June 10, 2018

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Ever since states started passing laws legalizing marijuana, the stage has been set for a clash between the state and federal governments. Massive systems were being created to grow, sell and tax pot on the state level while it remained illegal on the federal level (note to sanctuary city mayors: federal law trumps local law.) The Obama Administration simply didn’t enforce the federal law. But Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed that policy and allowed federal prosecutors in each state to use their discretion as to whether they would enforce marijuana laws.

It hasn’t been clear what President Trump thought about that, although he’s famously anti-drug personally and has even called for the death penalty for some drug traffickers. But on Friday, he told reporters that he will “probably” end up supporting Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardiner’s bill to end the federal ban on pot in states that have voted to legalize it. He didn’t say why, but I suppose you could argue that it’s as much a libertarian/state’s rights/devolving-power-from-Washington issue as it is a drug issue.

He also didn’t say this, but some analysts did: it’s a smart move politically. Democrats have been trying to paint Trump as worse than Hitler among young voters, who are their biggest hope for regaining power, and one of the party’s keys to youth support is fear of legalized marijuana going away. If Trump makes it clear he’s not going to take their pot away, then many of them may find something better to do on Election Day than vote – like staying home to watch “The Big Lebowski” with a jumbo-size bag of Oreos.

During the same press conference, Trump talked about possibly giving Muhammad Ali a posthumous pardon for refusing to serve in Vietnam due to his black Muslim beliefs. Just in the past two weeks, he’s pardoned African-American boxing icon Jack Johnson and black grandmother Alice Johnson, and even reached out to NFL protesters, inviting them to name the people they believe are unjustly imprisoned. Trump is actually making more effort at pardons and prison reform, a major issue for many black Americans, than Obama did. Combine that with record-low black unemployment under Trump, and we’re already starting to see some cracks in that solid wall of black Democratic support.

The media are so busy mindlessly attacking everything Trump says and does that they might not notice that he’s stealthily undermining the Democratic election strategy. They divide people up into identity groups and promise to fix their grievances, but never get around to doing it; instead, they just grow government and their own power. Trump is finding ways to actually address those complaints within his own small government philosophy. He might not be able to turn the groups Democrats are counting on most into Republicans, but if just 20 or 30 percent of them become Libertarians, the Democrats are in big trouble.

And as if to prove they either don’t comprehend what’s happening due to late-stage Trump Derangement Syndrome or are flailing desperately for a strategy to counter Trump’s moves onto their base, liberals are attacking Trump for freeing the black great-grandmother after only 22 years in prison. Rep. Adam Schiff seems to think she should have stayed in the Big House longer for the safety of the public. I’ve been wondering what their platform would be that would result in a “blue wave” of support, but I don’t think “lock up black grandmothers forever and let MS-13 gang members go free” is going to do the trick.


The Atlanta Fed is predicting that second quarter GDP growth will be a stunning 4.6%, which is exactly double last year’s growth rate. As a candidate, Donald Trump promised his policies would push GDP growth to as high as 6%. So I’m guessing the New York Times headline will be “Trump Breaks Promise on GDP Growth.”


The big story coming out of the G7 summit seems to be that other world leaders who are there to represent their own nations’ interests are shocked and appalled that President Trump seems to think he’s there to represent America’s interests. Here’s a round-up of what’s going on there, which should give you an idea of why Trump left early.


The indictment of a longtime Senate Intelligence Committee staffer for allegedly leaking classified info to a reporter he had a romantic relationship with and lying about it to the FBI is being covered by the media largely as an attack on the media. They are incensed about the feds seizing the notes of the New York Times reporter. Some are insisting that conservatives who slammed Obama’s Administration for spying on James Rosen of Fox News and all those A.P. reporters to learn their sources should be equally upset about this. I would take their indignation more seriously if they had joined those of us who criticized that spying on the press under Obama and condemned it as strongly as they are this incident.

For the record: I don’t like the idea of the government spying on reporters or demanding that they reveal sources. But there are differences between the cases. This wasn’t an attempt to retaliate against a whistleblower; it was an attempt to stop the illegal leaking of classified information. At the moment, it appears some of the info was not only obtained through illegal or unethical means via intimate personal relationship with the source, but that fact wasn’t disclosed by the media outlets when they reported it. Another reason they’d like to focus the outrage elsewhere.

I do wish the investigators had been able to bust the leaker without having to pry into journalists’ sources. But if a theory by the Conservative Treehouse blog turns out to have any validity, this could be just the beginning of the “government in bed with reporters” story. This might also explain at least some of the anti-Trump “fake news” stories we’ve seen over the past year. Their theory: certain fake stories were planted as a sting operation to see where they appeared so the FBI would know who was getting the leaks.

Again, if the news outlets had acted like professional journalists, vetted the fake stories before running them, and then not run them, they never would have been identified as recipients of illegal leaks and targeted for investigation. Their current aggrieved protests sound like Eve putting all the blame on the snake for making her eat that apple.


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It’s said that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Well, former President Bill Clinton just said that everyone should be hoping that President Trump is successful in his negotiations with North Korea…then later, when discussing foreign policy at a book promotion event, he said, “One of the things that gets you into bad decision-making is dehumanizing and underestimating your adversaries.” He wasn’t talking about his wife’s presidential campaign, but those two statements prove that he’s correct at least as often as a broken clock, and that’s higher than Hillary’s average. Maybe she and her campaign advisers should have listened to him.


Major news that, for some reason, we’re not hearing much about in the media: for the first time ever, Iranian officials have admitted that they helped facilitate the 9/11 attack by secretly helping the hijackers travel freely. They gave the al-Qaeda operatives safe refuge in Iran and didn’t stamp their passports, to avoid drawing attention to them and to make it harder for outside authorities to trace their movements. Considering all the money we sent to Iran and the attempt to impose the Iran nuclear deal, this should be the lead story on every news outlet. But if you want more details, you might have to go here:


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  • Amelia Little

    08/31/2018 09:27 PM

    As I was re-reading about clemency for Alice Marie Johnson, I was thinking first of all, it's a good thing to right a terrible wrong done to this woman. Not that she should get off scot-free, because she did break the law, but it seems she got a much harsher sentence than hard-core drug dealers, and street corner drug-dealers. And, did any of the liberal folk make a fuss when the Sanford swimmer got basically nothing in a sentence for raping a girl? Because, you know, momma said he so wouldn't do well in jail. Seems more mommas should have come up with that, to see if their precious off-spring could be given a break. And, then there was a football player, same charge--and he was sentenced to 15 years. There should be some consistency in sentencing. I guess maybe his worth to his football team wasn't a much as the swimmer's worth to Sanford? Or, perhaps the judge was a Sanford graduate himself?

  • Robert Shuck

    06/12/2018 11:48 AM

    June12th, 2018.....MR. Huckabee > I enjoy your daily comments on politics and trategy in our GREAT NATION #
    Please give us your best sunshine on FOX NEWS hourly broadcasting of the offensive & destructive Leftist-Media "clips" that FOX Anchors and their producers spread all over USA, to casual "Low-Info" and Independent voters. The content is ugly mockery for conservatives, Congress leaders, entrepreneurs, Christians and Jews, and the most successful USA PRESIDENT ever. These popular FOX program stars earn high salaries with major benefits far above the basic earnings of hourly workers and most Military Veterans. I cannot perceive what is the FOX NEWS motivation for spreading political cable news libnut LIBEL, SLANDER, DEFAMATION "propaganda" that is broadcast daily by corrupt scumbags @ msnbc, cnn, wapo, abc, cbs, abc + Hollywood celebs! The results for Conservatives could be defeat of TRUMP programs & extreme dim-lib manipulations like impeachment. I hope you can Hannity & Fox Friends they should correct their on-line behavior- NOW, before a DISASTER in the 2018 elections !

    GOP candidates in 2018 & 2020 may that more anarchist / treasonous liberals will finish the Obama goals to "Make America WEAK Again" !

  • Stephen Russell

    06/11/2018 06:12 PM

    Tax Recreational Marijuana all U want,Dont Tax or reduce tax for Marijuana forMedical uses, A-Z.
    Incentives for medical marijuana must be in place for use.

  • US Army Sp 5 Rick Locke (honorably discharged).

    06/11/2018 02:05 PM

    Regarding "Good News". Maybe it's time to investigate George Soros' meddling in our elections? Makes sense to me.

  • Alice Halldorson

    06/11/2018 12:52 PM

    I would like to make a comment about the marijuana issue. I hope it passes both federal and state for medical reasons. I have a son who lives with epilepsy resulting from a TBI and we would like to have the opportunity to get a doctor to be able to give him a prescription without worrying about Federal consequences. It's really the humane thing to do.
    Alice H

  • Gayle Yeadon

    06/11/2018 12:39 PM

    Have you commented on the asylum children at the boarder? I can't read everything so I'm hoping you did. Also don't you think we as a country should be addressing their needs? Do they have needs, are they being met, It seems to me the only ones talking are the liberals? Help me understand this please?

  • Diane c. Rowlands

    06/11/2018 10:15 AM

    I cant believe Iran did all that for the 9/11 escape. And Clinton gave them billions of dollars. The Dems are stupid. I would never vote for one of them. That's why I didn't vote for Hillary. Her policies stunk.

  • Diane C. rowlands

    06/11/2018 10:11 AM

    Trudeau is a jerk. Trump imposed tariffs because the other allies were imposing tariffs on the US and we were losing a lot of money.

  • Patricia Wilson

    06/11/2018 07:04 AM

    Love the new format for Evening Edition! One of the few I read daily.

  • Timothy Olson

    06/11/2018 12:51 AM


    Love you brother. You are great but I have to say you raised an even greater daughter. What an American and such a class act.

  • Richard Kurkowski

    06/10/2018 09:49 PM

    I have to agree with Andrew. There is an old quote. A wise man changes his mind, a fool never does. After watching a webinar on the many different benefits they are discovering as they research the hemp family it is too bad it was outlawed because of greed. It makes the best paper in the world. About 100 years ago the poor fella who started The Standard Oil Company had a friend who had access to bunch of timber so they came up with a plan to outlaw hemp. The rest is history. So what do we have now an opioid crisis. There is more.

  • Carl Smith

    06/10/2018 09:36 PM

    For a bunch of people that are supposed college educated journalist I wonder how long they think they can keep avoiding the Truth? They need to leave "Happy Hour" before closing time and do some HOMEWORK outside their little cabal. They are becoming more irrelevant on a daily basis and are to stubborn or ignorant to see the hand writing on the wall. Just because their Masters who own the forums are stupid is no excuse for journalist to commit suicide. Surely some still have integrity ?

  • Suzanne Noxon

    06/10/2018 09:17 PM

    You make me smile... I love your TV show on TBN... God BLESS you, Governor Huckabee, for everything from your important sensible commentaries, Huck's Heroes, Samaritan's Purse information, guests both musical and others as well as your support for them, your band, your appreciation for our country, our president, our military, your appreciation for life and humor... I know I'm leaving something out but it's a really long list! But just a heart-felt thank you. We truly do appreciate you and what you've given us. YOU are a treasure.

  • Steven M. Willadsen

    06/10/2018 09:00 PM

    I confess to being a day-long watcher of FOX News.
    HOWEVER, I noticed the past couple of weeks that the disclaimer when Obama's jobs reports were issued that "out of work, no longer seeking employment." has not been stated when Trumps jobs reports are issued.
    This does bring into question FOX's "fair and balanced" claim, don't you think?

  • Christine Hankins

    06/10/2018 08:37 PM

    I really enjoy your newsletter! Usually I enjoy your weekly show. But I'm too old-fashioned for some of the music, I guess. Almost had to turn you off tonight. Peter Rivera's "Celebrate" sounded like a lot of noise, but nothing I could identify with. Then I found the mute button, so I was able to enjoy the rest of the program when I could tell the racket was over.

  • Ann Bruce de Pineda

    06/10/2018 08:34 PM

    Please watch Fareed Zakaria's documentary on North Korea. I also suggest you or someone in the Trump administration read about Chrystia Freeland. Trudeau may be a new face but Freeland seems to have been around forever. She's a leftist and her grandfather is associated with a Nazi newspaper in the Ukraine, I think. It's all in Wikipedia. Look at Trudeau's expression while he was with POTUS. He's impressed, almost like a disciple. I think Freeland got to him and encouraged him to let everyone know he has no plan to work with Trump.

  • Ellen Stortz

    06/10/2018 08:20 PM

    I just signed up for your newsletter having always been a fan of yours. Great resource, I love the concise and sometimes humorous summary. It's so challenging to get the truth these days, I appreciate your good work. Thanks for all you do - you're a good American!

  • Jack Kendall

    06/10/2018 08:01 PM

    I very much appreciate your commentaries!

  • Burton P. Brodt

    06/10/2018 07:51 PM

    Your daily letter is about the only thing on the web that I read assiduously and enjoy. Thank you for seeing the world so clearly and having the talent to report it so well. And for raising such an intelligent and tough daughter.

  • Andrew R. Humes

    06/10/2018 07:15 PM

    Good evening, Senator!
    I am a long time fan and reader, and a great fan of your amazing daughter, too!
    Re Trump's marijuana position, I must say I think it's a brilliant move. I thought criminal penalties for pot would have been gone 30 years ago, and the good faith shown by such a move would do much more for the millennial vote than is predicted. This could be an enormous win/win for Trump and our country. My two cents.
    Thank you for everything you do for our country. You are a great patriot, and there's no higher praise than that!

  • Pius Arinze Has

    06/10/2018 06:58 PM

    What should your prayers be, may call it fantasies...but a new NK will rise some day!

  • virginia schofer

    06/10/2018 06:50 PM

    I am an 84 year old elder who loves to read your commentaries.

    As far as I'm concerned, they are Right On!

  • Michael Inman

    06/10/2018 06:48 PM

    I got a nice chuckle from your comment about Eve and the snake (See Below) because at Mass today our 1st Reading was that very incident in Genesis. You said, "Again, if the news outlets had acted like professional journalists, vetted the fake stories before running them, and then not run them, they never would have been identified as recipients of illegal leaks and targeted for investigation. Their current aggrieved protests sound like Eve putting all the blame on the snake for making her eat that apple."

    Have a blessed Lord's day.

  • Rosary Shepherd

    06/10/2018 06:35 PM

    Thank you for mentioning I have found the data there to be very spot-on, even from years earlier. Best source for true and reasoned information.

  • Billy Karl

    06/10/2018 06:14 PM

    Our wonderful President, at HIS SUMMIT, should propose the 'Grandchildren Treaty' with NK & the WORLD. So every child, parent, can watch their grandchildren get married, have children, etc., etc., and have a happy & prosperous life. That should be clear enough for you smart people.