August 14, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  A perversion of God's truth -- Give Al Gore credit -- More on The Nation story -- The world's oldest man dies -- A bite out of crime  -- News Bits 

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Good morning America.

I said on Saturday and it is worth repeating again:  "White supremacy" is the worst kind of racism-it's EVIL and perversion of God's truth to ever think our Creator values some above others.


Mike Huckabee



Give Al Gore credit

By Mike Huckabee

Al Gore comes in for his fair share of criticism around here, but let’s give credit where it’s due. Instead of joining the rush to blame the North Korean threat on Trump, Gore was honest and nonpartisan in reminding Americans that this situation has been building for years, as previous Administrations tried negotiations, sanctions, threats and foreign aid, all to no avail. Gore even added that while he disagreed with Trump’s “fire and fury” rhetoric, he applauded the new sanctions on North Korea and said Trump’s Defense Secretary James Mattis and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster are “thoughtful men, experienced, and that should be a source of some comfort as we look at how the U.S. administration is handling this crisis.”

No doubt Gore is aware that any criticism would be met with reminders that this all started with the President he served under, Bill Clinton, making the deal that allowed North Korea to modernize its nuclear reactors in exchange for broken promises to be peaceful. But few people in Washington would let rank hypocrisy dissuade them from attacking a political opponent. Gore’s reaction could serve as an example to a lot of liberals who are letting their visceral hatred of Trump blind them to the dangers of Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear threats and to the need for Americans to rally behind the President during international emergencies. Good for him for pointing out the truth, even if, for him, it was a really inconvenient truth.


More on The Nation story

By Mike Huckabee

I told you yesterday about the venerable liberal magazine The Nation's forensic investigation of the DNC email leak and its experts’ conclusion that it could not possibly have been hacking but was an inside job downloaded by someone with direct access to the DNC’s computers. It was a very long, technologically-complicated article. Here is a summary that puts the main points in language so clear, even an MSNBC commentator could understand it well enough to pretend it doesn’t exist and ignore it.

One point I didn’t mention yesterday: the downloaded files contained time stamps showing they had to have been downloaded in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. Last time I checked, neither Russia nor Romania (where the hacker Guccifer 2.0 lived) shared the same time zone as Washington, DC. But then, for some people in DC who are obsessed with the Russia hacking story, time stopped last November 8th.



The world's oldest man dies

By Mike Huckabee

Sad news to report: yesterday, the Guinness Records Book-certified world’s oldest man, Yisreal Kristal, died just one month short of his 113th birthday. His long life was a miracle in more ways than one. He was living in Poland when the Nazis invaded, and in 1944, he and his wife were sent to the Auschzwitz concentration camp. His wife was killed, but Yisrael survived long enough to be freed by Allied troops. Last September, this remarkable man did something that his turbulent life had denied him when he was 13: he underwent his Bar Mitzvah at 113. Although I think it’s safe to say that he was a man long before that day.



A bite out of crime

By Mike Huckabee

It’s not just dogs that take a bite out of crime. A Huck’s Criminal Mastermind in the UK broke into a home and tried to steal the owners’ African grey parrot, Rocky. True to his name, Rocky fought back and bit the crook hard with his sharp, nut-crushing beak. Howling in pain, the burglar threw Rocky out the window. Fortunately, he was found and returned safely. The burglar was also found and is facing jail and deportation back to Lithuania after he bled DNA evidence all over the crime scene.

Kudos to Rocky, who is the second African gray parrot to help bust a crook in recent news (one helped get a conviction of his owner’s killer by repeating his final words.) This doesn’t surprise me. I have some friends who rescue parrots and have a houseful. They tell me they hope that if a burglar ever tries to steal them, that he goes for their cockatoo (also named Rocky) first. They figure it will be easy to identify the crook by his fingerprints because he’ll leave several fingers behind.


News Bits

Check out these astounding photos of a blackbird hitching a ride on the back of a majestic bald eagle in flight. This is something everyone can enjoy. Liberals can appreciate it as a beautiful moment from nature. Conservatives can use it as a meme for everyone trying to sneak a free ride on the back of America.



Just when you think you’ve heard the dumbest, most self-indulgent rationalization for abortion, someone tops it.



When you think of the late country music giant Glen Campbell, with his fresh face, big smile and a TV show called “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour,” it’s hard to imagine him having anything in common with shock rocker Alice Cooper. But you might be surprised to discover the real men behind the big stage personas. As Alice recalls in this moving interview, the two very different performers were close friends with a lot in common. They both reached the pinnacle of music success, succumbed to dark periods of substance abuse but recovered and fled L.A. for Arizona, where they often golfed together. Most importantly, they both rebuilt their lives and families through their shared Christian faith (did you know Alice Cooper is the son of a minister, and heads his own ministry that helps teenagers stay out of trouble?)

Click the link to learn more about two of America’s favorite music stars, not just their careers but their private lives that are nothing like the usual rock star clichés.



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  • Sam Flanagan

    08/14/2017 09:09 AM

    NAFTA negotiations set to resume soon and cybersecurity(issues) are at the forefront. Mexico wants full access to any US based infrastructure located south of the border. Silicon Valley sure to balk at that - they want essentially no Mexican government intervention in their data storage or even source code for that matter. I agree. It's proprietary & Apple, Google, Facebook et al should be allow to build out more e commerce without Mexico's involvement.