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October 9, 2023



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New claim

The media is making much of a new claim that former President Trump verbally shared classified information about US nuclear submarines with an Australian billionaire. But there seems to be less to it than meets the eye, as this story at explains.

Another aspect of it that’s not getting much attention is that these alleged conversations took place when Trump was President and had absolute authority to declassify anything he wanted. This should have nothing to do with the documents case Jack Smith is pressing. So why is it suddenly appearing now, if not for the purpose of tainting the jury pool against Trump, as if that’s even necessary in a DC court?

To me, the bigger issue is: why was this information leaked, and who on the prosecutor’s staff is going to be indicted for it? After all, I thought illegal sharing of confidential information was the most serious offense possible, and should result in multiple felony charges. I’m eagerly waiting to see those charges filed against Smith and his team for leaking evidence to the media.

Prosecutors told to look for more evidence helpful to Powell’s case

The judge in Fulton County, Georgia, DA Fanni Willis’ ridiculous RICO case issued a ruling that could be favorable for attorney Sydney Powell. She is accused of several felonies such as conspiracy to commit election fraud and conspiracy to commit computer trespass for allegedly accessing voting machines in Coffee County to see if they were tampered with. Powell denies involvement and claims that county election officials authorized the examination of the machines. You know, like people do who have nothing to hide (they’ve been indicted, too, by the way.)

Powell’s attorneys moved for the case against her to be dismissed after they dug through the 5 terabytes (!) of data dumped on them by Willis and found election board emails that discuss a “written invitation” to inspect the machines. That would be known as “exculpatory evidence,” or evidence that the defendant isn’t guilty, which prosecutors are required to share with the defense. No wonder Willis wanted to dump a mountain of data on the defense and rush to trial before they could read it all.

The judge ruled that he doesn’t have the power to dismiss the charges on those grounds. But as the Epoch Times reports (and few other outlets will), he did order the prosecutors to look for more evidence helpful to Powell’s case and warned that if it later turns out they were holding back exculpatory evidence, it could undermine their case. I’d say that if there’s evidence proving the defendant’s innocence and they hid it, it should not only obliterate their case, it should result in firings and prosecutions of the prosecutors.

The Wars of Yom Kippur

By Colonel Ken Allard

Our minister began the service this morning this morning by leading the congregation in an emotional prayer for “the peace of Jerusalem,” exactly as Psalm 122 mandates. “May all who love this city prosper. O Jerusalem may there be peace within your walls.” Why talk about peace after the savage surprise attack by Hamas? With exquisite cruelty, the Hamas outrage began not only on Shabbat, the Israeli Sabbath, but also on the 50th anniversary of Yom Kippur.

Inevitably, I remembered another Yom Kippur, this one in 1973 when TV was black, white, grainy and often hours or days behind events. Back then, I was a young intelligence officer, deployed close to the heavily militarized border between east and west Germany. Guard towers, minefields, and razor-wire obstacles (supposedly vetted by East German Olympians) marked the death zones. But our greatest concerns were carefully concealed in wood-lines just east of the border region: multiple armored divisions and mobile artillery (lots of it) belonging to the Group of Soviet Forces, Germany. Although their normal wartime mission was to split NATO forces and make a run for the English Channel, in October 1973, they were watching closely to see how American forces would reinforce their Israeli allies.

On that other Yom Kippur, Israel had been badly surprised when they were attacked across the Suez Canal by Egyptian forces; meanwhile, heavily reinforced Syrian armies were attacking across the Golan Heights to threaten the Jewish state from south to north. Because both Arab armies had been armed and supplied by the Soviets, Israel experienced intense electronic warfare as well as the first wide-spread use of precision-guided munitions. These Soviet-based technological advances suddenly seemed capable of offsetting the traditional Israeli advantages in sophisticated battlefield equipment and innovative leadership. Worse yet, the new technologies created logistical nightmares as both sides learned new principles of war: “What can be seen can be hit; and what can be hit can be killed” (often on the first shot). With their client-states as aggressors, the Soviets watched gleefully: How would the US Army react to our first ‘real war’ since Vietnam?

After 50 years of hindsight, I am still astounded by how effective that reaction turned out to be. US logistics were turned upside down as critical equipment meant to deter the Russians was quickly stripped, packed and shipped to Israel. Armor and artillery went by sea from Bremerhaven while ammunition and spare parts flew on giant transports taking off from every US outpost. Although President Nixon had only begun to deal with the Watergate issues that would eventually drive him from office, his leadership under fire insured that Israel would never question the US security commitment. As Israeli forces were smoothly re-equipped, the tide of battle turned as well; daring Israeli counter-attacks in the Sinai and the Golan suddenly threw back Egyptian and Syrian armies. When those counter-attacks threatened Cairo and Damascus, the Russians mobilized their airborne forces to intervene directly; but that threat was countered when the US promptly took its forces to DEFCON 3. Before the crisis finally de-escalated, US and Soviet forces in several theaters stood muzzle-to-muzzle, another Cuban Missile Crisis though never acknowledged as such.  

What does this brief historical review suggest about the current Yom Kippur War? 

  • The same Chinese symbol stands for both “crisis and “opportunity” – highlighting the synergy of time and boldness in retaliating effectively. No matter how grievous earlier provocations, Israel has long and bitter experience having its freedom of action curtailed by diplomatic second-guessing. So strike now and strike hard!

  • For now, don’t waste precious time now worrying about intelligence failures. Leave all that to future punditry on MSNBC/CNN while taking advantage of the opportunities that any crisis brings. But do not repeat the American experience by failing to purge the intelligence bureaucracy.

  • The most important priority for Israel is not a cease-fire but striking hard body-blows, first at Hamas but even more importantly at Iran, the war’s architect and engineer. Above all, destroy the uninterrupted terrorist logistics of both Hamas (south) and Hezbollah (north) even if it means seizing and holding territory.

  • Finally, both the Biden White House and the alleged Republican leadership in Congress need to pull their socks up, using support for Israel to re-build bipartisanship. The current confusion can be glimpsed as American naval forces move closer to Israel. While that deployment may delight sailors anticipating future port-calls, if the Pentagon hopes to influence regional events, then promptly re-deploy those ships to locations that more directly threaten Iran.  Why else are they there?

COL (Ret.) Ken Allard is former draftee who became a West Point professor, Dean of the National War College and NBC News military analyst.

Where is U.S. counterterrorism analyst Jade Parker?

There appears to be a mystery concerning the whereabouts of an exceedingly sharp, credentialed U.S. counterterrorism analyst who had tweeted shortly before disappearing that she thought she might have identified the RNC/DNC pipe bomber and his “network” from January 6, 2021.  According to a report in REVOLVER, she has vanished.  This is all we know so far.  Maybe she’ll see this new story and pop up out of nowhere, saying, “Hey, guys, I’m fine!  I was just working undercover!”  Maybe not.

The story at the link offers video of her and some details that are known about what she was working on, involving some very dark, fringy groups.  She had said she didn’t see January 6 as an insurrection.  Rather, she said, it was “a provocation to get people to believe --- and the people on the ground, too --- to believe they’re part of a revolution.  But also, more important than that, to get everyone else to believe there’s an impending civil war.”

FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin said that “there’s no reason why we should not have run this person into the ground and found out who it was.  And that person should have been charged.  The only reasonable thing I can think of is:  Somebody doesn’t want that person to be found, and the most likely reason is that person is or was a federal source for some agency at some point.”

Parker’s social media accounts have gone dark, her colleagues didn’t respond to emails, and she herself could not be reached.  Where is she, and what would she tell us about the pipe bomber, three years after the bombs were found?

Well-deserved ridicule

It was bad enough that rabid anti-Trump New York Attorney General Letitia James is prosecuting Trump for allegedly overvaluing properties that she’s wildly undervalued. But when she decided to try to turn her ludicrous undervaluations into an Internet meme, she was just asking for the well-deserved ridicule she got.

In a related story, after Trump called James a “corrupt attorney general” who is prosecuting him as “a political stunt, a fundraising stunt,” James resorted to playing the victim card. She claimed she’s prosecuting him because “I will not sit idly by and allow anyone to subvert the law.” She declared his criticism of her to be “offensive” and “baseless” and “comments that unfortunately fomented violence, comments that I would describe as race-baiting, comments unfortunately that appeal to the bottom of our humanity,” and she declared, “I will not be bullied.”

So to recap: she’s ignoring a historic violent crime wave to try to drive a political opponent into bankruptcy, which is her way of holding everyone equally accountable under the law. For her to run for election on a promise to “get Trump,” then stretch the law like saltwater taffy to do it, is NOT bullying, but him criticizing her for doing that is. Also, it’s racist to criticize her for abusing her power. I mean, just look at how nice Trump is when he talks about white male special counsel Jack Smith.

Those claims are like Joe Biden’s German shepherd: not only will that dog not hunt, I hope it eventually bites her in the rear.

Terrible Story

As you all know, I love dogs. So this story makes my blood boil so much that I will have to restrain myself while relaying it.

After the Bidens' German shepherd Commander was removed from the White House for repeatedly biting staffers and Secret Service agents (it was just revealed that there were more incidents and some more severe than previously reported), Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all files related to the First Family’s dogs.

Since this is the second time this has happened (the Bidens’ previous dog Major was also removed for attacking people), Judicial Watch suspects a pattern that might have more to do with the owners than the dogs. They also claim that an unnamed source told them that Joe Biden mistreats his dogs and he has punched and kicked them.

Okay, that was where I had to stop writing and count slowly to 10. To me, that is such an unconscionable, beyond-the-pale thing to do that I’m going to try not to believe it until there’s more evidence. Although it is hard to believe that Joe Biden just happened to get two vicious dogs in a row by random chance. I will try to wait until this is confirmed or debunked before saying more, other than I’m glad Commander is out of the White House and that he will hopefully be placed in a loving home and the biting will cease.

But I will say this: Biden’s record is horrible on everything from energy to border security to freedom to taxes to foreign policy to the economy. Still, that might not prevent him from being reelected. But if it’s proven that he’s one of those stereotypical liberals who “weeps for the masses and kicks the dog,” then he’s toast. Americans will put up with a lot from politicians, but mistreating dogs is the ultimate deal-killer.

Code Pink demonstrators arrested

About a dozen leftwing protesters from the feminist group Code Pink were arrested for trespassing in Sen. Bernie Sanders’ office and holding up signs quoting his own previous statements expressing reservations about funding Ukraine’s defense against Russia.

I assume that their intrusion into this sacred citadel of “our democracy” in an attempt to distract Sanders from conducting government business will be branded “insurrection,” and the Biden DOJ will throw them into solitary until it decides what to charge them with that will put them in prison for 20 years. No?...

FYI: Code Pink pointed out that one of the protesters who was arrested was an 89-year-old woman. Normally, people might find that outrageous, but tell it to the pro-life grandmothers who are facing 11 years in federal prison for praying outside of an abortion clinic.

A Hallmark of the Left

I’ve written about this before, but one of the hallmarks of the left is that whenever one of their claims is proven false, it never goes away. They just stop making it for a while until people forget it was debunked, or a new crop of young people who don’t know any better come along, then they haul it out of mothballs and use it again. I guess they figure it’s been long enough, so suddenly, they’re once again trumpeting one of their favorite falsehoods, only this time with a fresh racial twist: instead of misleadingly claiming that women make only 92 cents on the dollar of what men make, they’re now claiming that Latina women make only 52 cents on the dollar of what white males make.

This has been long debunked by studies showing that if you account for people being in the same jobs with the same education, seniority and experience levels, the so-called pay gaps virtually disappear. They would have to, because pay discrimination has been illegal for years. And logically, if employers could hire equally qualified Latina women for 52 cents on the dollar of what they paid white males, they’d hire nothing but Latina women.

It makes no sense on any level, but they assume that people who vote Democrat do a lot of “feeling” and very little thinking. At least the good news is that they’re finally saying “Latina” again so maybe they’ve given up on trying to make “Latinx” a thing. Whoever came up with that should be paid 52 cents on the dollar.

Elvis Chan should be held in contempt of Congress; when might that happen?

In an update on Elvis Chan’s no-show before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Republicans ready to charge him with contempt will have to wait until a new speaker is installed.

The subpoenaed senior agent from the San Francisco FBI office didn’t show up for the interview that had been scheduled for 10 AM.  He hadn’t been in touch, and no one knew where to find him.  As far as we know, they still don’t.

And, yes, it’s time to move on contempt charges at this point, after Chan missed one voluntary interview and two depositions for which subpoenas had been issued.  But this would take a floor vote, and since Kevin McCarthy was ousted as Speaker and the seat is officially vacated, no business at all can be brought to the floor right now.  A vote for new Speaker might be held as early as next Wednesday; let’s hope members can come to a decision right away.

Members of the Judiciary Committee could go ahead and vote to hold him in contempt if they so choose.  If that is done, the issue will be brought to a full floor vote after they have a Speaker.

But then, there’s a likely hitch:  After the full floor vote, the case is referred guessed it...the ‘Justice’ Department.  Our question:  what are Congress’ options if the DOJ ignores their referral?

According to a report in the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, the committee does have one:  suing Chan for failure to appear.  Chan has some questions to answer, notably concerning his earlier testimony, from Missouri v. Biden, about his involvement in speaking with social media companies before the 2020 election about the Hunter Biden laptop being “Russian disinformation.”  It conflicts with what was later learned about this.

At any rate, our understanding is that the committees are still able to continue as usual, but the full Congress is in a holding pattern --- on this and everything else --- until a new Speaker is chosen.

PLEASE, Kamala, let us in on the joke

Maybe Vice President Kamala Harris’s insane cackling is like a “tell” in poker; she can’t stop laughing when she knows what she’s saying is such an outrageous lie that nobody is buying it.  Or she truly is going insane; after all, who WOULDN’T be a candidate for a rubber room after three years of trying to speak for the current political insanity.  (Karine Jean-Pierre, you have been warned.)

Or --- the most popular explanation --- she’s using alcohol to maintain a pleasant level of inebriation during these absurd times, or perhaps has been experimenting with peyote or hallucinogenic mushrooms or some new kind of happy pills still awaiting approval by the FDA.  Actually, it’s not too far a stretch to suspect everybody at the White House is on one drug or another, not just whoever that baggie of cocaine was for.

Of the various theories, the “drunk” hypothesis got a little boost yesterday from her latest weird descent into madness, during which she slurred her words and convulsed with more of her trademark inappropriate laughter.  Here she is in St. Louis, Missouri, speaking at a state Democratic Party event.

“Is it any wonder that Democrats wake up in cold sweats just thinking about her having to be the 2024 nominee?” asked Bonchie at REDSTATE.   “She’s so terrible that they would rather prop up a man who is clearly senile rather than give her a shot.”  (Well, for now they are; Kamala won’t be the nominee, but neither will Biden.)

In her defense, you or I might dissolve into hysterical laughter, too, if we had to try to sell the idea that “Bidenomics” is “popular.”  But then, we’d never try to sell such a monumentally absurd lie.

RIP Dick Butkus

I’m sad to have to report that legendary Chicago Bears linebacker and NFL Hall of Famer Dick Butkus has died at 80. He passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home in Malibu.

Butkus’ imposing size and fierce playing style earned him the nickname “The Enforcer.” Over nine seasons with the Bears from 1965 to 1973, he earned eight Pro Bowls and five first-team All-Pro selections, and he made both the 1960s and 1970s Hall of Fame teams. After a knee injury ended his playing career, he went on to become a sportscaster, actor (his most popular movie was “The Longest Yard” with Burt Reynolds) and a champion for former players. His foundation created the Dick Butkus Award for community service and the “I Play Clean” campaign against steroids in sports.

His family issued a statement saying that they and his wife Helen appreciate your prayers and support. They certainly have ours.

Democrats’ strategy of ‘little choke points’--- we see it over and over

“Have you observed that the Democrats have one key strategy...a system...that’s frickin’ awesome?”  This question was posed by DILBERT cartoonist and bestselling author Scott Adams on the Saturday edition of his podcast, “Coffee With Scott Adams.”

“...They make sure that [any one] of their entities or groups anywhere, whether it’s locally or international, has somebody that’s one of their loyalists in charge.  So they just make sure there’s, you know, one of their loyalists that’s trying hard for one of those jobs, and there are a lot of people in the Democrat Party toward the top who have Ivy League educations and great resumes, so it’s a whole bunch of people who can get top jobs in a lot of different places.  So they make sure THEIR people are in top jobs in the most critical places.  Such as local prosecutors, DAs.

“They’ve figured out these little ‘choke points’ where if they have Democrats in those offices, they can rule the world.”

Of course, Adams was simply reiterating something we all knew about the strategy of the Democrats --- which we would add also reveals which people should get fired first when that party is thankfully out of power.  But he was using this point as a lead-in to talk about a specific story:  President Biden’s nomination of Hampton Dellinger, one of Hunter’s old work colleagues at the law firm of Boies Schiller Flexner LLP to lead the Office of the Special Counsel (OSC), which is nominally in charge of protecting whistleblowers, not to mention investigating the Executive Branch HAHAHAHAHA.  The firm even represented Burisma Holdings, the corrupt Ukrainian energy company that paid Hunter a reported $83,000 a month to sit on their executive board.

We brought you the story of that nomination last week.  As the DAILY CALLER reports, “Dellinger and Hunter Biden overlapped at [Boies] when the younger Biden recruited the firm to represent Ukrainian energy company Burisma in spring 2014, according to emails on the younger Biden’s abandoned laptop archive.”  This is a very good summary, highly recommended if you need to get up to speed.

Anyway, Scott just laughed ruefully and said, “Is there anything else to say about that?...Somebody who worked with Hunter Biden is gonna be in charge of making sure the whistleblowers are all treated well.”

“...It’s almost --- it’s beyond ridiculous.”

“...I feel like the entire system is just this, times a million,” he went on.  It’s just putting your friends in places where they can protect your other friends.  That seems to be the entire play, and it works.”

He went on to say that as far as he knew, the Republicans had nothing like this.  And they don’t.


Did you know the IRS had considered pressing felony charges for Hunter’s withdrawal of almost $40,000 from daughter Maisy’s college savings plan, just as she was nearing graduation from high school, and failure to include this on his 2019 tax return?  That apparently didn’t fly with the DOJ.

Hunter apparently spent the money not on business-related expenses as claimed, but in large portion on “expenditure relating to illicit substances and adult entertainment,” according to the NEW YORK POST.  In other words, he paid his drug dealer and engaged prostitutes.  He also paid for a webcam service.  With his daughter’s college fund. This was disclosed to the House Ways and Means Committee by IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler.

According to his testimony, close to $13,000 from his daughter’s college savings that Hunter claimed as business deductions were actually personal distributions spent on drugs and hookers.

Fortunately for Hunter’s daughter, she still graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a fine arts degree.

Not pre-law?  Oh, well, judging from Hunter’s success, she might very well do better as an artist.

The very day after Hunter’s business partner Devon Archer received his first payment of $80,000 for being on the board of Burisma Holdings --- but before Hunter was voted onto the board --- Archer met with then-VP Joe Biden and Hunter at the White House.

Archer described the meeting last July when he testified before the House Oversight Committee, and emails from Hunter’s laptop (confirmed 100 percent his) and Obama White House visitor logs confirm that it took place in the West Wing on April 16, 2014.  Archer had gotten his Burisma money on April 15.

When pressed on what transpired during the White House meeting, Archer’s response is really pretty hilarious.  “I think we have video that was, like, on Twitter, but basically we were talking about his papier-mache White House project for second or third grade,” he testified.  “And then Hunter joined us for some portion, I think the formal White House portion of that.”

According to one of Hunter’s emails, Hunter and Archer had a call with Burisma and law firm Boies Schiller Flexner LLP two days after the White House meeting.   

A memo from IRS lead-agent-turned-whistleblower Gary Shapley alleges that officials from the FBI and DOJ were “openly mocking” congressional investigators into the Hunter Biden tax and gun-related felonies.

Shapley wrote, “The FBI is a participating agency that is forcing decisions upon IRS-CI [Criminal Investigation] even though the only viable charges are tax charges [the domain of the IRS].  The assigned AUSA [Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf does not allow dissenting opinion without verbal admonishment.”

Here’s some background on Wolf…

In May 2021, Shapley wrote another memo laying out potential campaign finance criminal violations and how they had been allegedly ignored by Wolf.  As you know, they’ve also accused her of holding up search warrants and tipping off Hunter’s defense team to a planned “surprise” interview, which subsequently did not take place.  Wolf is the official we really want to see deposed in light of what whistleblowers have testified.  And by the time Congress gets her there for a public hearing, they’ll have had plenty of time to get their questions ready…

Meanwhile, Hunter’s defense team has adopted the classic “that-was-then-this-is-now” approach.  Having embraced the addiction defense for much of Hunter’s behavior, such as the tax evasion and prostitutes, they’re now trying to dispense with the gun charges by saying he had miraculously JUST GOTTEN SOBER in time to sign that federal form and buy a gun in late 2018.

The problem, as Jonathan Turley has pointed out, is that Hunter’s book discusses how his addiction continued into his father’s presidential campaign and required an intervention by his family.  Hunter said he remained an addict in 2019.

And in 2019, Hunter was also receiving huge money transfers from Chinese sources, including those two wire transfers totaling $260,000 that were sent to then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s house.  Just a few months later, in October, Hunter denied the receipt of even one cent from China.  If his attorneys wanted to say that falsehood was just the drugs talking, that will be difficult now, because if Hunter wasn’t on drugs then, it makes Hunter’s denial, in Turley’s words, “a dead-cold sober lie.”

So, was Hunter an addict or not when he bought that gun?  He can’t have it both ways, but that’s what his defense attorneys are aiming for.  (To be fair, defense attorneys often do this.)  “Sobriety is now Hunter’s final line of defense,” Turley says.  Hunter’s attorneys want the date of October 18, 2018, to be seen as Hunter’s “moment of sobriety” so that he can be seen as telling the truth about not being addicted to drugs when he filled out that form.  Yet his drug addiction has been enthusiastically used, especially in the media, to defend him against other behavior.  This is called “having your cake and eating it, too.”  Or, in Hunter’s case, “Having your coke…”

This is when defense attorneys are lucky to be in one of those little “choke points” with a judge who lets them get away with anything.  (We don’t yet know that this will be the case.)  Hunter’s trial is likely to start sometimes in ‘24, or, as ABC NEWS put it, “while his father is campaigning for re-election.”  As if President Biden will be actively campaigning for anything.

One of Hunter’s attorneys, Richard Jones, has withdrawn from the case.  No reason given.

Best for last:  here’s attorney Abbe Lowell on why Hunter is facing charges: “President Trump and his MAGA allies” have forced “the Justice Department to ignore the law and deviate from its policies in cases like this one.”  You can’t make this up --- it’s Trump’s fault!


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    Have you ever noticed that all of the Biden clan is dysfunctional in some aspect? Joe can't even control his dogs even with training. Look at all his relatives and you can see how they've made the wrong choices in their lives and are still making the wrong choices. It's no wonder they are considered the Biden crime family. They are above the law but hopefully that will change soon.

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    The left has fine tuned the art of insanity. Saying the same the thing over and over again!

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    Yom Kippur 50 year War:
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