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April 28, 2023



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Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.

John 14:1

House GOP passes debt ceiling bill

House Republicans passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion and avoid default, but it would also reduce funding of federal agencies, scale back spending increases to 1% and take over measures to reduce the deficit to stop adding onto the $31 trillion+ national debt. Speaker Kevin McCarthy said the House did its job, and now the Senate can pass it or come up with their own bill and they’ll go into reconciliation.

Meanwhile, the Biden White House's response was to refuse to consider any spending cuts, deny that House Republicans had passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling, and accuse them of wanting to harm Americans by such unconscionable proposals as requiring able-bodied people to work for Medicaid coverage. The horror!


Poll News

With perfect Laurel and Hardy timing, the week that President Biden announced his reelection bid, Gallup shows him hitting his lowest rating ever: 39% approval and 59% disapproval.

According to a new Fox News poll, over 80% of Democrat voters support a ban on “assault weapons.”

The next question should have been, “What is an ‘assault weapon?’” I have a feeling they would have been as stumped as if you’d asked them what a “woman” is.

School closings revisited

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten appeared this week before a House committee looking into her union’s role in the seemingly never-ending and destructive school closures during the pandemic. Weingarten’s latest story is that it’s a lie that her union wanted to keep schools closed, and that she said “over and over again” that they wanted to open schools, but to do it safely.

Of course, her story hinges on what that word “safely” means. The Community Notes fact checkers on the new pro-free speech Twitter reminded us that in the fall of 2020, Weingarten called attempts to reopen schools, “Reckless, callous, cruel.” Apparently thinking that any risk of COVID was too high (and never mind the much greater risks to children of being out of school for months or even years), her unions worked on the local level to keep schools closed. As late as 2022, when most states couldn’t even see the pandemic in their rear view mirrors anymore, teachers’ unions were still pushing for “remote learning” to continue.

In fact, as Brittany Sheehan at reminds us at that link, “Not only was the LA Teachers Union, an AFT affiliate, not pushing to re-open schools, they were demanding that the police be defunded, and Medicare for All be passed before they would return to classrooms. And for a moratorium on charter schools. And a wealth tax. And, more, more, more.” Redstate described their tactics as a “ransom note” of demands for things they wanted before they’d let schools reopen.

You know what schools never shut down during the pandemic? Home schools.

Hoping to see a lot more of this

A panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Florida’s 2021 overhaul of voting laws, with one extremely minor exception.

In doing so, they slapped down a challenge by Democrat “super lawyer” Marc Elias, who has made it his mission to destroy voter integrity laws by branding any attempts to ensure elections are secure and trustworthy as racist voter suppression. But read through what the Florida law requires. It’s nothing other than basic, commonsense rules that help prevent fraud and cheating while placing no undue burdens on any voter.

The court reminded the plaintiffs that they can’t just accuse lawmakers of racism: “Evidence of race-based discrimination is necessary to establish a constitutional violation.” I hope that will encourage Republicans in every state to file lawsuits challenging Elias-pushed election laws that make it easier to cheat and that undermine public trust in elections. If they have to present actual evidence of their claims in court, it should be a slamdunk to beat them.

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"Academic Freedom"

Nearly 700 professors from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill signed an open letter in opposition to a proposed bill requiring all students to take a course on the founding of America. It would require them to read things like the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, at least five essays from the Federalist Papers, the Gettysburg Address, the Emancipation Proclamation and Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail. The professors claim this would violate their “academic freedom.” Funny how they value freedom so much, but don’t want students to learn where it came from.

Naturally, they also oppose another bill that would eliminate tenure at all UNC-affiliated schools and allow professors to be fired. As much as I like that bill about the teaching of American history, maybe they should pass this one first, so these professors can really start enjoying their academic freedom.


After Activist FIREBOMBING Attack, Google CENSORS the VICTIM 

Pandemic officials knew 

As we learn more about what was going on behind the scenes at the CDC and FDA during the pandemic, it’s becoming clear that things we were told were unquestionable – indeed, you would be censored from social media just for questioning them – were either untrue or debatable, and the officials knew it.

Latest example: Despite assuring us that the COVID vaccines prevented illness or transmission, the federal agencies are now claiming they never said that (which they did, it’s all on the record.) And now, a newly released memo from FDA official Dr. Peter Marks shows that the FDA was being pressured by experts to relabel the vaccines more accurately. They instead simply changed the definition of “vaccine,” so that “vaccines do not require demonstration of the prevention of infection or transmission.”

If a vaccine doesn’t require any proof that it prevents illness or spread of a disease, then pretty much anything could be called a vaccine, from a B-12 shot to a Diet Pepsi. The more we learn about our public health experts, the more I’m convinced that we need to change the definition of the word “expert.”

ICYMI: Buttigieg's feeble excuse

Pete Buttigieg claimed that the House Republicans’ bill restricting transgender (i.e, “male”) athletes in women’s sports is “really getting in the way of our ability to” repair roads and bridges.

Talk about putting the “trans” into “Transportation Secretary!” Apparently, despite having been given $1.6 TRILLION for “infrastructure” just 17 months ago, Buttigieg needs Republicans to put aside other issues and give him even more money. Even though it appears more likely to go down a rathole than to fill up a pothole.

A feeble excuse like blaming trans legislation for not repairing roads and bridges reminds me of P.J. O’Rourke’s classic definition of a liberal: Someone who believes that some people are just too poor to pick up the trash out of their own yards.

Also worth noting in that story is that he repeats the same “big lie” the President loves to tell, that Republicans are “banning books.” No, they’re making sure that books given to kids in schools are age-appropriate and don’t expose first graders to sexually-explicit material. It’s something that every school board in every state does – or used to do up until some school boards were taken over by leftists who want to replace the “Three R’s” with Triple X.


ICYMI: Disney v. DeSantis

The Disney Corporation is notoriously litigious, and they’ve predictably responded to losing their special privileges in Florida by suing Gov. Ron DeSantis. The lawsuit accuses DeSantis of a "targeted campaign of government retaliation" against them that violates Disney's free speech rights, and it challenges the legality of the new state board overseeing the district they controlled like a kingdom for 55 years.

Yes, he targeted Disney specifically, and not any of the other corporations that were running their counties as their personal fiefdoms. 

DeSantis said he believes the case has no merit, and they’re just upset at having to live under the same rules and pay the same taxes as everybody else and want to keep controlling things without proper state oversight. He said, "The days of putting one company on a pedestal with no accountability are over in the state of Florida."

I can’t help enjoying stories like this because I love watching leftists twist themselves into pretzels by defending the big, rich corporation every time DeSantis says something they’d normally agree with 100% if it weren’t Ron DeSantis saying it.


More deep-state politics and intimidation...and a mysteriously missing witness

Yesterday, we brought you the story of what investigative reporter John Solomon called an “extraordinary” move by Trump’s attorneys, a letter to key legislators about the ‘Justice’ Department’s treatment of Trump’s “classified” documents dispute with the National Archives and subsequent Mar-A-Lago raid.  Today, Sundance at THE CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE has an in-depth analysis that you’ll want to read.

“The letter is fascinating,” he writes, “because it outlines how the process of moving documents from the White House was weaponized by a politically motivated National Archives and Records Administration (‘NARA’), and the letter also gives fulsome context to the type of ‘classified materials’ that have been insanely over-emphasized by the media.”

He points out what we did:  that to this day, the defense team has not been supplied with a list of documents, or even a description of the documents, that are supposedly classified.  The DOJ also won’t release the documents they used to persuade the judge to obtain the warrant to search Mar-A-Lago.

When Trump was moving out of the White House, NARA didn’t follow the specific bureaucratic procedure for collecting documents for the Archives that they normally use.  It was General Services Administration staffers (GSA) who were helping clear out Trump’s office.  Then, when NARA saw that the job was incomplete, they used that determination as a reason to refer the matter to the DOJ.

As Sundance puts it, “The letter details how the DOJ-NSD [National Security Division] then weaponized the process, fought with the FBI and supervisory agents who were saying Trump did nothing wrong, and then culminating in a documented lie to the Florida magistrate, in order to get a politically motivated search warrant.”

In case you didn’t see the letter yesterday, it’s included again at the link.

“The depth of the DC corruption is stunning,” he says, “yet so too is the intensity of the sunlight that is so easy to put upon it with simple truths.”

In his view, the corruption glimpsed here is worse than the proverbial 800-pound gorilla sitting in the corner.  “[This] is more akin to a 30,000 lb. blue whale laying on top of the house, fin and flippers hitting the ground and crushing the neighbors’ rose bushes, while the tail blocks the streets and the stench of it all permeates the air for a dozen miles… Yet the owners of the house keep inviting everyone to cocktail parties, and the guests pretend not to notice anything.”

Below his piece, in the comments, readers suggest ways that Trump should have dealt with this corruption on day one of his (first?) term and, since that didn’t happen, what he needs to do to blast it to smithereens if he gets back in.  There’s a particularly good one from glissmeister about geographically decentralizing the bureaucracy; here’s an excerpt:

“It should be distributed across flyover country for continuity of government and national security interests...Would love to see the DHS central office relocated to the West Texas/Mexico border.  Move FAA to Kansas.  Department of Ag to Missouri.  Department of the Interior to Western Colorado.  Let DC become national center for museums, monuments and mausoleums; a perfect preparation for the gerontocracy that is the Biden era.  Send everything else to the boonies.”

That’s one way to shake it up.  Probably many of the so-called DC “elite” would quit rather than make such a move and have to mingle with all us peasants.  And Congress needs to commit to major defunding.  What the bureaucracy does NOT need is what is in the works now: a giant new FBI headquarters just outside of DC, in a facility twice the size of the Pentagon!

Something else we spoke about yesterday was the very narrow focus of the Hunter Biden investigation.  As John Solomon reports, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer of Kentucky is warning about that very thing.   He also says there are witnesses “who are scared to death to come forward” because they “fear for their lives.”

The focus seems to have been deliberately tailored to be as narrow as it has to be to protect President Biden from scrutiny.   And Hunter’s defense team has turned extremely aggressive, with veiled threats, Comer says, made to cooperating banks.  Some of the lawmakers involved in investigating the Bidens have seen “political attack activities,” he says, from “dark money groups” in their home districts.  According to Comer, they’re “testing the limits” when it comes to witness intimidation.  He says this is coming from the White House, too, noting intimidating retweets by the White House communications director.

The IRS whistleblower, a still-unidentified supervisory criminal investigator, has now gone before the House Ways and Means Committee to get clearance to present protected “6103” tax information and has reportedly met with ‘Justice’ Department officials to discuss “impending criminal charges,” according to Solomon.  As you know, the whistleblower has alleged that someone (multiple sources say it’s Hunter) has been receiving preferential treatment from the FBI and DOJ for political reasons.  The Ways and Means committee chairman, Missouri Rep. Jason Smith, has cautioned IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel that this person must be protected from retaliation.

Don’t hold your breath on those charges, though, unless they’re just the minimum needed to make Hunter’s case go away.  For example, the tax issues from before 2018 seem to have been dropped, as they had to do with money paid to Hunter by Burisma Holdings in Ukraine for being on their board, starting in 2014.  Comer’s committee has a letter about those unpaid taxes written by Hunter’s business partner Eric Schwerin.  Of course, there was money from China as well during those years.

Now that Comer has seen the full scope of Hunter’s legal issues dating back that far, he calls the charges being looked at “a drop in the bucket.”  He says they wouldn’t even be in the top five things he’d charge Hunter with.

As for the Chinese payments that went into various LLCs, “we’re still trying to track down who the beneficiary was of all that money,” Comer says.  Congressional investigators believe China got a return on its investment, and the only member of the Biden family who could give them one was then-Vice President Joe Biden.  Comer plans updates in the next couple of weeks that will make “the earth shake in a couple of places.”

Solomon appeared on HANNITY Thursday night to talk about these developments and also to break news about Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s role in creating the “classic earmarks” letter to discredit the laptop story ahead of the election.  Mike Morell had testified that Blinken didn’t ask him “directly” for a letter, but it turns out that Blinken later passed along a USA TODAY article that came from the rapid-response director for the Biden campaign.  Portions of that article were put into the letter to inject the Russian disinformation concept.  House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is waiting for answers from Blinken on this.




DEVELOPING:   Dr. Gal Luft, a former adviser to the Chinese energy company CEFC that paid the Bidens millions of dollars, was reportedly preparing to send a letter to Congress revealing devastating information about a Biden family international corruption scandal.  (His lawyer says he had previously given this information to the FBI.)

But Dr. Luft now seems to be mysteriously missing.

In January, he was arrested in Cyprus over what he said were bogus arms dealing charges and that the U.S. had made a politically motivated extradition request.  He said then that he has never been an arms dealer and that this was an attempt to silence him.  He was released on bail and has disappeared.

Here’s what we currently know.




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