January 5, 2019

Thanks so much for all the great responses to “Trump’s Wall:  So don’t call it Trump’s, and don’t call it a wall.”  My readers are obviously just as sick as I am of the semantic games being played by our duplicitous political class.  (And, yes, to answer one letter writer, I was very much aware of the alternate meaning of the bureaucratic doublespeak term “impenetrable fabrication”; we hear those every day in DC and will continue to hear many more, especially during the next couple of years.)

Many of you had recommendations for Trump, some of which he has tried, with certain mid-level courts stopping him by repeatedly overstepping their bounds and keeping his constitutional powers in highly unconstitutional check.  (It’s amazing how Trump’s opponents manage to find new and creative ways to keep him from simply doing his job as President.)  Coming as our President did from a background in real estate and construction, he likely never dreamed it would be so hard to construct a doggone wall.  You have a problem, you need a wall, you build it, right?  You get it designed, you get the money (a pittance when compared with the staggering federal budget), and you just build it.

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The suggestion that Trump make an Oval Office address explaining exactly what is going on politically with the “wall” issue and making the case –- including the fiscal argument –- for real border security is a good one.  It’s such a strong case, too, just waiting to be made in one fantastic speech!  I would think that at this point he might have had enough of Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of those who have formed their own version of a “wall” (against him) and that he’d be putting his address together right now.

But one reader’s letter in particular caught my interest, coming as it does from someone who has “been there” and knows the issue of border security from his days at the line between North and South Vietnam.  No, we’re not at war, and we wouldn’t be dropping bombs or using other violent military means to stop it, but at the same time this is an invasion of sorts, having escalated into “caravans” of (mostly) brash young men, including criminals, trying to cross into our country with impunity.  And the situation is likely to worsen.  So it’s valuable to hear from a firsthand observer about how to stop the influx.

Bill says that even with high-level technology –- including today’s, which, of course, is much more advanced than it was in Vietnam days –- a wall is necessary.  Without that essential physical barrier and important changes in policy, the only thing that will be “captured” is the digital image of them as they cross the border and disappear into the terrain.

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What I like about this letter is that it reflects a no-nonsense look at the problem we face.  There’s not any politics here, just a calm, reasoned assessment, an honest opinion about what it’s going to take to SOLVE THE PROBLEM.  That foundation in reality is so missing in Washington DC.  If only there were a way to send Bill there as a top adviser.  Thanks again, Bill!

Here’s his letter, with very slight editing just for clarification...

From William R:

During the Vietnam War, our esteemed leaders decided to install an electronic fence around the North Vietnam border to stop the to stop the flow of military supplies and troops from coming down the Ho Chi Minh Trail into South Vietnam.  Yes, technology will stop them, [our leaders said], just like the Democrats are trying to convince us that drones, cameras and sensors will stop the people from crossing our southern border.

[But] As a Forward Air Controller during this period, I watched hundreds of trucks passing through this electronic fence and directed hundreds of air strikes on these trucks.  We did our best to stop them with air power and destroyed many of them, but, sadly many still got through as our leaders did not commit adequate resources to do the job.  Yes, we can install all kinds of technology on our border, but without adequate walls, it will require deploying thousands of troops or thousands more border control agents or all this technology will accomplish is to allow us to watch thousands of people cross over into our country.

I believe that a wall or adequate fencing with monitoring cameras, sensing equipment and a rapid response force can secure our border.  Then we need to fix our laws, stop employers from hiring undocumented laborers and, rather than providing welfare, we provide deportation.  Plus, I'm not holding my breath to see any of this happen until the lazy unconcerned majority of registered voters decide to get involved and get to the polls on election day.  Sincerely, Major Bill


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  • Thomas Barineau

    01/08/2019 03:28 PM

    I heard two comments yesterday by people calling into a radio talk show. One caller's point was that the Dems don't want a wall. They prefer electronics, drones, etc. because they could be "turned off" without the public's knowledge. A bunch of bulldozers tearing down a barrier would be much easier to spot. Another caller's point was that President Trump should publicly invite Schumer and Pelosi to accompany him to the border on Thursday to personally witness what is going on, and for themselves, talk to the Border Patrol agents and hear what they have to say--with cameras rolling. Their refusal to go would speak volumes. Win, win for Trump either way.


    01/08/2019 02:08 PM

    I really liked Major Bill's comments....from someone who has "been there, done that".

    Governor Huckabee and Chuck Norris,

    We really like the solution offered by Chuck Norris. It depends, though, upon the conviction of Guzmán Loera for this to work and best I can tell the trial is still going on. It also depends upon this government actually making a decision to use these dollars in a positive way. My lovely wife and I talked at length about the possibility of using volunteer labor to build a wall. We are medical people and could capably run an urgent type clinic at work sites and would be eager to contribute. We like the gofundme campaign going on at present.

  • L. Becker

    01/08/2019 11:06 AM

    Marxism is the belief that "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need." That simplistic belief is at the core of whether we need a wall. Another way to say it is: "You have it, I want it" It is also described as "sharing more and more of less and less until everyone has everything of nothing."

    Job 28: 20 Whence then comes wisdom? And where is the place of understanding?

  • Jerry D Woods

    01/08/2019 09:34 AM

    Uninformed Voters are the problem!
    We need required civics classes and true American History classes to be taught and required for graduation from every USA High School! Seminary’s need to teach young ministers the true Christian source and the role of the Bill of Rights! They need to teach and preach it! People also need to be taught the truth about Sharia Law. Freedom of Religion does not mean that people can come to this nation and not swear allegiance to our USA Constitution! No foreign law has authority over it, not even Sharia!
    Praying God allows our President to build that wall! We may eventually need one on north. But unless we educate our voters with the Gospel, civics, and true intended meaning of Religious Freedom, the wall will not stop the Muslim take over of America!

  • Deanne Ruble

    01/07/2019 09:38 PM

    Good evening Gov. Huckabee, I have great respect for you.
    I have two questions : First why are we not talking out loud more about the fact that Democrats okayed 46 billion or million dollars for a Wall back in 06 or 08? Plus we they don’t know where that money is or went! !!
    Next, I understand a congressman put up a go fund me page and raised a lot of money for the wall? Now they are trying to figure out how to legally use that money for the wall, is that correct? If so I pray they do. That shows that a lot of the public is for the wall.
    Thank you, Deanne

  • Carol Phaneuf

    01/07/2019 01:31 PM


  • June Allen

    01/07/2019 12:22 PM

    The government shutdown is affecting the wrong people. The democrats and Rinos who refuse to fund the wall--the useless Congressmen/women are the ones who need to loose their paychecks. If this were to happen, they would waste no time solving this funding problem and keep their money "frozen" until they come up with "sensible" immigration policies. The military at the border should be allowed to fire real bullets--not just rubber ones--at those men who are pelting rocks, etc at them. If a few of these ILLEGALS get killed--maybe they would get the idea that they ARE NOT WELCOME AND ARE NOT WANTED IN OUR United States!!!!! We need to do away with birthright citizenship and extended "family members being allowed to enter just because they have someone--usually also ILLEGAL who has successfully gotten into the U.S. As far as DACA, this whole program was ILLEGAL--PRESIDENT O had no authority to do what he did. He needs to be deported permanently to his home land of KENYA.

  • Serena Garner

    01/07/2019 12:05 PM

    Why can we not use the money/assets confiscated from El Chapo to pay for the wall? It would only make sense and that way the Mexicans would be paying for the building of the wall.

  • Terry W. Cline

    01/07/2019 11:47 AM

    Kind of back on the assertion from “speaks only truth” Pelosi about the wall being immoral. This may have already been covered. What would a person who supports abortion and allows for the funding of the abortion industry know about morality? Yes, a rhetorical question as you suspect. We could also explore other immoralities she/they support, like LGBTQ, but that would of course be so politically incorrect I might burst into flames just mentioning them. Thanks for continuing to give us all real truth.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    01/07/2019 11:11 AM

    So use emergency powers to build it!

  • Joy Gotwalt

    01/07/2019 10:42 AM

    The Obama era recession knocked my small business out of business. Just talk to me I will give you real examples of how that happened and why it can be attributed to the decisions of that administration. I don't have a lot of $$'s to waste and I just contributed to Building the (expletive) Wall. I feel threatened by the lack of security at the Border and the amount of crime that has been allowed to enter these United States. I am wondering if there is a way to force a suit against those that are blocking the effort to build the wall and secure the boundaries of our country? The position of allowing anyone to cross our borders, defies all logic. Securing our borders will allow legitimate people to enter more freely and to obtain the credentials they need in order to become legal U.S. citizens. I cannot imagine that any legal U.S. Citizen would want anything different? Republican or Democrat or "Undecided" would naturally want to promote the security of our country so that they and their children and grandchildren may enjoy all that we have enjoyed in this country?

  • Randy J. Taylor

    01/07/2019 10:28 AM

    A strong physical barrier should be the main part of border security. As Major Bill or whomever said drones and so on just show the law breakers as they disappear into the country. However the heart of the matter is our sorry immigration laws. Get caught being in Mexico illegally and see what happens or least if you are from the USA.

  • Michael Novak

    01/07/2019 08:52 AM

    Good job Major Bill. Finally someone with the guts to say "providing inadequate resources to get the job done"!!!!!! That hits the nail on the head. The Democratic party only hates the wall because that would stop the endless flow of unregistered immigrants and voters to keep their power hungry life alive.

    Term limits, adherence to the laws they pass, radical changes in their pension system will get all of Congress back on track!

  • Maria Francaviglia

    01/07/2019 04:41 AM

    I just finished reading all the comments posted in response to "Trumps Wall". Most of them are so spot on and filled with great ideas about the wall and what's really going on in this country. It's too bad that most people voted more Democrats back into Congress and now we're stuck with all this nonsense that they are spewing. Congressional pay should be held back, not what is actually held. For the most part, people do not want to hear the truth, or do not accept it. They are so deceived.
    Thank you for bringing so many good points out in your articles. Keep up the good work. The "lame stream" media hold no candle to any truth told. They wouldn't know it if it hit them with a two by four!

  • Diane C. Rowlands

    01/07/2019 12:38 AM

    i hope the politicians read your columns. The one from Bill on building a wall is a good one.

  • Rose Pilgrim

    01/06/2019 10:53 PM

    Thank You for all the easy to read and digest information. I have a question. Why is it no-one brings up the number
    of Legal immigrants come into this country annually and the cost of supporting them, legal and illegal.

  • Teresa Carstensen

    01/06/2019 10:46 PM

    Attention Republican Voters! BEWARE of legislation being introduced in your HOME STATE legislatures by Democrats which would essentially abolish the Electoral College, giving the most populated FEW states (such as Democrat California and NY!) the sole power to elect our U.S. presidents in the future.

    The following is a message I have written to my fellow Indiana voters about such a bill: [This legislation (SB212) sponsored by Indiana State Sen. Karen Tallian, would be terrible for our state, and the nation! Please CONTACT (call or write/email) your STATE senators (and representatives) to urge them to OPPOSE SB212 which would force Indiana to cast all of our presidential delegate votes for any candidate that might win the NATIONAL "popular vote" (majority), rather than the voters of INDIANA's CHOICE!

    This could basically nullify Indiana voters' voice and make us subject to the whims of much more populous states. In other words, we would simply surrender to California for electing our presidents in the future!

    This legislation essentially would abolish the "Electoral College," our current method of electing a U.S. president. The Electoral College is designed to protect lesser populated states, such as Indiana and MOST Midwest states, from tyranny rule by the most populous few states such as California and New York.

    To surrender the electoral votes of less populous states such as ours to a third-world type of "mob rule" by popular vote would be a national tragedy. The framers of our Constitution have created the most fair and esteemed government in all of the world. The U.S. and our rule of law truly is exceptional and the Electoral College is a big part of that. We are indebted to the wisdom of the framers in the establishment of our Representative Republic.

    Use this link for phone numbers and addresses to contact your state Senators, NOW (Click on the "Legislators" tab in the upper right):

    Here is an article from the NWI Times about SB212, but it does NOT describe the real threat(!) that this bill poses for the citizens of Indiana!

  • Julie Huntley

    01/06/2019 09:46 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, I so agree with Bill and his ideal. As a veteran, I have seen where technology works, but it is limited within a certain scope. It still takes "boots on the ground" to go with that technology or it becomes useless. I understand the Democrats not wanting to spend 5.6 billion dollars, but that is just a drop in the bucket when you look at how much we spend over 700 billion dollars on illegals receiving benefits that are meant for American Citizens. Also, look at all the special programs the Democrats have sponsored and you will find a huge waste of money. For example, over a billion dollars goes to The Arts-Museums but the Museums do not receive all the money nor do many of the need it, like the NY museum. Also, when the government shuts down, the salary of all politicians should be stopped of any funds until they come up with a plan, i.e. budget in order limit the time of shut down. I do wonder though if the duties of both houses were read, how many would actually change? Just a thought since it seems many of the politicians have forgotten they have specific duties which they are not doing and and could actually be removed from office. Lastly, how many of them really do not understand that We the People are in charge of them and they are just the carrier of our wishes? Thanks.

  • Linda Keen

    01/06/2019 09:10 PM

    It is so hard to watch the news any more so I have chose not to. It breaks my heart to see so many Democrats that are against our Country and also there are many Republicans that will not stand up to do what they were elected to do. All prisons have fences and walls to keep the prisoners from breaking out, how can anyone with any sense at all say that we do not need anything to keep the criminals out. of our Country. There have been too many illegals admitted to our Country and we need to put a stop to it now. If the Democrats do not think we need to keep our Country safe, why don't they go to the border pick them up and take them home with them to keep them. The Democrats that wants to pass this has homes that they could possibly house at least 50 in each one. The poor of this country either live in mobile homes or small houses or apartments and many are homeless. The rent is ridiculous high and the poor cannot afford it. I wish some of these so called Democrats had to live for about a year like the poor in America live, they would have eyes to see they are wrong. AMERICANS SHOULD COME FIRST.

  • Kaye Burke

    01/06/2019 08:59 PM

    Just a little side note. I hear and see ( I did not verify myself) that many of our congressional leaders already reside behind walls at their homes. If its for their protection, I guess they are not looking to protect the country on a whole. Am not going to even comment on their incomes.

  • Thomas H Nienburg Sr.

    01/06/2019 08:55 PM

    This may sound like “sour grapes” but I will no longer support, personally or financially, Republican candidates. I texted President Trump offering $323 x 2, myself & spouse, to help build the wall. I calculated twenty billion divided by sixty million, the presidents base. I had suggested this concept with numerous colleagues & they, to a man/women, said they would support that idea. I heard nothing back from the president, perhaps it wasn’t legal or another legetimit reason, but I was dead serious. I’ll support our President but I WILL NOT support republicans. They can go fly a kite after their dismal performance these past two years. My perception was that the Republicans, not everyone but definitely the leadership was as obstructionist as the Democrats.
    Thomas H Nienburg Sr

  • Jerry Korba

    01/06/2019 08:40 PM

    Has anyone tried to enter Area 51 The security there is very good; along with portions of a wall use some of the technics they use in this Area 51. If you are not to be in there you don't get in alive. Also how much money does that El Chapo fella have do we have him in custody if so why not use his money to build a wall in return we can can keep him away from the sodimites while he serving his life sentence. Grab all his assets and the rest of his associates assets U should be able to come up with 25 billion dollars he is one of the riches men in Mexico a lot of that money came thru the open borders of the United States. What does our Nancy and Chuckie say to that gee I almost confused them for Barbie and Ken they are such a nice couple. NOT Next time anyone gets a chance to ask those 2 nitwits look into Area 51 manual for security and ElChapos bankbook maybe they can help the United States for a change. The dumbbell should forget about impeachment,the presidents taxes and all the other stupid ideas she has, bring immigration reform to the floor!!!!Start working stupid!!!!

  • Mark Jeansonne

    01/06/2019 08:24 PM

    Refeshing to see others that believe as I do

  • Linda Olds

    01/06/2019 08:19 PM

    The only way for President Trump to succeed is to go around Congress. I don't know if that's even possible, because, as others have said, low-level courts are able to block the president's attempts to keep Americans safe. The Democrats will not agree to anything that allows Trump to succeed.
    This is frustrating. I don't know if American voters will reject the obstructionist Democrats. Too many of them are influenced by the liberal media's hatred of Trump. I'm discouraged...

  • Herb White

    01/06/2019 07:49 PM

    Yes, a big part of the problem is to properly inform AND INSPIRE the lazy, know nothing/don't care voter to outvote the masses whose emotion trumps evidence (called facts and a vast portion of Dems), and these two barriers plus the hordes who don't vote are very similar to the essential non-existing 'WALL' to electing common sense candidates. AND, especially, too, precious little is being said about finding worthy conservative candidates with a spine (better said 'balls') who know the Constitution and are not about to let the libs/socialists/Marxists control the show. What has passed for strong, take no enemies conservatives is beyond pathetic and atrocious --- Mit Romney, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, what's-his-name Attorney General, to start an unending list. This is not to say woe is us-the sky is falling (or is it), it's useless/hopeless. But, truth is disturbing, and the well-kept secret of the rapid US invasion by Islam and ultimate takeover as dictated by the Koran for world control is quite another subject which the PC controllers will fight to the self-inflicted death to keep secret under the guise of freedom of religion. Less than a handful of Americans and politicians (if any) know Islam is also a government and a military, both of which must be destroyed for our own survival. Interesting that many end time Bible prophecy students are saying Islam will be the 'one world church.'