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July 11, 2022

One of the reasons I think voters are so angry is that they’re not only paying so much more for everything, but they’re being told that the rate of inflation over the past year is 8.6%. That’s bad enough, the highest in 40 years, but it’s also not what most people are experiencing, and they feel lied to.

Is gas 8.6% higher than it was a year ago? How about your food bill? Do you like chicken wings? They’re up 38% since last year. Everyone has caught on to the scam that is the government formula for figuring inflation and how it deliberately understates what’s really coming out of our pockets.

Here are a couple of examples of the real costs of inflation that the Democrats hope you somehow won’t notice:

Even Costco is having to raise its food court prices, with its chicken bake now $3.99, up a full dollar since June (for the math-challenged, that’s more than 8.6%.)

The good news: they’re holding the line on their famous hot dog and soda for $1.50 deal, but I can’t imagine they’re making money on it. Certainly, most restaurants are suffering from skyrocketing prices. Surveys show that many Americans are being forced to cut back on restaurant visits, and this isn’t going to help:

Fox News reports that restaurants are struggling with higher costs of everything from utilities to food prices to labor to credit card fees. Over the past year, wholesale food prices have increased 15%, while restaurants have raised menu prices only about 7% on average. To make up the difference, some have started adding extra fees to the bill. If you look closely at your check, you might spot a 3% “inflation fee” or a 4% “kitchen appreciation fee.” This keeps the menu prices down, but do they really think customers aren’t going to notice it?

Obviously not, since a recent survey found that 72% of restaurant owners fear they’ll have to go out of business if inflation doesn’t come down soon. Our Washington “leaders” might accuse them of “wishing a recession into existence,” but I think that, as with the government’s calculation of the inflation rate, business owners are just more in touch with reality than they are.

And speaking of being “untethered from reality,” that’s precisely how gas station owners are describing President Biden after he blamed them (and Putin, of course!) for high gas prices.

Wait, stop the presses! President Biden has found someone new to blame for high prices! It’s no longer just Big Oil or Putin. Now, it’s the fault of Republicans for not going along with his latest policies to bring down the high prices caused by his previous policies.

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    07/18/2022 01:29 AM

    INFLATION as it really impacts fixed income & all workers & small businesses:

    As a Senior citizen, retired, Conservative Republican, Veteran, and Small Business owner, rampant inflation has destroyed purchasing power in 2021 & 2022 for my group: (1) my natural gas prices doubled when Centerpoint sold AR gas rights to Summit Utilities in OK; (2) my Utilities Services bill (Central Arkansas Water: water/sewer/garbage) increased 33%
    when they forced a move to a NEW account number (no reason for switch to a New Account number); (3) Entergy asks for a 9% cost increase from the PSC April 2022; (4) gasoline increased from 1.84/gal to 4.43/gal.; (5) Food expenses continue to increase: 2% milk from 2.59/gal to 4.49/gal (Sams Club & Walmart); sourdough bread from 2.98 to 3.78; GV canned pumpkin 1.77 to 2.58; fresh turkey breast from 13.32 to 18.38 (same weight); meat patties 1lb 8.98 to 14.98 (same brand); canned soup (progresso/campbells) 1.67 to 2.18; canned vegetables 0.98 to 1.28 (higher if branded); organic bananas 0.19/lb to 0.65/lb; (I could add another 100 food items, but you get the point); (6) transportation costs so high in business, selling becomes impossible when margins are reduced to zero or below when small businesses have a difficult time to pass along transport costs and remain competitive; (7) fixed income recipients
    hurt the most. Would like your Staff to publish any & all items showing only an 8.4% - 8.6% inflationary increase in 2022...yet the Government's CPI stating this statistic as true and will evaluate the upcoming Social Security increase based on this number.

  • gordon daniels

    07/17/2022 09:08 PM

    hi Mike - luv ya work - NOW .. about so called renewables - FACT: Wind Turbines - so much CO2 is produced by the initial energy needed for their Manufacturing, Transporting, Installing, and Connecting .. and THEY can never "Save that level of emissions over their Lifetime of Operation" to NEGATE the Huge amount of Emissions produced to Have them in the first place.

  • Amber Carlson

    07/17/2022 08:07 PM

    When will someone in media show that all that joeObama is doing is demolishing the middle class. The elites are following the “plan” for their control over we the simple stupid people! Things are falling apart, but God says they are coming together! Maranatha!

  • Darlene Auger

    07/17/2022 07:45 PM

    Why is Biden running around the world begging for oil when we are sitting on the mother load here? Maybe his handlers should go and get him before he embarrasses us further.

  • Jill D Carver

    07/17/2022 03:12 PM

    Hello Governor - I am very blessed to be able to help at your show and attend your shows. I'm sure you are very much aware of this, but I got a chuckle this afternoon to see that Eric Smells not so well (per guest Boebert) must have watched your segment with her. Huffpost did a piece "Rep. Eric Swalwell Reveals Key Reason He Avoids Lauren Boebert" :-) Off topic - I am wondering when you are going to take a group to Israel again. I havent seen anything in your newsletter. Have a blessed week ~

  • Michael Brannick

    07/17/2022 03:05 PM

    Just to let you know, I've been posting a LOT of your links on A conservative social media site I think you might want to check out.

  • John E. Truitt

    07/17/2022 12:28 PM

    I am so sick and tired of not only the blame game but also the "new" inflation rate where the nos. are at 9.1%. Actual inflation as measured by 1980 standards would be higher, much higher. Try close to 17% and still rising. This is what should be explained to the American public/voter.

  • John E. Truitt

    07/17/2022 12:26 PM

    I am so sick and tired of not only the blame game but also the "new" inflation rate where the nos. are at 9.1%. Actual inflation as measured by 1980 standards would be higher, much higher. Try close to 17% and still rising. This is what should be explained to the American public/voter.

  • Frederick Severance

    07/17/2022 11:31 AM

    Climate change is an invention of George Soros. He is trying to kill our economy like did to Hungary and Bulgaria. Our free market country is stronger than any socialist country, but not if we go down the green new deal.

  • jerry thomas

    07/12/2022 12:16 PM

    My natural gas bill for my home on a budget has gone up in the last 60 day 37%. This group must be stopped and I hope with a change in the political power, some of them get charged for their "crimes to humanity".