and, now, the choice of Kamala Harris for the #2 slot. In case there’s any doubt, check out my monologue as a guest host on Wednesday’s INGRAHAM ANGLE.

In fact, keep watching after that, for an examination of her candidacy with guests Sara Carter and former California Rep. Darrell Issa, who shared with Harris quite a number of years of service in the California delegation.”

Sara Carter pointed out that Biden himself has intimated that, considering his age, Harris would be the one to end up running the country. And she would do it by bringing a radical agenda, Carter rightly said, pointing out what a “chameleon” she is. “She transforms herself whenever she wants, into whatever she wants.”

Just one example: Harris has actually brought up, with Don Lemon on CNN, the issue of prison inmates being able to vote. Well, I guess some would consider that fair to all the small-time dope smokers (I think about 1500) she put in prison for breaking minor drug laws when she herself has admittedly smoked marijuana.

The Green New Deal, open borders, everything on the radical left’s extensive wish list: she’s for it.

Since Issa had worked with her so long, even back when she was attorney general of California, I asked him what, specifically, about a Kamala Harris vice presidency would keep him up at night. “The fact that the President might need to be replaced,” he said. She made great speeches as the attorney general, he said, but then was “completely hopeless” in that role.

She was so bad, he went on to say, that when she ran “as a progressive” for the Senate, he endorsed and campaigned for her DEMOCRAT opponent. That was “not an easy thing to do for a seated Republican congressman,” he said, “but the fact was, we had a moderate Democrat in Loretta Sanchez by comparison.” The far-left Democrats prevailed, though, and Harris went on to the Senate.

"She will change what she says she stands for,” he said, “at the drop of a coin. But at the end of the day, this is somebody owned by the ‘progressive’ left.” He pointed out that right now, she’s backing away from some of her actions that might be perceived as pro-law and order, but “if that’s gone, she has nothing.”

We also talked about what House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said Wednesday on CNN, that the country really is moving to the left and is exactly where Biden and Harris are. Consensus: OH, NO IT ISN’T.

We really are at a crossroads, and I believe most Americans understand this.

Issa cited a statistic we’ve mentioned here: that surveys show at least 80 percent of Americans want law and order; they want to restore the law and have the same or greater police presence in their neighborhoods. That includes black neighborhoods. (Of course, this is where Harris will play “chameleon” and tout her so-called law-and-order credentials. It’s bunko.)

Be sure and watch the rest of the show if you haven’t seen it, for a great segment with Democrat pollster Doug Schoen about “warning signs” within the Democrat Party concerning the success of “The Squad” in their primary vote. The far left –- the activist, “progressive” wing –- has been quite successful, he says. But they support “policies that are out of step with the broader American electorate.” He would advise Democrats not to campaign so hard on confiscation of weapons, etc. (I didn't have time to ask him, but would that really fool anyone? I think at this point we're all wise to them and know they’d do just that, given half a chance.)

Later I discussed something with Rudy Giuliani that you might not have heard: Harris’s claim, in June of 2019, that if she were in the White House, the Justice Department would pursue “criminal charges” against President Trump. She told NPR, “I believe that they would have no choice and that they should, yes.”

Recall that Attorney General Bill Barr has made it clear he’s against using the DOJ as a political weapon and has refrained from going after Obama and Biden personally. Obviously, that would be out the window if Harris came to power. “We would be a banana republic,” Rudy told me Wednesday night. He proceeded to go into her record as a prosecutor; it’s shocking to see the extent to which she selectively applied justice and screwed up big cases. She went after “the little people,” he said. “...She is mean, and she is an incompetent lawyer, and she was an incompetent DA.”

As I said later in the show, Harris “comes into this with more baggage than Delta Airlines on Thanksgiving weekend.” Open those bags, expose her radical views on the issues and her past incompetence, and it’s clear: we do not want this person anywhere NEAR the seat of power.


How about a little (relatively) good economic news? The Labor Department reported today that 963,000 workers filed for unemployment benefits last week, the first time since March and the beginning of the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus lockdowns that they’ve fallen below 1 million.

While that’s better than economists predicted and a hopeful sign that the economy is starting to recover, there are still tens of millions of Americans collecting unemployment, more than during the Great Recession of 2009. But then, there are still state and city governments forcing businesses to stay shut down, sometimes for the most irrational of reasons (does the virus really spread in bars that serve only pretzels but not in bars with a sandwich menu?)

At least the drop is a positive indicator that the economic plunge was an artificial, government-imposed anchor dropped on what was (and fundamentally, still is) a very strong economy. Democrats are trying desperately to blame Trump for it and claim that only Joe Biden can revive it. But I believe Americans are smart enough to remember that Obama/Biden were entrusted with getting us out of the Great Recession of 2009. Their policies mostly managed to keep some of the worst parts of it going until 2017. If history is any guide, voters will have to decide whether they want to weather the economic downturn only until the virus goes away or until Biden (or Harris) leaves office.


One of the hallmarks of the Trump era has been the muckraking, back-stabbing “tell-all” book. I hate even to sully my eyeballs with this garbage, but I have no choice: I “read the news so you won’t have to,” even if it means having to research opportunistic, money-grubbing dreck that’s completely at odds with known facts.

For instance, I told you what was in Mary Trump’s recent book trashing her Uncle, the President, even though it was mostly debunked rumors (the SAT story) or second-hand hearsay from relatives who held a grudge over not inheriting enough money and who hadn’t seen The Donald in years. Naturally, that didn’t dissuade the media from giving the author tons of free publicity.

Well, this fall, we’re reportedly going to see a book that’s unflattering to Joe Biden – not a political book critiquing his policies, but a dirt-digging expose book that promises some stunning personal revelations. I don’t like even talking about stuff like this, but I have to tell you it’s coming because the media is likely to bury it deeper than nuclear waste. This book is by someone who potentially has an ax to grind, but unquestionably does know things that few other people would. The author is Jill Biden’s ex-husband, Bill Stephenson.

The National File has an exclusive preview. The splashiest and most unsavory claim is that the entire story of how Joe and Jill met on a blind date was fabricated, and they actually had known each other far longer. Stephenson alleges that he divorced Jill when he discovered she and Joe were having an affair after Joe backed into another car while driving the Corvette that Bill had given his wife (and Biden even welched on paying the $650 in damages he caused.)

But there are stunning non-personal claims as well. Stephenson was an early supporter of Biden’s political career, and he alleges that before Joe’s first Senate run, he gave $3,000 to Joe’s brother Frank to bribe a local Teamsters’ boss to make sure a newspaper that endorsed his opponent wasn’t delivered for three days, until after the polls closed. He also claims that shortly after the divorce, “Frank Biden approached Stevenson and suggested that he get out of town because he was now a liability to Joe Biden’s political career.”

Is all of this true? I have no idea. I do know that if it were about Trump, it would be front-page news, true or not. The National File has reporters already working on verifying some of the claims. But it is coming out -- unless someone manages to kill it. If so, then that will be a story in its own right. If nothing else, when you consider it alongside Joe’s long, known history of plagiarism, self-aggrandizement and outright whoppers

…it renders even more laughable the excuse by rabid anti-Trumpers like Bill Kristol that Joe Biden shouldn’t lower himself to debate someone who’s told so many lies.


Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage magazine takes a long, deep look into the Democratic Party’s ongoing purge of Jewish people.

Jewish Americans are one of the Democratic Party’s most loyal voting blocs. Republicans often wonder why they keep supporting Democrats, when the Party has turned so hostile toward Israel in recent years, and seems to have more sympathy for Palestinian terrorists who launch rockets into Israel than for the Israelis they hit.

Many analysts have tried to explain the solid Jewish support by saying that American liberal Jews tend to be Jewish in heritage only, and are more loyal to “progressive” politics than to Israel or the Jewish religion. Their avatar is Bernie Sanders, a Brooklyn Jew who is openly atheist and socialist. These voters don’t care that Donald Trump is a great ally of Israel; they feel more loyalty to the New York Times editorial page and couldn’t imagine voting for anyone other than the Democrats.

But as Greenfield makes clear, the current Democratic Party isn’t just “tough” on Israel or “sympathetic” to the Palestinians. The far-left “progressive/Democratic socialists” who are quickly taking over the Party are openly hostile to all Jews, and are systematically purging them from the Party, and the establishment is going along with it. Just as radicals like AOC and Ilhan Omar got into office by targeting incumbents in safe blue districts, they’re also using gerrymandering to insure that Jews, even in heavily Jewish areas, are broken up so they no longer comprise a majority in their districts, to deny them representation.

As Greenfield observes, New York City has the largest Jewish population in America, yet in the 117th Congress, the number of Jewish New York Representatives will have dwindled to only two. Many Jewish residents will be “represented” by radical secular leftists who are openly hostile to Israel, support groups that are murdering Jews, and are indifferent to their Jewish constituents. This isn’t true in other heavily Jewish areas such as Florida, but as the Party moves left and continues the winnowing, it soon will be.

If you’re justifiably concerned about the rising anti-Semitism in the Party (and not just from fringe voices: Omar just won her primary easily, and with full support of the Party apparatus and Nancy Pelosi), you need to read this. And if you are a Jewish voter who thinks only the Democrats can be trusted, then you really need to read this.


After a misleading story about a police shooting in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood sparked rioting and looting, some BLM protesters showed up at the police station in Englewood. But they were gone within an hour because residents confronted them and kicked them out.

One resident told the protesters, “If you ain’t from Englewood, get the (BLEEP) out of here!” He later told reporters, “We are tired of Englewood getting a black eye. Those people were opportunists…We refuse to let anybody (come) to Englewood and tear Englewood apart.”

And here’s the part of the story the mainstream media definitely won’t cover: Englewood’s population is 94% black. And they don’t even want BLM in their neighborhood. So why is everyone acting as if BLM speaks for the entire black population of America?


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  • Betty Brown

    08/15/2020 01:03 PM

    Why I think some democrats will not want to vote for Biden/Harris. If they were to win (and the math gives me a headache), but potentially how many years will it be before one of the democrats that ran against Biden and Harris can run again? How for left would our country be and would they ever be able to come back from it?

    If Trump wins, they have 4 years (for which they can prepare for) to place the democrat that they actually wanted back in the possibility of becoming president, not running against an incumbent.

  • Linda Olds

    08/15/2020 03:00 AM

    I heard from a neighbor who is a police officer that 2 friends of his went to a covid19 testing center in Florida. They were told that there was a 4-5 hour wait to be tested. They waited for a while, then went back to the person who had written down their information and said that they couldn't wait, so their names should be removed from the list.
    A few days later, both received letters from the testing facility saying that they were positive for the virus.
    No wonder the cases increase!

  • Elizabeth Honaker

    08/14/2020 11:23 PM

    Governor, are you aware of how many Pro-Biden adds are showing on your newsletter? Google is trying to screw you through a back door!

  • Anita Schenk

    08/14/2020 10:47 PM

    I submitted my comment about the Stop Republican add and scrolled back up after that and the ad is gone. It was not replaced by another ad.

  • Donald Tygart

    08/14/2020 10:39 PM

    Do you hear it? No sound from Seattle? Nothing but cover noise from Portland. St Louis is just the same. Chicago - New York equal. Seems everything is fine - and getting better? When waiting for the MSM a set of hearing protectors in unnecessary. If they can keep it this quiet thru the election date - our defining moment in the sun will become 'our refining (as in processed) moment'. Other than your voice and a very few others - the only ones who know what's actually going on - are those. who, thru no fault of their own, are 'in the middle' of it. They need someone to pay for their play period - so they need to obtain the right government. Everyone knows, including Biden, that Kamala will 'rule the roost' if / when they are in office - it's already happening to varying degrees. I do tend to agree with you - I see a close election as of now - heading for a landslide if the opposition can't control their puppets.

    'After a difficult day of looting, pillaging. and 'free hand' shopping - after the kids come home from attending the school that's no longer in session (free time?), this is the time to relax, reach into the cooler, and - grab an 'Ice Cold Coke(tm)' - or your 'Pepsi'(tm) of choice and relax until the barbeque is finished and dinner is served.' Just another happy family event, sitting in the shade, watching the 'NEW' family TV set - looking for more bargains.

  • Peter Charles Rodi

    08/14/2020 10:06 PM

    Strong article....Keep the truth coming !!!

  • Joyce Birch

    08/14/2020 05:18 PM

    My mistake on my previous email. It was The Western Journal I copied some of the Fauci article.

  • Joyce Birch

    08/14/2020 05:09 PM

    Governor, I copied some of this information from an email article WSJ web version. Is there any truth to this? It was dated 8/4/2020 or 2017 in the WSJ. Is this why the left is saying President Trump didn't do a good job with the virus & was unprepared.
    I personally think starting with closing our borders when the virus struck the US was a great thing he did. But, our protective equipment was empty, right?Could you comment on this? And where is Dr. Fauci's playground?

    Fauci's 2017 Disease Prediction Reemerges, Generates Buzz

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told a gathering of students and experts at Georgetown University Medical Center in January 2017 that the incoming Trump administration would face a “surprise outbreak” of a new disease and the United States needed to prepare for it.

    “If there’s one message that I want to leave with you today based on my experience, is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases,” Fauci said.

  • Duane Davidson

    08/14/2020 02:39 PM

    From a self-described grammar-nazi:
    1) It’s Harris’ not Harris’s, and
    2) It’s Democrat Party not Democratic Party.

  • spencer G plumley

    08/14/2020 02:30 PM

    Another great edition, Governor. I can hardly wait every day to read your news because I can always count on it being true. Thanks for your hard work. Please keep it up. Spencer Plumley.

  • Linda Carter

    08/14/2020 11:45 AM

    I can't help but wonder how service men and women feel about what's happening in their country.

  • Joyce Birch

    08/14/2020 11:32 AM

    I can't wait to read your daily newsletter, you just keep hitting the nail on the head. I wonder how many books are going to be written about President Trump after he leaves office (after his 2nd term).
    If you were running for President, you would be my choice. In fact back in 2016, you were my 2nd choice. You speak so well & very knowledgeable & faithful to your God.
    One last thought, which I've mentioned many, many, times over-President Trump can't do what he did in 2016 with the nicknames or name calling. It's not going to work this time. The country is so far-left, racist & sexist. I know he runs his own campaign, & makes his own decision & no one knows what's coming out of his mouth next. I'll vote for him again; I'm one of the deplorable's.
    My sister lives in FL. We kind of gotten into the politics yesterday, wow, she blew up, she hates Trump, & he's really do much. I said, you mean you're voting for the Biden/Harris ticket? You better listen a little more often to the the news. She works & has to listen to FOX News all day & can't stand them. I said that's your opinion, but just remember & keep in mind--DO YOU WANT YOUR FREEDOM, OR DO YOU WANT SOCIALISM? She'll listen when the time gets closer. We had to hang up, but we'll talk again. No more family politics here, I mean down in FL. The rest of us up North, are RED in a BLUE state.
    Have a nice day!

  • Gail Denham

    08/14/2020 11:31 AM

    keep the information coming, Gov. - I appreciate it so much.

  • Flora Lee Rauch

    08/14/2020 10:47 AM

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and heart! God bless you and we pray more will receive your writing in Jesus name Amen

  • Ron Besse

    08/14/2020 10:22 AM

    Gov - sometimes you remind me of Fox Muldor (sp?) 'I want to believe' on the X-Files, which was a favorite of mine. You use this term 'Americans are smart enough to ________________.' File in the blanks. I don't believe many are smart enough if you watch what is going around the country, mostly in blue states, due to the bias of MSM and others supporting the progressive narrative.

  • Darlene F. Donston

    08/14/2020 10:20 AM

    Well, I had to laugh about Issa voting for Loretta Sanchez! Because I was just saying to my husband Howard last night that It is too bad that Loretta did not win that election! lol I could not stand Loretta but she was a whole lot better than Kamala! We did not care about Loretta or her sister but then they were Democrats and we always voted Republican and still do! But Kamala is in the bottom of the dead fish barrel! Heaven help us if she and Dirty Joe Blow Biden win this election. It will be the end of America, sad to say!

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    08/14/2020 09:46 AM

    My hope is that Mike Pense will use Kamala's record, ie., sleeping her way to the top, wishy washy on many proposals depending on how they suited her career, and the fact that she lacks the ability to make an informed decision. Also that she is NOT an AFRICAN AMERICAN as she so claims.

  • Rob Johnson

    08/14/2020 09:44 AM


    It would be great if you could have your techies create links to each "article" in your newsletter so those portions of newsletter could be passed to friends...

  • William Goodwin

    08/14/2020 09:36 AM

    Agree with your comments. They are straight on. But why is Biden-Harris endorsement all over your newsletter? Have you been hacked?

  • Joseph Micheal Stonelake

    08/14/2020 09:27 AM This is more on how the Democrats wish to destroy America as well as all of President Trump's legacy and hard work to rebuild America.

  • Lisa Cook

    08/14/2020 09:26 AM

    Gov. Huckabee, you were awesome as Laura’s fill-in! I’d love to see you do that more or get your own show on Fox, although I love your show on TBN. you are a joy to watch & listen to. Thank you, God bless y’all & take care,

  • Stephen Russell

    08/14/2020 09:19 AM

    New Normal?

    Mask police?
    Random lockdowns
    Abuse of power by local govt
    Debt owed
    "Red Dawn" arrives via China & No Korea.
    Immunity card passes for internal travel
    microchipping?? 666.
    Herd the populace

  • Elizabeth VanLoozen

    08/14/2020 08:47 AM

    Blogs under above article (there are more):

    Jupiter1 comment0 votes0 followers
    Harris is not eligible to be VP as her parents were NOT US citizens. She is an anchor baby.
    The real plan is to have Biden declared incompetent, Harris ineligible and that would put Pelosi as POTUS.

    Deplorable Incisor29 comments90 votes0 followers
    Deplorable IncisorThe Hunyuck4h
    It is all orchestrated.

    America is the only thing standing in the path of globalist domination of the world.
    The left is bent on the destruction of the United States for that simple reason alone.
    If they succeed in taking the United States down, the world will belong to them.
    The globalist elites will control everything, education, media, all major corporations, you name it and they'll own it. Once they own it all there will be NOTHING to stop them from doing whatever they want. Anyone who complains will simply disappear. Some accident or double tap suicide will be blamed and those that question the authority will be lost to history as a footnote to tyranny.
    No one thinks it can happen, but it can.

    We are watching it happen in REAL TIME.
    If a culture does not respect its past, then it deserves no future.

    In America, every generation owes a debt of gratitude and honor to the previous generations, recognizing their toil and blood that raised our nation from its humble origins to its present glories. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

    That is what we are doing right now, repeating the mistakes of the past.
    This has all happened before. It didn't end well then and it won't end well this time either unless the America people rise up and make it stop. We are the only ones left who can.

  • Dale Baker

    08/14/2020 08:33 AM

    It pains me that Kamala Harris wants convicts to vote. What hurts more is that Gov. Cuomo has done just that. It's a bid to add to the Democratic vote.

  • RUSSELL Thomas

    08/14/2020 07:55 AM

    Your comment concerning AG Barr and his attitude toward Political Opponents. He does not want the office to be a 'political machine'??? We does he think is committing these crimes. They are all politicians and must be prosecuted.