FBI agent Peter Strzok actually did show up for his public hearing Thursday before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.  (Lisa Page’s attorney says she will go in for her closed-door hearing tomorrow.)  The immediate take-away from Strzok’s interview is that the Democrats are so terrified of questions being answered that expose the FBI’s activities, they’re willing to create just about the craziest scene ever witnessed in such a hearing.  And that’s saying a lot.

It was just insane –- not just on the Democratic side, either, but mostly.  It’s going to take me hours to pull my slack jaw off the floor and make some sense out of this mess.  In the meantime, I’ll just let you know that I was absolutely correct in my prediction of what Strzok would say to weasel out of his most infamous text:  “We’ll stop it.”  (“We” doesn’t mean Strzok, Page and/or the patriots at the FBI --- it means “the American people.”  I am not kidding; he wants us to buy that.)


As I write this, the questioning of Strzok is still going on.  Stay tuned for my new list of questions for Strzok, the follow-up questions.  Purely rhetorical, of course, because the row of FBI attorneys sitting behind him would surely instruct him not to answer, much as he would LOVE to, of course.  Certainly anything involving Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr and/or Fusion GPS would send them all into a huddle of ridiculous length and seriousness.

So for now, we’ll just start with Question 1:  Mr. Strzok, if, as you say, you feel frustrated over not being allowed to answer questions that you would LOVE to answer, why are you boasting that happy little cat-that-ate-the-canary grin?





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  • Ken Hydinger

    07/14/2018 09:54 AM

    Governor H. Can you please explain to me how Strzok says his bias did not influence his actions while he was writing the Hillary exoneration letter a month before her interrogation occurred? If this is not an biased action I don't know what is?

  • Lynda Schwemmer

    07/13/2018 05:58 PM

    When you see how arrogant, protected and deeply entrenched they are, it makes you wonder if we will ever see justice for Strzok and his comrades. We want our country back!

  • Barbara Schuyler

    07/13/2018 03:09 PM

    I love reading your comments on the news - it certainly puts a humorous slant on all the crazy things happening in our country. Your questions for Peter Strzock are especially entertaining. Probably he wouldn't "be allowed" to answer any of them either. What an absolute waste of the committee's time. It's no wonder Trey Gowdy is pursuing other interests. We'll be sad to see him go - we really need people like him to at least try to keep our government from crashing and burning. Trump can't do it alone!

  • Robert Eric Graham

    07/13/2018 12:54 PM

    This madness is precictable! We in America are at a cross roads and it is going to take a miracle from God to get through this without violence. A current Rassmusen Poll says 31% of Americans feel there will be Civil War in the next five years. The reason is that the left has A world view that does not include God. The right has a Jadeo/Christian world view. When half the country forgets about God we in the other half have problems. Remember God's judgement fell on believing Jews and non believing Jews in the Old Testament, they all went into exile. I believe that we will be deemed powerless because of internal fighting. That is why we are not mentioned in the end times prophecy.

  • Rob Jensen

    07/13/2018 12:47 PM

    Just for the record, I am not included in Strzok's reference to “the American people” who wanted to "stop it" … but wait! I am an American, and therefore he referenced me when he included "the American people". Do I need to file suit, or sit in a Congressional hearing to exclude ME from that broad reference??? To tell you the truth, I'm shocked he would even want ME, a conservative, Christian, Republican to be included in his group!!! :-)