Premature fits of glee

December 6, 2017

You might have heard the Bloomberg News report that Robert Mueller’s investigation had subpoenaed President Trump’s bank records relating to a $300 million loan from Germany’s Deutsche Bank.  It was seen by many as a disturbing sign that Mueller had expanded his investigation far beyond its boundaries of looking into alleged Russian collusion in the election.  But apparently, it was just more fake news.  Trump’s attorneys say they confirmed with the bank that no such subpoena had been issued. 

But once again, a fake news report set Trump haters into premature fits of glee because they’ve long wanted to dig into all of his tax and financial records, hunting for something, anything, to impeach him over.  Frankly, that tells you more about them than it does about Trump.  Not only that they are desperate and willing to invade a public figure’s privacy if it can possibly result in a “gotcha,” but also that they have a childlike lack of understanding of taxes and financial records at the level of someone like Donald Trump. 

Do they actually think that if they could only read his business loan contracts (in German!) and tax forms, they’d find line items listing “bribes from Vladimir Putin” or “shady loans made to Russian spies”?  Can you deduct stuff like that on the 1040 EZ form, or do you have to itemize?  It’s not like getting H&R Block to file for your refund from your salary at Starbucks.  Trump’s tax forms must be thicker than the New York phone book.  And news flash: he isn’t “hiding” anything in his tax forms because he doesn’t fill them out himself.  They’re made out by a platoon of lawyers and accountants.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even sign them personally. 

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Still, tax forms are so complicated that if someone with ill intent hunts through your taxes long enough, he’ll find something, no matter how honest you’ve tried to be.  I made that mistake once, releasing my taxes during a campaign when I was confident I had nothing to hide.  My opponent pulled something out of context and attacked me anyway.  That’s why I encourage all candidates to resist the pressure to release their tax forms.  Everything the public needs to know is on the required financial disclosure forms, and in much clearer language.  If you think there simply must be something nefarious hidden in their labyrinthine tax forms, then guess what?  That’s an argument for reforming the tax code. 

I’ll make Trump’s opponents a deal. If they’d like to join me in demanding that we replace our insane tax code with the Fair Tax, then I promise right now to release my entire tax form: the whole postcard. 


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  • BarbaraGienger

    01/31/2018 05:46 AM

    Governor Huckabee,

    First thanks or your service & for your run for POTUS. I am a fan & admirer. I am also a believer in fairness. I cannot understand why there has not been a list of requirements put together to be required of all Presidential, Senatorial, and Congressional candidates. I think it unfair for some to be asked for things others aren't as in Obama being asked for college transcripts, or for some to provide tax returns and others not. Jobs of much less importance have requirement lists. I think a Vetting committee should come up with a list of requirements and they should be the same for all candidates whatever they are-- such as tax returns, college transcripts, financial statements, criminal records, proof of birth or heritage, settled or pending or tried lawsuits, bankruptcies, etc. Also why haven't they put together a benefits pkg with limitations? So many coplaints about the Obama's vacations, and now Trump wil exceed that with all his golf trips. Like any job there should be so many vacation days a year, with Secret Service and AF1 benefits available on that many days. If they take more, they should have to pay for the cost of the extra days. It is also mind boggling that they don't have a smaller AF1 for trips when few are on board. I would like to hear someone such as yourself broach these subjects, as they seem to be sacred cows that no one wants to discuss for fear they might lose some of their other "golden" benefits as politicians. Sincerely, Barbara Gienger p.s. I have thought how proud you and your wife must be of Sara. p.p.s. Some other subjects I would like to see introduced by someone like you are: Limitations of terms served, making benefits such as health insurance and retirement more comparable to those of citizens working in the corporate world, making limits on campaign spending so people of less wealth could afford to run for office, (just think of all the wonderful servants that might allow the people to have) should schools be using dogs trained to sniff drugs, bombs, & gun powder, and telling Americans the truth about the Federal Reserve, how it is paid to print our money, and how our forefathers said we should never have a separate entity print our money, and what could be done to get out of that situation, even if we had to buy out the contract, and how it would effect us to go back to printing our own money. Thank you again for your patriotism and service. I wish we were still teaching our kids how to be patriots by saluting the flag every day and having troops visit the schools and honoring the flag at public events like we used to. If we don't teach patriotism, then fewer people will know how to be one, and inevitably the day will come that we will need more of them than we have because we didn't train them up. God help us when that day comes!

  • Jerry Warrington

    12/16/2017 11:23 AM

    Why in the world is Trump not replacing Sessions???? What has happened with FBI, HRC & DNC is absolutely foundation shaking. Why don't you guys close to Trump, persuade him to get someone like Trey Gowdy, Jean Shapiro, Neapolitan, Giuliani, etc. to replace Sessions?? Sessions just seems to have a don't rock the boat, status-quo attitude, RINO attitude. I think he has been in the swamp too long. He seems tainted.

  • Manny Mendoza

    12/10/2017 11:11 PM

    Wait a minute. Szork, the FBI agent, was sending emails to his mistress.

    Is adultery practiced and endorsed at the FBI?

    The one best argument that the FBI is corrupt is allowing the agents to have office mistresses.

    Forget his partisan emails. But is Szork technically disqualified to be an agent due to immorality?

    Or is anything approved and allowed by the Left?

  • Kaye Bowman

    12/08/2017 05:02 PM

    You were my first choice for becoming THE Presidential Candidate.

  • Diana waleik

    12/07/2017 11:38 PM

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