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July 27, 2023



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And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.

Psalms 9:10


Biden’s border policy is blocked by a federal judge in California

The Biden Administration finally instituted a border policy that made sense and that actually slowed down the flood of entrants. That's because it's a throwback to a Trump policy. It makes migrants ineligible for asylum if they entered the US illegally and failed to take advantage of expanded lawful pathways set up by the government.  So naturally, a federal judge in California sided with a coalition of leftwing immigration groups that fought the similar measure under Trump and ruled it “substantively and procedurally invalid.” He did stay the ruling for two weeks to give the Administration a chance to appeal. You can read the full details at this link:

Critics of the rule claim it puts asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution in “grave danger.” An ACLU spokeswoman said, “The promise of America is to serve as a beacon of freedom and hope, and the Administration can and should do better to fulfill this promise, rather than perpetuate cruel and ineffective policies that betray it.”

Passionate words, but being a beacon of freedom and hope doesn’t mean the US is a free hotel with a wide-open front door. We can’t take in everyone on Earth who’s facing persecution by their governments. If their governments are that bad, their people need to take action to change their own governments. We are a big-hearted nation, and for those facing immediate and particularly dangerous persecution, we have a system for applying for asylum. 

But the people we’re talking about here didn’t follow that system. They entered illegally, and/or have not applied even under the ridiculously lax standards of the Biden Administration. This is why it’s easy to be skeptical that their claims of being in imminent danger are as sincere as the claims that all those young adults Biden let come pouring in were really “unaccompanied minors.”

Interesting sidenote: That story says, “The Biden administration was dealt a major blow in its efforts to control the ongoing border crisis.” I’m glad to see that tacit admission of reality when a new Gallup Poll found that 83% of Democrats don’t even believe there is a “crisis” at the border. Which tells me that only 17% of Democrats have ever been to the border.

IRS News

The IRS announced Monday that it will “end most” unannounced visits to taxpayers’ homes.

The agency said this "reverses a decades-long practice by IRS revenue officers, the unarmed agency employees whose duties include visiting households and businesses to help taxpayers resolve their account balances by collecting unpaid taxes and unfiled tax returns." They also said this will help stem a rising trend of scam artists claiming to be IRS agents showing up at people’s homes. From now on, “except in a few unique circumstances,” these issues will be handled by mailing the taxpayer a letter to schedule a meeting. Seems like that should have been the SOP from day one, but better late than never.

(Sidenote from “Huckabee” writer Pat Reeder: “We recently had an IRS agent come to our home and leave his card on the door with instructions to call him. I rushed to our bookkeeper to have her with me when I called. Turned out my previous bookkeeper hadn’t properly filed a 941 form in 2018. It was something I was already dealing with them on. Was that really worth the agent’s time and the cost of gas for a trip to the suburbs and nearly giving me a heart attack? They probably could’ve handled that by mail. Now, I’ve received a follow-up asking me to rate my ‘customer experience.’ That’s a new one on me. Do you think of yourself as a ‘customer’ of the IRS? That’s like a mugger calling me his customer.”)

“MAGA Republicans”

The Democrats and their media sock puppets have so demonized the term “MAGA Republicans” that they now just wave it around like a talisman to frighten their followers, even when it makes no logical sense. But I do have to thank Hillary Clinton for giving us all a much-needed laugh in the midst of the heat wave by blaming the weather being hot in July on “MAGA Republicans.”

This is a must-read just to see the savage responses she got on Twitter, which roasted her even more than the heat wave.

Thankfully, we have a First Amendment

Ever wonder what America would be like if we were still a British colony and didn’t have a First Amendment? Well, as bad as the assault on freedom of speech and religion has gotten here, it could be worse. Ask British politician King Lawal, who’s taking legal action after being “canceled” by seven different organizations, suspended by his political party and having his life “torn apart” for tweeting his religious objections to blatant immorality being displayed in the public square at a Gay Pride event.

At the risk of being canceled myself, or horribly offending somebody, here’s what he tweeted:

"When did Pride become a thing to celebrate? Because of Pride Satan fell as an [archangel]. Pride is not a virtue but a Sin. Those who have Pride should Repent of their sins and return to Jesus Christ. He can save you.” He added this, from Isaiah 3:9: "For the look on their faces bears witness against them; they proclaim their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to them! For they have brought evil on themselves."

Lawal told Fox Digital that he’s still upset and “I'm so ready to fight back, as well. I'm not wanting to be silenced anymore, and I'm wanting to see more Christians stand up and fight back." From his mouth to God’s ears, if I’m still allowed to say that in public.

Related: An absolutely frightening new survey by Pew Research found that a majority of Americans no longer support the right to free speech. Fifty-five percent think the federal government should “restrict false information online, even if it limits people from freely publishing or accessing information.” "False information" like Hunter Biden's laptop, or that COVID vaccines don't stop the spread of the virus? It’s bad enough that 39% of Republicans agree with that, but a whopping 70% of Democrats now side with government censorship over freedom of speech.

I wonder if they would still agree if they’d turn off the DNC propaganda outlets for five minutes and listen to other news sources that show that much of what they believe to be true is actual misinformation, and that what they think of as “misinformation” would more accurately be termed “truth.” Or if they’ve given any thought to the idea that someone who disagrees with them might come to power and decide that their beliefs are “misinformation” that must be silenced. Personally, I don’t want leftists silenced. The more they talk, the more people they convince to become conservatives.

That link not only has the grim survey results, but some very important comments about the value of free speech by Dennis Prager, whom the left is constantly trying to smear and silence for telling truths they find detrimental to their continued power.

California’s population is shrinking

In a story that would have been unthinkable when California even had moderately sane leadership, the state’s Department of Finance is reporting that there are so many people fleeing California that they predict the state population in 2060 will be lower than it was in 2020.

That’s bad news for the spendaholics in California government because many of the people who are fleeing are productive taxpayers who are tired of getting skinned financially and not even receiving police protection in return. Stephen Green at PJ Media has a jawdropping story about that subject that breaks down how much income blue states are losing just to Florida due to the exodus of taxpayers.

The biggest loser is New York, with $9.8 billion in lost revenue due to Florida transplants. It’s followed by Illinois ($3.9 billion), New Jersey ($3.8 billion), California ($3.5 billion) and Pennsylvania ($1.9 billion.) And remember, those are just the taxpayers who moved to Florida. It doesn’t count all the refugees from the flakes and nuts state who moved to Arizona, Texas, Georgia, etc.

But the real lesson here is for voters in those states: Those are the top five states losing taxpayers to red states, and not only do all five have Democrat Governors, but in four of them, both houses of their legislatures are heavily Democrat. That provides us with a perfect A-B comparison of Democrat and Republican policies. The result: those five Democrat-run states have lost a total of nearly $23 billion in revenue just to Florida alone.

So if you are in a Democrat-dominated city and/or state, and you’re tired of complaining about high taxes, high crime, rampant homelessness, filthy streets, power blackouts, a cratering economy, pedophiles and porn in your schools, naked men in your daughter’s school bathroom, and all the other tribulations plaguing you, before you give up and move to Florida or Texas, maybe first try voting for someone who doesn’t have a (D) next to his/her/xir name.

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Greta Thunberg the Lawbreaker

It was embarrassing enough when allegedly serious adults were taking climate science lectures from an angry teenager. But Greta Thunberg is 20 years old now, and her self-righteous brat routine is long past its expiration date. Apparently, all that indulging her tantrums has done is teach her that she can get away with anything, and then go do it again.



After train-wreck plea deal, the Bidens face ongoing scrutiny

When Hunter Biden’s “sweetheart” plea deal --- and it was that --- didn’t go through as planned on Wednesday, some in the mainstream media tried to say that this showed that we didn’t have a “two-tier” justice system after all!

Oh, we very much do.  It’s just that this time, a judge was involved who didn’t want to be a rubber stamp.  She actually said that, in those words.  It was apparently the luck of the draw that led to this deal going before a judge who couldn’t in good conscience go along with a kind of plea deal she’d never even seen before.

Federal District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika also must not have appreciated being duped.  As we reported yesterday, at the eleventh hour, Hunter’s conniving attorneys apparently tried to put one over on the court to keep 448 pages of whistleblower testimony about Hunter getting “special treatment” out of a filing that would have gone before the judge.  These lowlife snakes face possible sanctions for allegedly assuming a false identity in a telephone conversation with court clerk Samantha Grimes.  These sanctions had better be more than the same kind of slap on the wrist that they were maneuvering to get for their client.  What does it take to get an attorney disbarred these days?

Reportedly, Judge Noreika smelled a rat and looked into the origins of that phone call through Caller ID.  Sure enough, it turned out to be a New York number associated with the Biden team, which appears to have been busted.

“If the case smelled rotten before,” said Jeff Charles at REDSTATE, “it has now become so pungent that it makes a skunk’s scent smell like lilac and fresh-baked blueberry pie.”  But he’s not hopeful that the newly-acquired stink of this means there will be any harsher treatment for Hunter, who will still receive “a slight admonishment and maybe some finger wagging thrown in for good measure.”

We shall see.  Jeff Charles’ piece is VIP, subscription-only, but we’ve given you the gist.

The plea deal fell apart over a key dispute:  whether Hunter could still be prosecuted in the future for other offenses that are still under investigation, such as failure to register for his foreign lobbying under FARA, the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  Those who try to say this isn’t a big deal should tell it to Paul Manafort.

The DOJ told the judge he could still be prosecuted for that, while Hunter’s attorneys said they thought he was given immunity from that.  When lead prosecutor Leo Wise said Hunter didn’t have immunity to other charges, Biden’s attorney said the agreement was “null and void.”

POLITICO obtained a copy of this null-and-void agreement and published the whole thing.

By the way, if you think Hunter was going through this process as you or I would go to court, take a look at how he arrived at the courthouse.

But Judge Noreika treated him like a normal person when she presented him with his conditions for release.  These are quite stringent, and include prohibitions from drinking alcohol or taking prohibited drugs, possessing a firearm, or violating any laws.  He’s also required to submit to random drug testing and to “seek employment.”  Doesn’t she know he’s a famous and well-compensated artist?

This timeline of the developing story should give you an idea of what Wednesday was like.

Once the judge had stripped away the immunity from future prosecutions under this deal, Hunter changed his plea from guilty to not guilty.  So, he did it, and now he didn’t.

If you watch any commentary on this whole process --- how it’s supposed to work as opposed to how it’s working in practice under this DOJ --- it should be this from Tammy Bruce Wednesday on FOX NEWS.  In just two-and-a-half minutes, she takes it all down.  “I don’t know if Hunter Biden’s lawyer put the bong down before he went into the courtroom today,” she said.  “It would be helpful to know your lawyer is not on drugs, or at least engaging in something that alters your perception of life.”

All of the misconduct we’re seeing, she said, “would make any normal person say, ‘Wait a minute.’  But for now, years, nobody has been saying, ‘Wait a minute.’  And it is time that we stop and we say, ‘Enough already.’

At the time the plea agreement was reached, Hunter’s attorneys were ready to use it to put the whole investigation to bed.  Chris Clark, formerly of the Democrat powerhouse law firm Latham & Watkins, said at the time, “With the announcement of two agreements between my client, Hunter Biden, and the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware, it is my understanding that the five-year investigation into Hunter is resolved.”

Really??  Just like that?  Not so fast.

We were all supposed to “move on” from this, but law professor Jonathan Turley says there’s “almost a panic setting in” among the media and Democrats (I repeat myself) because Republicans won’t do it.

“They all want to move on,” Turley says of the media, “because the alternative is to recognize one of the most significant corruption scandals in modern history, but it’s something the media played a role in suppressing...But that’s just not going to happen.  The evidence is mounting.”

The gun law violation with which Hunter was charged certainly makes things uncomfortable for the pro-gun control Biden administration.  Violating gun laws isn’t so bad if Hunter does it, and the White House won’t address that at all, but for you and your family, it’s different.

Speaking of Karine Jean-Pierre, she has repeatedly insisted that Hunter Biden’s legal travails are “a personal matter” and that the White House will not comment.  But as Margot Cleveland points out, this scandal is not about Hunter’s sordid sex life and history of drug abuse.  “Rather, it concerned Joe Biden’s abuse of power as vice president for financial gain.   And now, it reaches much further --- including 10 distinct scandals.”

She goes on to outline Hunter’s many uncharged crimes, which are the reason Hunter’s attorneys wanted to get that plea deal done and also why Judge Noreika refused to supply that “rubber stamp.”  This is likely “extensive criminal conduct for over a decade.”  The efforts by the DOJ and FBI to protect him are a separate scandal.  She includes their interference in the 2020 election, which they accomplished by hiding the evidence on Hunter’s laptop and falsely dismissing it as “Russian disinformation.”

When it comes to their handling of investigations into Biden family corruption, she says, “the evidence of potential misconduct is overwhelming.”  We would add that the talking point that there’s “no evidence” of wrongdoing and that this is just conspiracy theory is a huge, outrageous lie, though it’s told over and over by people with no sense of shame.

Ted Cruz said on Wednesday’s HANNITY that Jean-Pierre would make a “terrible poker player,” because she has a “tell.”  When she says she’s about to tell you the same thing she’s told you before, “you know the next words out of her mouth are gonna be totally different from anything she’s ever said before.”  Watch the segment to see his comments on the events that took place in court and the importance of the timing, as we’ve now got so much more evidence from the IRS whistleblower testimony and the FBI’s “1023,” which he says is “damning.”  If what’s in it is true, he says, “Joe Biden should be impeached...for bribery, which is explicitly enumerated in the Constitution; he should be removed from office, he should be prosecuted and go to jail for taking millions of dollars in bribes.”

With so much Biden corruption still being looked into, a comprehensive plea agreement for Hunter was way, way premature.  Here are committee chairmen Jim Jordan, James Comer and Jason Smith to talk about it.

As far as we know --- there has been speculation to the contrary --- the scheduled behind-closed-doors testimony of former Hunter business partner Devon Archer is still on for Monday.  He’s reportedly in hiding due to death threats he’s received, as the word is that he’s going to testify that then-VP Biden sat in on about two dozen phone calls with Hunter’s business associates.

We’re wondering how much of his testimony might relate to 2014 and 2015, the “Burisma years,” which are also the years for which the DOJ conveniently allowed the statute of limitations for tax violations to expire.  If Hunter can be prosecuted for a FARA violation, we might be looking into those years after all.

Related: There are so many Biden scandals, they’re bumping into one another. Last January, photos circulated of Hunter Biden driving Joe’s classic Corvette. At the time, they were intended as proof that Hunter had access to the garage where Joe stored classified documents. But now, it’s been pointed out that the photos were also time-stamped on the same day Hunter sent that message demanding payment from a Chinese businessman and warning that his dad was in the room. So now, any media excuses that Hunter might have been making that up and that his dad was nowhere nearby are blown up.

I’ll bet Joe knew at the time that it was a bad idea to let Hunter drive his ‘Vette; he just didn’t realize all the reasons why.



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  • Douglas Noel

    07/28/2023 04:25 AM

    Mike, reader Pat's concern over the IRS agent's visit is missing some information. I retired from the IRS in 2003. A visit was not assigned to an agent unless three notices have already gone out and there was no response, as well as an attempt via telephone. It's very dangerous for agents to go cold calling and its a good idea they're making this transition. As she indicates, there was cause for the visit.

  • William C Milam

    07/27/2023 02:23 PM

    Great article as usual

  • stephen russell

    07/27/2023 10:53 AM

    Hunter deal:

    Why didnt judge order Hunter with ankle cuff for tracking??

  • dave allen

    07/27/2023 10:51 AM

    so the ACLU, in their heated word salad attempt to discredit and insult asylum procedures, calls them "cruel and ineffective"....if they're ineffective, why are they so upset?