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January 7, 2021

January 7, 2021   

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Welcome but unsurprising news
  • Larry Correia asks an excellent question
  • Good commentary
  • Progressives are pressuring Breyer
  • Focus Group-Tested Word Alert
  • Good news for the people of California
  • The Squad gets a promotion
  • Excellent article
  • Mike Pence's praiseworthy speech


Mike Huckabee

Welcome but unsurprising news

By Mike Huckabee

Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones announced that he’s switching parties from Democrat to Republican. He said the GOP desperately needs leaders who know how to fight, and after fighting back against the outrage mobs that came after him for daring to say Trump’s policies helped black Americans, he proved he’s one of those.

Sen. Joe Manchin, are you listening?

Larry Correia asks an excellent question

By Mike Huckabee

You might remember Larry Correia as the accountant-turned-novelist whose blog surveyed other forensic accountants, insurance investigators and other fraud experts on their opinion of the 2020 presidential election (the consensus was that if they saw that many red flags in any private business, they’d launch an investigation.)

He has another excellent piece out that asks a simple question that our government leaders might have a hard time answering: Why does the government have thousands of auditors across multiple agencies whose sole job is to examine us with a fine tooth comb to insure we’re following the rules, because they can’t take our word for it…but if we have questions about how they run elections, we’re supposed to accept whatever excuses they give us as the truth, then shut up and go away without looking for ourselves?

Good commentary

By Mike Huckabee

This is a good commentary from about what happened in Washington Wednesday and how it’s the sad but inevitable result of a long series of bad decisions, many of them by people who are now trying to claim a moral high ground that they have no right to.

Progressives are pressuring Breyer

By Mike Huckabee

“Progressives” who are still smarting over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s refusal to retire while Obama was in office are already pressuring liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, 82, to retire so that Joe Biden can replace him with “a young, black woman.” Their claim to be anti-racist would be more convincing if they’d offered a name instead.

Focus Group-Tested Word Alert

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve noticed that anyone who points out that the same Democrats who supported violent leftist protesters who attacked federal buildings are now condemning violent rightwing protesters who attack federal buildings is being accused of “whataboutism.” For those unfamiliar with this word, it’s a made-up term that means “Stop pointing out my hypocrisy.”

Good news for the people of California

By Mike Huckabee

The petition to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom just reached 1 million signatures. They still need nearly half a million more before March 10 to trigger a special election. I have a feeling that won’t be a problem, since people can sign the petition from their homes, and thanks to Newsom, they’ll probably be stuck there with nothing else to do until at least March 10.

The Squad Gets A Promotion

By Mike Huckabee

If you’re wondering what the radical “Squad” members got in exchange for voting for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, we’ll now have to contend with them being on powerful committees that have direct effect on our lives. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez immediately made it clear that she considers the Democrats’ miniscule majority in the House and tie vote in the Senate to be a mandate to cram a lot of ruinous radical left policies down an unwilling nation’s throat. Yes, this will end well.

Excellent article

By Mike Huckabee

Excellent article from the Federalist (published before Wednesday’s Congressional upheaval), debunking the media outlets that think they’ve “debunked” the notion that there was anything untrustworthy about the November election.

Mike Pence's praiseworthy speech

By Mike Huckabee

When Congress reconvened after yesterday’s shutdown, Vice President Mike Pence made a speech that’s getting praise from both sides. There’s a full transcript here.



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  • Michael W Ricciardelli

    01/09/2021 08:25 PM

    Mike, I must say I am at a cross roads. I did something I have not done in a long time, I watched CSPAN coverage of both the house and senate debates late into the evening on January 6. I heard representative after representative repeatedly state that "There was no evidence of voter fraud" even though approximately 60 lawsuits were filed. I am a subscriber to the Epoch Times and I read your newsletter. I have also watched a variety of other videos, mostly from Youtube that claimed to purport voter fraud. I have become disenfranchised, disappointed, and wondering "now what" when it comes to fighting for Conservative Values. I am a supporter of Tom Fitton, The Convention of States movement and will continue to speak out to my friends and family about conservative principles. My question to you is... what can be done to get the truth properly investigated that is not already being done? I am beginning to question what is the truth. Whether that is what you publish, The Epoch Times or other outlets.

  • Nitha K. Vos

    01/08/2021 04:56 PM

    The IRS knows exactly how much money individuals made in any given year. Employers and a multitude of companies (banks, etc) are required to submit this information to the IRS. So, why do we have to file returns. Just have the IRS tell us what we made and how much we owe. I know this sounds simplistic, but I really think it could work out. We spend way too much time and money preparing our taxes each year and we pay way too many "auditors" and other IRS employees to check it all. Seems like a total waste to me.

  • Wendy Storm

    01/08/2021 12:35 PM

    I cannot help but to feel absolutely furious over this election! Exactly what now can we do to have any kind of voice??? I want to know the negative consequences of supporting A Convention of States (if there are any). And how can we push term limits & line item vetos??? This government has demonstrated their total lack of judgement in the latest stimulus bill. It was criminal & a total in your face attitude of okay you can oppose us, but we can do what we want to do regardless of what the citizens of this country want. I’ve never seen a more blatant abuse of power! And I am furious!

  • Sophea Chhe

    01/08/2021 11:12 AM

    Any speech that is praised by the Left, is a fake speech that takes the knee to them. It’s not a unity or truth speech. Pence backstabbed president Trump and every Patriot around the world. He should clearly know that if Biden wins, the following will never be investigated and the criminals will continue to win:
    1. Hunter Biden laptop & his sleazeballs connections
    2. Election fraud will continue
    3. Fake impeachment of President Trump will disappear and all the crooks: clintons, Obama’s, Pelosi and others get away with ruining so many lives and wasting taxpayers money.
    4. Stopped the pork spendings
    5. Peace deals will vaporize: Middle East & North Korea
    6. Wars will start again: in Middle East and Russia
    7. US will bend over so China can beat the crap out of the US in trades, economy, Wall Street and south seas.
    8. Biden will enter the crappy Peace accord.
    9. Biden will pass the new green deal so appease the scumbag squad.
    10. Obamacare will continue to financially kill Americans.

  • Doug Moon

    01/08/2021 11:07 AM

    Regarding Vice President Pence's "speech": first, that was more like a comment than a speech; second, the only thing that it accomplished was to reiterate what the left, the media and the deep state has been insisting all along--there is nothing to see here, just a rag tag group of Trump crazies unwilling to accept the truth that this was a free and fair election, that justice was served, America Wins!, so shut up, put your face diaper back on and stay home until we tell you its ok to go back to work. I am sorry, but I had hoped for more. Even though Pence disagreed with President Trump on what action he had the Constitutional right to take, he at the very least had an opportunity, a bully pulpit if you will, to speak out against the blatant corruption and fraud that occurred this past November(and continued right through this week). He could have made a point of saying that even though his hands were tied legally(as he evidently felt), that certifying this election was a bitter pill that he had to choke down. He could have pointed out that the courts and Congress's own failure to act responsibly was a direct precipitator to the irresponsible actions of people who felt betrayed, frustrated and angry enough to act out without thinking about the consequences of their actions. He could have pled with Congress to take this time and halt this double time march to oblivion long enough to consider the claims against this election.
    THAT would have been a speech. It wouldn't have made everybody feel good, but it would have been remembered a whole lot longer than the "I'm ok, you're ok, why can't we all get along" COMMENT that he made.

  • Janice Graham

    01/08/2021 10:02 AM

    Mike, last night Flash Point on Victory showed videos of police leading in a caravan of busses, opening the gate and posing for camera crews. IT WAS NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!!!!!!

  • Mike Clanton

    01/08/2021 10:01 AM

    There is nothing Praiseworthy about Pence. Even in the military the lowest private does not have to carry out the illegal orders of the highest General. Nothing, including the constitution compelled Mike Pence to count or in any way accept illegal ballots and then make himself complicit in a crime to pass off fraudulent ballots knowing what he knows. Of all the people who have betrayed Trump and many more joined those ranks on Jan 6th and the 7th, Mike Pence physically moved his name to the top of the list. He is a traitor and criminal and it may take time, but he will get his deserved award from his father the devil!

  • Carol Dolan Reynolds

    01/08/2021 09:58 AM

    Can no one fight this double standard???? This summers riots were one hundred times worse than January 6..

  • Donna delaney

    01/08/2021 09:56 AM

    I do appreciate Pences comments. But if this had been 2016 they would not have comeback to certify Trump. They had to comeback and certify Biden! They would have crawled into the chamber to do that

  • Carol Dolan Reynolds

    01/08/2021 09:55 AM

    How can the little people be heard?? You all say ,”by your vote”. That is incorrect if the votes are fraudulent. There is no way out for us!!

  • Chris

    01/08/2021 09:51 AM

    Mike Pence is a traitor to the American people just like 3/4 of all Congress. Mike Pence didnt do a damn thing for the America people. It's ok to burn, loot, kill but dont go to the doors to the Capitol?? Hypocrites!!! BLM/Antifa get free passes but Patriots get charged with crimes?? I'm fully disgusted with my government and ALL in Congress. No one is for the people so we will make our own party

  • Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger

    01/08/2021 08:49 AM

    "Why does the government have thousands of auditors..."

    Because the point is to control us, not them.


    01/08/2021 08:47 AM



    01/08/2021 08:45 AM

    Tell me, Mike, how can this country allow a thief who stole an election sit in the Oval Office? Mike, do you think if the Republicans had hacked and rigged an election that the Democrats would let that stand. No, they would have gone on and on until those involved were in prison. Tell me how you think letting the Democrats steal an election and nothing being done about it helps the Constitution and the Republic. In my opinion, our country will be destroyed because China will now take us over. Take a look, they have China Joe who has been taking money from them for years. Do you think they won't honestly use that and run him like a pimp? And no I am not a robot. I am a fed up American who had their vote stolen. So why bother to vote anymore? The one and only thing I agree with Hitler on is it is not who votes but who counts the vote that matters.

  • Jim Simpson

    01/07/2021 11:29 PM

    PRAY PEOPLE: We are watching the events in the destruction of the USA from within. Our enemies seek to “divide and conqueror.” Those diligent ones calling for investigations into the election fiasco of 2020, and preservation of our freedoms are called, “sore losers,” “no fraud here” among much worse. Democrat party members and RINO’s can’t handle the truth, because they are complicit and guilty. There is tons of evidence and testimony of the election fraud in swing states. This ridiculous injustice to American voters will result in the loss of all freedoms and slavery to the elites in this country. Heaven forbid not a civil war. There is no way that the protestors in D.C. were part of the mayhem in the capitol. The rioters were placed inside the protestors and we suspect they were planted (by the Swamp) to create the mayhem and riot. Look at all the rallies that were held without incident throughout the U.S. Where and when is the justice department(s) going to do their job? Get out of your offices and get to the bottom of this. It’s your job. Its what you are sworn and pay to do.

    Why is it when you go to vote there is a sign stating to offer money to someone to vote is a felony? Why isn’t it a felony for outside agencies to send in over a half billion dollars to influence voting in Georgia and the U.S.? You can’t tell me pockets weren’t stuffed with that much money. We have now allowed the election of radical people who are intent on the total destruction of our God given rights and privileges of life, liberty and the pursuant of happiness. They are bragging about this boldly to the biased American media.

    Almighty God has a total view of this mayhem. He has clearly said, “ a house divided can not stand.” Our founders placed God at the pinnacle of importance of this country. I have seen the removal of God from schools and any locations where factions complain. The Ten Commandments are in the hall of Supreme Court, but you can’t have them displayed anywhere else or someone is offended. There is now clearly two different levels of justice in this country. What hypocrisy!

    Souls from the grave and (the maimed bodies of the living) are crying out to this government and radical forces in it. “What have you done to America?” “You swore to defend and protect the United States of America from enemies foreign and domestic, so help you God,” they say. ” What have you done to the U.S. Constitution we fought so hard to hold?” You are despicable group of people to be pitied and shamed. To you in government who have sold out this country may your corruption and shame be forever your epitaph, “nothing will be hidden.”

    We have become worshipers of idols. We worship the political parties, sports teams, movie idols, military power, cars, houses, planes, boats, money, power (unrestrained) and many others. We worship with our time, money, effort and talent instead of God. What is the first commandment? “You shall have no other God.” Is there any wonder this country is dying rapidly?

    The U.S. has become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Don’t believe it check out the medias, murders, rape stealing, lying, blackmail . How about 60,000 abortions a year of God’s little children? Now we have aborted our election laws and Constitution what is left? What is sacred? Today you better start humbly and earnestly praying --every day-- God will intervene or you will find you are living in the United States of Socialism and Anarchy. You won’t like it when the radicals come and take your children because you are trying to subvert them. You will have “no standing.”

    PRAY for God’s forgiveness grace and healing of our country. This is our only hope.
    2 Chronicles 7:14.

    Jim a Proud American Veteran

  • William Fuhrer

    01/07/2021 08:55 PM

    THUGS or MARXISTS The summer rioters were called THUGS, but Black Lives Matter identify themselves as MARXISTS. Some say there are 2 BLACK LIVES MATTER. Cuomo says it is just fine for Black Lives Matter to act as anarchists. Do you have any clarification

  • Sandra Blake

    01/07/2021 08:28 PM

    thank you for giving us the news that the liberal media omits. and I respect your opinions, also!

  • Kathleen Humphreys

    01/07/2021 08:27 PM

    I respectfully disagree with Vice President Pence’s statement “Violence never wins. Freedom wins.” Not today!

  • Marian E. Jacoby

    01/07/2021 08:10 PM

    Mike Pence maintains he couldn't constitutionally do anything more that he did. His lawyers took a narrow view and ignored the opposite, logical view presented by Trump's lawyers. Meanwhile, Pence approved the results of a stolen election. Is that also what the constitution allows? These weren't LEGAL election votes by the American people. Again, didn't that also matter to respected, Christian Mike Pence? All Trump was asking is to have a fair analysis of the election results. Now, I will never vote for Pence again, because he lacks good judgment. To the American public many didn't like Trump's personality. Pence was the opposite of Trump - a decent but robotic personality. Remove their personalities, and Trump got things done. We need more Trumps, and fewer politicians like turncoat Pence, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, etc.. While everyone was traumatized when the Capitol was attacked, where were most Congressmen when small businesses were burned to the ground over the past 6 months? My loyalty to Trump is 10 x greater after this travesty of justice. Except for a few Congressmen like classy Matt Gaetz, may the rest retire yesterday.

  • Carl T Smith

    01/07/2021 07:57 PM

    Viewing as many sites as I do one thing is apparent. When you change with the Political winds you truly are NOT in the game for WE the People.

  • Jerry

    01/07/2021 07:29 PM

    As Big social media outlets start banning free speech and mother and Father Brother and Sister and other nouns verbs are extracted from the dictionary how is Socialism starting to look to ya America? Oh this just the continuence in the erosion of the bill of Rights come Jan 20 that erosion is going on powerful steroids buckle up and get ready to shut up brought to you by the CCP for Congress. Better obey America Beto will be looking for ya Obama will be looking for ya don't let em catch ya carrying a Bible lots more coming your way America. California stay locked up Newsom is watching from his favorite Restaurant.

  • Jerry

    01/07/2021 07:09 PM

    I will probably be silenced for wanting to question the the elections authentic process I question the china virus's counting and its testing, I question who really climbed the Capital walls and raised all that havoc I would like to know who killed that woman on the Capital steps facial recognition should be readily available I question if the 2 lunatic elected from Georgia will follow the Constitution or will they be like John Roberts of the Supreme Court the oath use to mean something it seems Congress lets it be abused and violated like our "Justice System" oath why bother no one is held accountable when they violate it. Wild WILD America!!

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/07/2021 06:49 PM

    Upon reading some of the comments...of the 500 comments that were submitted in response to your last night's evening message...I was shocked at those comments that accused you of being a "traitor" by taking the "moral high ground!" In response, I ask, BY your taking the "moral high ground", who were you being accused of being a traitor TO? Trump or Jesus Christ?

    Interestingly, it was because OF my very love FOR Trump that the comment I submitted, also to your last night's evening edition, was authored by MY taking this same kind of "moral high ground"...And, again, interestingly, despite the fact that there WERE as many AS 500 comments that were posted, mine was NOT one of them!

    AND, because in the past, I discovered that, when one of my comments was NOT submitted in one newsletter, it WAS submitted in the following one, I decided to resubmit my comment BELOW:

    Mike, if you recognize my name because, for this past year, I have submitted so many comments, then, perhaps, you will know the many times I have stated what is my AGAPE love for President Trump...and I always clarified THAT my love FOR him WAS Christ's...AGAPE brand because, by definition, AGAPE
    love is, simply, "the desire for the loved one's ultimate best" ...which is WHY Christ's (agape) love LOVES the sinner, and HATES the sinner's sin because one cannot sin and not suffer the consequences OF sin which works counter TO the loved one's ultimate best.

    AND, because AGAPE love IS Christ's love it is unconditional...and BECAUSE it is unconditional it loves EVERYONE...even one's "enemy"...and because human love is incapable OF loving one's enemies is why Jesus said, "by their 'fruit' (OF agape love) you will KNOW them".....(know who is My disciple...who is truly "born again").....See, one can know all ABOUT Jesus and, yet, not BE "born again"....And since Jesus said, "unless a man BE 'born again ' he cannot inherit the kingdom of God", one's AGAPE love FOR someone first, and foremost, desires that the loved one BE born again because there is no greater "ultimate best" THAN one's spending all of eternity WITH Christ, IN the "kingdom of God" known as "heaven" !...Since one's EARTHLY life is but a snap of the fingers compared TO one's ETERNAL life, how can there be any doubt, in anyone's mind, THAT, first and foremost, one's AGAPE love CARES more about the loved one's ETERNAL destiny than he does his EARTHLY destiny....ya know like Trump winning an earthly political election...what good would it have been for Trump, personally, to have "won" spending four more years in the White House, if he winds up spending all of eternity in hell.....

    Mike, if I were God there would BE no hell because I cannot bare the thought of ANYONE spending all of eternity in hell, but neither could God which is WHY He sent His Son to give us a chance to CHOOSE one's eternal destiny...BY being "born again" from above ....and what He chose would be the PROOF that one IS born again, is whether or not one CAN love as He loves because one CANNOT love as He loves unless one IS born again....And because when one is able TO love one's enemies, when one IS born again...(because, concomitantly, he becomes a vessel OF Christ's love) WHY Christ commanded we who claim to BE a born again Christian TO love our enemies!!!!!......THEREFORE...I WILL SAY IT AGAIN...

    When, last year, at the National Prayer Breakfast, after Arthur Brooks stated that, because Christ commanded us TO love our enemies, THE only answer to unifying this country was to answer HATRED with LOVE, and President Trump's response TO Arthur (to JESUS) was to tell him (HIM) he did not agree with him was when I knew that Trump was NOT born again....and, UPON my knowing that, my AGAPE love for Trump, personally, cared more about his ETERNAL destiny than I did about his POLITICAL destiny.....HOWEVER, that did not NEGATE the fact OF my caring about his political destiny because I knew that his political destiny was now contingent UPON his blindness TO his eternal destiny!....WHICH IS WHY....

    When I learned OF this National Prayer Breakfast saga it CONFIRMED the written material I presented to Mark Harris, on Sunday, February 2nd (the Sunday he first stepped behind a church pulpit again), where I stated that God was about to bring judgment down on this country (and this was BEFORE I'd even heard about the coronavirus)....and the REASON I say that the National Prayer Breakfast saga CONFIRMED my posture OF the fact of God's judgment on America... in the material I presented to Mark... is because my spontaneous response TO Trump's response to Arthur Brooks was, "dear God, Trump, do you ever tempt God's hand of judgment!
    ...AND, for ME, yesterday's tragic happening, at our capitol building, was the culmination of all the prior happenings this past year (INCLUDING the election) of the Lord saying TO Trump, "let me show you what happens when you DON'T answer hatred WITH love, but, instead choose to answer hatred with hatred!

    Before I make the cry in my heart to you, FOR Trump....which is what is authoring this "comment" to you. ..I want to quote what Trump said yesterday when he stated: "while this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it's only the beginning of OUR FIGHT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

    Beloved Mike Huckabee, I beg you to now take off your POLITICIAN'S hat and put on your PASTOR'S hat when it comes to how you can now BEST love a man to whom you have given hours and hours and hours of your time to support him, politically....and BECAUSE you HAVE given Trump so many of your precious life hours there is no one on planet earth who has a better chance of being used by God to REACH Trump and make him aware of his need to KNOW the Great Physician who can heal the pain he is suffering because he "feels like" a loser.

    Because Trump's pain is the result of his "sick" perspective OF what it means to BE a loser (because he feels like a loser even if he is just disagreed with) he is in need of the Great Physician because he is sick...but, because it is his ego that is sick, he cannot be told that he is emotionally sick without the risk of his not being able to RECEIVE being told that..So this is what I suggest....that you tell Trump that he can STILL be a "winner" ....and that THE greatest kind of winner one can be is how CHRIST so defines what makes for being a "winner" ...which is about one's loving one's enemies...answering one's enemy's hatred with His love.....AND THAT....

    The way God can use him TO "make America great again" is if he can.....via his becoming born again and the change it has wrought in his personality....witness TO America that what MADE America great was the great God she was founded on, enabling her to CLAIM that she was "one nation UNDER God". So if Trump can be Holy Ghost convicted of his sin OF answering hatred with hatred...and be willing to ADMIT his having answered the hatred expressed toward him WITH hatred as BEING sinful, he could also THEN go on to say how the Democrats' hatred toward HIM was also sinful...BUT NOW he can say TO the Democrats that, because he IS now a vessel of Christ's love, he can tell the Democrats that, while Christ's love in him can now love them...because Christ's love loves ALL sinners...he, concomitantly, hates their sin OF hatred toward him, because God hates their sin of hatred toward him......AND THEN.....

    If Trump could bring out, in his message to America, that our Lord so hates the hatred that BOTH political parties have been guilty of because it is this very hatred that is sending our kids to early graves (because it is a kid's hatred...
    authored by his anger when another kid displeases him...that moves him to pick up a gun and shoot, and kill, the kid who has displeased him), he could win back the hearts of the many Americans he "lost!"

    I cannot NOT claim to love Donald Trump and NOT make this cry to you to try and love him to where he KNOWS Jesus, rather than just knowing ABOUT Jesus!...and, dear Mike, here in Charlotte, my heart is broken over the number of kids who are shot, and killed, practically every day....and if there were more pastors here in Charlotte who KNEW Christ, rather than just knowing ABOUT Christ, so many of our kids would not now BE in an early grave....BUT AS I HAVE EXPRESSED TO YOU BEFORE...

    There IS one pastor who KNOWS Mark Harris.... and, besides yourself, if I had to choose one other Christian who I saw as having the greatest potential of being used by God to REACH Trump it would BE Mark Harris. On Sunday, March 8, because I saw Trump's need to BE reached...and BECAUSE I felt that Mark had the kind of agape love...and anointing...that the Lord COULD use to "convict" Trump ...I TOLD Mark that he needed to get to Trump, but he said he had no way of doing that....AND because the pandemic became an issue AFTER March 8, it was months before I saw Mark again to try and pursue this conversation any further.

    I know that the pandemic is STILL an I am not suggesting that you and Mark go and talk to Trump, personally...but, perhaps, you could phone Trump...or phone see how the Lord might be able to use the two of you, together, to MAKE A DIFFERENCE to Trump so that he does not suffer another tragedy in his life....

    I don't know if THIS cry for Trump is going to make a difference, but I could not NOT make it so that, if, God forbid, Trump suffers another tragedy...or even loses his life...I can, at least, have the comfort of knowing that I cared enough to MAKE this cry to you FOR him!

  • Carol Pattridge

    01/07/2021 06:43 PM

    vp pence was wrong they did get what they wanted. They got Biden ok'd with barely any of the truth coming out. They people should be ashamed of them selves for caving instead of demanding a investigation into what was really happening.

  • Barbara Brace

    01/07/2021 06:42 PM

    Well, must disagree with Pence's speech. Pretty speeches are what politicians are so good at and saying what they think people want to hear (no offense). But there is guilt here and enough to go around. Time will tell.