November 27, 2017

If the mainstream news media really are interested in truth, then here’s a painful truth for them: they brought on their disreputable image themselves. They’ve long been biased, but with the rise of Obama, they became cheerleaders, practically turning press conferences into opportunities to shine his shoes with their tongues. Then in 2016, they dropped even the pretense of being objective. They declared fairness and journalistic objectivity to be as passe as button shoes, and not only became out-and-proud campaigners for Hillary Clinton, they attacked everything Trump said and did, 24/7,with a hair-on-fire intensity that’s managed to make one after another formerly respected “journalist” look like a candidate for the funny farm.

You want to know why Americans don’t take your constant attacks on Trump seriously? For the same reason we don’t seriously think that circus clowns are cleaning up the spotlight with a mop. Trump didn’t ruin your reputations, you beclowned yourselves. Kyle Smith of the New York Post tallies just a few recent examples of why your reputations are as tattered as Emmett Kelly’s pants.

I should emphasize one detail, as a warning to the anti-Trump media: the issue of the alleged fashion magazine Teen Vogue that goes full-boor SJW and is guest-edited by Hillary Clinton will be the last ever to hit newsstands. Its print edition is going away and dozens of staff members are being let go, for some mysterious reason.


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  • Michael Egbert

    11/30/2017 10:02 AM

    This constant bashing of our President and his wife has gone on far too long. To call it stupidity, absurd, ignorant, downright dumb and so forth is putting it extremely mild, it's even more than astronomical idiocy. The "mainstream media" is acting like a big crybaby bully that got caught 'with their pants down'. As they say, "Suck it up, buttercup" and for crying out loud at least TRY to act like adults and move on to the real important issues...North Korea, Terrorism, Taxes, Immigration, Healthcare, Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan, Trade, Deficit, etc....

  • Amelia Little

    11/28/2017 01:43 PM

    The only news I watch these days is at 4pm weekdays, local out of Wichita between the 3pm and 5pm episodes of Judge Judy. And, there are times when I look for an episode of cops or something, when the "news," while maybe not the opinion of the guy on tv, contains content of opinion by whomever wrote the item instead of just reporting. And, when you flip through the channels and it's a constant barage of whatever is the scandal of the day. Report about the accusations against various political (or hoolywood) folks, then perhaps report on other things going on in Washington. Once we've heard about Pocahontas, it really isn't necessary to report on every one and his twin brother (or sister) being "interviewed" or each and every tweet. It's not a problem that there is an initial report of whatever, it's the constant obsession--running it into the ground. It is a problem that, when is the last time it has been reported what Congress is working on, what bills are being introduced? I'd rather listen to legislators explain their stance on some bill than for them to talk about the latest scandal. The other stuff, instead of having real information is just opinions of some people. Whatever happened to--"We report, you decide?" I don't need some biased so-called reporter telling me how I should interpret the information (if real, depending on the source.)