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September 15, 2022

I strongly suspect that the reason we’re seeing all the raids and subpoenas of Trump and his supporters, and Biden railing against your aunt in a MAGA cap as if she’s worse than Osama bin Laden, is because they desperately want the midterm elections to be about “Orange Man BAAAAD!!” and not about rampant crime, inflation, open borders, high gas prices, empty store shelves, the deadly Afghanistan pullout, 87,000 new IRS agents, the politicized and weaponized bureaucracy, and all the other great things that two years’ worth of Democrats being in charge have brought us.

So, how’s that strategy of demonizing half the country playing with voters? Not so well.

In the latest Rasmussen survey, 58% of likely voters agreed with the statement, “Joe Biden should quit blaming ‘MAGA Republicans’ and get to working on the economy he ruined.” Only 38% disagreed (I find the agreement with the phrase “the economy he ruined” especially interesting – and encouraging. Even with the power of the mass media, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.)

I am disappointed to see that voters were evenly split on swallowing Biden’s claptrap about “MAGA Republicans” representing “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” If you want to find those, look at the leftwing extremists who’ve taken over the Democratic party and would happily use the Constitution as Charmin, packing the SCOTUS and eliminating the Electoral College, as long as it cemented their one-party power.

But at least that even split is mostly along party lines, with the good news being that Independents whom the Democrats need to win elections oppose Biden’s MAGA demagoguery by 53-40%. In a world where everyone thought clearly and didn’t get their news from propaganda outlets, the disapproval rating on any President demonizing half the country for disagreeing with him would be 100%.

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  • Ed Thompson

    09/20/2022 10:07 AM

    Polls are alot like snowflakes— no two ever seem alike. I personally have never been asked by NBC— CBS— CNN— ABC— FOX— News Max etc my opinion on stuff— I have filled out questionnaires on your “take my poll” and a few like that on Donald Trumps sites, but that’s it. You gotta remember when a poll is stated as “this is what they say” , it comes from the same people who watch those news outlets and you have to wonder if they actually know what the truth behind their answers , what makes them say what they might believe, to come to their conclusions about different subjects. If those people only ever watch NBC or CBS, or any of those liberal news media outlets, then their opinions are less than valid based on more propaganda against Republicans and not based on facts. These are the ones that keep saying Joe Biden is doing a good job! I wonder how much longer they can keep believing these fairytales. Probably believe in unicorns too. Keep praying and remember to vote.

  • Onie Alexander

    09/19/2022 05:27 PM

    If it wasn't for Mike Huckabee's show and political information I would be totally nuts.
    Thank you, Mike!


    09/19/2022 10:25 AM

    The Democrats keep saying Republicans are attacking our Democracy. Democrats=Democracy. Republicans are trying to protect our Republic. Republicans=Republic. Ask the Dims if they know we have a Republic. This is why they keep screaming OUR DEMOCRACY! They are absorbed with the notion that democracy only describes their party therefore any actions Republicans take are an attack on OUR DEMOCRACY!! It's an attempt to make it subliminal to all the voters.

  • Scott Sheehan

    09/19/2022 10:22 AM

    thank have to ask are they asking all dems or who they are polling.

  • Nelson Glenn Sumner

    09/19/2022 10:01 AM

    I look forward to meeting you in Feb during the Isreal trip your hosting. Thanks for all you do for America and God Bless.

  • Mary Milhone

    09/19/2022 09:01 AM

    I’m 88 and have always voted for who I think would be best for the country, state, city, etc. Not this time. Now things have changed. We need to outnumber democrats and take our country back! Strength in numbers!

  • Norma Holmes

    09/19/2022 08:18 AM

    Sent you email about nasty 10th District Loudon Co VA race where Democrats are defacing election signs of Col Hung Cao with words “Christian FASCIST”! ????????

  • Tom Davis

    09/19/2022 07:59 AM

    58%. Really! That's all? Repubs are squandering a huge (Y-U-G-E) opportunity by not hammering the Dums on "crime, inflation, open borders, high gas prices, empty store shelves, the deadly Afghanistan pullout, 87,000 new IRS agents, the politicized and weaponized bureaucracy". Why aren't they? Finally - Minority guy Kevin MacCarthy (Sp) announced last week on Fox that the House Repubs would release their version of the Contract with America. He's not sure when exactly as he's very, very busy trying to get more Repubs elected. It might be released this week? I'm suspecting it'll be released on January 12th of 2025! Thanks for letting me vent!

  • Vic Scoggin

    09/19/2022 07:43 AM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee, Good Morning sir!! Thank you for the Sunday Standard. All true. Please do some stories about the environment. All the Left has to say about the environment is this Global Warming. They mention it in every story. No matter what story it is. It gives them the out to not do anything about it. I'm a hunter and fisherman and a tree hugger. The water is continuing to be polluted, the landfills are overflowing and leaking, the habitat is being destroyed, the "homeless" they're not homeless, are trashing the urban forest etc. I can give you honest insight and proof on any subject concerning the outdoors. I'm local here in Cheatham Co. Thank you for your service. Happy Waterways, Capt Vic Scoggin 615-429-5351

  • Robin Rebhan

    09/19/2022 07:27 AM

    For those unaware. Getting rid of the Electoral College would mean because of population density would mean that the states of New York, Massachusetts, California and a couple blue states would determine the outcome of a national election. Specifically Those three blue states would determine the outcome of the Presidential Election. Everyone else in other states may as well stay home. Our Founding Fathers foresaw this as being a problem ( even back then ). Which is why there is an Electoral College to protect the Union from a one party rule ( or ruler like King George ).