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July 25, 2022



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Matthew 5:3 KJV

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The J6 committee openly defies the Constitution

“Congress was never set up to conduct criminal investigations, of any sort.”

So said Mark Levin on Sunday night, and it seems appropriate to begin our J6 update with that observation. Article 1, particularly Sec. 8, sets up a long, very specific list of powers given to Congress, such as raising taxes, borrowing money, regulating commerce, establishing “uniform rule of naturalization” and coining money. Conducting a criminal investigation is not one of them, certainly not against another branch of government, as it violates the separation of powers.

The concept of separation of powers is outlined in the Federalist Papers and is foundational to the republic. This committee talks about “our democracy” and “our Constitution,” but they don’t give a rip about either, as long as they get their way (which in this case is to get Trump).

Criminal investigations “as part of a ‘Justice’ Department or U.S. attorney’s effort to target an individual or group of individuals” are beyond their scope. Congressional hearings are supposed to have a legislative purpose. So, without even getting into the “outrageous makeup” of the J6 committee, he says, this committee's entire enterprise is unconstitutional. And Levin, a constitutional scholar, finds it very troubling that “there’s not a single judge in Washington DC...who has reached that conclusion.”

Levin points out something that’s increasingly obvious: that the left wants chaos, not the balance that comes from having three separate but equal branches. “They want to control it all,” he says. That would explain why they want to pack the Supreme Court with “like-minded ideologues” who’ll legislate, and why they want to rule through executive orders and by controlling the massive bureaucracy “that’s not even present in our Constitution.”

But the legal analysts on TV (“'former' this, 'former' that"), for the most part sit there and play along with this illegitimate committee. They don’t recognize that Congress isn’t supposed to be doing this at all. And when the committee is done, the transcripts of all its interviews, compelled by subpoena, with no defense and no cross-examination, will be turned over to the ‘Justice’ Department and the U.S. attorney’s office to be used against those individuals and, of course, Trump.

That’s not the way it’s supposed to work when those subpoenas are issued as part of a real investigation out of the U.S. attorney’s office. But here, if an individual such as Steve Bannon, say, or Peter Navarro doesn’t want to cooperate with their sham committee –- set up in violation of their own House rules, I would add –- it’s the pokey for them. At the same time, Nancy Pelosi, whose role was key in the events of January 6 but who personally appointed the committee members who would be investigating it (!!!), is completely immune from scrutiny. If only we had a COVID vaccine that offered immunity like that!

A few days ago we had a question from a reader about the timeline for January 6, relative to the so-called “187 minutes” Trump allegedly stalled before responding to the riot. We’ve addressed this in a previous edition of the newsletter, but Levin discussed it Sunday as well. He also made a great point: that there are still leftists who haven’t condemned the attempt on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s life, not to mention all the violent Antifa attacks in DC and other major cities, and almost certainly never will.

Another good point made by Levin: If Trump had really wanted an insurrection, his video wouldn’t have been the appeal for law and order that it was, but an appeal for his supporters to come to the Capitol, armed. He also would have called for assistance from the military. He would have declared martial law. He would have fired top officials at the DOJ. But he never did any of the things that some have suggested he might do to hold onto power. He didn’t even appoint a special counsel to look into the 2020 election, which I think is something that really does need to happen.

“I can only imagine,” Levin said, “every one of these reprobates on this committee, if we could have access to their iPhones, their texts, their emails, their documents, their staffs, their family members, I’m sure we’d find sleaze all over the place, ‘cause most of them are not exactly Daniel Webster...Thomas Jefferson...’Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’”

After eight public hearings, two in prime time, what have we learned? Actually, from what we did NOT hear, we’ve learned that Trump had no direct role in what happened that day. We know that if he had, they would have presented evidence to that effect. Conversely, since they had none to offer, we know he DIDN’T. Seems to me, all they can do is read their own opinions and lies off the teleprompter and try to make him look bad.

Still, keep in mind Levin’s warning: “They’re talking about the 14th Amendment. This committee is basically the point of the spear, a front operation for the Attorney General of the United States and the U.S. attorney, both of whom are politically partisan and corrupt in that sense.” The goal –- the obsession –- is to get Trump indicted. If they can say he committed insurrection or rebellion against the U.S., they can argue he’s prevented under the 14th Amendment from holding elected office again.

Levin made this same point on Thursday’s HANNNITY show.

We have to fight back and call this what it is, Levin reiterated on Sunday. “I don’t go along with the mob,” Levin says. “And the mob is in control right now now.”
One thing about this mob --- it knows there's going to be major pushback in November.  We have to be prepared for the reaction.  “...Democrats have lost the plot,” said Ben Domenech, co-founder and publisher of THE FEDERALIST, on Levin’s show. “They’re doing all these things desperately, trying to hold onto power, trying to use it to the ‘nth’ degree before they get pushed out this November, and it’s almost a last gasp for ‘Boomer [leftists]’ who believe that they’ve had a charted path toward the future and are now infuriated to find that there are some Americans who don’t want to go that same way.”

Domenech says that the reason anti-capitalists have to attack and undermine founders such as Jefferson, Washington and Madison so viciously is that “they want to establish themselves as the new people on those pillars.” Mostly they want to be the ones deciding who gets what. Remember that next time you see a historic statue being pulled down. To be worshiped, they have to eradicate anything that was previously worshiped.

Derek Hunter at TOWNHALL has a great opinion piece that elaborates on Democrats’ strategy, saying “no lie they’ve told comes close to the ones they’er casually tossing around regarding January 6th.” Actually, I might say the outrageous stories about Trump being an agent of Vladimir Putin –- which would be treason if they were true –- are on par with their lies about January 6. Lying is just what they do.

Still, Hunter is right about how disgusting these particular lies are. In all his outspokenness, he speaks for us, too. This is a must-read, although, if you’ve been reading my newsletter, you’ll recognize the sentiments as familiar.

The lies just seem to get worse and worse. In this last hearing on Thursday, Chairman Bennie Thompson actually referred to the “armed and violent mob savagely beating and killing law enforcement officers.” That was an absolute lie, but as Hunter points out, not one member of the legacy media has called it out. We do know of people there who WERE savagely beaten --- one woman died --- but those were harmless, unarmed Trump supporters who were simply carried along in the crowd.

“Why would they lie when the truth is so easily accessible?” Hunter asks rhetorically. We know the answer: “Because they know those dumb enough to fall for their scripted propaganda aren’t going to look for it and the media sure as hell won’t bring it up, either.”

The Student Action Summit

Over the weekend, there was a major conservative event in Tampa, Florida, as Turning Point USA held its Student Action Summit. Here’s a round-up of some of the news from it: has info and clips on former President Trump’s speech and more, including a TPUSA straw poll showing that if Trump runs in 2024, he would have the support of an overwhelming 78.7% of attendees. DeSantis was second with 19%, and nobody else really even registered.

In what appears to be the most obvious leftist moron false flag attempt ever, some “fascists” waving Nazi flags showed up outside, trying to smear Republicans and Gov. Ron DeSantis. Only the most biased leftist media figures actually pretended to believe this bad kabuki theater. At least they’ve learned their lesson since the “tiki torch” attempt at a smear job: this time they wore masks so they couldn’t be identified online.

Of course, there were also plenty of leftist protesters outside who weren’t pretending to be Republican Nazis. They were just the usual good little leftist fascists. Sen. Ted Cruz had a message for them that I won’t repeat here, but I’ll link to it with a “bad language” warning.


Related: The New York Post editors surprised many readers with an overheated op-ed that took the debunked claims of the January 6th Kommittee seriously and declared Trump “unfit” to be President. The writer Streiff at responds, pointing out that 2016 was called the “Flight 93 election” because the voters rebelled and refused to let the people who claimed to be in charge crash the country. Now, if anything, the need to reverse course is even more urgent, and “we know the guy we’re putting in the pilot’s seat is someone we know can land the plane, and he’s being opposed by people because they don’t like his style.

This time around, I don’t see people opting for the havoc Biden has unleashed just to avoid “mean tweets.”

FYI to the Post: The London Daily Mail ran what I assume is meant to be a scare piece about how if Trump becomes President again, he’ll fire up to 50,000 “public servants” and gut the federal government (or as some might call it, the out-of-control Deep State.) I don’t think they were prepared for the almost unanimous responses in the comments along the lines of “Well, it’s a start” and “Now, I’m definitely going to vote for Trump!” These people in the liberal political/media bubble are like the anti-Sally Field. They just don’t realize that people hate them, they really hate them.


A tragic toll

The Democrats’ subverting of the justice system to persecute Trump supporters isn’t just a Constitutional abomination, it also is taking a tragic toll on Americans who are caught in their rabid partisan crosshairs. Like gas field well service technician Mark R. Aungst, 47, of South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. On January 6th, 2021, he followed the crowd into the Capitol, took some photos and video, and left. He didn’t steal or damage anything or attack any police officers. But for over a year, he was hounded by federal authorities while being attacked and vilified on social media, his life turned upside down.

He was charged with “demonstrating or parading in a restricted building,” the kind of offense that leftist protesters commit all the time with no consequences, or that Stephen Colbert staffers commit with impunity. At most, it should carry maybe a $50 fine. He offered to perform 50 hours of community service. The feds refused, and Aungst was facing punishment of up to six months in a federal prison and a $5000 fine.

We’ll never know what he would have gotten, though, because he’s committed suicide. He leaves behind a grieving mother, siblings and daughter. This marks the third suicide of January 6th defendants pushed to the breaking point by the Democrats’ weaponized prosecutions and rabid political vendettas.

Washington Times columnist and podcaster Tim Young put it well: “I hope Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are super proud of themselves.”

Again, November can’t come fast enough, and in January, I want to see the new Congress launch real investigations of the people who really should be under investigation.   




Here’s more on what I told you last week about the White House’s efforts to get ahead of expected bad economic news by trying to convince Americans to redefine the word “recession.”

If you’re wondering why they’re so frantic to convince you that “recession” doesn’t mean recession anymore, Rick Moran at PJ Media has more.

As he explains, the White House is bracing for a series of economic reports to hit this week, most of them likely to be not just merely bad, but really quite sincerely bad. Politico compares them to a “Category 5 storm.” It begins Tuesday with the new consumer confidence numbers, which will be followed on Wednesday by a Fed decision on interest rates, then second quarter economic growth numbers on Thursday, and the latest consumer price inflation numbers on Friday. Yikes!

So if President Biden stays locked away in quarantine through Saturday, don’t be too alarmed. It might not be because of COVID.


Party preference

I haven’t checked in on the polls in a while, but suffice to say that the Democrats' hopes that they could overcome public outrage over $5 gas, empty shelves, runaway inflation, rampant crime and open borders by going ballistic over not being able to kill babies up through the ninth month of pregnancy are not going well. As I predicted, most voters aren’t on board with that, and the few that are already live in solid blue states where abortion laws won’t change at all, unless it’s to get even more heartless.

Meanwhile, as Nick Arama at reports, the latest round-up of generic Congressional party preference polls of likely voters shows that the Democrats are currently about as popular as heat rash.

Trafalgar shows voters prefer Republicans by 8 points, and the new Rasmussen poll shows the GOP with a double-digit lead of 10 points (49-39%), which is up two points in a week. That’s with a Rasmussen poll sample that reflects a Democratic advantage of two points over Republicans (35-33%.) The poll sample was 32% Independents, and they prefer Republicans by a margin of 17 points (44-27%.)

It’s encouraging news for the GOP and for America, but as I often warn people, don’t let polls taken months before an election make you complacent. A lot can happen before November, so keep working like cattle dogs right up until Election Day (and to be on the safe side, for at least a week after) to make sure the Republican vote turns out, the system is fair and secure, there are plenty of Republicans watching the ballot boxes and ballot counters like hawks, and every LEGAL vote is counted.  

For all the bull leavings the Democrats sling about Republicans wanting to “suppress the vote,” I’m fine with everyone voting…just legally, and only one time. Every fraudulent vote doesn’t just cheat the system, it deprives some legal voter of the most basic right to have a say in his or her government. Vote fraud doesn’t just steal power from the losing politician or Party, it steals it from the voters.


Al Gore the climate change zealot

We all know that Al Gore is a zealot about “climate change.” Not so much of a zealot that he gives up flying around to climate conferences or taking SUV limos to speaking appearances or living in a huge house that uses far more power than the average American he preaches to. But a zealot, nonetheless. How else could he think something so shocking and offensive as to compare people who disagree with his zealotry about the climate to the cops who let a shooter murder children in Uvalde, much less believe it’s a good idea to say it out loud?




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  • Jerry

    07/26/2022 09:07 AM

    I wonder if my State's population is going to turn out and reelect the Democrats that hold important voting positions in the Federal Government. The last election I observed the voters and by looking at them I knew Trump didn't have much of a chance. Now that Family budgets are a main concern, gun rights , upheaval of an already crime infested society, is still on the rise our farm era working at a no profit for their product because the fuel prices are so high will consider making a change in the people making or supporting todays America destroying policies time will tell I am hopeful the Democrat or Independent has a few operating brain cells that America is sinking as a shining beacon on the Hill where thus the American go when America is no more???????????

  • Jerry

    07/26/2022 07:45 AM

    Today reflection is on the Base ball’s Hall of Fame the inductions of the few players I relate to brings wonderful memories as a younger man when I supported Major League Baseball I had watched almost all of the inducted from the ball parks of metropolitan stadium to the metro dome and target field from being an awestruck boy to a man that loved the talents of a major league ball player today I barley recognized the HOF ceremony as baseball took on a ugly stance backing BLM and other racist movements I have not been back for a few years now I doubt I will I do honor the induction of the players to the HOF and still hold a high regard to most of them in the Hall today,having visited the Hall memory instantly comes to life as a beautiful part of my early life as baseball is beautiful

  • Judy Radley

    07/25/2022 07:53 PM

    It also seems that the Democrats aren't only for killing babies, but also encourage suicides! How many people are committing suicide so much so that now there are more PSA's, Public Service Announcements, for Mental Health Services which is almost on every major TV network Media commercials! We used to see all the 'get a Covid shot', or 'Don't drink and drive', or 'Drink Responsibly' and now there are alcohol commercials at 9 am, for hard liquor, and oh, let's not forget all the 'Gambling on sports is the way for 'Do Your Bet Life' ads when sports teams are playing, to encourage gambling.....! See, Democrats are the ones who discourage any moral behavior in exchange for personal ruination for people to fall into the derelict behaviors of addiction and criminals! What other 'cultures' are for suicides? The Chinese, Europeans like in Amsterdam who think tolerance of illegal & immoral behavior (i.e. prostitution, hard drug abuse, human trafficking, child sexual abuse by LGBT++, humans having sex with animals behavior, etc.) sick! sick! sick!), is better than law-enforcement, which is totally uncivilized thinking, the ISIS Muslims, like the ones who caused 9-11!
    This is how I see things that the Democrats, Far-Left, Liberals, anti-Americans in the U.S.A., are like,
    Democrats don't care an iota about civilized behavior in society, they only want uncivilized inhumane treatment of decent and morally good people, for them to attack and bully. They (the Democrats) are the worst bullies in society, and they enjoy being evil and inhumane to the most innocent and good parts of society. They are truly 'Satan's Soldiers'! Look at the term democrats, 'Demo' as in demons, and '-rats' as in rodents that spread disease and death, seems to sum up what the Democrats are most proud about. The Democrats have no morals and are truly 'sick-in-the-head' drunk on evil-doing, corruption, and power by corrupt means. A psychologist calls people like that, psychopaths and narcissists. The Democrats seem to lack self-awareness that they are all those things, but make everyone else (not Democrats) think they are nuts and not them. The Grand Manipulators should be the real name of Democrats, as they manipulate people into believing that their lies (the Democrats' lies) are the truth! See, Democrats want everyone (but themselves) to think they are the ones insane and not the perpetrators of the insanity, which are the Democrats! It seems like when people feel like we are already in hell or purgatory, it is because of the immoral and corruption those in power, who abuse their power, and over-reach their authority have corrupted any good feelings decent Americans had, thanks to the evils the anti-American Democrats have reeked on our once Great Land, that God created for Christians and those who left other nations because they were persecuted for their faith beliefs that were not in line with the totalitarian and socialists and communists dictatorship. Now we have to re-fight for our rights against one of the most corrupted regimes, the Biden Crime Family, MSM, High Tech, and those things that were never a problem before the corrupted politicians got their grubby hands on it!

    Finally, maybe since the majority of those who are anti-American are also atheist or think faith is some kind of superstition or fantasy, they have no moral compass to know that the only reason they are alive, is because 1) they weren't aborted, 2) that God has a plan for them, a choice that God gave them to either follow him or reject him, 3) they have no moral compass to know what is the difference between right and wrong, according to God's teachings, NOT a government's dictates! That God is above all government power, above all human power, and above all science, technology, journalism, party affiliation, etc., power. God is the Creator of everything, and if you don't have faith in him through Jesus Christ, you will not be saved when the end is here. So, those with no moral compass, don't realize that they won't live for ever, and that they WILL be accountable to everything they did while they were alive. And yes, there is a place where evil reigns, it is not just in today's world, but in hell once you die, and there will be NO escape from it for eternity. Whatever they think they hate today, while they are alive, is only a sampling of what they will be cast into for eternity once they die. Only until they repent, will their future and death be sealed in misery, forever. Christians believe in faith that once our time on Earth is over, and we physically die, our eternal home will be better than it is now, but we do not believe in killing ourselves or others who are innocent, as in an innocent child who is still in the womb, to hurry our death to live in eternity with God. God chooses when we are born, and when we die, only God knows, as He is the creator of our plan.

  • James Evart

    07/25/2022 06:58 PM

    Gore is a hypocrite.
    Mike, you are a good man and try always to be modest in your denunciation and judgements, (well, almost always), you are genuinely funny, exercise good discretion/ judgement and are a devoutly honorable Christian man from my remote observation, God only knows all of our hearts, so anyone's judgement is truly futile. I respect and admire you and your family, so, why not take off the gloves and call abortion what it actually is, ..........MURDER?
    President Reagan once said something like, "I have noticed that those who are for abortion have already been born.". Please quit tip-toing around these godless, irrational and irresponsible zombies who have no respect for life or the Giver of it.


  • Carmine Fea

    07/25/2022 06:52 PM

    I am repeating, the Jan. 6 trespass was caused by the incompetence of the capitol security people and the capitol security plan. Capitol security people have resigned because of it. It makes no sense whatsoever for the Jan. 6 committee to try to blame Trump and his advisers for capitol security incompetence. The Jan. 6 committee has no peoples' business reason to exist or to continue. Although writing a better capitol security plan to assure such a capitol trespass never happens again might be helpful.

  • Judy McGlothlin

    07/25/2022 04:45 PM

    You say that Democrats are trying to prevent President Trump from becoming President again....because they don't like his "style". If by style you mean that he refuses to stoop to their level and cheat at everything for their own advantage, then you are right. But if by style you meant his gruff exchanges, etc. then no, that is what the Democrats are using against him.

  • Paul Kern

    07/25/2022 04:23 PM

    I see the R Me C pulling out all the stops to support RINOs and never Trumpers. At this I can only see myself staying neutral on in my state of Washington the Left takes and remarks ballots. I only know God must intervene. Just so few true believers left and most religious leaders compromised

  • stephen russell

    07/25/2022 04:14 PM

    EVs: Online U can find celebs who drive EVs A-Z
    Never saw Gores name listed or other Eco celebs.
    Yet they "lecture" US on energy

  • Judie Adey

    07/25/2022 03:40 PM

    While it looks like a huge majority hate the Democrats and their policies, we've seen that they're completely desperate (just look at the 2020 election) hold onto and gain more power. You may have see the report of the Michigan election, in which the results were announced 1 week BEFORE the actual election. It's just one example of how low they can and will go.

  • Vernon Thompson

    07/25/2022 02:12 PM

    You would be doing the nation a service if you would identify the stunning successes of one Al Gore's Global Warming predictions. At the moment all we are going to hear is nonsense about Man-Made Climate Change and all the freedoms that the public must give up to fix a problem they cannot even prove exists. Like everything else we see these days it is all about power and control and there are no boundaries.
    BTW It would be nice to see the names of the clowns (besides AOC and Bernie) who predict our demise in a specific number of years and some of their so-called research.