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January 11, 2023

Biden finally responded to the news that there were mishandled classified documents from his VP tenure in the office of a Biden-associated think tank in DC. But if you thought he was going to provide an actual explanation for how they got there, then you don’t know Joe.

Also, according to CNN (surprisingly), we now know that some of those documents include intelligence memos and briefings dealing with the UK, Iran and (wait for it)…Ukraine.

I’d suggest that we should investigate Joe’s (and Hunter’s) dealings with Ukraine, but I don’t want anyone impeaching me.

Finally, while Biden accused Trump of being “irresponsible” in the handling of documents (even though Trump’s documents were under lock and key with armed guards at his home while Biden’s were reportedly in an unguarded think tank closet), the next question is: Was there anyone in this Administration who wasn’t within easy reach of those unsecured classified documents? )

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  • Lester Holley

    01/15/2023 10:16 PM

    Those documents for VP Biden were declassified by P. Obama because he needed some paper to draw on and color.

  • Anne Doran

    01/15/2023 06:43 PM

    This just shows Bidens contempt and arrogance towards security for the US. There are supposed to be procedures for anyone who reads Classified material, where are the forms that are to be filled out and signed, and procedures for when the person leaves and returns said documents. Where is all that paperwork there should be files to track.

  • Ed Thompson

    01/15/2023 03:56 PM

    Given the fact that in the eight years under Obama’s administration Joe pretty much was nothing but a jester for everyone, so why was he even in possession of these classified materials?I suspect Obama was as deeply mixed up in Hunter Biden’s dealings as Joe was. And please tell me when the raids are going to happen, you know, like some news media members were told where they needed to be when Donald Trumps place was turned inside out by the FBI. Oh yes I remember, they were out shopping and just happened to be driving by and saw all the commotion going on! Ya.

  • Eugene Frazier

    01/15/2023 03:24 PM

    I have been personally responsible for 100's of classified documents (including SCI) at all levels as I worked & supported the DOD & Intel agencies over my 40 year professional career. In addition at time I served as the Security Officer for companies or programs responsible for the audit of secre documents and equipment. I am tired of listening to all the "happy talk" about Biden and excuses being made around his security breach. Here is the bottom line that is not being discussed.
    1. Biden alone is responsible for the safeguard and storage of classified documents.
    2. Biden alone is responsible for the Chain of Custody of any "SCI" document
    3. Any "SCI" document MUST be read & stored in a SCIF Facility or transported to another SCIF Facility via Courier protocol.
    4. Biden has committed a felony under the current statutory regulations and laws
    5. His security clearance must be revoked until an investigation is complete.
    6. He should spend time in prison at FT. Leavenworth. There are plenty of precedent for this statement.
    Note: I personally know of two people who worked for me overseas who did not handle classified documents properly who returned, were prosecuted, spent 6 months in prison, and lost their clearances for life. Neither were as severe as Biden's fiasco.

    Equal Justice under the Law is mandatory. It is time the media tells the core facts facts and demand justice.


  • Carol J Mathews

    01/15/2023 03:23 PM

    As some have mentioned including you Gov., the Dems are through with Biden. He has served his purpose and now they are ready to kick him to the curb. You know that is true when you read the headlines that Adam Shift has said that the papers need to be scrutinized for national security when he would have normally given a dozen excuses for the papers being in Biden's posession and played down the topic. He is on his way down. Now to watch and see what more comes about to discredit Kamala, even more than her already shown incompentance, so she can also be kicked to the curb and hold on to your hats as to who they come up with. If she can be talked into it and leave her custiony life, Michelle O is their only winner but if not, most of the rest mentioned have enough baggage to beat if we have the right candidate. Some believe that O is running the show now and has been.

  • Tom Hill

    01/15/2023 02:04 PM

    What University has Biden's Senate papers and has the FBI searched those files?


    01/15/2023 01:19 PM

    To my understand the Vice President has NO authority to remove and have in their possession ANY classified documents. You only hear that on Fox which means that the fake news media is again keeping important information from the general public.
    It just wants to make you jump up and down and spit doesn't it?

  • Johnny Kay

    01/15/2023 12:49 PM

    I suggest that if the government and the corporate media are promoting the Biden Documents Affair -- and not ignoring it like they ignored the Twitter Files and the voluminous evidence of fraud in the 2020 and 2022 elections -- that is because, in some way not entirely clear to us now, it advances the agenda of the international corporate elite.

    Everything is theater.

  • Cindy Tyler

    01/15/2023 12:44 PM

    It is past time for the Biden Crime Family to pay for what they have done to our country. Our elected officials must act now or be voted out. It is sickening what the fake news is doing and they must somehow be brought to justice too. Propaganda will destroy our nation.

  • Leonard Hoffman

    01/15/2023 12:14 PM

    The libs knew that Trump could and would, Help America. Attack to divert suspicious conservatives from accepting Trump. This impeachment of President Trump has shown the weaknesses of the GOP. The GOP has enough evidence to convict, but no one willing to make the move. Now with the Biden mishandling of docs, Put the shoe on the other foot. Is anyone willing???