Parody letter seems all too real

December 8, 2017

On Wednesday, just for grins, I posted a parody letter to special counsel Robert Mueller from Jeannie Rhee, who had just been exposed as someone with huge legal and political ties to Hillary Clinton.  It was a mocked-up cover letter for Rhee’s resume and job application, outlining her “qualifications” for working with the special counsel investigating President Trump.  The “letter” was a very pointed joke, written to highlight the massive inappropriateness of someone with her background being hired to investigate Trump.  But what happened next was a surprise:  from their comments back to me (I always read them), I could see that many people did not recognize the piece as satire and thought it was a real letter.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:


What makes the parody ring so true is that Ms. Rhee’s “qualifications” for the job as stated in the piece are, indeed, 100 percent true, as outrageous as they are.  And that’s the point of it.  Legal defense to the Clinton Foundation:  true.  Defending Hillary in a case involving access to her email:  true.  Obama’s legal advisor, as his assistant attorney general:  true.  Supporter of Hillary for President, giving thousands in campaign donations to Democrats:  true.  Personal attorney to Obama political hack Ben Rhodes and his liaison with the House Intelligence Committee during its look into Russian election meddling:  true and true.

But other phraseology was injected as a joke, simply to show what’s no doubt going on in the minds of these rabidly anti-Trump investigators.  Take just the first sentence:  “I understand you are hiring an extensive team of investigators to make the case for collusion between the Donald Trump for President campaign and the Russian government, which undoubtedly happened as we all just know.”  That last phrase is your tip-off; it’s the kind of elaboration that would never be found in an official letter (which might be subject to a Congressional subpoena or FOIA request) --- especially one composed by a lawyer --- but that could easily be assumed by other like-minded people at the Justice Department once they saw the applicant’s background.

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So, yes, the letter is a parody.  But the fact that it was so readily accepted as true says a lot about the nature of the real investigation that’s going on.  We’re not imagining things:  Mueller’s team really is stacked with partisan anti-Trumpers who might stop at nothing to unseat him, and that fact is becoming more apparent by the day.

And now, a postscript.  After the parody piece was posted, I heard some commentators actually praising Mueller for choosing such a pro-Hillary, anti-Trump team.  The argument:  you WANT investigators who hate the people you’re going after (the Mafia, terrorists, etc.) and who are motivated to destroy them.  Sorry, but in this case I can’t agree, because we’re not talking about the Mafia or terrorists.  We’re talking about the other political party –- and about weaponizing American institutions of government to effectively shut it out and destroy democracy.  That’s very different.


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  • Pat O.Maley Johnson Jr.

    01/06/2018 08:08 PM

    Its like being seated in an auditorium with really good seats. I'm calling each act before it happens. Good triumphs over Evil. The Leader of the free world is protected by the Force. Divine installation. It's so nice to be able to see. Once in my life I walked on the Dark side, but no longer. What a wonderful blessing. Thank you for all you do.

  • gene kellermeyer

    01/04/2018 10:50 PM

    the gross inequity of our legal system is main reason that the frustrations of the working class got President Trump elected. If the DOJ of this administration does not prosecute people like James Comey for obstruction of justice or people who mishandled classified information as well as a litany of other federal crimes then Donald Trump will be a one term president regardless of anything anything else he may do.

  • Karen L Nassie

    01/04/2018 04:12 PM

    Satire often mimics reality, Mike and YOU are so good at it! (And thank you for sharing your SARAH with us)

  • Suzanne Russell

    01/04/2018 08:31 AM

    FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD, this kind of bias should never be allowed in an investigation. What other outcome could be possible under such a crowd of people of like thinking????? The situation goes both ways.....Do the left want the Conservatives assembling a team to investigate them??? Either way it would not be right.....
    (Can you imagine the riotous clammer that would be voiced over such a committee assembled?)

  • Peggy Siragusa

    12/21/2017 11:13 AM

    Dear Governor, Pastor, Friend,

    Your are SUCH a breath of fresh air! Sometimes I had felt the air was leaving us and couldn't breath with all of the turmoil and then here you come to brighten our day and refresh the air(ways). Thank you so much. AND as a parent of 6, I can't say enough of how proud we are of Sarah. Give her out best also. She is a tough cookie. I pray for her continued strength in fighting the medial battles.

    Blessings to you and yours