July 10, 2019

If you’re like me, you probably miss the days when America was governed by elected representatives instead of appointed lawyers in black robes.  I’m sure President Trump does, since on Tuesday, he was thwarted again – twice in one day – by federal judges.

In yet another judicial attempt to interfere with the President exercising the executive power to create the Census form, an Obama-appointed federal judge in New York barred the Justice Department from changing the lawyers they want to use to re-argue their case for adding the citizenship question to the Census form.

So if you’re keeping score, federal judges now have the power to tell the executive branch that it can’t even pick the lawyers it wants to make the case that it shouldn’t even have to make that it should be allowed to exercise a power it already has that the courts shouldn’t even have a say over.  Here’s my question: Why do we even have elections anymore if the country is just going to be run by judges?

Incidentally, in some news you aren’t likely to hear reported on MSNBC, a Harvard University/Harris poll found that 67% of all registered voters think the Census should ask whether someone is a US citizen.  Those who approve of the citizenship question include 88% of Republicans, 63% of Independents, 58% of urban voters, 59% of black voters, and even 52% of Democrats and – brace yourself – 55% of Hispanic voters.  So if Nancy Pelosi is right about the citizenship question just being about "making America white again," then America has a very large and diverse Rainbow Coalition of white supremacists.

A federal appeals court also ruled Tuesday that President Trump doesn’t have the right to ban obnoxious trolls from his Twitter account (FYI: I do), apparently because the right to free speech was created to insure there’s no shortage of idiots saying offensive things about Trump on Twitter. No danger of that.

At least this ruling might have some reasonable Constitutional arguments behind it. Also, liberals had been celebrating it for only about five minutes when the reality of what it meant suddenly blew up in their faces.  It means they don’t get to ban trolls, either, and office holders such as AOC who did it already were immediately slapped with lawsuits.  Live by the obnoxious tweet, die by the obnoxious tweet.


I always enjoy it when something upends a prevailing liberal media narrative.  For instance, if I said that I gave President Trump an “A+” for his handling of the economy which is “doing great,” and that his tax cut had stimulated business and helped bring job opportunities even to groups that had problems before, such as taking African-American unemployment to its lowest level ever…and that he deserves credit for taking steps to do what he promised to do…and if I said the Democrats will have a hard time beating him because they’ve moved too far to the left and their programs don’t resonate with most Americans…then I’d probably be called a racist Trump supporter.

So I’m happy to report that everything above was actually said by African-American media mogul Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET.) 

Listen closely and you can hear liberals’ heads exploding all the way from DC and both coasts.


And as long as we’re shattering cherished liberal narratives, here are seven largely-unreported facts about immigration enforcement under Obama.

You know all those things they blame on Trump, like deporting people, separating families, putting children in cages, people dying trying to cross the border, etc.?  Well, all that happened under Obama first and oftentimes, worse. 

And for the record, if they start blasting Trump for using tear gas on illegal immigrants at the border, that wouldn’t even be a first, either.  It’s been used by Presidents going back to Jimmy Carter, and it happened 79 times during fiscal years 2012-2016 under - you guessed it - Barack Obama.


I believe that there are millions of hard-working Americans with common sense who are still Democrats by inclination, family tradition or force of habit, but who find it harder with each passing day to understand or accept what their Party has become.  Many are only clinging to the Democratic brand because the media has done such a thorough 24/7/365 job of telling them that Trump is an evil, stupid, lying, racist, sexist Nazi puppet of Russia who only cares about the rich…and even that’s starting to be a strain for them to believe with the Russia collusion story falling apart like a rusty Model T; the economy booming and bringing good jobs to everyone, including women and minorities; and their own paychecks now larger thanks to a tax cut that they’re constantly being told only benefited “the rich.”  

The gap between what the Democrats are saying and what Americans can see with their own eyes is growing too wide.  Remember the “Generation Gap?”  The Democratic Party is now suffering from the “Reality Gap.”  This is why I often say I couldn’t be a Democrat because it now requires you to get up every day and believe 10 impossible things before breakfast.

Of course, those on the left would reply that that’s just my personal opinion – but then, if a man can be a woman just by believing he/she/xe is, then reality is only what each person thinks it is, right?  But that’s not how reality works.  You can believe you won’t get shocked if you grab a live wire, but the wire’s viewpoint is going to prevail.   

That brings me to an interesting read you should bookmark for whenever you have a little time to sit down and consider a topic in depth.  Michael J. Boskin of the Hoover Institution examines in detail a number of liberal initiatives and policy proposals, then patiently explains why these policies have already failed or are doomed to fail.  It’s because they’re not merely misguided, but they demand a willingness to ignore reality.  As he explains, these policies, from Medicare For All to the Green New Deal and more, are “economically, scientifically or numerically illiterate.”

This is a very long and detailed piece, but it will give you plenty of ammunition for arguing with liberals, and a lot to think about if you are one.  And while Boskin’s suggested centrist compromise solutions might not be popular with all my readers, at least they’re not based on magical thinking. 




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  • Robert Byrns

    08/04/2019 09:13 PM

    We all grieve over the loss of life and senseless violence in El Paso and Dayton. When people wonder why such atrocities occur, and consider what should be done about it, no one seems to want to speak of the solution that is in plain sight. It seems we have become more and more blind to this solution ever since we decided that a respect for God and his instruction manual for us his creations was no longer worthy of our attention and use in training our children in the way they should go. Our wholesale capitulation to the racist philosophy and unscientific theory of Charles Darwin, and the choice to honor Darwin instead of our Creator God has brought us to the situation we have experienced this weekend.
    When we teach our children that they are no different than the animals, and that we are just a more advanced ape-like product of chance, which advance was determined by whoever is the fittest of us, it is no wonder that our children behave like animals. We have deprived them of their dignity, purpose, and destiny.

  • Carl Smith

    07/12/2019 10:48 PM

    Our Founders were well aware of 'large population' centers where the urbane , elitist sat around their PUBS ( aka Starbucks) to discuss what the REST of the Country "NEEDS" to know and since the news of the day was by printed media the REST of the country were FED the information they needed to "Be Informed" . Fast Forward to the 21st century and the "Media" is attempting to REMAIN Relevant ( CNN, MSNBC) and are in fact destroying the very name of Journalism. OPINION being posited as NEWS is only working for the Elite Intellectuals sharing a Latte discussing what the Deplorables in Fly Over country NEED to know.
    Being a deplorable I can assure the Elite, Intellectuals with degrees in journalism that WE are busy raising Families, earning a living and trying to salvage our Children from becoming the Next Miley Cyrus. We may be slow coming to the table because we ASS U ME d our elected officials would actually go to Washington to "Do Our Will" but the media is actually awakening a sleeping Giant.
    REMEMBER "I'm Mad as Hell and I'm NOT gonna take it anymore" ring a bell? Anyone?
    For the pollsters! I'm going to vote for the Most Liberal, Left Wing Nut Job the Dim Wits can field! Any Questions?

  • Michael Galloway

    07/11/2019 06:50 PM

    Governor: Your article on federal judges running our country is so accurate. Like many others among your readers, sick of these federal judges thinking they have the power to run our country. They were not elected by the people. Way too many Obama appointed judges working against our president and our country. What can the average person do? If I am not mistaken, not much. But this is where the president needs to exercise his power and stop allowing these judges and their opinions to dictate how our country is ran. Of course, the liberals and Democrats love it, but I'd like to think that a vast majority of true Americans have had enough of these phony judges, right up to and including some on the Supreme Court thinking they will run the country. I hope and pray there is still time for us to get our country back. It will take aggressive pursuits against the crooks and cronies in Congress (mostly Democrats, but some traitor Republicans) working everyday to undermine our president. And it will take overlooking and striking down these judges who think they have the ultimate power. Time for our president to take our country back starting with these judges. And its time for the people to take our country back by not being complacent, go vote in every election. And look around and see clearly what the Democrats and Socialist are trying to accomplish with a clear goal to ultimately transform our country to their own ideology!!! Wake up America!!!

  • Beverly Nolan

    07/11/2019 02:36 PM

    Please help us understand, because I hope I'm not the only one who doesn't. How does the personal opinion of a federal judge (appointed by a party of one), override the executive order of one who was elected by many? Why would we give any merit to the judge and even act on his or her decision? I'm so tired of feeling like the decisions made by our president to benefit US, are stomped on simply because it is "Trump's" idea.

  • LeeMar Zarr

    07/11/2019 01:33 PM

    The Brits need the oil??? Why don't the Brits suck out the oil for their use...maybe share it with Spain or France? Supposedly, this oil is against the sanctions! If IRAN wants their tanker back so badly...let the BUY IT BACK!!! The Brits and others get the oil and Iran gets it tanker back. If the Brits and others don't want to keep the money for the tanker...charities can always use the money. Wouldn't it be nice the country that supposedly supports terrorist donates billions to UNICEF and other charities:-)

  • Becky Aheren

    07/11/2019 11:02 AM

    I read the article on lefts agenda scientific, etc. Could not understand why they did not address the Social Security shortage partly on the congress people using the money for it on other things. The left took out millions of dollars. Many ways it could have been sufficient for all if managed correctly, by investing money there, etc. Also, giving it to people that did not pay into it. The program was sound until congress in their greed,put their sticky fingers, and mismanaged the money. It was set up to work, and would if not mismanaged. Now they are labeling it a charity, which it is not, we paid most of our working life, to have security in our old age, congress needs to fix their own mistakes.

  • Forrest Reynolds

    07/11/2019 08:21 AM

    If you ever find a T shirt that says “I don’t argue with liberals or rocks and trees ??, please get me one.

  • Marcy Peterson

    07/11/2019 01:18 AM

    Our church is studying our founding fathers Christian roots. It is such a blessing! Our forefathers impeached judges, even Supreme Court judges, for any questionable or imorale act. It was not a given that once appointed they were bound to serve for a lifetime. They actually did not have that much power. As you have often shouted from the rooftops, judges do not make our laws. God help us to return to our Christian roots and the Constitution that we have been so blessed with!

  • Gerald A Glatt

    07/11/2019 12:16 AM

    If the President can veto a bill that comes to his desk from congress why can't he veto some non elected federal judgement placed by an opposing party from a state with little or no standing in whatever our president is try to do. Since when do judges have more power than congress or the executive branch? This MUST change.

  • Cheryl Breon

    07/10/2019 10:31 PM

    I've long wondered what in the world the fascination with zombies is lately. Of course, we used to watch the silly zombie movies in the '60's but pretty quickly lost interest as it became more and more just too stupid to even be funny. Then I realized, wait! The zombies are real! If I put a Trump2020 sign in my front yard and then put a hidden camera out at night, you would SEE them! Or if I put a MAGA hat on, they might even come at me in the daylight wanting to eat my realistic and sensible and intelligent brains! I understand what's going on. They're dressed up as ANTIFA.

  • William Ellis

    07/10/2019 09:53 PM

    I believe that these judges should be impeach for blocking the President from doing his job. Is it possible to get a petition started to demand the removable of these left wing knuckle heads herds.

  • william fuhrer

    07/10/2019 09:34 PM

    There is a book LIES, DAMN LIES AND STATISTICS which probably explains DEMOCRATIC statistics

  • Carolyn Newton

    07/10/2019 09:04 PM

    You don't have to tell me about judges running the country. Californians voted that a marriage was defined as one man and one woman. A judge blocked our vote. One judge had the power to void our vote.

  • James Hasskarl

    07/10/2019 08:53 PM

    Please keep the information coming. What about all the Republicans who are running for re-election again? Is it not time to take a strong and long look at their voting records?

  • Stephen Russell

    07/10/2019 07:00 PM

    Need Uniform Code for Judges: Other appeals court judges NONE from US Supreme Court.
    End this BS overrule,
    Change code & prosecute judges

  • Audrey Skarness

    07/10/2019 06:59 PM

    Citizenship question SHOULD BY ALL MEANS be on census.

  • Bud

    07/10/2019 06:10 PM

    Common sense is not a gift
    Its punishment , because you have to deal with those that have none!! like liberals.

  • Alice Hogan

    07/10/2019 06:02 PM

    The obnoxiousness of the new liberal House members is appalling. Well more than half of American Patriots are sickened by what is going on in our country. Daily even reading of new abuses of POTUS and other Conservatives causes angst and anger. We pray daily for fairness, safety, and peace, however we know full well the DimDems are plotting against “US”A. Such a sad situation we never expected to experience. God Bless you, your loved ones and we who treasure our freedom are definitely hoping 2020 will be successful.