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June 19, 2024

If the recent news that Israeli forces rescued four Hamas hostages who were being held in the homes of a doctor and a “journalist” didn’t crack the bubble of delusion around American pro-Palestinian protesters, I doubt this will, either, but here goes:

A new poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research shows that the goals these protesters are demanding to help the poor, innocent Palestinians are rejected by a large majority of Palestinians. Far from being helpless victims of Israeli aggression, nearly 70% of Palestinians said they support the brutal October 7th attack by Hamas on Israeli citizens. Over 60% still want the terrorist group ruling Gaza. Sixty-five percent oppose a two-state solution, even if it means the Palestinians getting a homeland (apparently, they just want to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews.) And a majority believe that the best way to achieve their goals is armed struggle, so they don’t want a ceasefire.

To sum up, a large majority of Palestinians in Gaza have no interest in any of the things being demanded by the deluded protesters blocking America’s streets in their name, and Hamas just sees them as useful idiots. It’s the one thing I’ve ever agreed with Hamas on, although I beg to differ about the “useful” part.

Related: Watch Jerry Seinfeld hilariously eviscerate a pro-Palestinian heckler at a show in Australia.

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