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December 4, 2023



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3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 NIV

Santos expelled

Friday, the House once again proved that Republicans are held to a far higher standard than Democrats, when New York Republican Rep. George Santos was expelled by a 311-114 vote, despite having not been convicted of any crimes and pleading not guilty to the charges he’s facing. This sets a worrisome new precedent because nobody has ever before been expelled from Congress even before facing trial.

As usual, the Republicans also managed to shoot themselves in the foot politically, removing one vote from their tiny majority margin and setting up a special election for a seat that will be very hard for them to hold with outside Democrat groups pouring in millions for advertising while the RNC is still trying to find the district on a map.

To be clear: Other than his right to the presumption of innocence pending trial, which I defend for everyone, I have no interest in defending Santos, who appears to be at best a wildly creative liar. But his expulsion over charges of misrepresenting his background, violating ethics rules and allegedly misusing campaign funds has sparked cries of “What about the rest of them who are no better and still in Congress?”

Are Santos’ alleged crimes really worse than charges of having hundreds of thousands of dollars of bribery cash and gold bars in your pockets and closet? That’s what Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez is accused of, and he’s still in office. He was previously charged with crimes, got off and was never forced out, certainly not before being tried. Even Sen. John Fetterman (who has proved to be a surprise thorn in the side to fellow Democrats with his staunch support of Israel and blasting of Hamas apologists) called the charges against Menendez “much more serious and sinister,” and said “if you are going to expel Santos, how can you allow somebody like Menendez to remain in the Senate?”

Or how about Rep. Jamaal Bowman, caught on video “committing insurrection” by pulling a fire alarm to disrupt a budget vote, then lying about it to police until video disproved his story? He got off with a slap-on-the-wrist misdemeanor, a move to expel him went nowhere, and the House Ethics Committee wouldn’t even look at him.

In terms of pure fabulism, even Santos can’t compete with the breathtaking lies of Adam Schiff, and Schiff spews his slanderous falsehoods straight into the Congressional Record. Then there’s Ilhan Omar and her alleged “interesting” stories about her background and her uses of campaign funds, not to mention the anti-Semitism. Speaking of which, how about national embarrassment Rashida Tlaib, who still draws a taxpayer-funded House paycheck even as she continues to slander Israel and offer support to terrorists who mass-murder Jews?

What do all of them (and more I could list) have in common? They’re Democrats, so don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone to hold them to any standards – not even the Republicans who voted to throw out George Santos.

Well, this explains an awful lot:

While walking past a church with a BBC interviewer, Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that he no longer practices religion. He said, “It seems almost like a pro forma thing that I don’t really need to do.” Instead, he’s guided by a higher authority: “my own personal ethics.”

I don’t know if I’d describe secretly funding gain of function research to develop more contagious, deadly diseases, lying about it under oath, and imposing totalitarian measures to deal with the consequences a “code of ethics,” but why don’t we let the court system decide that? In the meantime, I guess he figures he doesn’t need God because he has a graven image of himself to worship, and it even has a bobblehead. Just like the real thing.

The “existential threat” of Donald Trump

A lot of Democrat politicians, leftist pundits and hysterical Hollywood liberals are hyperventilating over the EXISTENTIAL THREAT of Donald Trump being elected President in 2024. (And of course, “Republican” Liz Cheney, too.)

Seems to me if Trump were an “existential threat,” we’d all be dead because, just to remind them, he was President before for four whole years, and we’re all still here. Most notably, they’re still here, despite their vows to leave the US if he were elected – unfulfilled promises that some of them are making again, but this time, they really mean it!

They used to claim Trump would be “worse than Hitler,” but it turned out he was Israel’s best friend and (unlike Biden) didn’t start any world wars. Besides, it turns out a lot of their base admires certain of Hitler’s policies. So now, they’re screaming that Trump will impose “fascism.”

This is rich. Not only did Trump try to reduce government power and reinstate Constitutional rights, but for the past few years, fascist tactics have been the go-to strategy of leftists, from college campuses to courtrooms to January 6th hearings to the Biden DOJ. And let’s not forget Antifa, who call themselves “anti-fascists” while acting exactly like Nazi Brownshirts, in the perfect illustration of the old rule, “If you want to know what the left is really doing, just look at what they’re accusing the right of doing.”

Here's a recommended article by Steve Levy about the absurdity of crying “fascist” over Trump while ignoring the “clinic on fascist tactics” that the Biden White House has been giving us since 2021.

A Malibu landfall

Speaking of showbiz TDS sufferers, two of the most unhinged Trump haters are Cher and Barbra Streisand. Both railed against Trump’s border wall, and Barbra even “threatened” to move to England if Biden is defeated by Trump. I guess that means they both think Biden’s border policies are just peachy. So I’d love to have seen their reaction to the news that around 1 a.m. Thursday, a boat arrived on Malibu beach and about 25 illegal immigrants piled out and ran toward land, which is where Barbra, Cher, Leo DeCaprio and other leftist celebrity pontificators have their ritzy mansions and security walls.

I assume they’re fine with Biden’s illegal immigrant invasion spilling beyond our open border up to their own beach, considering they not only voted for it, but they’ve spent a lot of money and time trying to convince us to vote for it, too. It seems odd, considering Barbra is so paranoid that she once unsuccessfully sued a photographer for invasion of privacy just for taking a photo of the entire beach that her mansion appeared in. It birthed the term “Streisand effect,” which is when efforts to censor something just draw more attention to it.

The good news for her is that her mansion has 19 bedrooms, so she can put up all of those newly-arrived illegal immigrants, plus a couple more next year after Trump wins and she moves to England.

(BTW: Just out of curiosity, since the #1 issue of the guy she backs is "climate change," how big a carbon footprint is created by a 19-bedroom mansion?)

Who could have seen this coming?!?

John Kerry scolded other nations for not making enough sacrifices to fight “climate change.” He complained, “Not everybody is doing what they promised to do.”

Wait, you mean we can’t rely on nations like China to keep their promises to destroy their own economies just because we stupidly agreed to do it first? Wow, you can’t trust ANYONE these days! I’ll bet those lying communists aren’t even giving up their private jets!

And here are some more laughs to start the week, this time of the intentional variety, courtesy of the Babylon Bee…

President Trump to be deluged with CIVIL SUITS holding him responsible for January 6

Three House Republicans went out on a limb Friday and alleged partisan motivations on the part of Special Counsel Jack Smith.  Kidding; we all know that Smith is dripping with partisan motivation.  (Note the resistance with which Smith has met attempts by Judicial Watch even to learn the identities of his team members.

In a letter to Smith, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio, and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida said, “The Committee is concerned that your unprecedented investigation and fevered prosecution of President Trump is not about any true commitment to equal justice under the law, but an (increasingly contrived) attempt to use the criminal justice system to defame the former President before the 2024 election.”

And, yes, it’s called the House OVERSIGHT Committee in part because it does have OVERSIGHT of the “Justice” Department, with the responsibility to pass legislation pertaining to the agency’s actions.  Accordingly, their letter called for Smith to turn over documents relating to his criminal prosecution of Trump.

As reported in the EPOCH TIMES, they demanded he hand over documents related to “Mr. Smith’s authority to grant immunity to witnesses and impanel a grand jury, as well as any communications that could speak to any oversight from the Department of Justice concerning Mr. Smith’s decision to indict President Trump.”

We assume they’re talking about both indictments Smith is prosecuting:  the J6 case and the classified documents case.

Committee chairs have tried twice before to get similar information, but Smith’s office didn’t respond either time.  Why would they think this letter will be different?  Other House Republicans are trying uselessly to invoke the power of the purse to to restrict Smith’s funding or salary, but that’s destined to fail as well, as Democrats control both the Senate and White House.

Still, somebody must have had fun coming up with the acronym.  It’s called the “YOU’RE FIRED” Act, short for “Yanking Outlays for an Unethical, Ruthless Enterprise that Fraudulently Impedes Robust Electoral Debate.”  Wow, that could apply to a lot of governmental activities these days, but it can’t pass and so is really just more of a statement, an example of Congress fiddling with acronyms while Rome burns.  It’s going to take a lot more than strongly-worded letters and bills to stop unethical, ruthless enterprises such as Jack Smith’s rabid prosecution.

The bill was introduced by freshman Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles and says, “The Biden Administration’s weaponization of the DOJ for personal political gain through the appointment of Jack Smith is nothing short of appalling.  In November 2022, he was tasked with taking down Biden’s biggest threat, President Donald J. Trump.  From falsified indictments to non-existent supporting ‘evidence,’ everything about the proceedings by Smith have screamed desperate.  America cannot and will not stand for that, and it’s well past time that Congress uses its power of the purse to tell Jack Smith:  you’re fired.”

All true, but nothing will come of it.


Did you see on Friday that not only has Judge Tanya Chutkan, the presiding judge in Trump’s J6 case, ruled against Trump on his “immunity” and “First Amendment” arguments, but also that a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for DC ruled unanimously that CIVIL CASES against Trump over damages relating to January 6 may proceed?  I am not kidding.  They said he was acting not in his official capacity as President but “in his personal capacity as a presidential candidate.”

As the Supreme Court has ruled (Nixon v. Fitzgerald), a President has absolute immunity from civil liability over actions taken in an official capacity, and, of course, that was the argument Trump’s legal team made before these judges.  As reported in NEWSMAX, “They assert that the actions detailed in the indictment --- including pressing state officials on the administration of elections --- cut to the core of Trump’s responsibilities as commander-in-chief.”  As reasonable as that argument seems, the judges turned it away.  They offered only that when these cases do go forward, Trump can still “try to prove” that he was acting officially.

Chief Judge Sri Srinivasan wrote: “The district court largely rejected his claim of immunity, and President Trump now appeals.  (Editorial aside:  You better believe he appeals!)  The sole issue before us is whether President Trump has demonstrated an entitlement to official-act immunity for his actions leading up to and on January 6 as alleged in the complaints.  We answer no, at least at this state of the proceedings.”

A Trump spokesperson described the ruling as “limited, narrow and procedural” and said Trump was “acting on behalf of the American people” on January 6.

Recall that three decades ago, the Supreme Court ruled that Paula Jones’ civil lawsuit against President Bill Clinton could proceed, even though he was still in office.  (Clinton was later impeached on a process crime, lying under oath, in connection with that suit.)  Their decision was quite controversial at the time, as the prospect was raised of a President being deluged with litigation while in office.

Now, the nightmare is coming true, only it’s with a former President running for re-election, with the prospect of BEING President when the lawsuits finally reach courtrooms.  If Trump is held ultimately responsible for the events of January 6 and his actions are treated the same as those of a private citizen, can you even IMAGINE the endless, crushing deluge of lawfare that will result?

At least with Paula Jones, she was suing President Clinton for something she’d alleged he personally did to HER.  With J6, litigants are trying to hold Trump responsible for everything they claim he indirectly “caused” --- violence, vandalism and psychological trauma that was actually caused by some of his “supporters.”  (I use quotation marks because we don’t know for sure that they were all supporters.)  There will be no limit to the lawfare.  This is the Democrats’ dream come true.

Already, a suit has been filed by Capitol Police officers James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby, who seek damages for physical and emotional injuries they suffered as a result of the Capitol attack.  That’s right, they’re suing TRUMP for this.  Trump, and only Trump.  A lawyer for one of the officers said, “Today’s ruling makes clear that those who endanger our democracy and the lives of those sworn to defend it will be held to account.”  On the contrary, “our democracy” is much poorer for this.

House Democrats have also filed a couple of suits against Trump (!!) One of them comes from ten House Democrats, including Reps. Jerry Nadler and Maxine Waters.  The other comes courtesy of Rep. Eric Swalwell.

These judges failed to see that President Trump’s actions leading up to and on January 6 WERE in an official capacity.  For example, he was acting in an official capacity when he offered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thousands of National Guard troops to help keep the peace that day.  And she was acting in an official capacity when she refused them.

When will we see the lawsuits against her?

Here’s today’s link to real-time updates on the war in Israel from Fox News…

Since the ceasefire ended Friday, Israel has stuck 200 more Hamas terrorist targets in Gaza. They also reported killing Haitham Khojari, commander of Hamas’ Shati Battalion, who was involved in the execution of the Oct. 7 terrorist attack in Israel. 

Around the world and even here in America, many on the left are making it clear that they side with the mass-murdering terrorists as they threaten and attack Jews on US soil. They accuse Israel of genocide, having redefined “genocide” as “When Israel fights back against monsters who try to commit genocide against Jews.”

Our rapidly-expanding Hall of Shame today inducts the anti-Semitic mob of morons in Philadelphia who vandalized a local falafel restaurant because it’s owned by a Jewish Israeli chef and accused him or the restaurant of “genocide.” Violent, hateful and stupid is no way to go through life, guys.

We’ll also make room in the Hall of Shame for the ironically-named “LoveLight Placemaking,” organizers of an art and music festival in Williamsburg, Virginia.  They canceled the December 7th Hannukah menorah-lighting ceremony by the United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula, claiming it might look like they were choosing sides in the conflict. They said they would consider rescheduling it if another ceasefire was called.

Wow, that’s a lot of anti-Semitism to unpack! First, they're holding all Jews responsible for the policies of Israel. Then, there’s canceling a Jewish religious ceremony because you disagree with the politics of Israel. And who gives them the power to "reschedule" Hanukkah? Finally, what kind of moral degenerate worries about appearing to be “choosing sides” in a conflict between a mob of murdering, torturing, raping, Jew-hating terrorists and their victims?

Maybe someone needs to clue them in that many of the victims were peacefully attending an art and music festival themselves when Hamas attacked it and murdered, tortured, raped and kidnapped them.

Our “Babe in the Woods” award winner

Our “Babe in the Woods” award goes to Biden Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who felt it necessary to warn Israel that if they go after Hamas too long and hard, they risk driving the Palestinians to side with Hamas. News flash: The Palestinians in Gaza elected Hamas as their leaders, and a poll just last month showed that about 75% of them still  support Hamas and the same number approve of the brutal slaughter of Jews on October 7th.

As a proportion of the populations of the US and Israel, October 7th was a deadlier attack than 9/11, but did we call a ceasefire a month after 9/11, or did we keep fighting for nearly 10 years until we finally put an end to Osama Bin Laden? Austin also tried to give the Israelis advice on how to handle urban warfare in the Middle East, apparently unaware that the Israelis taught us how to do that.

Instead of lecturing Israel on how to deal with attacks by terrorists, maybe the Biden White House should pay more attention to responding to attacks by terrorists on Americans, like the multiple attacks Sunday on a US Navy destroyer and several commercial ships in the Red Sea. It’s not yet confirmed but likely that the drone and missile attacks were launched by Houthi militants in Yemen. Let’s see what, if anything, our military does about it, and decide if that’s a good example for Israel to follow if they want to continue to exist.

Filed under, “I bet she got really mad about this…”

Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is running for mayor of Houston, and she put out a TV ad reminding people to vote on December 7th. Problem: early voting ends on Dec. 5th and election day is December 9th, so nobody can possibly vote on December 7th.

Let this be a warning, Houstonians, of how well your city would be run by a Mayor Lee. Also, isn’t there a meme maker who was sentenced to PRISON for tweeting joke memes that urged Hillary supporters to vote on the wrong day? Or like so many other things these days, is that only a crime when Republicans do it?

“Justice” Democrat-style:

While January 6th protesters are sent to federal prison for years, some just for taking selfies in the Capitol, a Fulton County, Georgia, judge has sentenced two far-left BLM protesters for burning down a Wendy’s while rioting in Atlanta. Under a generous plea deal, they were given five years’ probation, a $500 fine and 150 hours of community service. Oh, please! Haven't they done enough service for the community already?!


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  • Susan Votapka

    12/04/2023 10:56 PM

    Thank you for the news and your commentary. Loved it! I don’t read often but I will more now.

  • Samuel L. Smith Sr.

    12/04/2023 01:51 PM

    After reading your article on The Malibu Landfill, I got to thinking. Those on the left say seem to always say if this happen then I will do this! Yet when this happens they never do this! So I can take it they are not capable of telling the truth just lies!

  • Dave Newbry

    12/04/2023 01:23 PM

    I would think all President Trump needs to do is win the first "civil" suit and collect his legal expenses and court costs from the plaintiffs, and that would about end that BS and maybe bankrupt a few of those clowns..